Anna Belle – Found in the Middle of the Street; Heart Worm Positive

5/10/18 – Don’t forget–your donations will be doubled this week!
This is Anna Belle. We received a call for help and because of our supporters we were able to respond.
She was seen in the middle of major roads and after 3 days of trying, she was finally safe, in the ‘arms’ of the rescuer. She was brought to a veterinary clinic where they advised she was heart worm positive. Unfortunately, no owner was found and although the rescuer was anxious to give her a forever family, they could not afford the heart worm treatment. We were happy to make that happen. Here is the rescuer’s most recent message:

“Isn’t she a beautiful Girl , So sweet and good .
I want to Thank you and your company for all you do .
My family’s heart go out to u.
She reminds me of my pure breed German Shepherd. Anna Bell has the same eyes and sweet demeanor
Thanks again Diana . God bless you .
David H. Gagin”annabelle w:david 5:10:18

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Hank – His Tail Was Bitten in 3 Spots by Another Animal

5/9/18 – So thankful we could make a difference in another life.

Hank 5:9:5/9/18 – Update: Hank will be transferred to Fortunate Felines rescue , Kay will be caring for him from this point on until he is adopted, once we arrange transportation. Unfortunately the possible home that we had did not work out. So fingers crossed he finds a home very soon after being neutered.

Hank went to the vet today. He did well and combo tested negative. Yay! Turns out his tail has been bitten by another animal in three different spots. He was given antibiotics and will be neutered and vaccinated on May 23rd! I have a rescue stepping up for him but also have a possible adopter. So I have my fingers crossed for the forever home of course. ❤️❤️

Huge thank you to Diana Rascano and all of her loyal contributors , 4paws1heart backed all of this baby’s medical and I am so grateful that my coworker Mary was able to spot him and notice he was injured.
He’s on the road to a better life! ~ Cortney”

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Kittens – Just Days Old, They Were Left Behind in a Mobile Home

5/8/18 – There are many victims of addiction — rarely do people think of the animals left behind. Yesterday morning an emergency call was made to our friend in regards to four, days-old kittens found in a home where the resident was evicted. The home was in horrendous condition and these babies were lying on this filthy blanket; the babies still had their umbilical cords attached. The kittens were immediately brought into a home where they could be bottle fed and the rescuer returned to the home to try and trap the mom. Upon returning to the home, the rescuer learned that there were actually 4 ‘adult’ cats who may have escaped; one of whom was the mom. Thankfully, in the afternoon, the mom was trapped and reunited with her babies. The family is now with a temporary foster and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be medically backing everyone. Three traps were left at the property in hopes of catching the other 3.
UPDATE: This morning, another cat was trapped. More photos will follow but in the meantime, here are the babies. ~ diana

kittensmobile home park - diana hawkins
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Major – Rescued Before Being Taken to a Shelter

5/3/18 – Major is an eleven-month old who was an owner surrender. He was staying with a family member while the owners were transitioning between States and then the family member threatened to take him to the shelter if they did not get him out ASAP. According to his rescuer, he is a big beautiful dog. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be taking care of his neuter so he will be ready for a new forever home. We wish Major the very best! ~ diana

major 5:3:18
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Fred – Limping and Dumped in a Rural Area

5/2/18 – Fred was probably one of the many domesticated cats who are dumped in rural areas by disgusting owners. For some ignorant reason, there are people who seem to think all cats are created equal and can fend for themselves in the wild, even when they’ve been a family pet for years. Fred showed up in the rescuer’s barn after probably following one of her other barn cats through the ‘cat door’. He was limping and we were contacted for medical help. Fred was taken to one of our partner vets and a wound was found on his paw which was treated; we also took care of Fred’s other medical needs. Fred is doing well and the rescuer is looking for a forever home. ~ dianafred 5:2:18

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John Doe – Rescued After Being Thrown Out of a Vehicle

4/30/18 – John Doe was rescued after being thrown out of a car on a busy highway. John is very emaciated and had a ‘lump’ on his back. We approved for John to see our vet the next day and he was found to be heart worm negative. The lump appears to be a cyst. He is a very sweet dog who appears to have been abused and possibly used in fighting but was not mean enough. 4 Paws 1 Heart has committed to his medical needs and once he is healthy enough, he will get started with his heart worm treatment, neuter, and vaccines. Please remember that donations are needed more than ever this time of the year. Heart worm becomes overwhelming as well as the many instances of severe upper respiratory infections in cats and kittens — not to mention all of the kittens being born right now. Donations can be made by using the link on this page (on the left) or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thank You for Making a Difference. ~ diana

johndoe w:sandra 4:2718john doe w:sandra a4:27:18
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Hamilton – Standing in the Middle of the Road; Emaciated and Heart Worm Positive

4/25/18 – Meet Hamilton. He was standing in the middle of the street with cars passing all around him. His paws were red and raw. He was emaciated and had a lump on his back. We were called and, of course, we said yes. Hamilton saw one of our partner vets yesterday and the ‘lump’ will need to be removed but it appears non-cancerous. Unfortunately, Hamilton, like so many dogs rescued recently, is heart worm positive although, thankfully, it is a low grade. We will be covering Hamilton’s heart worm treatment, his neuter when it’s time, and removal of the tumor from his back. But, we need your help!!! Donations have been very slow, and as all of our friends know, the money to help runs out quickly. Donations can be made by using the donation link on this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48040. We will keep you updated. As you can see, Hamilton is a little charmer. ~ dianahammi hamilton8:23:18hammi:hamilton 4:24:18

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Bandit – Left Behind When His Owners Were Evicted

4/21/18 ANOTHER UPDATE – Bandit was taken to All About Animals to be neutered and retested. He tested NEGATIVE!! I will be calling the previous vet whose tests resulted in positive for leukemia. We are willing to pay for a third test although I hate to put Bandit through this but, we need to know who is correct.
4/21/18 – Updates!
Bandit – Bandit was left behind when his owners were evicted. He was immediately taken to the vet, complements of 4p1h, and tested positive for feline leukemia. Fortunately, our friend Jo A. found someone whose cat had recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge and who was interested in giving Bandit a forever home. Bandit is now in his forever home with a canine buddy and a loving mom. ~ dianabandit 4:15:18bandit w:jo add 4:10:18

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Frankie – Rescued During the Freezing Cold; Tail and Ears Frostbitten

4/21/18 UpdateFrankie - 4:13:18!
Frankie: He had emergency surgery to amputate his tail after it became infected from frostbite. The poor little guy has since been to the vet several times to ensure he was healing property and to have his bandage changed. He’s been real stubborn about keeping his cone on and although, sweet, I think he’s getting frustrated with his many vets. Hopefully, his last one will be this weekend.

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