Molly and Nicky – Roaming the Streets with a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

10/26/18 – Molly and Nicky were found roaming the street. They both had severe upper respiratory infections. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of their medical needs. Now they are looking for their forever homes. Please contact Francine at: if you are interested. ~ diana and nicky

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Terry – Reducing the Overpopulation of Cats

10/25/18 – Because of the many cats who have come to us for help, many people think we only assist abandoned/stray cats. But that is not the case–we are equal opportunity. The problem is that no matter how many cats we have helped to get spayed/neutered, the need never seems to change. And, the more stray cats, the more injuries and illnesses. We received the following from Theresa:

“I got him in June/July at 7 weeks old. My blind acquaintance/friend wanted a kitten and got him off the street on 7 mile and Woodward through a friend. She ended up realizing it was too hard for her and called me to take him back to where he came from. I told her I’m not taking him and dropping him back off outside so I brought him to my house and he is just the most loving hilarious cat with such funny quirks. I thank you so much for helping me to get him fixed. We don’t need any more kittens around the neighborhood just in case he ever got outside.”

Can you imagine this little cutie being left outside? ~ dianaTerry - 10:25:18 Terry--10:25:18

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Pepper – Abandoned by His Owners and Then Bounced Around

10/22/18 – Bounced and Abused — Meet Pepper.

Pepper was left outside to fend for herself after her owners “packed up and left” in August. The neighbor had been feeding her and letting her into her home on cold nights. The neighbor had taken Pepper to Animal Control where it was found that she had been chipped but the owner’s information was not registered — although, quite frankly, why would anyone want to return this cat to an owner who kicked her out. She was spayed in July and turned into Animal Control in September and was now back on the streets.

She is super friendly although a little thin. There are a few people interested in adopting her (paws crossed).
And, as someone recently said, 4 Paws 1 Heart (and our supporters) were there to make sure that Pepper would be physically ready for her new home. Prayers that Pepper finds that forever, loving, and permanent home. ~ diana

pepper 10::22:18
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Rooster – He Was Sitting in the Middle of the Road

10/22/18 – Meet Rooster. His rescuer sent me the following message:

Thank you again for giving a helping hand to this sweet stray that has captured everyone’s hearts. We’re calling him Rooster for now, but I expect that to change as his personality comes out. The vet techs were snuggling him and asking if I planned to keep him—which I hope to do—but if not, I have every confidence that we’ll find him a great forever home.

I’ve included a photo of Rooster. He may look like he’s mean-mugging, but he has a heart of gold. When I met him, he was sitting in the middleRooster w:jill leonard 10:16:18of the road, completely oblivious that I had just pulled up behind him and he was in my path. I got out to check on him and after a moment of standoffishness, he couldn’t get enough attention. I left the car parked at the curb, and he walked beside me all the way home like the most loyal companion. We’ll get him feeling better in no time. He has ear mites, ear infections, can’t hear, and has fleas bad enough that they resulted in anemia and may be the cause of his heart murmur. Thanks to you, I have the meds to treat him and he will be vaccinated when he is well enough. ~ Jill”

Rooster is under the rescue SouthMittens Kittens. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact

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Fundraiser – November 15, 2018

10/21/18 – ELVIS IS BACK and tables are going FAST. Get your tickets today. We have tables for 10 and 4. And, of course we can always reserve your seat with other animal lovers. Hope to see all of our friends. Tickets can be purchased through paypal:
or by mail — P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Mark your payment as for Elvis. ~ dianaelvis

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Alley – Found in a Feral Cat Community With Serious Eye Issues

10/19/18 – Please say a little prayer for Alley. She was rescued from a feral cat community. She originally tested negative for fiv/felv. But, she continued to have issues with her eye. She was again tested and the test results came in positive for leukemia. We then had her tested again, and, unfortunately, the test came back positive. Alley will still be seeing an eye specialist, as was recommended by our vet; she is with a wonderful rescuer who will keep us updated.-diana w:roberta kretz 9:27:18

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Connor Jackson – Wandering the Streets with No Owner in Sight

10/18/18 – Connor Jackson was found wandering the streets. Information has been posted on lost and found sites, but no owner could be found. This very sweet boy will be neutered, vaccinated, and tested complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous supporters. Connor Jackson will need a rescue organization and/or forever home. ~ diana jackson w:shelley emerson connorjackson w:shelley e connorjackson--w:shelley

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Romeo – Just a Baby without a Mom

10/17/18 – This little bottle baby was posted on facebook as being found with no mom in sight. Between Gina and our good friend, Carrie, of Lil’ Dogs Resort​, Romeo was saved! He is now six weeks old and looking for his forever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart is taking care of any medical needs which will include neutering when old enough. Please contact Carrie at Lil’ Dogs Resort if you are interested. – Diana y:carrie 9:1:18

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Oliver (aka Stevie Wonder) Found Appearing to be Blind; the Shelter Wouldn’t Take Him

10/16/18 – Oliver was rescued from outside a municipal shelter which couldn’t take him in because of his physical condition — he was very emaciated and appeared to be blind. Our good friend, Shelley, took the call for help and rescued him and then our other good friend, Debbie N. took him in. Oliver was seen by one of our partner vets and she thinks that the third eyelids are covering his retinas. He is scheduled to see another doctor next week. I’m not sure what the prognosis will be but we will do whatever we can to help this very sweet boy.
Don’t forget that the SWEETEST DAY MATCH is on and donations will be matched (up to $1,500) between now and midnight, Saturday, October 20. We couldn’t help these abused and abandoned animals without all of our good friends and YOU. ~ diana

stevie wonderw:debbie nelsonw:shelley emerson:debbie n 10:6:18 stevie wonderw:debbie nelsonw:shelley emerson:debbie n 10:6:18
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