Jolly – Allowed to Run the Streets; Not Spayed with Heart Worm

10/5/17 – Meet Jolly. Poor Jolly was owned by an irresponsible pet owner who had an intact male and refused to let the neighborhood pay for her spaying. Jolly would keep escaping from her yard and roam the alleys where the concerned citizens would feed her. She eventually ended up with 9 babies; 2 of whom died, and God only know the fate of the rest. We also don’t know how many babies she had prior.

No matter what the neighborhood would do, her owner refused to let her bespayed or treated for fleas, etc. Then, finally, the owner told her neighbor ‘she’s yours’ and the neighborhood paid for her spay at All About Animals where they spayed her but also found her positive for heart worm.

I was contacted by one of the caring neighbors who was asking for help in getting Jolly’s heart worm treatment. I advised that as long as the caller was committed to Jolly and would keep her until a good home could be found, and get a signed surrender, we would pay for the heart worm treatment.

Jolly has since been seen by our awesome veterinarians and was treated for her skin infection and fleas. She was also started on her pre-heart worm treatment. She is a very sweet girl who will be under treatment for a while but if anyone is interested, please contact Janet at: ~ dianaJolly1 10:5:17jolly 10:5:17jolly 2 10:5:17

Wally – His Limb Had No Blood Supply and Needed to Be Amputated

10/4/17 – Wally showed up in Emily’s sister’s backyard. He could could fit in both hands. His leg was skinned and muscles were ripped off. He was still being weened by his mama. He was taken to a veterinary hospital where it was determined that his limb had no blood supply and would eventually fall off if not amputated. He was held in the hospital for a week and received fluids and antibiotics while waiting for surgery. Finally, his leg was amputated. Today he is doing great and looking for his forever home. Contact Emily at: ~ dianawally 9:12:17wally 1 9:12:17

Romeo – His Mom Died and Wasn’t Found for Days; Happy Update

10/3/17 – Another happy update in light of the evil Las Vegas Romeo 10:3:17carnage of this weekend. May God Bless you little man and your family. Romeo’s story was one of the saddest. – Aunt Di

“Good morning Team Chance! Look who we heard from this morning…Romeo!!!! His mom says “Denise Najera, I think we should change his name from Romeo to Fatty!”
For those who dont know about Romeo, a couple years ago we got a call from an apartment manager who told us Romeo’s human passed away and nobody knew she had a cat until maintenance workers were working on the apartment weeks later. Romeo had crawled in a hole in the wall and been stuck in there for 2wks!!! Mom & Auntie Debra literally had to cut the wall open to get him out!!! He was emaciated, dehydrated & had given up. He was rushed to the emergency vet and thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart he was admitted twice in 2 week and recieved the life saving treatment he needed. After a few weeks at our house to heal his body & spirit he was adopted in to a wonderful loving home with Kelly and her daughter Melanie and is totally loved & spoiled Great to see you Romeo, we love you!!!! ~ Chance”

Nicko – Rescued with Heart Worm by a Tow Truck Drive – Now Safe

10/3/17 – Happy Update! Nicko was rescued in early September. A caring tow truck driver saw him running the streets and took him in. Because it was a weekend, Nicko was taken in by the family who then took him to a vet to be examined. At that time, Nicko was found to be heart worm positive and we were contacted. Nicko is just a couple weeks away from his final treatment and he is doing great. He has gained weight and now has two fur siblings and one human sibling. I truly thank God for all of the wonderful people in our world who truly care. Here’s some before and now photos. ~ diananicko 8:21:17nicko 8:21:17---

Dusty, Lucy, Katana, and Tiny Tim – Dropped Off at a Veterinary Hospital; Dusty So Sick, Her Eye Needed Removal

10/2/17 – This mama and her babies were dropped off at one of the great veterinary hospitals with whom we work. Mama Dusty’s upper respiratory infection was so bad, her eye needed to be removed. But, under the watchful care of their rescuer, Amanda, the family is doing great. We were happy to be able to help this sweet family. Anyone interested should contact Amber at: Here is Dusty and her family, Dusty now, Lucy, Katana, and Tiny Tim. ~ dianadusty 7:27:17dusty and babies 7:27:17 dusty 10:2:17Lucy 10:2:17Katana 10:2:17tiny tim 10:2:17

Mark – Rescued from a Cat Community; Now Finds His Forever Home

9/29/17 – Happy Update from our friend Heather – diana:mark 9:30:17

Florence Ventura thank you for adopting this sweet boy! It’s official folks, Mark has been adopted. Thank you Roberta Kretz for sharing him and the referral. Thank youKailee Lorayne for getting this boy to us and giving him a chance. Thank you to Diana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart for covering his medical costs. Again, as always thank you again for sharing my posts. Clearly you’re effective in helping us find homes for these babies! ~ Heather”

Hank – Found in a Manufacturing Shop – Now Loved and Cuddled

9/29/17 – I need to make sure everyone catches this happy beginning in light of all of the sadness lately. Hank started off showing up at about 8-9 weeks old in a shop with heavy equipment and temperatures reaching 100 degrees. Christie’s brother, who worked there, contacted her looking for help because he could not take in the kitten. Christie took in Hank and when bathing him she found a ‘hole’ in his chest. She was already on her way to her vet when she contacted me. I suggested that it could be a botfly and that we would cover medical if taken to one of our generous vets. When she got to her vet she was given antibiotics and told to return the next morning. Well, that night the botfly started to show its ugly head and Christie was able to get him out with tweezers–even though it “was disgusting”. After that, Christie and I agreed to have this baby get everything done at one of our faves, Patterson Veterinary Hospital. Though the family had no intention of keeping this little guy, they fell in love. Don’t you love happy beginnings??? Thanks, Christie and Family ~ dianahank w:8:8:17hank 8:8:17hank 9:29:17

Martha – Found on the Side of the Road, Unable to Move Her Leg

9/29/17 – Please say a prayer for Martha. She was lying on the side of the road, unable to use her leg. A caring passerby took her to emergency where they said her leg was “dead”. The rescuer contacted us and we authorized a visit to one of our favorite veterinary hospitals. On Wednesday I spoke with the doctor and she said that Martha, at about 12 weeks old, is only 1.7 lbs and had stopped eating two days ago. Unfortunately, the rescuer had treated Martha with Frontline which should have never been done to a kitten so underweight and that might be the cause of her current issues. I mention this only as a lesson to others because the rescuer didn’t know any better and thought she was doing the right thing. So we are worried about this very sweet kitten. The doctor taught the rescuer how to force feed her. Martha was dewormed and tested for FIV and feline leukemia. God willing she will be healthy enough in about 4 weeks to have a radiograph done of her leg so that the doctor might be able to determine why Martha can’t use her leg. In the mean time, I want to thank Martha’s rescuer who spent her own money to take her ,when found, to the emergency and bought very expensive flea treatment. Again, thanks to all who don’t turn their backs when they see an animal in distress. ~ dianamartha 9:29:17martha--9:29:17

Aime – RIP Sweet Boy – Maggots Had Already Got Behind Her Eyes

9/28/17 – RIP Sweet Aime. I was contacted by a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart who is a postal carrier who never passes by an animal in need. Her friend had found a kitten near a shopping center. The kitten’s eyes were in terrible shape. Fortunately, the great staff at Center Line Veterinary was able to get Aime in very quickly and the doctor called me to report that maggots had taken over the inside of Aime’s eyes. He was very emaciated and needed fluids. After he was treated at the hospital, Aimee was sent home with his rescuer to continue the fluids with an appointment for the next day. Aime seemed to be doing well but by the time he arrived at the veterinary the next day, his temperature had gone down to 93 degrees and his glucose had gone down to 88. He was in dire straits and the worry was that the impact of the maggots was just too much for this little kitten to get through. The hospital continued to try and save Aime but in the afternoon I received that call where the doctor recommended humane euthanasia. Although we make the decisions on what medical we will pay, I prefer the rescuers to be a part of this very difficult decision. The doctor spoke with the rescuers who immediately went to the hospital to give Aime one last bit of love before she was let go to cross the Rainbow Bridge. May God Bless all of the rescuers and protect their hearts. ~ dianaaime 9:28:17

Jordon – Was Going to Be Euthanized Due to Severe Emaciation and an Upper Respiratory Infection

9/28/17 – Jordan is the miracle kitty. We were called by our good friend, Patricia Brown, about a kitten she had found on the street and was in dire need of medical assistance. He was about two months old, had a very serious upper respiratory infection, and was very dehydrated and emaciated. I authorized Jordan to be taken to the emergency. In the middle of the night I received a call from the doctor who was recommending that Jordan be humanely euthanized due to the severity of his infection and dehydration. The doctor said it would take several days of hospital care and as all of you know, this has been a very tough summer with many serious cases. I spoke with Patricia who said that she would take in the kitten and care for him. And that is what we did. That was July 27. Over the past 2 months, Jordan has had to see the doctor for a severe ear infection which resulted in his loss of hearing but through it all he has been a fighter and just kept getting stronger. Today, he is doing great and has been neutered and is up to date with his vaccines. He hasn’t let his deafness get in the way of having fun. Thank You Patricia for making this miracle happen. ~ dianajordon 8:1:17