Shania – Found in a Cat Community With an Injured Eye

7/18/17 – Meet Shania. She was found in a cat community be cared for by the mom of someone we’ve helped in the past. For one year Shania has been suffering from an eye injury; the veterinarian had advised that her eye needed to be removed but funds could not be found to do this. We were contacted a couple of weeks ago and, of course, agreed to pay for the eye removal which was done Saturday, July 15, 2017. Shania, is a domesticated cat, who has found her way into a forever loving home with her rescue. Shania is one of the many animals whose lives will be forever changed because of caring people and 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous supporters. ~ diana

shania w:jessica meldrumshania 7:17:17
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Remy – Rescued from the Hightway Suffering from Parvovirus

7/17/17 – Meet Remy. He was found roaming near an interstate highway, just a puppy. After two weeks, he became lethargic and his rescuer brought him to a vet. He tested negative for parvo and was sent home. The symptoms continued and we were contacted. We had Remy see the good doctors at Centerline Veterinary and because they could not watch him overnight, he was transferred to our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency where he continued treatment and this time was found to be positive for Parvo. Over the next few days, Remy was treated at the veterinary and watched by his loving new family. This past Friday, I learned that Remy has turned the corner and it appears that he will be ok. A huge thank you to his rescuers and new family and the wonderful vets who are willing to work with us. We are very thankful we could be there for Remy. Everyone at the vet’s office has told me about what a sweetheart he is. Another life saved!! ~ dianaremy 7:12:17remy 7:17:17

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A Second Chance for Chance and His Team

7/16/17 – And this, our dear friends, is what it is all about! – diana

Rosie RooOliverchancecarla 7:16:17“Hello Team, mom here. For our friends who are new to our page or didnt see the condition of our sweet Rosie Roo⚘the day I picked her up from the shelter, this is her picday 1 on her way home from the shelter. For so many of our angels like Rosie, Oliver, Chance, Carla & Phoenix the road to love has been dotted with issues both physical & emotional. But one look at their beautiful faces and we know theyre worth every minute of work, every sacrifice, every kiss, every tear, every sleepless night, every hug, every prayer said. They are beautiful souls and worth everything it takes to keep them happy & healthy. But I could never do it alone! Im blessed with my awesome sister (Aunt Shelly) who is right there sharing every struggle, triumph, dirty litter box, feedings, hugs, lullabys, fears, and joys with me & the gang, supporting, helping at every turn. Some very special family members who encourage our journey. Some amazing, amazing friends who’ve built special furniture, purchased items needed for their mobility and happiness. Come by the house and help with Carla, do Reiki on Phoenix, drop off donations, transport us to vets, petsit, encourage, so many things! Team Chance who donate not only for KittysHelpingKittys, but for our angels as well. And of course our beloved 4 Paws 1 Heart who without we could never, ever do what we do. So, I just want you all to know how very grateful I am and how much you all mean to me and the Gang, and to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for traveling with us on the this wonderful, crazy, emotional ROAD TO LOVE Sweet dreams everybody! Love, Mom (Denise Najera)”

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Abby – Needs A Home to Live Out Her Final Days

7/16/17 – We took care of two emergency cases yesterday, this sweet 18 year old was one of them. What has her life been like for 18 years?? Did she sneak out of her once loving home or was she dumped. If anyone can provide love for the remainder of her life, please contact Jo. ~ diana

“This is Abby, she has been coming to my house for quite awhile to get food. I finally caught her last night. She has such severe diarrhea is is just dripping out of her. I gave her a bath and cut some mats off of her and got her to the vet through 4 paws 1 heart. She only has 1 or 2 teeth left and is so skinnky and dehydrated, it is so pitiful. They think she is a senior of about 18 years old. That poor baby has been suffering for so long. Thank god for 4 paws 1 heart for providing her the care she desperatley needed. If anyone is willing to give her a home to live out the rest of her life please contact me.”Abby

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Rosie Roo – This Old Girl Needs Your Prayers

7/14/17 – please say a little prayer for our Rosie Roo. Read her story on this website. ~ diana

“Hi everybody, its me Rosie Roo⚘
Sooo, I went to see the vet and sure got poked and prodded. I was dehydrated so I got fluids under my skin. I got a shot for my nausea and two yucky prescriptions. Mom brought a bag of my…ummm….eeewy pooee and the vet is sending it out for testing…the indignity…eeewww!!! He also wrote out for mom a whole new diet of home cooked foods for me which mom made me some tonight and I ate a little bit. We’re really, really hoping all this helps my belly. The vet says if Im not better by Monday he will want to do an ultrasound, so we really hope Im better by then. So thats all the news we have right now about me! Carla’s poo issues are a bit better today, but not as good as mom was hoping for so we had to cancel her appointment with Dr. Kern. We’re all pretty “pooped” out tonight 😉 so we’re going to go for our nitenites now. We love you all sooo much!
Big thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart for my vet visit today & Auntie Debra for taking me & mom
Sweet dreams everybody…Love, licks, purrs, woofs & mews Rosie, Chance & the Gang”rosie roo 7:13:17

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Life Gets In the Way

Dear Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart, especially those who have followed us and supported us since our beginning. So many of you have become ‘facebook’ friends and, in other cases, people who I consider friends. Actually, there are too many of you to mention by name. I wanted you to know that our postings may be a little erratic in the next week or so because my mom is in her last days of life on this earth. This doesn’t mean that we are not still helping animals — yesterday we had 4 requests for help that we are working on . I ask for your prayers so that she can go in peace. She is at home under the excellent care of my super niece and RN, Elizabeth, and my dad. Tony and I are there as well as my brother, sister, and my other wonderful nieces and nephews. My mom has always loved animals and would actually take a wild boy, she named Sylvester, into her basement to clean him up and let him back out. We all used to crack up that he would tolerate that. Those were the days before we all knew about TNR. She has fed dozens of stray and feral cats over the years and had her heart broken many times when neighbors would kill them. Today mom and dad have three cats and for the first time ever, her cat, Dolce, actually jumped on her hospital bed and slept by her feet. Thank you for your prayers and your understanding. This sweet kitten, Lucky,  looks like the old Sylvester and was recently rescued and is now in a foster home. ~ diana unnamed-1

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Luna – Thrown Out By Her Owner

7/4/17 – Please, please spay/neuter your pet. This is Luna. Her owner has severe schizophrenia and for reasons unknown, he threw her out and she has been living under his house since December. We were contacted by a caring person who took her in and needed medical assistance — Luna appeared to be pregnant. Luna was seen by one of the many veterinarians we work with and it was confirmed that she was pregnant with possibly two kittens. Unfortunately, she was also found to be positive for feline leukemia. Luna is just a kitten herself and is very affectionate even though she has been through so much. Well, 16 days after the initial call out for help, Luna had 4 kittens — 3 grey and 1 black. Luna’s rescuer is continuing to seek out a home for Luna once she has weaned her babies and we are praying that the kittens are not leukemia positive but we won’t be able to confirm that for a number of weeks. Please pray for this very sweet little family and thank you to Kathy Durham for saving Luna and the babies. ~ diana

luna 7:4:17
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Lulu – Her Owner Died and the Family Members Didn’t Care

6/26/17 – This little one was found running in the middle of the road and while good samaritans were trying to rescue her, she got hit by a car. We were contacted because she was bleeding and there was concern about her injuries. She was immediately taken to a vet with our authorization and a microchip was found. Unfortunately, it was found that her owner had died and that she was left to family members who were contacted. Because of property/hold laws nothing could be done other than of an emergency nature so we made sure she was not in pain and was treated with antibiotics. As of today, the family has not returned the call and the person who rescued her has found a rescue who will take her in. Lulu is fine at this time but we will do whatever is necessary when needed. ~ dianalulu 6:26:17

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Daisy – Found Tied to a Tree Without Food or Water

6/23/17 – Meet Daisy. She was found tied to a tree with no food or water. Two very kind men working in the area, untied her, bought her food, and brought her in. It appeared she had a broken leg so we were called. Daisy was seen by one of the vets we work with and it was determined that Daisy did, in fact, had breaks that had healed over. It was recommended that Daisy’s leg be amputated. The doctor wanted to wait until Daisy, who was also emaciated, was healthier. So, we decided to take the opportunity to have Dr. Kern assess Daisy’s break before the leg is amputated just in case a prosthesis or therapy would be in order. One of the rescuers will be keeping Daisy for his own and we are very thankful that they contacted us. I will keep everyone updated. ~ dianadaisy 6:23:17

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Trap, Neuter, Return – Does Not Always Mean Return

6/22/17 – Thank you, Charlotte, for your continued dedication to trapping cats/kittens and working with us to get them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tested. In most cases these kittens can be easily socialized and even in the case of older kittens/cats, it is found that they were probably pets at one time. Thank God for the many caring people who continue to put animal welfare at the forefront. ~ diana

charlotte yakima 6:22:17
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