Mac, Cheese, and Cookie – They Lived in the Woods Until They Were Finally Captured

3/13/30 – I told you that we have many more stories to tell than days in the week. Here is Mac, Cheese, and Cookie. The rescuers tried for weeks to trap them. A kind woman fed them several times a day while they lived in the woods. But finally, at about 14 weeks, they were all captured. And, with the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart, all have been tested, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, AND, Mac and Cheese have been adopted and Cookie has been placed with a foster. Again, we thank all of the wonderful people who donate to use and the amazing people who rescue these innocent animals. May God Bless You All, especially in times like this when everything has been so intense. ~ diana 3:13:20 cheese 3:13:20 cookie 3:13:20

Hercules and Lucy – Happy Birthday to the Angel Gina

3/12/20 – Although we are a day late, Lucy (aka Cookie), Hercules, and the 4 Paws 1 Heart Board wants to wish our co-founder and animal angel, Gina DeLuca, a Happy Birthday!! Gina has saved and fostered so many animals since 4 Paws 1 Heart was created in August, 2010. Lucy and Hercules are two of them. You can read about their journeys on our website but in short — In 2010, Hercules was brought to the emergency hospital after his back legs were broken with a bat because he went into the owner’s garbage. In 2016, Lucy was brought into the emergency barely able to walk with a huge bruise on her leg and trauma to her neck and back. In both cases, 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of the medical needs, which in Hercules’ case, included many forms of therapy, and Gina fostered them both for months. Today, Hercules and Lucy are in amazing homes with people who are friends and who always keep these two in our lives. Hercules has been to our fundraisers and I know he will do everything possible to be at our summer 5k. Here are the two today wishing their Auntie Gina “snuggles” and a happy birthday. – diana

hercules 3:11:20lucy wishing gina happy birthday

Sammy – Showed Up in a Cat Community; Either Abandoned or Escaped

3/11/20 – Sammy showed up in a cat community being cared for by a friend. It was thought he was a feral cat and we were asked to cover his neuter and vaccines. After the surgery, it was determined that Sammy wasn’t a feral cat at all but was very friendly and affectionate. So, we paid for him to be tested. Unfortunately, after two tests, he was found to be positive for FIV. But, as you may have read in one of our earlier posts, this should never be a death knell. FIV positive cats can live long and healthy lives within a loving home environment. FIV is typically transmitted through bites and once a cat is brought inside and spayed/neutered there are much less reasons for fights. Sammy is being fostered by our friend Debra. He is about approximately 3 years old. If you are interested in giving this very loving boy a home, please contact Dee at:
sammy w:debra berolatti. 3:11:20jpg

Ollie – Showed Up at a House Looking for Shelter; Ears Frostbitten During the Winter

Ollie 3:9:20 w:debra3/10/20 – Ollie showed up at an elderly couple’s home during one of our recent, very severe snow storms. He was crying, wanting to be let in to safety. Fortunately, our friend, Debra B. lives just a few houses from the couple and jumped into action. Ollie has been taken to the vet twice for treatment for frostbitten ears. He is very friendly and is currently being kept in the couple’s heated porch. It appears that the couple’s daughter will adopt Ollie and give him a furever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of all of his medical needs so that he will be ready to go. – diana

Smokey – Almost Got Hit by a School Bus

3/9/20 – Smokey had been seen in the neighborhood for about a week when one day he was almost hit by a school bus. Fortunately for Smokey, a kind person who was seeing her son off to school was able to save him before he was hit. The rescuer has been trying to find his owner without success. Smokey is very sweet and with our medical help, Smokey will be given a forever home with his rescuer. – diana w:dezza 3:6:20

Cleo and Momma Monica – Showed Up on a Porch and Wouldn’t Leave

3/6/20 – Cleo and Momma Monica both showed up on different porches in late December and they would not leave. Unfortunately, owners could not be found. Cleo actually walked through the front door when the owners opened it. We were happy to pay for both of them to be spayed, vaccinated, and snap tested. Again, a huge thank you to those who rescue these abandoned/lost animals. – diana w:scott almberg 2:20:20momma monica 2:2:20

Snape – Found With Multiple Injuries Requiring Multiple Surgeries

3/3/20 – Snape showed up on a very kind woman’s porch drinking the water she kept out for strays. He was in very bad shape and had to be taken to an emergency hospital. Snape immediately had surgery to remove his eye and have two pins put in his upper and lower jaw. This very kind woman was able to raise money to pay for 2/3 of the surgery and she paid the rest. An unbelievable act of kindness for a stray cat. Well, yesterday, Snape was scheduled to have his pins removed and we were contacted to see if we could cover that surgery. We were happy to pay for that. Snape will also need tooth extractions in the future but it is one issue at a time. Because of the significant commitments we have already made, I couldn’t promise additional assistance at this time but asked Snape’s now mom, to keep in touch. Snape’s savior and mom, Janet, said that Snape is the “very sweetest boy ever”. – Diana
snape before snape after 3:2:20

Chyna and Faith – Finally Caught After Almost Being Hit By Multiple Cars

3/2/20 – These two 4-5 month olds were running the street and were almost hit by multiple cars. A friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart was able to catch them. It appears they were dumped in that no one has claimed ownership. They have a severe flea infestation and need spayed, vaccinated, and tested.. They will be looking for a forever home and if you are interested, let me know through private message on this page. I introduce you to Chyna and Faith.
Without your donations we could not help these innocents on the streets. – diana chyna faith 3:2:20 faith 3:2:20--