Little Foot – Rescues With a Large Gash on His Leg and Broken Bones

5/15/20 – Doesn’t it seem like we’re always praying these days. Whether it’s for our Country, our first responders, friends on the front lines, or these poor, vulnerable babies born on the streets. This is Little Foot. He was rescued during a TNR project. The wonderful women trying to help as many as 20 strays, noticed that Little Foot couldn’t put weight on his leg and had a visible gash on his leg. They are working with All About Animals where Little Foot had been taken to be neutered but they don’t have x ray equipment, so we were called for help. This handsome little guy went to one of our great vets yesterday who determined that his leg would need to be amputated. Little Foot’s injury is very severe. It appears that something penetrated through his joint. The wound is exactly where his leg would bend. Because of this penetration going through his joint, many small and intricate bones were affected. Any attempts to repair the trauma would be difficult and would probably result in arthritis if the surgery would be successful. Also, because the wound was infected, his leg was wrapped in gauze and it will be treated daily until the leg can be safely amputated. – Everyone at the vet who took care of Little Foot said he is very sweet although scared (of course). So please say a little prayer for Little Foot and all of the other babies who’ve yet to be rescued. – diana
Little Foot5:14:20 Little Foot w:jessica krutell

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Kittens – 6 More Kittens Taken in By Our Friend

5/14/20 – Speaking of Patricia. I asked Patricia to check in with a person who contacted us for help with a mom who had kittens in her garage. So, I asked one of our experts to contact her. Patricia did and has kept in contact with the person. Well, it turns out there are 6 kittens, the smallest is only 10 oz. although they are supposed to be 4-5 weeks old. Patricia believes the mom did not have enough milk to feed 6 kittens and that is why the kittens all seem to be too small for their age. Nonetheless, Patricia feels the kittens are healthy. They all got baths and deworming and are safe and warm with Patricia. If anyone is interested in Susie Q, her babies, or any of these babies, you should contact Patricia at: 4 Paws 1 Heart will again be backing all of the basic medical needs prior to adoption. Thank you to our many friends for all of your support. – diana

Kittens w:particia brown 5:14:20
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Mama Susie Q’s Babies

5/14/20 – Tony and I bought this playpen for 4p1h’s good friend, Patricia, who as you’ve seen takes in many mamas and kitties. A couple of weeks ago I posted about Mama Susie Q, who Patricia took in and who shortly after had 5 babies. The babies are 3 weeks old now and wearing out mama so that is where the value of the playpen comes in. Now Mama Susie Q can rest a bit while the kids safely play. All of these sweeties will be medically backed by 4 paws 1 heart. It truly takes a Village. – diana

97655800_3211557535543189_8543784743202717696_n Mama Susie Q babies 5:14:20
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Jericho – Found With an Upper Respiratory Infection

5/12/20 – And so it starts. This little baby, Jericho, was found on the streets with what appears to be an upper respiratory infection. We will be getting her/him into the vet today to get treatment started. Later we will take care of her spay/vaccinations. Anyone interested in Jericho or some other kitties, should contact Tracy at: She has taken in a number of kittens who we are medically covering as they get old enough. – diana 5:12:20

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Little One, Bunny, and Vivian – Two Were Near Death and Two Others Had Already Died

5/9/20 – Remember these cuties? There were 11 kittens in total who may have come from 2 moms. Two were so sick they didn’t make it. Little One was so sick, our friend Jo was up every two hours checking on him. A couple of days later she got Vivian whose eyes were totally shut from an upper respiratory infection. Then she got Bunny who also needed medical attention but wasn’t as sick as the others. Now look at them!! Love and care can make miracles happen!! – Anyone interested in adoption should contact Jo at: Of course they won’t be ready until they are will enough and big enough to get vaccinated and spayed/neutered. – diana one 5:9:20 vivian 5:9:20 bunny 5:9:20

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Casey – Found With a Severe Wound Near Her Tail

6/11/20 РUpdate:  Casey continued to get laser treatments on her wound and she had her last treatment this week.  She is doing great and the would has healed wonderully.

5/8/20 – More Prayers Needed. This is Casey. She was rescued from the outside of an automotive plant with a severe wound near her tail. She is also very emaciated and weighs only a little over 3 lbs. She was taken to a veterinary hospital yesterday and the doctor felt her condition was so severe that humane euthanasia would be appropriate. The doctor advised that not only were her physical conditions dire, but her organs were in trouble. Although I will usually follow the doctors’ recommendations, I also confer with the rescuer — they are the ones who I believe deserve to have the last word. After conferring with Casey’s rescuer, I asked the doctor to clean Casey’s wound and the rescuer would continue to provide sub q fluids. Over night, Casey did eat and today was taken to another veterinary hospital who agreed that Casey is a fighter and deserves a second chance. Casey is very sweet and is in the care of our friend, Debbie N. Casey was given laser treatment and tested negative for FIV and Felv. The bottom line is that we will do medically what is needed and for sure Casey will be getting much attention and care. Donations for her continued care is very much appreciated.- diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080
casey 5:9:20 casey 5:10:20

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Fredericka – Found on the Streets

5/7/20 – Frederick/Fredericka was trapped by our good friend, Shelley E. She immediately called to see if we could back up the medical for this sweet baby. Of course we said yes. He/She will be getting neutered/spayed next week as well as vaccines. He/She has been to the vet to get an initial check up and treatment. Shelley said that he/she is coming around and the only item attacked the other day was a paper towel roll. Hopefully, Fredericka/Frederick will be able to find a furever home. – diana
P. S. When I saw the photos it looked like something might be wrong with the eyes but Shelley said they are fine.frederick:a:::5:4:20 frederick:a 5:4:20 frederick:a:w:shelley 5:4:20

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Salem – Found With An Infected Paw

5/6/20 – Meet Salem. A kind woman was trying to trap a pregnant cat but instead caught Salem with another buddy. Although she eventually found rescues willing to take them, no one would take Salem because he had something wrong with his paw; he couldn’t put weight on it. That’s where 4p1h came in. Our rescuer was able to find a veterinary hospital in Monroe, MI who would work with us and we agreed to pay for an x ray and any additional treatment. Salem was just released a little bit ago and, thankfully, there were no broken bones. His paw was very swollen and he did have a fever. Consequently, Salem was given some pain meds and antibiotics and he will be taken in by the rescue upon his recovery. He will also, of course, be neutered. Once again, a huge thanks to the amazing people who continue to rescue these innocent animals who need our help. ~ diana
salem 5:6:20

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Twenty Five – Update

5/6/20 – Twenty Five Update — He is holding his own. Here he is in a home-made nebulizer which Debbie has used before. He continues to also be on sub q fluids. He has used the litter box and has eaten a little. Please continue to say prayers for this little guy. In the next few days, we will be covering the tnr of several cats in this colony. – diana
P.S. Thank you to the many Chance Team supporters for their generous Cinco De Meow donations. During times like this, it helps substantially.twenty five 5:6:20

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