Copper – She Was Found in the Middle of a Dirt Road, Encrusted in Dirt and Mud

3/6/19 – The world of animal advocacy is filled with many ups and downs. Yesterday, I received the sad news about Violet and just a little later received this very happy update about Copper. Just to remind everyone, here is Copper’s story when she was initially rescued in November, 2018:
“My co-worker found Copper in the middle of a dirt road (of County Line Rd.) on her way to work two weeks ago. She thought he was dead in the road but then saw him move so she stopped and picked him up and brought him to work. When she told me about him and said he was out in her car I went out to see him. His face was covered in mud and grass, eye’s almost completely closed with infection and mud. Mud was up his nostrils and green drainage coming out as well from infection. His right eye was severely swollen open. The blades of grass were stuck to his open eyeball. He was lethargic and just wanted to sleep. After a day of medicine and kitten formula he perked up significantly.”
After visits to the vet and treatment for all of Copper’s medical needs, Copper’s eye was eventually removed after it ruptured. When he was rescued, he was only 1.74 lbs. so he had to wait for the eye surgery. Today he is much loved and lives with two cats and one senior dog who is blind. His rescue mom tells us that the dog and Copper love playing and chasing each other. Here are Copper’s photos when he was found and how he is today. May God Bless the rescuer. ~ diana
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Violet – RIP Sweet Girl

3/5/19 – RIP Sweet Violet. She was rescued and kept inside although she was still feral. We initially paid for her spay and vaccines. And although she tested positive for FIV, Violet was given a safe place to live her life where she could receive love and warmth. We were contacted a few days ago because Violet’s face became terribly swollen and she was severely matted. At her first trip to the doctor, she was given antibiotics and her mats were shaved. Yesterday she was again taken to a vet where she again was treated. But, sadly she died during the night. Our hearts break when we can’t save all of the innocents who come into our lives but we are thankful for those who open their hearts and try. Violet is now running free without pain. ~ dianaviolet 3:5:19

Shadow and Max – Rescued During Frigid Temperatures

3/5/19 – Shadow and Max were rescued during the frigid temperatures. The finder brought them in to keep them from the cold. Max appears to be domesticated and may be an escapee or was abandoned. Shadow appears more feral because he hisses although he just might be afraid. We are happy to help his rescuer get these sweeties neutered, vaccinated, tested, and treated for any fleas/mites. We very much appreciate The Paws Clinic in Taylor who will be taking care of these boys. Anyone interested in these two, should contact Scott at:
Thanks, diana w:scott almberg 2:27:18 max w:scott almburg

Freya – Used as a Bait Dog

3/4/19 – Her savior named her Freya. Freya may have been used as a bait dog. She had several bite wounds and scars on her body, very malnourished with a broken tail, injured jaw, and missing teeth. Her rescuer was able to get her away from her abuser and contacted us for help. Freya was seen by Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. Dr. Z determined that Freya’s tail will have to heal on its own. Her jaw was not broken but she is missing multiple teeth. Her existing teeth are healthy so the doctor believes she was probably kicked in the face which caused the teeth to fall out. After some healing occurs, Freya will be spayed. Please pray that this girl can forget what she’s been through and enjoy the love of her rescuer. ~ diana
Your donations save lives. 3:4:19

Carla – Update

3/4/19 – Here are photos from March 2017carla ----3:4:17 carla when rescued 2017 carla--3:4:173/4/19 – It’s hard to believe this was 2 years ago. Carla has continued to work hard in rehabilitation therapy. She’s a big girl now. And we are very thankful a village came together to save her. But, this could not happen without the support of our donors. Every visit for rehab is $150 and that doesn’t include all of the other medical issues that can crop up with a special needs pet. And, once we make a commitment, we do everything possible to honor it. If you can, please consider donating so that we can continue to meet the needs of so many homeless and unwanted animals. Thanks, diana
P.O. Box 84, St.Clair Shores, mi 48080

Lulu – Rescued as a Stray and Not Yet Adopted. She Has Cataracts and an Abscessed Tooth

3/1/19 – Lulu Belle showed up as a stray one day. Several attempts were made to find her owner but she was never claimed. The kind, elderly man who found her continued to care for her although he could not afford it. A rescue friend has been providing food but now this senior girl needs some serious medical assistance and we were contacted for help. Lulu Belle had been bumping into walls and getting disoriented when she is outside in the bright snow. We made arrangements for her to be seen by one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital.
Lulu Belle was seen the next day and it was determined that she does have a cataract. But, what might have been causing the disorientation and the bumping into walls, is an abscessed tooth which needs to be extracted as well as an overall dental.. Lulu Belle had her vaccines updated was given antibiotics and and she tested negative for heart worm. Dr. Zalac did not believe the cataracts were an issue at this time but if they appear to be a problem in the future, the eye will be treated with medication. Her dental surgery was completed February 27, 2019 and she had to have 9 teeth extracted!! Can you imagine the pain this girl must have been in??? She is still feeling pretty miserable but she is getting lots of love and our rescue friend is making sure she has the proper food to eat. Please say a little prayer that Lulu Belle feels better soon. ~ diana
Your donations save lives!
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
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Smokey – Rescued at 4 Weeks Old, Having Seizures

2/27/19 – Smokey was rescued last year — he was only 4 weeks old. I’ve waited to post him because I wanted to know how he was doing today. When Smokey was rescued he was taken to the emergency vet because he was having seizures. Smokey was found to have low blood sugar and a very low body temperature. He was treated and sent home with instructions to follow up with further tests. That is when we were called.
We made arrangements for Smokey to be seen and tests were donealthough it could not be determined what caused the drop in the blood sugar. The doctor thought that Smokey might not have been able to ‘fight’ his siblings for food and was not able to get enough nutrients. He received more treatment and although he had another seizure the next day, Smokey was responsive and walking. In that I had not heard back from the rescuer for a few months, I followed up with the finder. It took a little while but I finally learned that Smokey is doing good although still very small. Smokey is being loved and well cared for. ~ diana
smokey 2:27:19

Rosie Roo – Provides a Team Chance Update & We Are So Thankful for Dr. Zalac

2/26/19 – Nothing more to say but thank you for all that you do for us Dr.Natalie Zalac.

rosie roo 2:26:19 rosie roo w:dr. z 2:26:19“Hey Team Chance, it’s me….Rosie Roo with tonights nitenite post. Moms & Oliver are super busy tucking everybody in & passing out meds and ummm… checking tushys for eeewy 💩 since we got a bug going around here. Poor Trixie is pretty miserable tonight which we expected after her extensive dental work today.
But….shed going to feel soooo much better after she heals! Honestly, besides 4 Paws 1 Heart we dont know what we would do without Dr. Z (Zalac)!!! Shes our go to for everything vet! We really depend on her expertise and compassion to keep us all healthy and to help mom decisions that are best for us. As you all know Dr. Z opened up her very own state of the art beeeeauuutiful animal hospital. So we would love it if all our friends would show Dr. Z and her amazing staff some love by going to their page at Orion Animal Hospital and hitting that like button!!! And if you live in our area, go check out her hospital…you will love it and you’ll love Dr. Z just as much! Thankyou Team, we sure appreciate it!
Well sweet dreams Team & we’ll see you in the morning! Love Roo & the Gang”