Amenadel, Peony, Maize, Luke, Sir Arthur, Tula, Lucie, Cain – Rescued During a Trap-Neuter-Return Project

6/10/18 – Look at all of these little beauties seeking their forever homes. They were all rescued in St. Clair Shores, MI and will be medically cared for by 4 Paws 1 Heart, including spay and neuter. They were all rescued by our friends Debra B. and Cheryl K. who have been helping some elderly residents take control of an overwhelming population of ‘feral’ cats. The people have had their house assaulted with cat fecies and although I can understand the frustration of the neighbors, how about we try to help each other. Please contact Patricia if you are interested in adoption–pattib7355@aol.comamenadiel 6:11:18 peony 6:11:18 maize 6:11:18 Luke 6:11:18 sir arthur 6:11:18 tula 6:11:18 Lucie 6:11:18 Cain 6:11:18

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Bigby – RIP Sweet Boy – He Saved a Kitten Before He Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

6/7/18 – If only we could save them all. Bigby was a feral cat who saved a little kitten and watched over her until she could be trapped and placed into a home. His paw was very mangled (we don’t know what happened) and he tested positive for leukemia and FIV. He would have had to be put under anesthesia every couple of days to try and save his paw — removing his leg was not an option. Once again, a very difficult but humane decision had to be made. RIP Bigby, thank you for saving little Angel. Have fun with all of our human and fur friends who will lead the way. ~ diana

“Bigby you saved baby Angel….now you are an angel…. find my Dad and have fun, have no pain and most of you will have love you didn’t have in life: fly free my Bigby. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of both Bigby’s and Angels medical expenses. – bigby and angel 6:6:18 bigby 6:6:18Dee”

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Jinxy, Neenah, Enah, and Herman – Rescued from the Streets

6/10/18 – Here are a few more of the many cats and kittens we have been able to help. Jinxy, Neenah, Enah, and Herman. We all pray that we can reduce the number of unwanted animals through spay/neuter but, unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to change. Everyone needs to be responsible and play a role and we are so thankful for our many friends who do step up to the plate. ~ dianajinxy w:debra 4:24:18 35063588_1930237547008534_3827598481086742528_n nenah

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Mama Cat II – She Showed Up Limping With a Deep Neck Wound – Then She Couldn’t Walk

6/7/18 – Mama Cat II – It was late March when I received the following e-mail:
“Hi Diana, thank you so much for responding to my message; you caught me in a good moment. I’m bawling my eyes out right now because I’ve done everything I thought was right and helping her heal and now this has just become a mess and I feel horrible. I’m the biggest animal lover and I just don’t have the money to take care of her the way that I want to do and I’m starting to feel hopeless. I don’t know anything about this cat all I know is she’s a lover and she’s happy for the care that she’s getting; she just wants to kiss you and love you. I live in Fenton. I found her almost two weeks ago; she showed up limping in my yard and I thought it was just the deep wound on her neck that I needed to clean out and heal. I kept her in my bedroom so that she could be comfortable and heal. And now she’s worse than what I thought and I just don’t know what to do. She can’t walk. Gosh you don’t know how much I appreciate your help. I do anything and everything that I can do for these animals out here even the turtles LOL I stop the traffic to get the turtles to cross the road without being hit.
If I can’t find her owner I would be willing to take her just because I feel it’s the right thing to do. I think she may be approximately 5 or 6 years old but I’m not for sure
Thank you so much for reaching out and helping I really appreciate you. ~ Laura”

Well, an owner was never found and we had Laura and Mama Cat see one of our favorite vets, all the way on the east side ( a long drive from Fenton) and it was determined that Mama Cat should see another favorite vet, Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets. Mama was finally able to see Dr. Kern and although she is now walking, she is still a little shaky and she will be starting therapy. As always, we are thankful for all of our supporters who make these kinds of miracles possible. ~ dianaMama Cat II -- 6:7:18 mama Cat II 6:7:18

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Nemo – Rescued With One Leg Missing

6/10/18 UPDATE – Nemo is home and doing well. He’s back to his happy, playful self. Thank You for all of the prayers.

6/6/18 – Prayers for Nemo, please. The rescue, Kittens South Mittens, saw an urgent call for help on facebook and stepped up. There was a small kitten found with just a stump for a leg. One of their fosters only had one kitten about six weeks old, and they thought Nemo would be a great playmate for their foster, Finn. The vet checked Nemo over; he tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and seemed healthy. He was dewormed, given his first distemper vaccine, and put on antibiotics to help his stub to heal the rest of the way. He and Finn became inseparable.

Nemo started having diarrhea, which the rescue thought was from the dewormer. Then he started vomiting, became thin and lethargic. And, that’s where he is at right now. They are still waiting for blood work to come back. 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for Nemo’s hospital bill and we pray the vet can diagnose the illness so that Nemo can become healthy again. ~ diananemo w:erin sauls

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Coco, Pepper, and Gypsy – Found on the Streets With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

gypsy 6:4:18 coco 6:4:18 pepper 6:4:186/6/18 UPDATE; Coco and Pepper were seen by the vet on Monday. The vet determined that Coco, even though she only weighs 1 lb. 9 oz., needed to have surgery asap. It was scheduled for Tuesday and Coco was kept over night. Pepper was examined and may require the same surger; he weighs 3.2 lbs. Both received their first vaccine. Yesterday, Coco made it through surgery but Pepper took a turn for the worse (may be the vaccine) and was taken to the vet when Coco was being picked up. I am waiting for another update. Thank you for all of the prayers. ~ diana

6/4/18 Please pray for these sweet kittens. They were all surrendered to Gina at the veterinary she works at. They were all found on the street with severe upper respiratory infections. Two of the kittens (Coco and Pepper) will need one eye removed. The other kitten, Foxy, has been struggling to survive with Gina but may have turned the corner. Coco and Pepper will be seeing the vet today. My heart breaks for all of the animals on the streets that may be struggling like these three with no one to care for them. Please say a prayer and send some positive energy. Here is Foxy, Coco, and Pepper. I did not include the horrific photo of Coco’s eye as it looks now. ~ diana

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Cisco Kid – Needs Your Prayers

6/1/18  – Please continue to keep Kid in your prayers, they are still running tests to find out what’s wrong. Hes having neurological issues such as twitching, he’s heavy drooling, heavy lungs. He was not exposed to anything, so it cant be toxicity. Possibly heart related. Will update when I know anything more. Sooo worried about our boy, all this came on extremely sudden. Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for being there for this sweet boy Kid 6:1:18

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Alpena Cats – Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

6/1/18 – The reality is that I cannot keep up with telling the stories of the many cats and dogs we have been helping. Here are just a few of the many cats being rescued by a woman who is located in the Alpena, MI area. Although the majority of our dollars are spent in the Macomb/Wayne/Oakland communities, we do assist in other areas of the State. As you can see, many of these cats have been suffering with upper respiratory infections. Again, we say, may God bless the rescuers. ~ dianasherrie warren 1 - 6:1:18 sherrie warren 2 6:1:18 sherrie warren 3 6:1:18 sherrie warren 4 6:1:18 sherrie warren 5 6:1:18 sherrie warren 6 6:1:18 sherrie warren 7 6:1:18 sherrie warren 8 6:1:18

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Fido – Appeared With A Severe Wound on His Neck

5/31/18 – Meet Fido. He showed up at Tonya’s home with a huge, deep wound in his neck (see photo). After calling several vets, we were able to get Fido seen and treated. We are not sure what caused the wound but we are happy to report that his wound is responding well to the treatment and Fido is in a temporary, loving home while Tonya continues to try and find a forever home. If you are interested in this beautiful boy, please contact: . ~ dianafido 5:31:18 fido -- 5:31:18

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