Louie – Unable to Walk and Eyes Crusted Shut

0/16/19 – This is Louie. He showed up unable to walk, eyes crusted shut, but very friendly. Upon examination by one of our partner vets, it was found that Louie had an upper respiratory infection, had not been able to move his bowels, and appeared to be a kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) which I explained in yesterday’s post. After Louie received treatment for his URI and bowel issue, the finder was able to find a CH Rescue and we pray Louie finds his forever, loving home very soon. ~ diana
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Miracle – Found on the Streets, Very Emaciated and Ill

10/15/19 – Prayers for Miracle — Ask anyone in rescue and they will tell you the same — this has been a terrible time for cats/kittens. This is Miracle. He is 12-14 weeks old and was rescued late last week. He is very tiny for his age and was found very emaciated and at times lethargic. He’s been on fluids and yesterday he was taken to one of our partner vets. His rescuer said that he seems to go in and out of awareness and his head started bobbing. Upon examination the doctor found that Miracle has an ear infection and his glucose level was higher than normal. He also may have cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) which is a neurological disorder that occurs when a cat’s brain did not develop properly in the womb. The cerebellum is responsible for coordination, spatial awareness and fine motor skills. This is the second cat in a week that we are helping who is suspected of having this disorder. We don’t know for sure if the ear infection is causing Miracle’s issue or if it is CH. Miracle is on antibiotics right now and is holding his own although not improving. He continues to be on fluids. Miracle came from a mobile home park where there have been an overwhelming number of stray cats/kittens. Today six more went in for TNR (trap, neuter, return) which will be covered by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Without our supporters and are rescuers, we could not make a difference for these innocent animals. ~ dianamiracle 10:15:19

B.A. – RIP

10/15/19 – Over the past 9 years we have assisted many community cats whom we haven’t had the opportunity to post or take photos of. B.A. was one of those. 5 years ago we paid for B. A. (which stands for Bad A_ _) to be neutered and vaccinated. Yesterday, with our assistance, B.A. was taken to a vet and was found to have an ear infection and received treatment. Much to his caretaker’s surprise, B. A. was found this morning, passed away. His caretaker is having him privately cremated because after 5 years, although he was feral, he meant a lot to her. RIP B.A. — you will be missed. ~ diana

Blackstar – Found Wandering the Streets

10/14/19 – Blackstar was rescued by a kind woman who had found him roaming alone on the street. An owner was not found and the finder was concerned about the cat being outside when the weather starts changing. She contacted us for help. We paid for Blackstar to be neutered, vaccinated, tested, and treated for an infection. Thankfully, he will not have to worry about the upcoming freezing temperatures and living on the streets. ~ diana
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Fuzzy – Showed Up in a Cat Community But He Loves to be Cuddled

10/12/19 – From our Board member, Dee:

fuzzy 10:12:19“See this dude? Well we did too….he showed up at our feral colony this spring. His name is Fuzzy. A month or so ago…he decided to befriend a couple of our feeders….Kim Harris (his main Momma) and Janice Dangin. A plan formulated to pull this Fuzz Ball before winter hit. Kim applied flee treatment and a few days later she picked him up and put him in a carrier. I’m temporally housing him in a crate condo in our garage. Tomorrow evening we take him to the vet to get snap tested, thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for paying for his vet visit. Also at that time he will be checked for a microchip.Andra Nagaitis-Shipley found a rescue to foster him- thank you Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue. They will finish his vetting and find the purrfect home for him.
Where did he come from? he is not fixed and is the most loving cat! He loves my hubby- Fuzzy will ignore me and go to him! Well we might not know where he came from but what we do know is that he will have a happily ever after. Thank you – every single one of you for making this happen. I love you Fuzzy Balls you stole my heart!”

Mama Jack, Mookie, Bobbins, and Nora – Rescued Before She Would Have Her Babies Outside

10/11/19 – Meet Jack (mama) and her babies, Mookie, Bobbins, and Nori. Sam, an independent rescuer, was able to trap Jack when she was pregnant. Fortunately, she had her 3 babies in the safety of Sam’s home. All will be tested, vaccinated, spayed/neutered all because of our supporters. Can you imagine what it would be like to have babies on the streets and have to scrounge for food and protect yourself and your babies from predators and the harsh temperatures of the Fall and Winter? God Bless the Rescuer – Diana
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Rebel – RIP – Lived in a Cat Community for 8 Years and Found Unable to Move

10/10/19 – This has been a very difficult week for community cats. RIP Rebel. I received a call from a cat community caretaker. In the past, we paid for 10 community and domesticated cats to be neutered/spayed/vaccinated. Rebel was found in a neighbor’s yard, not moving and having defecated all over himself. The rescuer thought he was dead but he was still alive. We made arrangements for Rebel to be seen by one of our partner vets but it was determined that Rebel was too ill to save. Rebel was the oldest of the community cats — 8 years old. Our only comfort is knowing that Rebel did not die alone and is no longer in pain. ~ diana
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Bella – Found in the Engine Area of a Car

10/9/19 – Meet Bella. She found shelter in the engine area of a car. Fortunately, she was discovered before the car was started. Bella was taken to one of our partner vets where she was treated for an upper respiratory infection and parasites. When she recovers fully she will be vaccinated and spayed. It’s that time of the year when animals will try to find heat and shelter in some very dangerous spots. Please remember to hit your hood before starting your car and if you know of strays in your neighborhood, do what you can to get them spayed/neutered and provide appropriate shelter. You can learn how to make an outdoor shelter on YouTube, and at All About Animals Rescue. ~ diana

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October – RIP – Someone Shot Her in the Spine

10/7/19 – RIP October – She was about 5 months old and lived among other strays in a trailer park. Yesterday we were contacted by one of the kind people feeding the strays. October had showed up dragging her back legs and then went under a trailer huddled in a little ball. After removing the skirt of the trailer, one of the caretakers crawled under the trailer and was able to get October. Fortunately, Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital, was able to see October as soon as she got in. What was found was beyond disturbing. October had a bullet in her spine. Nothing could be done and October was humanely euthanized and we are so thankful that this sweet, innocent animal was no longer in pain and prey to humans and other animals. The rescuers feel very strongly that the neighbor of the trailer where October was found, shot her. He is already on record telling the trailer park management that “if they don’t get rid of the cats, he will”. The sheriff was notified and he agreed that the neighbor was the likely culprit but said nothing could be done without proof. The rescuers are very worried about the other cats in the park. The cruelty of humans is beyond our understanding. ~ diana
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