Honey – Thrown Out by His Owner and Then Was Hit By a Car, Resulting in Two Broken Ankles

10/15/18 – I absolutely DO NOT understand the cruelty of some humans. BUT I thank God that there are more kind people than those who abuse. I received the following e mail last week and Honey was seen by one of our favorite vets. X-Rays were taken and it was determined that both of Honey’s ankles had been broken and had now ‘healed’ over. The doctor estimated Honey to be about 7-8 years old and gave us two options — have an orthopedic doctor see him or let “nature take its course”. In the end, the doctor believed the results would be the same. So it was decided to do nothing for the broken ankles. No other breaks could be seen. Honey was treated for an infection and we will make sure that if he needs anything else we will be there. Honey will finally be given lots of love and care.

“I rescued an older male cat a couple months ago. I ended up finding his owner which was my neighbor, and the owner had told me he didn’t want the cat and that’s why he was outside. His name is Honey. When I tried to pick up Honey, I noticed bones poking out. And when I met the neighbor I asked about the bones and the neighbor let me know that Honey was hit by a car. I have no idea how long ago this was (I asked and the neighbor didn’t tell me.) all I know is the vets told the neighbor to put the cat down and obviously he did not.
I have Honey updated on all of his shots and he’s totally clean of diseases! The only problem is he seems sick lately. I don’t have the money to get him the proper medical attention he needs. I wouldn’t mind keeping him, but he’s obviously extremely ill and I can’t help him. – Brianne” . ~ diana

honey 10:15:18 honey--10:15:18 honey===10:15:18
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Tortie – Her Owners Wanted Her Euthanized Because She Had Fleas

10/10/18 – PLACEMENT NEEDED – Last week Dr. Van at Patterson Veterinary in Clinton Twp., had a cat signed over to the clinic; the owners wanted the cat euthanized because she had fleas. Dr. Van contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart in hopes we could assist with placement. She is a beautiful 3 year old, spayed tortious shell that is very friendly and loving. Dr. Van treated her fleas and dermatitis, tested her for FeLV/FIV (neg) and updated her vaccines. She is in perfect health and a really nice cat.
Unfortunately, the doctor cannot keep her or even foster her because her own cat is a bully and previous fosters have been miserable at her house. She ideally would need someone to foster her and hopefully someone to adopt her. She is living at the clinic currently but that availability is limited.
Please let Dr. Van (or me) know if you’d be able to help. Dr. Van is willing to cover the expense of all the veterinary care she’s had and anything she needs further before adoption. Dr. Van can be reached through Patterson at 586-791-6260 – Thanks!
Tortie 10:10:18=== tortie w:dr. van 10:10:18 tortie--10:10:18

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Fluffy – Found on the Street Badly Matted, an Infected Bite Wound, and Infested with Fleas

10/10/18 – Fluffy was found on the street. The poor little guy was matted and loaded with fleas so bad that when he was shaved, he was red from blood from the fleas biting. He had a growth on the side of his face, along with a bite wound that had gotten infected. His system was full of bacteria which kept him hospitlized for over 2 weeks. His little system had formed little pimples filled with matter all around his penis area. He was treated aggressively with antibiotics and it eventually cleared. 4 paws 1 heart was happy to assist our friends at Make A Difference pay for Fluffy’s medical needs. If you are interested in giving Fluffy a forever home, please contact them directly. ~ dianafluffy 10:10:18

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Snoopy – Update

10/5/18 – Popeye was surrendered to one of the veterinary hospitals with whom we work. Popeye’s mom could no longer care for him because she has dementia. Unfortunately, Popeye was in very, very bad shape and needed an eye removed. The veterinary contacted Devoted Friends Animal Sanctuary and 4 Paws 1 Heart to see if we could help. We agreed to pay for the medical and Devoted Friends agreed to take Popeye and try to find him a forever home. Popeye had his surgery, and once again, it was a considerable expenditure but we are confident Devoted Friends will find him a purrfect home. Anyone interested in this very sweet boy should contacted Devoted Friends. Here are two before photos and two after surgery photos. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/snoopy 9:26:18 snoopy 10:4:18 snoopy after 10:4:18

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Shadow – He Was Purposely Dumped in the Woods to be Left for Prey

10/3/18 – A kind woman contacted us about Shadow who had shown up at her front door the other day. She learned from the maintenance person that last February he saw her owners dumping her in the woods after they moved out of the complex. Once again, can you possibly imagine dumping your pet in the woods to be preyed upon and to live without shelter in the cold, snow, heat, and rain??? The maintenance guy said that he had seen the very emaciated cat chased by coyotes on a number of occasions and had actually hoped the coyote would catch her and ‘take care of the problem’. Thankfully, the good Samaritan brought Shadow into the home and contacted us. Shadow will receive all of the medical needed complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Thank God for good Samaritans. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/shadow w:beth 10:1:18 shadow 10:1:18

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Snoopy – Left Outside for Months; Matted, Emaciated, with Many Teeth Needing Extractions

10/3/18 UPDATE: Snoopy needs a little more medical treatment than anticipated. He will need some tooth extractions, dental cleaning, treatment for mites and an ear infection.

10/2/18 – Meet Snoopy. Last week I received the following request for help: “A neighbor of my friend has had this dog outside for 6 to 8 months in all of the hot/ cold/wet weather. I have called animal control many times and they have done nothing. So I was over there and saw the lady outside; I walked up and asked if it was her dog. She said “yes do you want it?” I said yes and after her telling me the breed, name, and age and that she wont let him in the house because he peed on the floor, I took the dog home. He is matted badly. His feet look to be sore and bleeding and I’m unsure if he’s had shots or is fixed. He’s very scared but I have gotten him to eat and he’s doing ok. I just need help with his first vet checkup shots and fixed if need be and he needs a go hair cut and bath and i would love to keep him. I am aware i would pay for anything afterwards. Thank you for your time!”

Of course we said ‘yes’ and Snoopy saw the vet yesterday. I spoke to the doctor who discussed Snoopy’s medical exam with me and what would be done to take care of Snoopy’s horrible mats. Snoopy was given a heart worm test, had some blood drawn, and treated for possible infection. He was also treated for a serious infestation of fleas and the wonderful staff made arrangements for a groomer to take care of Snoopy’s mats while he was under and being neutered tomorrow . We are very thankful for the person who rescued this very scared and abused dog and for the many veterinarians who choose to work with us. ~ diana

snoopy 9:26:18 snoopy after 10:4:18
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Chester, Gus & Ziggy, Harley, Izzy, Jack, Josie, Moose, Rainy, Sassy, Sonny, Ben – Rescued from a Hoarding Situation

10/1/18 – Twenty Six cats were found in a home after the owner died. The animal control gave the person responsible for the estate 10 days to remove all cats but did not offer to take them into their shelter. Two rescuers chose to take on this responsibility to try and find them homes. Twelve of the cats had not been neutered/spayed, vaccinated, tested, or treated for fleas. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for the entire medical treatment for 10 of the cats and for two of the cats, basic medical was provided. This effort cost 4 Paws 1 Heart almost $800.00 and though we are thankful that these cats will no longer reproduce, it is not an expense easily covered. So many hoarding situations such as this could be avoided if people who are made aware of situations like this, would just step up and get the animals spayed/neutered or seek help early before it becomes overwhelming. Trying to find homes for twenty six cats will be very difficult and we absolutely commend Lisa L. for working with a friend to bring all of these cats into All About Animals for help. Here is Chester, Gus and Ziggy, Harley, Izzy, Jack, Josie, Moose, Rainy, Sassy, Sonny, and Ben~ diana

chester 8:17:18 gus & ziggy 8:17:18 harley w:Lisa lubick 8:17:18 izzy 8:17:18 jack 8:17:18 josie 8:17:18 moose 8:17:18 rainy 8:17:18 sassy 8:17:18 sonny 8:17:18 benny 8:17:18
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Chance – May You Rest In Peace

9/29/18 – My heart breaks with Cortney. Her family gave Chance so much love and we tried so hard to give her as much time as possible. Our doctor warned that doing nothing could result in the tumor bursting, resulting in much pain and emergency euthanasia. Please keep Cortney, her family, and Chance in your prayers this morning. – diana

“Tomorrow is the day. The day Chance has to cross the rainbow bridge. 🌈 THE day, the day my heart is going to break 1000000 times over, the day I’ll remember every little thing you’ve done since you’ve been with me. Tomorrow is the day you’ll be put to rest my sweet Chance. I’ve never had to do this before so it is not going to be a good day. 😭 In the end, I know I loved you to the best of my ability, spoiled you to the best of my ability and had I not found 4 Paws 1 Heart I wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing for you!

So when I say I thank you Diana Rascano from the bottom of my heart I truly mean it with every bone in my body. I loved chance I still do I’ve loved her until it hurt I’ve cried over her multiple nights when she first came to me and I didn’t think she was going to make it another day. I’ve had her for a little over a year now and she’s become part of my family. She fought, she fought so fucking hard, excuse my language but I’m pouring my feelings right now. She gained so much weight and she wasn’t supposed to and that was a good sign! She was my first rescue that needed medical, I poked her with a needle twice a day! I shoved antibiotics down her throat when she hated me, she scratched me, she fought it every time. I always said I can’t adopt her out and when her condition didn’t get any better I knew I really couldn’t adopt her out. I had to be her safety net. Now, i have to prevent her from suffering and it’s the hardest damn thing I’ve ever had to do!

I’m getting cold feet, like I’m a man at the alter but i know I can’t risk her tumor bursting and her being an emergency euthanasia and hurting, i can’t make her suffers. She’s been peeing on my Counters for 5 months we tried to treat her, we tried so hard to save her. She started peeing clots and her time is so near i can feel
It. I can feel it when she snuggles me tight, when she purrs in my ear from 11pm till 6am. I feel her pain and it’s killing me.

I hate that she had to suffer I have no idea how long she was on the streets when I found her, i don’t know what she’s endured, what kind of love she’s felt but I do know that I have loved her so hard and that I will always love her. 😪 p.s I do not do outdoor cats and her outdoor excursions were strictly monitored from the minute I took her out to the minute I took her inside, I just wanted her to experience anything and everything she wanted. – Cortney”chance - cortney 9:28:18 chance 9:28:18 chance w:cortney kleiner 9:28:18

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Skye – Rescued from a Neglectful Home

9/25/18 -A very emaciated and sick Skye was rescued from a neglectful home where there had been criminal activity. When Skye was taken to the vet by the rescue, she was found to have heart worm and we were asked to help. We did pay for Skye’s heart worm treatment which was completed in late August. As you can see, the rescue, Michigan Animal Crew, has done a great job in caring for Skye. Anyone interested in her should contact the rescue. ~ dianaskye 9:25:18 skye--9:24:18 skye++9:24:18 skye==9:24:18

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Putty – Update: New Infected Bite Wounds Continue to be Found

9/24/18 – WHAT A SUNDAY PART III – On September 20 I posted about this very little kitten who was attacked by a dog and couldn’t use her back legs. She was immediately taken to the vet where x rays were taken; no breaks or fractures were seen. She was given antibiotics and steroids. The next day Putty, under the care of our friend, Debbie, was starting to stand on one of her legs but the other leg was still just ‘hanging’. Although the veterinary staff thought Putty was feral, it became obvious by the next day that this little girl was just traumatized and in pain. Foster mom, Debbie, took the opportunity to examine her leg and found what appeared to be a deep bite wound. Putty was then taken to another veterinary hospital where not only that wound was treated but another bite was found and treated. On Saturday, now under the temporary care of our friend, Debra B., the deep wound opened and Putty was taken to the emergency hospital. Putty’s leg was very swollen and the wound was very infected; Putty also had a fever. She was again treated, her wound was bandaged and Putty was kept at the hospital for a few more hours. When Debra picked up Putty she was advised that the bandage would require professional changing every day. On Sunday, Gina was called in to duty. More antibiotics were applied and Putty will be seen where Gina works so that the bandage can be changed. We were told that this may have to be done over the next week or two. Please pray and send positive energy for this little girl. If we can’t get her infection healed, she could lose her leg. I’ll keep everyone updated. ~ diana

putty 9:20:18

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