Community Cats – Finding Homes and Providing Medical Care to Reduce the Over-Population

4/2/19 – While taking care of many adoptable animals with their medical and adoption needs, there are so many community cats whom we help in our neighborhoods. We have assisted with 14 such cats in Eastpointe, MI who are being trapped by our friends Cortney and Rachel. In some cases, the cats are friendly and thus being fostered while permanent homes can be found. The key too this overwhelming issue is spay/neuter! I am thankful to the many rescuers who contact us for assistance. ~ diana kleiner 4:2:19--- cortney kleiner ---- 42:19 cortney kleiner---4:2:19 cortney kleiner -- 4:2:19 cortney kleiner 4:2:19

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Samson – Found Cowering in the Bushes; Heart Worm Positive

4/1/19 – Samson was found as a stray at the Detroit/Redford border. He was staying in the bushes and growled at everyone who tried to get him. Finally, a rescue took her little dog to where he was and was able to coax him into the car. Due to his growling and unpredictable behavior at first, Samson was going to be taken straight to the Michigan Humane Society shelter. However, while there, he started to show his loving side. A secure semi-permanent foster was found and Samson started to show what a lover he is! Based on his initial reaction to the rescuer, it is almost certain that he would have been put down at the shelter. Unfortunately, poor Samson tested positive for HW which would have even more ensured his death at MHS. But instead, we were contacted and we agreed to pay for his heart worm treatment, neuter, and vaccinations. He is doing much better and because of his good manners and the fact that he is housebroken makes us suspect that he was dumped where he was found. Maybe he was waiting for his owners to come back….? We are guessing that if he was dumped, it may have been due to his HW. As we’ve suspected in so many other cases. After two weeks of searching for his owners, Samson is moving forward with his new life and is available through Rebel Dogs Detroit. Please contact them if you are interested. Please consider making a donation today because we cannot continue to help these many animals without your support. Thank YOU – Diana

samson 4:1:19
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Max – His Owner Passed Away and He Was Thrown Out to Fend for Himself

3/27/19 – Meet Max. His owner passed away and the owner’s children tossed him out into the backyard. After 3 weeks of fending for himself outside, a neighbor contacted an individual rescuer who we assist quite a bit and she contacted us. Max is scheduled to see a vet and a groomer this week complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. We will have more information about him after he sees a vet. Word has it that he was an absolute lap dog with his elderly owner. Anyone interested can private message me and I will put you in contact with the rescuer. ~ diana 3:27:19

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Blaz – Showed Up in the “Right” Yard, Found to be Heart Worm Positive

UPDATE:  Our good friends who live in the Traverse City, MI area will be adopting Blaz after his heart worm treatment is completed.

blaz 3:26:19 blaz-3:26:19 blaz--3:26:19 blaz==3:26:193/26/19 – Blaz showed up in Alanda’s yard. She was told to contact us for help. Of course, we had Blaz seen as soon as we could and he was found to be heart worm positive. Blaz was very emaciated and also had an infection, parasites, and needs to be neutered. The doctor wants him to put on a little weight before heart worm treatment starts. Poor Alanda only knows about cats and has been searching every where to find placement with a rescue. Unfortunately, with 80+ dogs recently found in Macomb County in just two homes, every rescued is stretched to the limits.
We have committed to Blaz’s medical care and Alanda is doing her best to care for Blaz with advice from Gina. Alanda says that Blaz is a very sweet dog. Please contact Alanda at: if you can help with placement. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

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Lulu – Was kept in a crate 24/7; Now in a ‘Trial’ to Become Forever Home

UPDATE: Lulu is in a ‘trial’ home at this time to see if the potential adopter’s dog gets along with Lulu. I’m sorry that I had the wrong e mail address for the rescuer which has now been corrected.
3/25/19 – Lulu is a full-blooded Corgi who is 2 years old. She was being kept in a crate 24/7. Her owner surrendered her and she was spayed, vaccinated, and tested negative for heart worm. She is looking for her forever home and if you are interested, please contact our friend, Debbie, at: ~ diana 3:25:19

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Bubby – Found Outside of a Pizzaria; Cold, Dirty, Beaten, Emaciated, and with Heart Worm

3/11/19 – Bubba was hanging around a Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. Although he was very emaciated and looking for food, it took one hour to get him into the rescuer’s car. He had many gashes on his body, was obviously starving, beaten up, and dirty. Nina, the rescuer, took him into her home and the following day, he mostly slept, ate, and drank water. We made arrangements for Bubba to be seen by one of our partner vets. He will be neutered, vaccinated, treated for heart worm and anything else he may need. Anyone interested in Bubba should contact Nina at: ~diana 3:9:19 w:ninabubba 3:9:19bubba w:nina gavrilesbubba w:nina gavriles 3:1:19

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