Peanut – A Very Special Dog

1/1/19 – Happy 2019 to our many friends! I never tire of the many miracles we have played a role in over the past 8 years. Peanut has a special place in our hearts and we are so thankful for the wonderful life he has been given by his mom, Mary. – diana

2017:  1/1/17 – Happy 2017! One of my many struggles (besides fundraising) is to balance the happy beginning updates with our current efforts. But, being it’s another new year and the fact that we have so many new followers, I thought I would start it off with an update on Peanut. It was 2010 when Peanut was brought into the emergency where Gina was working. As you can see from the photo, he was like a stuffed animal without the stuffing; he couldn’t even lift his little head to eat. Gina and the phenomenal staff helped Peanut survive and eventually the perfect mom was found. Peanut’s mom recently tagged us with this photo of Peanut and his grandma. ‘Mom’ said that Peanut is really not as big as he looks in that Grandma is so small. We are so very happy we were able to give Peanut that second chance at a Wonderful Life. Your donations at work. ~ Diana15780821_1361879800510981_2360478792957469744_n peanut 1:1:17

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Happy 2019

12/31/18 – As we come to a close for 2018, we just want to thank our many supporters who continue to donate their hard-earned money, attend our fundraisers, rescue/foster the abandoned and abused, and the many who just spread the word about our mission. Without you and our generous veterinarians who work with us, we would not have been able to save thousands of animals and pay $734,000 in medical bills over the last 8 years. May your 2019 be filled with much love,laughter, good health, and doggie and kitties kisses. – diana

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Thank YOU

12/30/18 – A huge thank you toColleen’s Irish Pub for hosting our fundraiser. Thank you to Andy for the great food and for considering our vegetarians and vegans. And, thank you to the amazing 78 people who came out during the hubbub of the holidays to support 4 paws 1 heart. I truly can’t express how much fun I had meeting and talking with those who love animals as much as we do. – diana

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Juneau, Ollie, Kitty – Rescued from the Streets

2/28/18 – If you’ve been following 4 Paws 1 Heart for a while, you will know that 2018 has been one of the worst years for kittens/cats. We have had many eye removals and leg surgeries. But, while we are taking care of the serious issues, we receive many requests for just the ‘ordinary’ vetting which includes vaccines, testing, neuter/spay, and treatment for upper respiratory infections, fleas and mites. Here are three more of the many kitties we have helped recently. Juneau, Ollie, and Kitty. Thank you to all of our supporters and rescuers. ~ diana

juneau 12:28:18 ollie 12:28:18 kitty 12:28:18
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Tank – Loved at One Time Until He Was Left Behind in an Abandoned House

12/26/18 – Tank was left in an abandoned house. His leg was severely broken and he was in extreme pain. At one time, Tank was a much-loved puppy (see photo from one year ago) but his owner had made some bad choices in the past year which affected both him and Tank. The situation got worse when Tank got hit by a car and he was just tossed back in the yard. The owner could not be located and has seemed to vanish. Neighbor’s heard Tank’s whimpers and contacted a listed friend of the owner who then contacted Make A Difference Animal Rescue.

Tank was immediately taken to a vet who administered pain medication, took x-rays and determined that surgery would be required ASAP. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to help make it happen. ~ diana

tank 12:20:18 tank w:make a difference 12:20:18 tank abandoned home
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Fritz – One Year Later

12/25/18 – Don’t you just love Happy Christmas updates!! You can read about Fritz and his siblings’ journey by searching “Fritz”- diana.

ONE YEAR AGO:  FRITZ 12:25:18 Fritz 12:25::1712/25/17 – Merry Christmas to all of our loyal and caring supporters. Because of your generosity we have been able to make a difference in the lives of over 4,500 animals. This is Gizmo who was recently saved by our co-founder, Gina.
Gizmo is a 5 week old puppy who was surrendered to Gina.
Last Wednesday his owner found him barely alive because his blood glucose and his temperature were critically low. The owner made the unselfish decision to surrender him and give him a chance to receive the immediate and long-term care that she could not provide for him. He came from a home with 4 other puppies in the litter who are all thriving well. Unfortunately, he was the smallest one and we suspect that he wasn’t eating as often as he should’ve been.
He is now eating well and acting like a normal puppy. Every day he is getting stronger. This little Christmas miracle is so happy to be alive. He came in at 14 oz and yesterday he weighed 1 pound 1 oz. Please keep him in your prayers that he continues to thrive well. – Diana (p.s. I had the pleasure of meeting this tiny bundle the other day.)
Donations can be made by using the donate link on the left side of this page, on our website: or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. – Diana

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Piglet – She Lived a Life in Chains and Then Broke Her Leg

12/18/18 – Piglet lived her life on chains until she was rescued by the Friends of Scooby Rescue. Yesterday she had surgery for a severely broken leg. The surgery was successful and Piglet is now on the road to recovery. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to be able to help with the medical bills and we are thankful to all of our donors who make our mission possible. ~ diana w:megan blass 12:16:18

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Dora – Her Owner Beat Her and Was Going to Give Her Up to Dog Fighting

12/17/18 – The rescuer got a call from a friend who lived in Ohio. Her friend told her about a dog in a very bad situation. The owner continuously beat her and was planning to give her up to dog fighting. The two of them were able to get Dora surrendered and brought to Michigan. 4 Paws 1 Heart has taken care of Dora’s medical needs. – diana

dora 12:17:18
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