Trixie – A Broken Pelvis, Needed 8 Teeth Removed and Had an Abscess

2/26/19 – Trixie was rescued by Warren Animal Control. She was taken to emergency and found to have 3 breaks in her pelvis. We assisted with the emergency bill and then had her go to Dr. Natalie Zalac. As you will read, our poor girl had an infection, an abscess, and needed 8 teeth extracted. She will probably need more dental work in the future. Can you imagine the pain this 12 year old had to be in while on the streets. My heart breaks thinking about it. As always, we are committed to Trixie and any help in the way of donations you can make will be much appreciated. – diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, mi 48080
Thank youtrixie 2:26:19“CHANCE: Hey Team, my sweet foster sissy Trixie is home from her dental…whew!!! Poor baby girl 😞 Dr. Z did an amazing job, and she really had a job on her hands. Poor Trixies mouth was horrible! She had 8 extractions, she had an abscess, and a whole lot of infection. Dr. Z said she was for sure in pain. We all know how bad teeth pain can be, and unfortunately these innocent sweet babies cant tellus when something hurts. Trixie has oral stitches and will need 2wks to heal from all her dental work today and then she will go back to Dr. Z for a recheck. Thankyou Dr. Zalac and your awesome staff at Orion Animal Hospital, you all are so amazing & care for these babies as if they were your own. You have no idea how much that means especially when they’ve already been through so much. Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart and all Trixies fans & donors.”

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Hero – Found in a Cat Community with a Severe Eye Infection

2/26/19 – Hero was discovered in a cat community. He had a severe eye infection and was obviously someone’s pet at one time. It took awhile for him to be rescued but when he finally was, we were able to pay for his neuter, vaccines, deworming, and treatment for his eye infection. Hero also tested negative for FIV and FeLV. He is a very sweet boy. Unfortunately, he did have some scarring on his eye. He is doing great although I don’t know if he has found his forever home. If you would like to check into it, contact Sherry at: ~ diana w:26:19

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Roscoe – Adopted

2/25/19 – So happy to share this great news!!! Here was his story when we were contacted:

1/3/19 – Roscoe showed up on a porch in Detroit. He is in rough shape. He has a skin irritation that has caused fur loss, scabbing, and scaling up his whole back side. He has a limp in one of his front paws that seems to be caused from an injury. He has many missing teeth and what is there, are mostly rotten. He is also heart worm positive. And as if that wasn’t enough, he has a large tumor on his back that will have to be biopsied to find out if it’s cancerous. 4 Paws 1 Heart is funding Roscoe’s heart worm treatment and anyone interested in this sweet dog should contact our friends at Rebel Dogs Detroit who rescued him. Please remember him in your prayers. ~ diana
Thank God for good people!! w:juniper 1:2:19 roscoe w:rebel dogs 1:2:19 roscoe 2:24:19Congratulations to Roscoe and his new Papa!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO is this boy LUCKY! It’s not everyday a wonderful human opens their hearts and homes to a senior in need. Thank you so much. Roscoe will give you many moments of joy and laughter for the rest of his life! He is a treat! A treat who loves treats. Rebel Dogs Detroit”

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Dyson – A Polydactyl Maine Coon Who Loves Laps

2/23/19 -2/23/19 – please share and let’s get Dyson his forever home. – diana

“This gorgeous boy is 1yr old Dyson. He is a Maine Coon Mix and Polydactyl! He is fully vetted thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart….shots, neutered and ready to be a loving pet, mabey yours? He’s very chatty, a total lap cat and loves to sleep on your pillow. He is fiv+ but if you know the facts about fiv, you know that’s no big deal. If you’re interested in adopting Dyson please email me at
Dyson is located in Clinton Township 😊- Denise”dyson 2:3:19 dyson--2:23:19 dyson 2:23:19= fiv facts

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Chase and Rocky – Rescued at 4 Weeks Old After Their Mom Died

2/22/19 – Meet Chase and Rocky. At 4 weeks old, their mom’s breast “exploded” and the owners were unable to save her. They couldn’t keep the puppies and surrendered them to a friend who fed them “squashed up” dog food with supplemental milk from the pet store. When they turned 8 weeks old, he turned to us for medical help. The puppies received their vaccinations and were dewormed. We have committed to paying for their second round of vaccines and neuter when it’s time. These little guys are receiving lots of love with their new dad. ~ dianarocky w:brian 2:13:19 rocky and chase 2:13:19chase w:kiehler 2:13:19

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Silver – Rescued on the Streets With an Injury to Her Paw

2/20/19 – Silver was rescued with an injury to her paw. She was taken to one of our veterinary partners and treated for an infection. We are thankful for all of our rescue friends who are on the streets either rescuing or identifying injuries/illnesses for those strays on the streets. A big thank you to Harry Gordon for contacting us and getting Silver into the vet for treatment. ~ diana

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Thorin – Update

2.18/19 – An update from Thorin’s foster mom:

“I talked to Dr. Wilson, no need for alarm on his eyes, but getting some drops for him to make him more comfortable,
she agreed the steroids and lymphoma can cause the loss of hair, but we have that covered thanks to Rachel. Thank you
4Paws1Heart for being there for Thorin.
Thank you Rachel Gerstner! Thorin can get around and stay warm. Waiting to hear from the vets. Both of his eyes are now weeping with light bloody tint. He is still eating well, wants his love, but it is getting harder for him to get comfortable especially on hard surfaces but that may be due to no fat on his body now. – Patricia”thorin 2:18:19

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Mama, Ginger, & Karma – Assisting Hazel Park Animal Control in Reducing the Number of Unwanted Cats

2/17/19 – Like so many communities, the over population of cats can be overwhelming. Typically, the local animal control is not funded to do anything but animal control which does not include spay/neuter, shelter, feed, etc. Municipal animal control is really about ‘saving’ citizens from ‘at large’ animals. Fortunately, there are many animal control officers who expand their roles to actually saving animals and we are always thankful when we have the funds to assist. We have done a great deal to help community cats in St. Clair Shores, Clinton Twp., Macomb Twp., Shelby Twp., Madison Heights, Dearborn, Detroit, and many others when asked. These three, Mama, Ginger and Karma, are three of the recent community cats trapped by our friend Carolyn, who is working with the Hazel Park Animal Control, and who asked 4 Paws 1 Heart to assist with the medical. These three will be neutered/spayed and vaccinated for rabies, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. ~ diana
mama, ginger, karma 2:18:19

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Bob and Simon – Update

2/14/19 – Happy Update #2 – Simon and Bob have a true Bromance. Although we tried, Simon is unable to walk and Bob continues to have issues with IBS and asthma, BUT they are both very loved and in love. You can read about their journeys and how Simon was thrown out in 8″ of snow by an inhumane landlord on our website. Here they are today and one year ago. – diana bob and simon w:jo add 2:10:19

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