RIP – Sweet Abandoned Kitten

4/22/19 – If you thought I was kidding about the dire need for donations to cover the onslaught of abandoned/stray kittens, let me just say, I WASN’T.

Last night I received an urgent call from two of our good friends, Debra and Charlene. They had just made an emergency call to pick up a kitten who was ‘fine’ the day before but was now laying lifeless on the ground. I authorized the kitten to be taken to the emergency hospital who was slammed with cases. It is the only emergency hospital on the east side who continues to work with rescues. After two hours, the kitten was examined and it was determined that the kitten appeared to have extensive neurological damage; there was also a concern that the kitten may have contracted rabies. The baby was humanely euthanized, and he will be tested for rabies. RIP sweet kitten. A huge thank you and sincere condolences to our friends, Debra and Charlotte, whose hearts were broken. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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Angelica Ellie (Boat Baby 3) and Sally (Boat Baby 4) – The Stowaway Boat Family is Getting Big

4/21/19 – Easter greetings from the last of the two boat babies. They are too cute for words. – diana

“Sally says to her fluffy orange bro “this is what a butt supposed to look like- just enough fluff”  Here are the last two of Callie’s Boat babies….I’m posting them together because we want them to be adopted together. Please meet Screaming Sally, with the hugest eyes (and mouth!), and Sweet Ellie…they will totally balance each other out. Applications are being accepted! Contact Denise Najera or myself through messanger (or my email Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for sponsoring their medical when it’s time! And Momma Callies so NO MORE BABIES! – Dee”boat baby 3 - 4:21:19 boat baby 3(Angelica Ellie -- 4:21:19 boat baby 4 (Sally)

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Kittens – 4 Days Old Found on the Street

4/21/19 – A very blessed Easter and Passover to all of our dear friends, supporters, and rescuers. Your love and generosity give hope and new lives to many animals who have been abandoned or forgotten on the streets each and every day. This is just the beginning of a very strenuous time of finding kittens born on the streets needing all of our help. With your love and assistance we will be there for them. May God continue to bless you and be with you. Here are some very precious little ones (4 days old) found on the streets who we will be eventually assisting to make sure they are well and be later adopted. – diana 4:21:19

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Boat Baby 2 – Stowaway

4/20/19 – Number 2 of the babies born in a boat. Obviously mom is feeding them well-they are 2-3 weeks old. – diana

“Hey does all this fur make my butt look big?” BABY BOY GOT SOME BACK ! His front is pretty adorable too! He also has a pending adoption with his Sis from yesterday.

Callie’s boat baby boy… Thank you Denise Najera for him speaking cuteness….thank you Rachel Gerstner for confirming he does have a boy pee pee…. and of course 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of his medical when the time comes. – Dee”boat bay 2--4:19:19 boat baby 2---4:19:19

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Boat Baby – Baby One of the Stowaway Boat Family


4/19/19 Can you believe these markings. This little one, with 3 siblings, was born in a boat. Everybody left pregnant mom alone til she had her babies . Now everyone is doing well in the house of Snickers (read Snickers’ story on our website – diana

“Photoshoot moment: “Is this my good side????” Oh sweetie….every side of yours is a good side. One of the Boat Babies….adoption pending (along with a sibling!!) – Dee”boat baby 4:19:19

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Koma – Found Chained Without Food/Water

4/19/19 – We were so thankful that we could be there for this very neglected and abused dog. Thank you Cortney and Rachel for rescuing him. – diana

“This is Koma, he was rescued on March 21st from an abandoned house that was being cleaned out. A friend of Rachel Gerstner called her and asked if she could help, that’s when Jen and I were contacted. His chain was so short that he couldn’t lift his head, his empty, upside-down food bowl, feet away from him. No shelter, nothing. We didn’t know how long he had been there, but we knew we had to do something, when we got closer, we realized Koma had multiple bite wounds, both old and new. I agreed to take him in and Jennifer Moore swooped in to the rescue and went out to get him.

He got a bath that night, witch the help of a good friend of mine Lynae Smith which showed that his wounds were much worse than they appeared, they were so caked with dirt and debris that once cleaned, began to ooze infection. We contacted the WONDERFUL 4 Paws 1 Heart and of course they were more than willing to take on his bills. We went to the vet as soon as they could see him. Koma had to have most of his body shaved to locate other wounds, sedated to have the wounds debrided, he also had to have a drain tube placed in his shoulder. Then, the recovery started, both physically and mentally.

When Koma came to me he had terrible separation anxiety and would scream, he had broken out of crates, rooms with the doors closed, gated rooms, until he finally realized…… I came back for him, every time. He learned to love toys again, he loved my son tremendously. He was very protective at first and worst part was, we couldn’t post him because Koma had a microchip, he was adopted from the Michigan Humane society in April of 2017.
That is a whole different story, one that no longer matters and is now his “old” story. Koma finally became legally mine (not to keep, but to adopt to the perfect family).

Koma is now in a wonderful foster home, with Kasha Morgan and her family and he is flourishing. He will be available for adoption very, very soon. Koma is a 3 year old, Neutered Male, good with cats, kids, other dogs, all with proper introduction of course. I was able to find out that he was an owner surrender to the Humane Society and had other doggy friends there. He has been around my cats, and LOVES my son, along with all of the boys in his foster home. We will not be next in line to fail this handsome boy and we couldn’t have done it without everyone that helped. – Cortney”koma 4:17:19 koma--4:17:19 koma1114:17:19 koma 4:17:19--

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Cutey and Rascal – RIP — They May Have Been Poisoned

4/18/19 – RIP Cutey and Rascal. An independent rescuer who we often help contacted me Monday. She had just rescued a dog, Cutey, who was constantly seizing. Before we could get her to a vet, Cutey died in Amy’s arms. Two days later, Rascal was found and, like Cutey, was seizing uncontrollably. This time we were able to get Rascal into the vet where they provided fluids but, unfortunately, it was too late and Rascal died. Both dogs were found in Amy’s neighborhood. We don’t know what caused the deaths of both dogs. We just pray that someone isn’t purposely poisoning animals. Because of everything Amy went through and the heartbreak of having two animals die after she tried saving them, we honored Cutey and Rascal with a private cremation. May God give rescuers strength and guidance. – diana

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Rick – Update — Found His Forever Home – Praying This One Lasts

4/17/19 – Great news for Rick.

“CHANCE: Well Team Chance, we promised you some good news about Rick!!! This is Rick in his foster home…but tonight Rick is now in his foster-to-adopt home!!! That’s right!!! He’s already doing well and we will post new pics and updates as he gets settled in. Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for all of Rick’s medical including his upcoming dental. Thankyou Rachel Gerstner for all your help facilitating & transporting today! Thankyou to Ricks rescuer Mike Powers, you saved Ricks life. And thankyou to Cortney and Kelly & Doug for getting him this far, and huge thankyou to Ellen & Jacob for seeing Rick for the amazing boy he is, we pray this is his happily ever after at last 😍 Thankyou to every single person & organization who took the time to share Rick, we are sooo grateful.
And on that note Team we are off for treats, kisses & cuddles and it off to snuggle in for the night. Please keep our sweet girl Bridgette in your prayers tonight. Mom, Auntie Debra & Bridgette will be leaving early in the morning for Dr.Zs and Bridgettes procedure. Paws crossed when they come home Bridge will be breathing easy.
Sweet dreams & nightynites Team! Love, purrs & Woofs
Chance & the Gang”rick 4:16:19

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Sunny – Lived on the Streets For Years – Endured a Frostbitten Nose and a Puncture Wound

sunny--4:17:19 sunny 4:17:194/17/19 – This is Sunny. After living on the streets for six to seven years, a very caring person took him in and contacted us for help. Sunny had endured so much during those years and lost part of his nose due to frostbite. We paid for Sunny to be seen by one of our veterinarians and it was found that Sunny had a puncture wound in his chest which was infected. He was treated for that, neutered, vaccinated and tested. Unfortunately, he did test positive for FIV but this is no longer considered a death knell for cats, especially when they are as sweet and gentle as Sunny. Fortunately, his rescuer chose to give him a forever home and he is doing great. ~ diana

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