Shakira – Update

8/1/20 – Great News!!! Dr. Natalie Zalac and her staff stayed late and Shakira had her surgery last night. And guess what?? Her new mom is on her way now to pick her up. Shakira is recovering like a champ!! 4 paws 1 heart is truly blessed to have such amazing doctors who we can call on.

Two more cases came in last night. I will post on them a little later. One dog is in emergency and another kitty was found in the middle of Jefferson with a broken leg. He’s waiting to be seen by a vet. diana w:amanda 7:31:20

Shakira – Saved by a 14 Year Old Young Man – She had a Fractured Pelvis and a Herniated Diaphragm

7/31/20 – Prayers and Positive Energy Needed! Shakira is a 2 pound, 6-8 weeks old kitten who was found by a 14 year old young man and his friend. She was very hurt and he brought the kitten home. Mom brought the kitten to a vet who removed a botfly and found, through x-rays, that Shakira had a fractured pelvis and a ruptured herniated diaphragm. Last night I received a message from the mom that Shakira was having difficulty breathing. The emergency hospital said they couldn’t do anything so this morning I contacted one of the best in the business, Dr. Natalie Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital. After explaining the situation, Dr. Z agreed to at least fit Shakira in for a consultation and maybe even surgery, after hours — this while she was totally booked with appointments and walk-ins. The family, upon my direction, took the 45 minute drive immediately to Dr. Z and a little earlier today Dr. Z did call me affirming that Shakira would need surgery and she and some staff members would be staying overtime should we wish to continue. The concern was that because the baby is so small, there was a risk to putting her under. Dr. Z told me that Shakira is the sweetest little thing and was even standing with a broken pelvis. So, with the understanding of the family, I approved the surgery to give this baby a second chance. We are all anxious about the surgery and, I hate to ask, after just asking for Zeus, but if you can afford to donate towards her surgery, it would help immensely. Thank YOU so very much. – diana

shakira w:amanda 7:31:20

Mouse, Daisy, Boo, Bean, and Eve – Born in a Home Where the Owner Couldn’t Care for Them

7/30/20 – An elderly, disabled man had a male cat and female cat who were not spayed/neutered. Of course, the female got pregnant and had 4 kittens. The man could not handle this and, fortunately, someone stepped in to help. That woman ended up contacting a person, Bonnie, who we’ve helped several times. Bonnie contacted us for help to get the mom, her 3 kittens, and a 1 week-old baby, who had been abandoned, to get tested, examined, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered when ready. We agreed and everyone is scheduled for September 8. Fortunately, for 2 weeks mama nursed the abandoned baby but then stopped. Bonnie continued to bottle feed the baby even though she didn’t much like the nipple. The spayed mom will return to the elderly man and I have been assured that the male will be neutered before that happens. All of the babies will be available for adoption after their September appointment. If you are interested, contact: Here is mama, Mouse, her babies — Daisy, Boo, Bean, and Eve (the ‘bottle’ baby’) – diana
mouse 7:30:20 Daisy 7:30:20 boo 7:30:20 bean 7:30:20

Zeus – Home with his Foster Mom

/29/20 – Good News!!! Little Big Boy Zeus is on his way home to his foster home. He was picked up just a little while ago and as I was paying the bill I heard him squealing with happiness. Well, actually he was squealing while he got his face washed–I guess he didn’t much care for that. He’s been eating like a champ and he will be watched over closely. Please continue to pray for this little one. You know if anything changes, we’ll have him right back to the hospital. We are committed to this fighter. Thank you to all who donated and/or said a prayer. We can still use your support but because of all of you we can continue to help those who need us. I’m sure we will get an updated photo soon. – May God Bless our Village. – diana
P.S. Just another bit of information I learned earlier. The box these babies were in was covered. I had wondered why they couldn’t get out. Thankfully a wonderful woman who cares for cats in the neighborhood heard the weak rustling when she passed by the box and got Zeus to safety. Hopefully the same fate as the others kittens and mom will come to those subhumans who did this. Also, the case has been reported to the City’s animal control.
zeus 8:10:20

Zeus – More to the Story

7/29/20 – A friend of 4p1h just added more to the story. I was told that the finder of Zeus actually learned that the mother was purposely killed and the killers bragged about putting the kittens to “bake in the sun”. Unfortunately, that is what happened but before Zeus succumbed to the heat and the fleas and maggots, a kind woman passed by the box and saved Zeus. I know we all believe that these people need to be punished but, unfortunately, this is Detroit and we all know very well, that Animal Control and the police have much bigger issues than poor cats. I’m disgusted by this latest news and can only sincerely hope that whoever is responsible for this will meet their karma sooner than later. -diana

7/29/20 – Zeus update. The good news is that Zeus had a blood transfusion yesterday, was put on fluids, and has made it through the night. The doctor called me this morning and reported that this “little sweetheart” is not yet out of the woods but is eating good and an important medical number (sorry for my ignorance) which was ‘9’ when he got to the emergency, is now at ’22′; normal for a kitten is ’25’. Zeus is only 1.1 lbs. so you can imagine how difficult of a struggle it has been for him and the doctors. Zeus will be kept in the hospital through the day and I will talk with the doctor a little later to determine our next step. We do know that he has a great foster lined up who is experienced with at-risk kittens and took him in the night he got out of the first emergency hospital. But we will do what is best. We have learned over the years that, when possible, the love and care in an experienced home can make the difference to get us over the finish line. Thank you so very much to all of you who have donated and prayed. I will keep you all informed. Your DONATIONS and PRAYERS are still needed, we are less than half way to what we thinK Zeus’ bill will be. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.- dianazeus 7:29:20

Zeus – Purposely Left in a Covered Box with Siblings and Mom — All Died Except Him

7/28/20 – Donations and Prayers Needed – Zeus is 6 weeks old. He, his three siblings, and a mom were all left in a box in the 90+ degree sun. The next day, the siblings and the mom were dead and the only when left was Zeus, covered in maggots and fleas. The rescuer took him to an emergency hospital but because the rescuer could only afford so much, he was released from the hospital. I was contacted this morning and he is now back in another emergency with our commitment to help him. Zeus is beyond emaciated, he will require IV’s and a transfusion, he also appears to have an upper respiratory infection. We have a 24-hour plan in place and pray that he can make it through the transfusion. I gave this decision a lot of thought but the little guy fought ever since he was put in the box of hell so we just had to give him a fighting chance. We could really use the help of our friends.Thank you for anything you can do. – diana
4 Paws 1 Heart, P.O. Box84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
ZEUS 7:27:20 zeus -- 7:20:20 zeus 7:28:20

Sunflower – Found with a Ruptured Eye, Wandering at a Meijer’s Store

7/28/20 – Sunflower was rescued from the side of a Meijer’s store. He had what appeared to be a ruptured eye. We were contacted and, after being seen by one of our doctors, it was determined that Sunflower’s eye would need to be removed. Surgery was last week and Sunflower is doing well. He was also neutered and will be looking for his forever home. Here is a text he sent me after he was feeling better from the surgery: “Aunt Diana, thank you for making me feels betterz. I am in dis lady’s bedroom acting like a spazoid and rumbling up a storm right now.”
If you are interested, please contact Candice at: – diana 7:28:20

Harriett – Finds Her Forever Home

7/2620 – Another happy beginning brought to you from 4 paws 1 heart and the many people who care. Good luck sweet Harriet (aka Kali). You will be spoiled!! – diana

 “HARRIETT: Well are you guys ready for a story of love, tears, compassion & destiny? Ok……
So, you all remember the story of beautiful Miko that “a good samaritan” found in the parking lot of his employment that sadly did not survive that foster mom & 4 Paws 1 Heart posted yesterday? Well, that compassionate human was foster moms cousin Tom. He knew exactly who to call for help and was committed to caring for Miko and keeping her. Auntie Di was called at 4 Paws 1 Heart and of course the ball was rolling and Tom rushed Miko to Dr. Z. Tragically Miko could not be saved and Cousin Tom was heartbroken. He had already prepared his beautiful new home for Miko. Well, foster mom and Aunt Shelly got to talking and they know what a wonderful human Tom is and thought…Harriett!!! So foster mom sent Tom pics and video of me and told him “just think about it and let me know if you would like to meet her.” Well Tom did want to meet me and of course foster mom being foster mom sent cousin Tom an application to fill out for me and yesterday he came to meet me. Everybody agreed that if there wasnt a great connection, it wasnt meant to be. Well, hearts were flying through the air between us and he literally had me eating out of the palm of his hand! The connection was instant, I knew right away!!! So off I went for a sleepover and this morning Dad & I agreed that adoption papers should be drawn up becuse even though Dad has a beautiful new home, a great job, a wonderful family (right foster mom? 😉) he was missing something in his life….ME!!!!
I’m so sorry Miko you didnt have more time with Dad, but I will forever be grateful that you led him to me, thankyou Miko..we love you
Thankyou Tammy Beal and Genessee County Shelter for rescuing me and reaching out to foster mom, thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart and all of you who so generously donated for my surgery and all of my medical needs. Thankyou foster mom, Aunt Shelly, Chance & the Gang for taking such good care of me. I love you all sooo, sooo much and I’m sure you’ll see me pop in from time to time, after all..I’m still in the family!!!! Love Always  Harriett”harriett 7:24:20 harriett's new home 7:24:20 harriett- 7:24:20

Squeaky – Has Been Adopted

7/26/20 – Good News on this beautiful weekend. This is Squeaky. He was found, near dead, in a junk yard. His rescuer, who happens to foster for a 4p1h friend, actually took him to the doctor twice and was able to get Squeaky healthy. 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of his neuter and testing and little Squeaky was quickly adopted afterward. Again, God Bless the rescuer and our generous supporters. – diana 7:12:20