Rosie Roo, Carlos, Chance, and Bridgette – All Rescues Helped By 4 Paws 1 Heart

6/17/17 – Making a difference!! Thank you Denise and Michelle

Helloooo Team Chance, Mom here. Im showing you these pics so you can see how far these very special babies have come. Rosie Roo, Chance, Phoenix, Bridgette & Carla. Being a mommy to a houseful of special needs babies is a full time job ( not to mention 4 others who are not special needs) and at times can be heartbreaking like when we lost our beloved hospice boy Carlos and at the very least, stressful. But thats what we do, we take in special needs, hospice, and seniors. When we take on these special kids under the loving wing of 4 Paws 1 Heart, they commit to them forever as long as they have the funds to pay for their medical. In our house…its been thousands of dollars. Today we took Rosie Roo in for her every 3 wks anal gland cleaning and there was a problem. Rosie has an infected anal gland and needed to see the Dr, a anal infusion, meds and a recheck in 1 week. I messaged Diana Rascano at 4 Paws and within minutes she called the vet to approve what Rosie needed. In a million years we could not do what we do here without 4 Paws 1 Heart. Every week somebody needs something. Currently Carla goes once a week to Dr. Kern so she can get her physical therapy, & accupunture so she will be able to walk again like Chance. And this is just our house alone! We are beyond thankful for 4 Paws 1 Heart for all they do for these kids, the others we help like Nala and the many, many cats & kittens who have come through here that have went on to wonderful, loving homes. If you havent already, please go to their Facebook page and give them a like and their website to see many more stories of lives saved and how you can help!

Well, on with the day…almost time for Nala’s meet & greet!!! 4paws1heart.orgrosie roo 2017carla 6:17:17chance 2016bridgette 6:17:17


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Louie – Bounced Around Between Shelters and a Home

6/16/17 – As I post these stories every day (sometimes more than one a day), I’m saddened to think of what would happen to these beautiful, loving animals if it weren’t for caring rescuers and 4 Paws 1 Heart. We are a very small organization — Gina and I supported, by a 7-member Board of Directors, and a village of animal lovers who will donate, foster, and support our fundraisers. This is Louie. He was pulled from a shelter by another shelter who then adopted him out. Not long after, Louie was returned to the shelter by his adopter because he had “stiff legs”. Fortunately, there was a person at the shelter who decided to take Louie in and because Louie seemed to be having trouble with his leg and was vomiting, she contacted us. Of course we took Louie under our wing. The doctor found that Louie has stomach ulcers, is very emaciated, and the problem with his legs is probably the result of being in shelters for so long. Louie is being treated and will have a follow up visit with the doctor. He is doing better already. ~ dianaLouie w:Jennessee -- 6:12:17

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Hope – Shot in the Head and Left in the Field to Die, Diagnosed With Heart Worm

6/13/17 – HOPE Update: Late yesterday I received a call from the vet advising me that Hope tested slightly positive for heart worm. She is scheduled to see the doctor on June 18 and she will be retested at that time. Please continue to pray for this very sweet girl. Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for any additional treatment needed because once we make a commitment, there is no going back. We appreciate all donations and you might want to consider giving that special dad, who has everything and loves animals (like my dad), a Father’s Day donation in his honor. I will gladly create a Father’s Day Card for you to present. Donations can be made by clicking the donation link on this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080 . ~ dianahope 6:9:17

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Hope – Left in a Field, Shot in the Head – Update

6/11/17 – A beautiful morning in southeast Michigan and a happy Hope update. Hope was released yesterday from the hospital. She has not had any seizures since Tuesday when she started treatment. She is now in a quiet, loving foster home where she will be able to decompress from the trauma of this past week and take time to recover. It is not known whether Hope’s eye was damaged by the gun shot. If necessary we will have her see a specialist. Please pray that her eye will not need to be removed. Although there were no signs of a jaw fracture, Hope’s jaw is slackened so the doctor has ordered that she wear a muzzle when not eating. She is on pain and seizure meds and will be monitored closely. She is scheduled to see the doctor in three weeks. ~ dianaHope 6:11:17

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Hope – Found in a Field, Shot in the Head – Update

6/9/17 (9:13 a.m.) UPDATE: Hope has not had any more seizures. She should be ready to be released this afternoon. Nothing more regarding her jaw. The doctor is recommending that a muzzle be kept on as much as possible to allow healing. A quiet foster home is still needed. If you are interested, please contact Jayne (Michigan Animal Crew) at: or 586-615-3526/586-596-4449 . ~ diana

6/9/17 – Hope Update: I spoke with the veterinary late yesterday and was told that Hope had no seizures yesterday or the day before — great news. But, the doctor was concerned because Hope’s jaw was was slack. The doctor was going to conduct further examination last night. More to follow. Please continue your prayers and keep in mind that Hope may still need a foster for the rescue who will be taking her in. She will need a quiet home where she can recover. More to follow. ~ dianahope 6:9:17Hope--6:9:17

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Hammy (Lil’ Ham) – Found Living on the Streets

6//9/17 – Last week I received a call from one of the great veterinaries who work with us. A woman brought in a dog that her friend had found on the street. They attempted to find an owner but were unsuccessful. The dog, now known as Lil’ Ham, had nails 2-3 inches long which prevented him from walking flat on his paws. The rescuers had taken Lil’ Ham to the vet for a wellness check but two weeks later, he had 4 seizures without warning. Of course we agreed to help this very sweet emaciated boy. Lil’ Ham was again seen by the doctor and was given medication. He has not had a seizure since. Lil’ Ham (Hammy) will be monitored for 3 weeks and if he continues to be without seizures, he will be neutered and vaccinated. His rescuer, Katie, says that Hammy is sweet and affectionate and loves to snuggle. He is also cat safe. Anyone interested in Hammy should contact Katie at: ~ dianaHammy 6:9:17

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Hope – Shot in the Head and Found Suffering in a Field

6/7/17 (9:01 a.m.) UPDATE: Hope remains on medication. She had another seizure yesterday, late afternoon. She did have x rays done of her head and chest and nothing was found. The doctor reported that shrapnel was found in the face, neck, and chest. It appears that her orbital bone may have taken the brunt of the gunshot. The hospital staff said that Hope is very emaciated and is very nice. She went for two walks yesterday, but today she wasn’t interested. Hope does have a fractured orbital bone and it is still unsure whether her eyesight was affected. Hope will be in the hospital for a couple of days while the staff continues to watch over her to ensure no abscesses form in her injuries. We have committed to Hope’s recovery and will assist the rescue with ensuring Hope finds a safe and loving home. ~ diana

6/6/17 (6:00p.m.) Latest report is that Hope was resting and eating. No further word but so happy they seemed to have controlled her seizures. – Diana

6/6/17 (1:00p.m.) UPDATE: The doctor believes the bullet may have just grazed Hope but fractured her orbital socket and there appears to be shrapnel from the bullet. The seizures have stopped and when Hope is stable, x rays will be taken. ~ diana

6/6/17 (11:09 a.m.) UPDATE: X Rays cannot be done until the seizures are stopped. Hope is now heavily medicated. The doctor thinks her orbital bone is broken and she may now be blind in one eye. The doctor is also afraid that the bullet is in her neck. I’m afraid that we are going to need financial help from our friends so if you can, please donate to Hope’s care by using the paypal link on this page or mail a check to P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 We want to give this girl a second chance if at all possible and someone has stepped up to foster her if we can save her. ~ diana

6/6/17 – Prayer Warriors Needed – This is Hope. Last night I received a call about a very sweet dog who was found laying in a field; she appeared to be purposely shot in the head. This morning she was picked up by a friend of 4p1h and brought to a veterinary hospital. On the long ride to the hospital, poor Hope was having seizures and actually got her head stuck between the car door and the car seat. She is with the doctor now and it is thought that she has been like this for at least 4 days. An exit hole could not be seen so it is not known whether the bullet is still in Hope or if the wound was more of a graze. We will learn more later. In the meantime, please pray for this sweet animal and the many others. There are far too many animals walking the streets being prey to many sub humans. ~ dianaHope 6::6:17hope w:debbie 6:6:17

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Bella and Tiger – Found With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

5/29/17 – As we continue to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen soldiers who fought for the freedoms of world citizens, rescue of the abandoned and abused continues. This is Tiger and Bella recently rescued by our friend Jessica M. They both had severe upper respiratory infections but are now healthy, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated, AND, most importantly, in forever, loving homes. Thank you to all who contribute to our effort and please, on this day, say an extra prayer for all of our military personnel still fighting the fight against evil.bella w:jessica miller 5:5:17tiger w:jessica miller 5:5:17

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