Moe – Was Left Outside to Fend for Himself; Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

9/5/17 – RIP Sweet Moe. At least you knew love in the end of your young life. ~ diana

9/2moe 9:2:17/17 -Around September 2012, our neighbor brought home a cat (Moe), who he said was around 6 months. He was a little cream colored thing, who loved being outside. Unfortunately, the neighbor thought that meant that he should leave him out at night, to roam. Several times, we saw him with scratches or dirt, from having fought the night before. Then, in January 2013, when temps were dropping, we noticed that the kitty had been thrown out of the house. Apparently, the jerk who’d brought him home moved out & the other people didn’t want him. We set up a shelter on our back porch & offered food, water & warmth. After a few days, as the temps dropped near zero, we knew we needed to figure out what to do with him. We already had 2 cats (13-year-old male & 10-year-old female) & really didn’t want to bring a new cat into the house. Didn’t want to upset the other cats & really couldn’t afford another. We asked everyone we knew if they wanted him, we called shelters & were told they didn’t have room. We were distraught & didn’t know what to do. I’d called our vet to see if they had any suggestions & spoke to someone who put me in touch w/ Gina from 4 Paws 1 Heart. We were able to bring him in for a check-up & 4P1H paid for his care. We were still trying to find him a home. But, while we searched, we moved him into a crate in our laundry room. After a few days, it was pretty clear…he was here to stay! There was a huge adjustment period for our other 2 cats & some shuffling of money, to be able to keep him. Then, he developed an eye problem (iritis) & we knew there was no way we could pay for the treatment. At that point, seeing how much he’d come to mean to us, my parents stepped in & offered to be his benefactors, so that we could get him the treatment. The following summer, the jerk who’d left him came back & asked to see him. I made him sign a form stating that he would never try to take him back. We had just over 4 years w/ our little Moey & enjoyed every minute of him. Sadly, he developed kidney problems this past March & we lost him. It happened so quickly. He may not have had a very long life & the first part wasn’t so great to him, but I hope that the years he had with us made him happy. If not for the help if 4 Paws 1 Heart & my parents, there’s no way we could’ve given him those 4 years. Thank you all so much! (The picture below is from when we first brought him in. My profile picture is from a few years ago.)

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Pinocchio Babies – They Were Born in a Closet and Not Noticed for Two Weeks

9/5/17 – pinocchio baby 9:5:17pinocchio 1 baby 9:5:17pinocchio 2 baby 9:5:17pinocchio 3 baby 9:5:17These babies, along with Twinkles, were born in a closet and were there for two weeks before the owner noticed. She was going to throw all of them outside but fortunately a caring person contacted me and two of my phenomenal Board members stepped up and saved them. Their medical has been and will be covered by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Please share and let’s get these beauties their forever homes. – diana

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Mac – Attacked by a Larger Animal and Needed to Have HIs Arm Amputated

9/4/17 – On this Labor Day I would like to share this very heartwarming story. Again it was all about teamwork — a Macomb County animal control officer, Brian Pylar, who cared enough to start a GoFundMe page, took the kitty into his own home to foster and adopt out, and who contacted us for additional help. Mac, a three-month old, kitten was found on the street, injured and very ill. It appeared he had been attacked by a larger animal; he had a broken, shattered arm which needed to be amputated. He also had an abscess which damaged nerves and caused an infection. His arm needed to be amputated. NOW THE GREAT NEWS – On August 31, I received a text from Brian. Mac, our little guy with the amputated arm, was adopted by a war veteran who lost an arm while serving our Country. Mac would have been euthanized had it not been for a caring person and 4 Paws 1 Heart. Now two lives have been changed forever! ~ dianamac 6:20:17

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Frankie Peanut – Found on the Street With a Broken Femur

8/30/17 – Frankie was found on the street with a broken femur. Every day we are thankful to be working with great rescues like the Ferndale Cat Shelter, who will take in the abandoned animal once we take care of the medical bills. It was necessary to have Frankie’s leg amputated, but he will do great in a forever loving home. ~ diafrankie peanut 7:20:17frankie peanut 8:30:17

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Poppy – Living in an Abusive Situation; Heart Worm Positive

8/29/17 – A caring person learned of a dog being kept in an attic. The dog broke the window and was ‘barking’ for help. It was a very abusive situation and fortunately the dog went home with the rescuer. She was taken to an emergency hospital where the foot pad was found to be split and bleeding with a missing nail. Later it was learned that she was heart worm positive; that is when we were contacted. Poppy is one of the heart worm cases that we committed to and she has been on her 30 day pre-treatment and will be starting the injections soon. She is doing very well with the family but has not acclimated to the family dogs. Say a little prayer that this sweet animal will have peace and love. ~ dianapoppy 8:29:17

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Zena – Found on the Street; Missing a Part of Her Leg

8/28/17 – Meet Zena (aka Captain America). The rescuer was contacted about a cat roaming the area who was missing part of ‘his’ leg. All the rescuer had to do was to put out a trap and ‘he’ just walked into it. (It’s hard not to have a piece of your heart break off each time I’m contacted about these many animals and think about the many who are never rescued.) But, the good news is that Captain America (actually Zena) is one of the few rescued and was named such because of how amazing he was to have survived the street with half of his leg missing. As you may have guessed, Captain America turned out to be a Captainess America and was renamed Zena. She had her leg amputated and is now in a loving foster home. If you are interested in this very sweet girl whose medical has been taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart, please contact Jeanine at: . ~ dianazena 8:28:17

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Kroger – Another Way to Help 4 Paws 1 Heart

8/27/17 – If you haven’t signed up for Kroger Community Rewards, please do!! And, when you do, select 4 Paws 1 Heart (91069) as your charity partner. In the past year, the donations from Kroger paid for 80 animals to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested. And now, we have doubled the number of households enrolled so we expect to do even better in the future. We just have to get everyone SHOPPING! Thank you to all who shop at Kroger and have enrolled. Please share with your friends. Kroger is a great community partner. ~ dianakroger

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Jubilee – A Very Sick Kitten Rescued in the Name of a Dear Friend Who Died too Soon

8/25/17 – A very sick kitten named in memory of a very kind-hearted woman named Jubilee who unexpectedly died. This little kitten is being saved in her honor. – diana

“I would like to introduce you all to my newest rescue baby “Jubilee” she is named after my good friend and foster who just recently passed away ❤️❤️

Lil miss Jubilee showed up on the finders front porch with no mom or siblings in sight. Both her eyes have extreme infections, she is under weight and loaded with fleas. The finder did not realize kitty’s can’t have cows milk so we are also trying to cleanse her lil system out as well as treat her double eye infections ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Jubilee is in need of donors to help with her medical as you can see in her picture she is starting her wee life off pretty rough 😢

All donations can be made directly to Diana Rascano @

Please note donation is for jubilee

We appreciate all of your prayers for lil miss Jubilee and any donations that can be made in honor of Jubilee Bonavia would be greatly appreciated ❤️❤️ – Kimjubilee 8:24:17jubilee 8:24:17 --

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Coco and Puff – Rescued from a Hoarder’s Home – One Kitten Lost Both Eyes

coco 8:23:17---coco8:23:17puff 8:23:17---puff 8:23:178/23/17 – These two babies were severely neglected in a house of horrors. Far too many people start off thinking that they are saving animals but end up actually being the abusers. These two were rescued by our friend, Kim Miller, who contacted us for help. Yesterday, the one baby had surgery and both eyes had to be removed. God willing, the other baby will not have to face the same fate – so far, so good. Thank You to Samantha Ann Roy, for fostering them and giving them love and a special thanks to Stephanie Howard for donating enough money to cover the medical bill. Please say a small prayer tonight for all of the abandoned, stray, and abused animals who have not had the good fortune of finding a caring human being. ~ diana

***** UPDATE ***** I am beyond overwhelmed with joy and happy tears !!!!!!! Stephanie Howard generosity is amazing !!!! Diana & I are beyond grateful to you ❤️❤️❤️these baby’s will never be neglect and in pain again !!!!

This is what happens when you NEGLECT and animal who knowingly had an URI and infected eye !!!!!

Both her eyes had to be removed which was not expected !!!!
Her sisters eyes are improving very slowly

Thank you to Ariel Dolby-Criger for temporarily caring for them and being such a great foster mommy

Thank you to Samantha Ann Roy for stepping up and taking these baby’s when no one else would ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I know they will be in great care !!!!!

If you could help by making a donation directly to Diana Rascano & I would greatly appreciate it !!!!!
Please make donations in the names of Cocoa & Puff ❤️❤️

I am aiming to reach 500.00 goal

As we all know there will be follow up care as well!!!

THANK YOU !!!!! ` Kim”

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