Dahlia – Pulled from a Local Shelter With 3 Breaks in Her Tail

1/21/20 – Dahlia was pulled from a municipal shelter by a friend of 4p1h who we’ve worked with for a long time. She was very underweight. At first it was thought that she had ‘happy tail syndrome’. This occurs when a strong tail repeatedly hits solid objects with force during a wagging session, resulting in the thin skin of the tail splitting open. Dahlia was treated as directed but that didn’t work. She ended up chewing the end of her tail off. The rescuer then took her to two other doctors and it was finally determined that the tail was actually broken in 3 places. Dahlia was returned to her foster to heal and was later spayed. It took an extra long time to heal. Then Dahlia went to live with her rescuer. It was learned over the course of time that she was a ‘basement’ dog and had no real house manners. She is still learning. She is clumsy and has no boundaries. Her ears get infected often and she has a food allergy. Not many people want a dog with so many issues going on so she’s remained with the rescuer in hopes a forever home will some day be found.
A couple of weeks ago when she was getting her toenails cut, it was noticed that Dahlia seemed to be drooling a lot. It turned out that a canine tooth was bleeding. We were contacted and an appointment was made to have Dahlia see Dr. Zalac. Dr Z found 3 broken canines. Dahlia had surgery and is now doing well. Dahlia is in good hands. – diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
dahlia w:megan blass 12:28:19dahlia 12:28:19 wmegan

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Dash – Goes to See Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps

1/18/20 dash 1:17:20Dash Update♡
Tuesday we saw Dr. Kern at Pawsitive Steps. Dash was a very good patient and slept through most of his measurements and physical exam. The staff adored him and I was able to see Hercules (pictured with the rear leg prosthetic).
The tendons that control flexing and extension of the toes are damaged on Dash’s left rear foot. Therefore, his toes are at full extension causing him to walk flat footed. He has lost nearly all of the large pad that helps bare weight. His toe nails are starting to grow back a bit abnormally. His foot is slightly smaller than normal, but he is growing fast and he is happy.
He will require are rear leg prosthetic like Hercules is wearing but without the heel. This will provide cushion, support, and a much better quality of life.
He is already starting to develop sores on the bottom of his foot. 😞 He will need a temporary shoe until he can be casted at 8 months old. He cannot be fitted for a prosthetic now because he is a growing large breed puppy and his growth plates will keep developing until about 12 months old.
I’d like to try and raise money for the prosthetic which is between $800 – $900. This is something he will use for life.
Every few months the shoe will need to be sent in and inspected for wear and tear which is about $300.
We will also be taking Dash for his recheck appointments once every 4 to 8 weeks to make sure there are not anymore healing concerns.
Dash has a very good home lined up when he is ready, but I’d like to help get him started..
The open area on the bottom of his foot has closed and formed scar tissue.😊
If you’d like to donate towards Dash’s medical you can do so by going to our PayPal link on our website. Just put DASH in the note area! Thank you all so much!

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Leo – Goes HOME!!

leo--1:16:20leo---1:16:20leo 1:16:201/16/20 – Great News!!! After 3 days of fluids with lots of in-hospital care including force feeding and antibiotics, the great staff at Center Line Veterinary reported that little Leo is bouncing off the wall and eating and drinking and having normal bowel movements. This past Monday he was put on oral antibiotics and was vaccinated and dewormed. His rescuer is ecstatic!!! Miracles can happen when a village comes together. – diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/leo w:center line 1:10:20

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Misha – Found With Severe Abscesses in a Very Dangerous Neighborhood

1/14/20 – Misha was another found on some very dangerous streets. She had a severe abscess which needed quick attention. 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted and we took care of all of Misha’s needs including treatment for the abscess, heart worm test, spay, and vaccines. She is a very sweet dog and we are thankful for her rescuer. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/misha--1:14:20 misha 1:14:20

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Leo – Rescued From an Abusive Home Where He Contracted Leptospirosis

1/12/20 Leo Update – Leo is eating and getting stronger.

1/11/20 – Leo Update! As of 2:30 this afternoon, Leo is holding his own. He is eating and performing necessary body functions. I think your prayers are working. Keep them coming. Thank You, diana

1/10/20 – Prayer warriors needed. This is Leo. I received a call from one of the veterinary hospitals we work with asking if we could help this 10 week old puppy. He was rescued from an abusive home where he was kept in a closet and rarely fed. After being rescued, he became very ill and was brought into the vet. After spending all of the money the puppy’s angel had, more money was needed. The vet suspected the puppy had contracted the parvovirus or leptospirosis. The staff contacted us and I agreed to cover the medical help needed.
I now know that Leo contracted lepto and that is what he is being treated for. The staff loves this little guy and told me he has been constantly giving the staff kisses. When Leo’s rescuer learned that the medical care for Leo would be covered he cried. Your donations save lives. ~ diana

leo from center line 1:10:20 leo 1:14:20 leo w:center line 1:10:20

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Whiskey – Living in a Yard Without Human Support

1/7/20 – Whiskey was living in a yard without any support from the homeowners. Their hope was that she would run away. She appears to have lived most of her life outside but yet she is very sweet. Our friend, Shelley E. contacted me because she had found a foster and was going to pick her up. Whiskey was immediately taken to a vet to be examined and vaccinated. She will be spayed and receive any treatment that is needed. Fortunately, two very kind people also donated towards Whiskey’s medical care. Anyone interested in this girl, should contact Shelley at: emomich1959@gmail.com – diana
4paws1heartwhiskey w:shelley e 12:31:19 whiskey 12:31:19 w:shelley

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Dash – Update

1/5/20 – dash 1:5:20 dash-1:5:20 dash--1:5:20Dash update..
This little puppy has been through a whole lot in his short little life so far.. These are pics of what his foot looks like as of today. I haven’t posted pics of his injury prior because the photos from 3 weeks ago were very graphic.
My goal was to prevent this puppy’s foot from further infection, prevent amputation, get some weight on him, get his age required shots, and make sure he knew he was loved by everyone he meets.
His foot is healing nicely, he has doubled in size (3.5 lbs to 10 lbs) in 3 weeks, and he is a fearless puppy with an entire future ahead. Unfortunately, we will never know the cause of his injury.
We can only assume he experienced a major traumatic event causing him to lose a large portion of the underside of his foot involving tissue and tendon loss, sloughing paw pads and toe nails, and a dislocated toe. Also, 3 of 4 back toes are totally fused together and the section between what’s left of the big pad and the small pads is flattened.
He puts weight on the foot, but when he is in pain he turns his foot outward to shift his weight.
I haven’t made a decision on his placement because my focus has been his immediate healing.
Now, my plan is to consult with a veterinarian who specializes in this area.
Even tho Dash is doing wonderful I cannot ignore the injury he sustained to a part of his body that can be the most difficult to heal because of weight bearing and because he is a large breed growing pup.
He may need nothing major, or he could have special needs with that foot for the rest of his life.
I have spoken to several Veterinarian’s over the last 3 weeks and everyone has been helpful in one way or another. Now, I am thinking of his future and what he may need longterm. It’s all about him and giving him the best opportunity to thrive.
Thank you all for your support and prayers. He is one very special boy. I will update again once we know more.

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Lucy (aka Cookie) – Update

It was March, 2016 when Lucy (aka Cookie) was surrendered to Gina at the veterinary hospital where she worked. Her family had dumped her in a parking lot in a very dangerous area in Detroit. She followed the disgusting people to their nearby relatives’ home and for three weeks she lived on the porch, refusing to leave. The relatives decided to drop her off at the emergency hospital where Gina took over. By that time, she couldn’t walk due to an injury. She had a huge bruise on her leg, she wasn’t spayed or vaccinated, and had trauma to her back and neck. She was miserable for several weeks while Gina and 4 Paws 1 Heart assisted in her recovery. After 7 months with Gina, the perfect forever home was found. Our wonderful friends, Jean and Phil, came to our house to meet her and fell in love. Now Lucy is living the life of luxury. She lives on a lake, has a pontoon boat, has made trips to Florida, and is hugely loved. You can read Lucy’s story on our website. – diana
P.O. 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
lucy aka cookie 12:27:19

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Dash – The Little Guy Who May Lose His Leg Because of Neglect by a Backyard Breeder

“Dash” Update
He is a very good patient. In fact, he was so relaxed during his morning bandage change he fell asleep. He had lots of attention the last couple days, and he is a trooper throughout the cleanings. Your prayers are working and his foot is slowly getting better. Baby steps of improvement is all I care about. The pics are too graphic to show and we don’t know what the cause was, but we’re hopeful. Tendons and bone are exposed on the underside of his foot. I’ll post another update soon.♡Gina

dash 12:25:19 dash--12:23:19 dash---12:25:19

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Sassy and Abigail – Left Behind By Their Owners After They Moved From Their Apartment

12/17/19 – Sassy and Abigail were left behind when their owners left their apartment. Why so many people who rent apartments believe it’s ok to leave their pets behind is beyond me!! Fortunately, a caring person contacted our friend, Jo, and she found a foster. We were able to get the girls spayed, vaccinated, treated for fleas, and tested. If you are interested in these sweet girls, please contact Jo at: joadd18@gmail.com – diaina
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080Sassy 12:17:19 Abigail 12:17:19

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