Bunny II – She Was Found Abandoned in a Home and Tested Positive for the Parvo Virus

4/11/18 – This little pup, about 10 weeks old, was found abandoned in a home the day before Easter. A good friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart, Veterinary Technician Amanda, immediately stepped up to foster her, and the rescue group, A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue, plans to find her a forever home. While we were taking care of her medical needs, she tested positive for the Parvo Virus and was immediately hospitalized. After 4 days in the hospital getting supportive care, Bunny, will be going home with her foster mom and will continue to get medical care there. As all of us humans know, it is better to be home than in the hospital.

This has been a very busy and expensive week for 4 Paws 1 Heart with three emergency cases and “just the business as usual”. Your financial support is always very much appreciated. Donations can be made through paypal by using the ‘donate’ link on the left side of this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. _ diana

Bunny w:gina 4:10:18bunny w:gina 4:10:18==
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Denny – RIP; We’re Sorry We Couldn’t Save You

4/10/18 – RIP Sweet Denny. I’m so sorry that your owners did you wrong. Thank you, Dee and Shelley for loving him in the end and making his passage easier. Love you both. – diana

“Our hearts are once again in pieces 💔 Poor Denny had so much going on. He had kidney disease, he was full of infection that would require one side of his face to be sloughed off. He required hospitalization with a feeding tube, even so we, along with 4 Paws 1 Heart wanted to give him a chance to fight. If he wanted to fight, we would fight with him. But, Denny was extremely Feline Leukemia positive which is why things went bad so quickly. Even the Emergency hospital couldn’t save Denny. Thankyou to all who donated, thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart. Aunt Shelly and I held and loved Denny as he was helped over the Bridge. We will be dark on our page the rest of today as we try to process and grieve the loss of Baby Bunny and Denny today. It’s been a rough 2 weeks 💔
Mom~”denny 4:10:18

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Denny – He Had Been Dumped by His Owner and Then Found Very Wounded and Ill

4/10/18 – And while you’re at it sweet Angel Bunny, please watch over Denny. We are trying to get him into the hospital asap. ~ diana

“Good afternoon Team Chance, mom looked outside this morning to find our friend Denny (the orange kid) in horrible condition! His bottom lip appears to have some kind of infected injury, he has scratches all over, he wreaks of urine and has lost at least 2lbs. It’s been a little over a week since we last saw him.
Denny is a sweet, friendly boy and we’re heartbroken this has happened to him. With the help of our babysitter Paulette, Denny is now safe & sound in our cat tower and thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart Denny will be going to our fave vets at Pattersons Patterson Veterinary Hospital tomorrow. For today, we are going to let him rest and feel safe. At best, Denny will need snap test, shots and neuter. But from the way he looks and feels today, his medical could be much more. Please, if you are able if you could make a donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart to help with Dennys medical it would be very much appreciated. 4paws1heart.org/donations/ Please keep Denny in your prayers We got you baby, you’re safe now.~ Denise”denny 4:9:18Denny w:denise 4:9:18

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Bunny – She Was Found Near 4 Dead Siblings Then Another Two Died Before Her

4/10/18 – RIP Sweet Bunny. Please send an angel to watch over your sister, Ruby. She is crying for you and we are worried about her. May God watch over all of these precious animals who are on the street without anyone to care for them. ~ diana

 “We are absolutely beyond heartbroken to tell you we lost Bunny this morning at 6:05 a.m.
It was exactly the same as with Sweet Angel & Max. She barely wanted any of her midnight feeding, even less at 2a.m. At 4am she refused any food, was limp, had very shallow breathing and had blood in her urine. Mom held her to her chest & comforted her as she made her journey. We are convinced that this is a genetic defect likely due to inbreeding. For the love of everything, please spay & neuter!!!! Please keep Ruby in your prayers, shes doing well at this time but is also heartbroken and crying for her sister as are we.
💔😭💔😭💔😭 – Chance”bunny 4:2:18bunny 4:10:18
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Tux, Smokey, & Blackie – All Rescued from the Streets With Injuries and Ill

4/10/18 – Tux was rescued with a leg wound and also needing to be neutered. We were contacted for help and Tux’s wound was treated and he will no longer be a dad again. Blackie and Smokey were rescued together. Blackie was seen for a severe upper respiratory infection and was treated. Both were neutered, vaccinated, and tested. Hillel had probably been a domesticated cat at one time, but after being outside for so long was a little on the timid side. He had a number of wounds, some recent, some old. He also tested positive for FeLV. Kind neighbors were going to keep him and try to socialize him. THE NEED NEVER ENDS. ~ dianatux 3:2018smokey w:michelson4:10:18blackie w:michelson 4:10:18

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Jewels – Found Pregnant in a Cat Community

4/10/18 – As I mentioned earlier — kitten season is in full force! Only with your help can we make a difference and try to stop the overwhelming number of unwanted animals. ~ diana

“Jewels in color. Trapped her Monday night (photo 2 was taken then) Tuesday morning, after getting stuck in the food bowl ring holder, she had ONE baby girl. Jewels is still fat…. and we believe still pregnant…. our personal vet confirmed it is very much a possiblity – its called superfetation- and it could be another week…so we are still on kitten watch. Any Rescue friends – has this happened to of your kitties?

Don’t worry people…. Jewels is eating super great, pooping great and taking care of her baby and herself…. maybe is is just fat…. but she’s always been a slender cat who feeds at our work colony. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for your support when it’s time to get Jewels fixed to return to her colony when the time comes. (and baby or babies too…but they will not be returning with mom) – Dee”jewels w:dee g. 4:7:18jewels w:gudenau 4:7:18

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Lola and Patches – A Mom and Baby Left on a Stranger’s Porch

4/9/18 – Lola and Patches were left on a woman’s porch. And, although her finances are tight, she couldn’t turn her back and brought them into her home. Both cats had upper respiratory infections. They were treated at one of our partner vets and once the infections are gone they will both be spayed and vaccinated. The number of cats/kittens in need continued to be overwhelming this past Fall and Winter and now we are entering ‘kitten’ season. Please, please promote spay/neuter. All About Animals is providing free spay/neuter and rabies vaccine for the month of April. There are locations in Warren, Pontiac, Flint, and, I believe one will be or has opened in Detroit. ~ dianaLola w:sarah swanson 4:5:18patches w:sarah swanson 4:5:18

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Magnus – Finds His Forever Home

4/7/18 – Happy Update! On January 25, 2018 we were contacted about 3 cats who had been ‘thrown out’ after their owners separated. First, the two older ones were dumped when the break up occurred and not long after, the male got another cat, Magnus, who later found himself thrown out into the cold. A kind woman took in all three of the cats and contacted us for help. Magnus was tested, vaccinated, and neutered and just the other day I received this update. Magnus is now in a forever, loving home and is doing great. Here he is now and before.~ dianamagnus 1:25:18==magnus w:marci hannah 4:1:18

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Frankie – Found on the Side of the Road – Frostbitten Tail and Ears

4/6/18 – Please say a little prayer for this very sweet girl, Frankie. It was early January when I was contacted by Jamie. She found this very sweet kitty on the side of the road, nearly frozen. Frankly could hardly use her back legs, her ears were scabbed, her tail and feet looked frozen. Her whiskers were icicles. We had Jamie seen by a vet very quickly and since then our little survivor has gone through a lot. As Frankie began to thaw out, her feet started to bleed and her frost bitten ears continued to scab. It also appeared that her tail had been frost bitten but seemed to be healing. Between January and this past week, Frankie was seen by a few vets, was spayed, vaccinated but tested positive for FIV. Nonetheless, Jamie, was determined to either find Frankie a purrfect home or keep her if all went well with her cat. Jamie kept in contact with me and about a week ago, I suggested that Frankie’s tail be examined again just to make sure it was healing properly; she kept licking it. Last week, Frankie saw a vet and everything appeared to be good. Wednesday, I got a frantic call that Jamie had gotten home from work and Frankie’s tail was “hanging” by a piece of skin. Fast forward to the emergency hospital and Frankie’s tail was amputated. There was a strong concern that Frankie could become sepsis if surgery and treatment was not done immediately. Frankie is now home and resting with mom and her new sister. We are going to keep a close eye on Frankie and make sure her recovery is complete.

I’ve said this before but when we take on the recovery of an animal we stay committed. Frankie started off as a very frost bitten stray animal who was close to death and until I felt she was totally in the clear from that issue, we would be there for her. But this commitment does have a cost, especially when it results in emergency surgery. So, if you can, please make a donation in Frankie’s honor. You can always be assured that your hard-earned dollars go directly to giving an animal like Frankie a second chance at life.

Donations can be made by using the ‘donate’ link on the left side of this page, through our website: 4paws1heart.org or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.frankie louise snuggs 3:18:18frankie w:jamie 4:5:18

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Lucy – Was Adopted, Declawed and then Dumped

4/5/18 – The history is sketchy. What we do know is that at one time Lucy was adopted from a rescue who has a ‘no-declaw’ agreement. After some unknown period, the adopters wanted to return the cat because she was not always using the litter box. The rescue refused to take her back because the adopter had altered (declawed) the cat against the agreement AND the adopter didn’t want her either. Thankfully, a rescue we work with took Lucy in before she was taken to a ‘kill-shelter’. Poor Lucy is now acting very feral and hissing although we have to believe she was not this way when she was first adopted out. It’s difficult to know what Lucy has been through in that none of the stories seem to add up but the bottom line is she is now with a rescuer who will try to help her. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for her to be tested, vaccinated, and examined. We are praying that with proper socializing and care, Lucy’s behavior changes in that she could never be let outside without having claws. ~ dianalucy 3:29:18

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