Sabrina – Pulled From a Shelter and Required Several Days of Hospitalization

10/9/17 – Sabrina was one of two cats pulled from a shelter. Her body temperature was at 94 degrees and she needed immediate medical help. She required transfusions and hospitalization. We were contacted by our friends at Angels for Animals and assisted with Sabrina’s medical bill. Sabrina is doing well today. If you are interested in this sweetheart, please contact Erin at: angelsforanimals2@comcast.netsabrina 10:9:17

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Rosie Roo Celebrates Her One Year “Gotcha Day”

“Gooood morning Team! Its me Rosie Roo⚘ WoooooHooooo!!!! Its my 1yr Gotcha Day!!!!
It was one year ago today I came to live with Mom, Aunt Shelly and Chance & the Gang! Mom saw my pic on Facebook someone had posted they had found a dog and the dog was going to Animal Control. I was horribly matted, could barely walk from my nails being so long, my teeth were rotting! Mom sent that pic to Auntie Di with a simple message “Please call me” Well of course Auntie Di called right away. Mom told her I feel so bad, this dog is suffering. Shes old and wont do well in a shelter. Auntie Di said “If you can get her, get her! 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there for her.” And here I am 1 yr later! Thanks to 4p1h I got 22 rotted & infected teeth pulled, got all my vaccines, have had lots of vet visits for various ailments, but here I am now! Im a treasured member of the Gang, and a beloved little jewel in our family. I get good homecooked food, regular grooming, treats, toys, soft beds, tons of kisses and all the love in the world. Im approximately 16yrs old now and thanks to a wonderful aco officer, 4 Paws 1 Heart, lots of loving caring people and my loving family…Im living the dream! WoooooHooooo!!! Its my Gotcha Day!!! ~ Chance”Rosie Roo 10:6:17

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Jolly – Allowed to Run the Streets; Not Spayed with Heart Worm

10/5/17 – Meet Jolly. Poor Jolly was owned by an irresponsible pet owner who had an intact male and refused to let the neighborhood pay for her spaying. Jolly would keep escaping from her yard and roam the alleys where the concerned citizens would feed her. She eventually ended up with 9 babies; 2 of whom died, and God only know the fate of the rest. We also don’t know how many babies she had prior.

No matter what the neighborhood would do, her owner refused to let her bespayed or treated for fleas, etc. Then, finally, the owner told her neighbor ‘she’s yours’ and the neighborhood paid for her spay at All About Animals where they spayed her but also found her positive for heart worm.

I was contacted by one of the caring neighbors who was asking for help in getting Jolly’s heart worm treatment. I advised that as long as the caller was committed to Jolly and would keep her until a good home could be found, and get a signed surrender, we would pay for the heart worm treatment.

Jolly has since been seen by our awesome veterinarians and was treated for her skin infection and fleas. She was also started on her pre-heart worm treatment. She is a very sweet girl who will be under treatment for a while but if anyone is interested, please contact Janet at: ~ dianaJolly1 10:5:17jolly 10:5:17jolly 2 10:5:17

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Nicko – Rescued with Heart Worm by a Tow Truck Drive – Now Safe

10/3/17 – Happy Update! Nicko was rescued in early September. A caring tow truck driver saw him running the streets and took him in. Because it was a weekend, Nicko was taken in by the family who then took him to a vet to be examined. At that time, Nicko was found to be heart worm positive and we were contacted. Nicko is just a couple weeks away from his final treatment and he is doing great. He has gained weight and now has two fur siblings and one human sibling. I truly thank God for all of the wonderful people in our world who truly care. Here’s some before and now photos. ~ diananicko 8:21:17nicko 8:21:17---

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Jackson Kittens – Found on the Side of a River – Most Will Have Eyes Removed

9/22/17 Just a reminder that your donation will be matched by our generous supporter who will match all donations up to $500 until September 26, 2017. If you don’t know already, your donations help save the lives of so many animals — over 4,000 over the last seven years. I apologize for the graphics of this post, but, this is what has been happening this summer. A very generous veterinarian paid for both of the eyes to be removed from the mama cat and we are paying for two of the babies who will need at least one eye removed if not both. The family, mama and four kittens, were found by the side of a river in Jackson, Michigan. They are all very friendly. They were saved by a group who focuses on TNR – Saved By Zade — but they couldn’t turn their back. We pray that they all find forever homes when they have recovered. Thank You for your support. ~ dianajackson kittens 1 9:22:17jackson kitten 2 9:22:17jackson kittens 3:9:22:17jackson kittens 4 9:22:17Jackson kittens 9:22:17

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Emma – At 10 Years Old Was Still Having Puppies – Found on the Streets Alone

9/20/17 Emma was found eating trash; she appears to be about 10 years old and looked like she had puppies in the last 8 weeks because she was still producing milk. Unfortunately, no puppies could be found. She had pus coming out of her vagina and her eye teeth were broken in the front and loose. She had some senior moles, fleas, and a sore on her back leg. Her rescuer was willing to keep Emma and let her live the rest of her life with love and comfort. Emma was seen by one of our great veterinarians and is doing well. ~ dianaemma:esther 9:20:17emma:esther 9:20:17 ---

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Sherrie in Alpena Needs Assistance with Her Rescued Cats

9/15/17 – 4 Paws 1 Heart funds medical treatment for abandoned, stray, and abused animals. I don’t know of any other organization that does this in Michigan. We help rescue organizations, shelters, and individuals who are independent rescuers. Sherrie has a cat rescue in Alpena, MI. Unfortunately, she has been targeted by a person who actually targeted 4p1h at one time. Not only is Sherrie trying to save cats and make sure they don’t reproduce, she is fighting the evil interference of people whose egos have been hurt. We have been trying to help Sherrie and have provided medical funding in the past. Currently, because our funds are low, we had to prioritize our assistance. At this time, we are helping with the serious medial needs of upper respiratory infections, a prolapsed uterus, and some other issues that arise from living on the streets. These babies are a few of them. ~ diana

sherrie 2 9:15:17sherrie 3 9:15:17sherrie 4 9:15:17sherrie 5 9:15:17sherrie 6 9:15:17sherrie 7 9:15:17sherrie 9:15:17sherrie warren 9:15:17
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Luna – Rescued from the Streets with a Broken Leg and Heart Worm Positive

9/11/17 – One of the vets we work with contacted us to ask if we could help with a dog just brought into the hospital. A couple saw this dog struggling to get into a commercial fenced in area. The dog was limping badly–forty minutes later the couple was able to get her. The vet asked if we could cover the medical and the couple was willing to foster and try to find the owners or an adopter.
We agreed to pay for x-rays and the exam and it was determined that Luna’s leg was broken and there were contusions to the lungs. Luna may have been hit by a car.
Luna was then taken to one of the hospitals we rely on for surgery and it was determined that Luna’s leg would need to be amputated and in another x-ray, the doctor saw what might be heart worm. YES, as if this poor girl hadn’t been through enough, she has what appears to be a high stage of heart worm. Two tests were taken and it was confirmed. The doctor did not want to put Luna through surgery, afraid her heart would not make it, and suggested Luna be seen by a cardiologist before any surgery. So, here we are — we have a very sweet dog, no owner, a couple willing to give her a forever home but who will need more than what we originally thought. The options??? Go all the way or euthanize. We are going to go all the way. We have also asked the couple to do whatever they can to try and raise funds. Please pray for Luna and share. ~ diana
luna 9:11:17luna 2 9:11:17luna 3 9:11:17

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Fred – Severely Matted, Blind, and Had Trouble Standing

9/10/17 – I received an e-mail from an independent rescuer who we’ve helped before about a cat who showed up at her dad’s house. ‘Fred’ was severely matted, appeared blind, and seemed to have a problem standing. Of course, we had Fred seen by one of our favorite veterinarians. Fred was already neutered — so he must have had a home at one time — and had to be put under to be shaved. He does have an eye issue but is not blind. And, now that he is in the loving home of Nikki’s dad, he is eating and doing well.

Please understand that we are there for cats and dogs but, unfortunately, the number of very sick and injured cats continues to be overwhelming. Far too many cat owners. believe that cats can be put outside and survive. A domesticated cat cannot fend for himself in the wild. Also, there are far too many sub-humans who hate cats and will purposely injure or poison them. Please continue to pray for the cats and dogs (and humans) in the path of Hurricane Irma and all of the animals who are thrown out, neglected, and abused in our own communities. It has been heartbreaking to see the number of animal bodies being recovered in Houston. ~ dianafred 9:10:17fred 1 9:1l:17

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Sommerset (aka Sophia) – Trapped in a Recliner

9/7/17 – With a horrific hurricane threatening our Country and so many animals who continue to die because of neglect and cruelty, I wanted to share a happy update on our Sommerset, now known as Sophia. Here is Gina’s post from September 4, 2015:
“Sommerset is in need of a surgery that is “time sensitive”.
She is about 6 weeks old now, and she was brought to us after being found on the street 3 weeks ago. During the first week doctors noticed that a couple of areas on her skin began to blister and slough off. We don’t know the exact reason why, but due to her happy puppy spirit and daily improvement we decided to “try” everything within our means one day at a time.

Her body was healing very quickly with the treatment plan, and she was doing wonderful! All of the sudden, last Saturday we hit a set back when her affected leg began to swell. The swelling has gotten slightly worse every day, and I of course began to panic. I have watched this puppy thrive, play, grow, and heal from an injury so unexpected that I couldn’t imagine losing her now. I took her home the day after she was found, to foster, and she is literally a treasure..

One of our doctors recommended going to Michigan State University to consult with a Board Certified Specialist in Wound Care, so that’s what we did. Today we met with the amazing staff at MSU and everyone just adored Sommerset. They strongly feel that she will have a 100% positive prognosis with this surgery.
They believe that her body created this scar tissue during her healing process, and as a result it has caused so much tension on the affected areas (chest, shoulder, leg) that it’s now acting as a tourniquet which is causing the severe swelling and edema.

Surgery is necessary to relieve the existing pressure, accelerate the healing, and allow for complete granulation. If we don’t do this we are risking cutting off the blood supply to her leg, causing serious nerve damage, pain, and she could ultimately lose her leg. If you can find it in your heart to help us give this foster puppy every possible chance please donate towards her surgery. We love her to pieces and we want her to live.. Thank you, Gina”

Here are some photos from then and from just last month shared by her mom and dad, very good friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart. It is only with the donations and support from our friends that we can continue to make miracles like this happen. ~ dianasommersetsommerset 1sommerset 2sommerset aka sophia 9:7:17

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