Juanita, Luna, Maximus, Lovu, and Mufasa – Rescued from the Streets and a House of Many Cats

1/28/18 – More kittens rescued by Heather S. through trap/neuter/return and from a home where cats were being hoarded. Heather is always rescuing and, although Juanita has found her forever home, there may be others. 4 Paws 1 Heart is committed to reducing the number of unwanted animals by funding medical treatment and assisting in the promotion of the homeless animals. Here is Juanita, Luna, Maximus, Kovu, and Mufasa. ~ diana

juanita 11:10:17luna 11:22:17maximus 11:10:17kovu 11:10:17Mufasa 11:10:17
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Santa – Found With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection in Below Freezing Weather

1/27/18 – Happy Update! At about 12 weeks old, sweet emaciated Santa was found before Christmas with a severe upper respiratory infection and low body temperature. Thankfully, our great friends at Hartrick Veterinary were able to take her in as soon as she was trapped and started treatment. Then, last week, the rescuer noticed that Santa seemed to be losing some fur and it was determined she had a fungus. Again, we were happy to get Santa treated. Now look at how well ls doing. Love and medical care means everything. ~ dianasanta w:megan blass and lori d 1:24:18Santa-122017-167x300santa w:megan blass 1:24:18

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Annie – Surrendered by Her Owner at Just a Few Days Old – Her 3 Siblings Died

1/26/18 – annie w:angel 1:26:18annie 1:26:18Annie update!

My (foster) Little Orphan Annie is 2 weeks old today! Her little eyes opened this morning :-) Annie now weighs about half a pound and she is a beautiful little girl! ♡ Here is a quick little video of me trying to balance her body, feed her with one hand, and video with the other….pretty challenging Lol! ♡
If you ever wonder where your donations go… this is where it is. It’s all about giving animals like Annie a fighting chance of survival. 4 Paws 1 heart will take care of her medical needs from now until she is ready to be placed into a home.. She has a long way to go, but I am very hopeful that she will do well. ♡ Gina ♡

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Lucy Lu – Rescued Before Being Taken to a High-Kill Shelter by Her Owners

1/26/18 – Lucy Lu was an intact female whose owners also owned an intact male. After Lucy had kittens, the owners didn’t want her any more and were going to take her to a shelter. Fortunately, Cortney heard of the situation and had the owner surrender Lucy to her and then she contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart. Poor little Lucy was emaciated and flea infested. Once again we were thrilled to save another life; Lucy was spayed, vaccinated, and treated for fleas. She had another visit with the vet just this past week to get further treatment but the doctor said she is doing great. Anyone interested in sweet Lucy should contact Cortney at: cortney.kleiner@outlook.com ~ diana

Lucy Lu
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Cee Cee – Abandoned by her Owners; Found Pregnant in the Brutal Cold

1/25/18 – CeeCee was abandoned by her owners about a year ago. A neighbor has been feeding her since but recently noticed she looked pregnant. The kind person couldn’t stand the thought of a 9 lb. baby having kittens in these below- freezing temperatures and contacted our friend, Rachel G. Rachel G. contacted me to see if we could assist. Of course we did. CeeCee was able to get into the vet yesterday and was found to be about two weeks away from having 4 kittens!! Can you imagine if these little babies would have been born in this cold? Chances are that everyone would have died. CeeCee is now in a foster home — safe and warm. She will be under Ferndale Cat Shelter who will eventually find everyone their forever homes. God Bless the rescuers. ~ dianaceecee 1:25:18

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Katniss – Looking Back

1/22/16 – She was stuffed in a carrier half the size of what she needed. She was put out at the curb during a rain storm like garbage. We have no idea how long this sweetheart was there at the curb or kept in that carrier but a kind woman in a u-haul, on her way to another State, noticed her and brought her to the Emergency. She was kept somewhere, long enough, without food, that she felt the need to eat the items in the carrier. After being rescued, emaciated and wet, she had emergency surgery where much fabric and other articles were found. I have literally never seen an animal so broken and despondent. I couldn’t help but cry and pray that we could some how make her whole again. Her eyes were so vacant and her spine was curved because of too many days in a small carrier. With 4 Paws 1 Heart $, the professional staff at the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center, Gina’s love, and the care and training provided by our good friend, Carrie, of Lil’ Dogs Resort, I again present to you, Katniss Everdeen — forever loved. Happy Friday morning! This is how your donations make miracles happen ~ diana

katnisskatniss --katniss==katniss000
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Courtney – Looking Back at the Dog Who Was Dumped After She Chewed Off Her Paw

1/22/18 – Check Out Courtney’s story on our website 4paws1heart.org.Courtney is doing great today and is the best friend of a young man with learning disabilities. ~ diana

An animal rescue group is caring for a dog that apparently chewed its own leg off and was found chained to the back of a Walmart store in Roseville this past Sunday. – Mitch Hotts

http://www.macombdaily.com/…/dog-that-chewed-leg-to-escape-…courtney 1:22:15

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Buddy – Rescued in 2017 is now Mr. February, 2018

1/22/18 – Buddy is Mr. February in the 4 Paws 1 Heart 2018 Calendar. ~ diana

1/20/17 – This handsome guy was found wandering the streets. We were contacted by a rescue friend who asked if we could help the nice couple who found him. Ofcourse, we did and Buddy was taken to the veterinary to be scanned for a microchip, vaccinated and scheduled for neutering. Although very sweet and obviously welcoming human contact and love, no microchip could be found. Buddy has found his forever home with this loving couple known by our rescue friend and we are so happy we could help in their endeavor to give Buddy a second chance at life. ~ dianabuddy 1:20:17buddy 2017buddy 1:20:17==

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