Zena – Found with Bullets in Her Spine

6/3/20 – Meet ‘super sweet’, 2 year old Zena. A couple of days ago we were asked if we could help with a partially paralyzed cat. She had no feeling in her tail and her back toes. People in the neighborhood were familiar with her and said she had been dragging her back feet for at least a year but no one stepped up to help. Her poor little paws were raw from dragging them for so long. Thankfully, Keri found her and reached out to us. She was taken to a vet yesterday where x-rays were done and it turns out that this poor baby has a bullet in her spine. It is lodged where the nerves are for her colon and bladder areas as well as her toes. The doctor said that she is not in pain and the staff fell in love with her. Zena was snap tested (negative), vaccinated, was given a cortisone injection, and treated for fleas and ticks. The doctor also said that she may regain feeling but also suggested that a neurological surgeon be consulted to determine if the bullet can be removed. In the mean time, Zena is getting lots of love, attention, and rest with Keri’s mom and she will again be seen by the vet in a few weeks. We will continue to follow up on this sweetie and at least pay for the specialist visit. We will then take it from there. These situations continue to break my heart knowing there are so many more animals out there being abused and tortured. Thank you to everyone who supports our mission and who never turn their backs on an animal in need. – diana
zena-6:3:20 zena 6:3:20 101262194_3265065373525738_8991913564918775808_o 101699471_3265064830192459_866738547955073024_o

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Sheba – Possible Dumped on Some Very Mean Streets After Having Babies

5/12/20 – Sheba was found roaming some very dangerous streets. She appeared to have recently had a litter but none could be found. It’s very likely that she was dumped after having her babies. She will be taken to the vet this week to be examined, spayed when appropriate, vaccinated, and, of course, tested. – diana

sheba w:teresa medich 5:8:20
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Zuni – Found as a Stray in Heat; Heart Worm Positive

4/22/20 – Zuni is another one of the many abused and abandoned animals who need our help during some very trying times. She was found as a stray in heat. No one claimed her and, fortunately, she was not pregnant. But, she was found to be heart worm positive. Some very disgusting people also did the job on her ears. Streethearts Rescue has Zuni and they say she is a very sweet dog. Please contact them if you are interested in adopting. She will begin her heart worm treatment as soon as the vet receives our check,which we will make happen in no time! – diana

zuni streethearts 4:22:20 zuni w:streethearts
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Simon – Near Death as a Result of a Backyard Breeder

4/17/20 – Simon is the other amazing rescue that Shelley contacted me about. Simon was the result of a ‘backyard breeder’ who bred Siamese cats to sell them. The breeder contacted Shelley E. for help and Shelley contacted me. Simon was already cold, nearly stiff, and curled in a fetal position inside a bowl. When Shelley picked him up, she was confident that she didn’t have enough time to even get Simon to an emergency vet. So, after consulting with one of our many experts, Simon was taken to the founder of Purrfect Paws Kittens, Tracy Stiff, and Tracy took over from there. Tracy got up every hour over the next couple days while poor little Simon went through severe diarrhea and then constipation. But with fluids and lots of care, Simon turned the corner. Yesterday, Simon, although now seeming to be out of the woods, was taken to a vet where he was put on additional fluids, treated for malnourishment, given an enema and antibiotics. The little guy is estimated to be 8 weeks old but only weighs 1 lb. I spoke with Tracy today and Simon is doing much, much better. Little Simon will possibly be a special needs kitty for the rest of his life.simon--4:12:20 w:tracy stiff simon w:tracy stiff 4:17:20 – diana

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Chesterfield 7 – RIP – His Injuries Were Just Too Severe

4/17/20 – RIP Chesterfield 7. He showed up during a TNR project. His flesh was rotting and he had a large gaping wound. Our friend Shelley E. had been trying to trap him and was finally successful when she contacted me yesterday. We were able to get him into a vet where he was humanely euthanized because his condition was too severe. There are so many of these poor animals on the street needing the help of all of us. There are so many heroes in our Country and those who don’t turn their backs on animals in need should be included. I should mention that this is the second rescue of Shelley’s in just a few days. See the next post for that case. – diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/chesterfield 7 w:shelley emerson 4:17:20

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Alex – Found in an Area Where a Number of Kittens Have Been Shot With Pellets

4/15/20 – Last year we helped a very kind woman who kept coming across injured cats who she believes were being shot with pellets. Unfortunately, the cat we helped had a pellet in the spine and had to be euthanized. She is also the rescuer of Ziggy who we assisted with significant medical treatment. In February, she came across another cat from the same area who appeared to be shot but this time it was in the eye. We had this beauty, Alex, go to Dr. Z who reported that there was definitely trauma to the eye which caused the swelling. Alex was treated and we had our fingers crossed that surgery would not be needed. Alex is now in her furever home. – diana

alex 2:28:20 w:bonnie cushing
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Blackie – Shot At by Humans and Attacked By Dogs; Now Living the Good Life

If you aren’t aware of Blackie’s story, please check out our website,4paws1heart.org. Blackie was attacked by dogs at the vacant Packard plant in Detroit, and 16 pellets were found in his body. Can you imagine this poor animal being used for target practice?? And after emergency care, Blackie was found to be heart worm positive. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of his medical needs and our friends at Michigan Animal Crew took him into their rescue. He is looking amazing and his foster mom said he is gaining weight and feeling very comfortable. The first two photos are of him now. The third photo is when he was brought into the emergency hospital. Thought everyone could use some happy news. – diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/blackie==3:31:20 blackie 3:31:20

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Hercules and Lucy – Happy Birthday to the Angel Gina

3/12/20 – Although we are a day late, Lucy (aka Cookie), Hercules, and the 4 Paws 1 Heart Board wants to wish our co-founder and animal angel, Gina DeLuca, a Happy Birthday!! Gina has saved and fostered so many animals since 4 Paws 1 Heart was created in August, 2010. Lucy and Hercules are two of them. You can read about their journeys on our website but in short — In 2010, Hercules was brought to the emergency hospital after his back legs were broken with a bat because he went into the owner’s garbage. In 2016, Lucy was brought into the emergency barely able to walk with a huge bruise on her leg and trauma to her neck and back. In both cases, 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of the medical needs, which in Hercules’ case, included many forms of therapy, and Gina fostered them both for months. Today, Hercules and Lucy are in amazing homes with people who are friends and who always keep these two in our lives. Hercules has been to our fundraisers and I know he will do everything possible to be at our summer 5k. Here are the two today wishing their Auntie Gina “snuggles” and a happy birthday. – diana

hercules 3:11:20lucy wishing gina happy birthday
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Blackie – Update

2/22/20 – 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to pay for all of Blackie’s medical needs as we have done thus far during his stay at two emergency hospitals. Very often we offer to take care of medical needs in order to find a rescue who can provide the shelter and adoption opportunities. Our plans are to have Dr. Z take over Blackie’s medical care when he’s ready. Here is an update from Jayne of Michigan Animal Crew. We are very thankful for her support.- diana
“Michigan Animal Crew is the rescue that took Blackie in. Blackie has been with me since his release from the hospital. Blackie is the quietest, calmest most gentle dog I have seen in a long time. He is missing an eye and it is clear from reviewing the injury that the eye removal was professionally done. Therefore, Blackie was an owned dog at one time. Blackie is potty and crate trained and gets along with dogs of all sizes but he is being kept separate to allow him to decompress and rest.. At this juncture, he is sleeping, eating, pooping, repeat until his injuries heal more. I caught him snoring yesterday afternoon as he was sprawled out on a huge dog bed covered in fuzzy blankets. Blackie’s injuries are worst than the photos depict (he has been attacked a lot and have many old and new wounds), a string embedded wound around his neck, missing much of his 2 ears (besides the 2 ear infections) and he still limps badly due to the shoulder and leg bites and injury. Blackie is also skinnier than the photos show but he is getting a lot of healthy food and will be fatter in no time. Remember he is heart worm positive and we will work on that once he is healthier. Will send photos when he wakes up”

2/20/20 – Blackie Update – Blackie left the hospital late this morning and is now resting quietly in a home with the president of the rescue. He is resting well but is continuing to limp and his wounds are much worse than you can see in the photos. He is very mild mannered. We will wait a week or two before starting his heart worm treatment so that he can have time to decompress. We also want to make sure that the injection method will not be too hard on his old body and heart. Thank you for your continued prayers. 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to cover his medical until he is fully recovered. – Diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/blackie 2:20:20

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Blackie – Updates

2/19/20 – Blackie Update. Blackie was brought to Advanced Animal Emergency in the early evening (2/18/20). Our friend, Shelley Emerson, transported her and reported the following:
“Body pictures do not show his severe underweight condition; his ribs are visible.
Ears crusty and slit 2-3 inches.
Inner ears infected with puss.
Right front leg and shoulder infected, not sure if that is cause of limp.
Left eye sunken. Status not clear yet.
Summary: no idea how this sweet male has stayed alive. Doubtful he ran away from a home.
More likely dumped and became a street bait dog.
More likely 8 years old”

Dr. Stomack called last night prior to her performing surgery. She advised that, along with everything else going on with poor Blackie, he tested positive for heart worm. She wanted to make sure we wanted to continue with the proposed surgery. This came as no surprise, really, because this poor senior dog has obviously been through hell and back. There was no way I was going to back out and abandon him at this time. So, last night Blackie had surgery by the doctor whose expertise includes pain and wound care.

I spoke with Lindsey, the veterinary technician, this morning for an update. Liindsey said that Blackie ate real well this morning and is doing good. He is a very sweet elderly dog. Both of his ears were severely infected and both had lacerations that had to be surgically treated. Blackie had many old wounds on his body that had scabbed over and those were ‘shaved’. A drain tube was also inserted in his infected shoulder. Blackie’s left eye is gone. He is on steroids and antibiotics and will be able to go to a home with the draining tube today. He will go back for a re-check in 3-5 days to have the drain tube removed. Once he completes the steroids, we will assess next steps for his heart worm treatment. I’m praying that Blackie’s rescuers can find a qualified home/rescue for Blackie to be transferred to today. 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to pay for his medical needs. I sincerely can’t imagine how Blackie has survived on the streets and I pray for every animal out there. Unfortunately, there are thousands of Blackies needing us.- diana

2/18/20 – Blackie is now at Advanced Animal Emergency and will be going into surgery soon. Please say a prayer for him. His wounds are extensive and the cost of surgery tonight doesn’t include anything that might be wrong with his shoulder. Anything you can do to help with his surgery would be greatly appreciated. – diana

2/18/20 – Update on Blackie. Blackie was going to be on standby for major laceration surgery. Because it could take a couple of days, I have chosen to have Blackie moved to an emergency hospital that we typically work with and where he will get more one-on-one care. He will be transported a little later today and we will hear back from the doctor there around dinner time. Thanks for your prayers for his surgery and that he might be able to live in a home. – diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/blackie==2:18:20 blackie--2:18:20 blackie:2:18:20==

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