Ashy – Possibly Hit by a Car or Caught in a Car Engine

2/25/20 – This past Sunday a kind woman contacted me about a stray cat she had been feeding. The cat showed up at her door crying and her face was swollen and her nose was bloody. She was taken to the vet yesterday and was given antibiotics, pain medication, ear drops, and flea treatment. Her temperature was slightly elevated and Ashy will be seen again when she has taken about 2/3 of her medication. We don’t know if Ashy was hit by a car or maybe got caught in an engine while trying to stay warm. I’ve been told that the finders have fallen in love with her and will be giving her a forever home. We will follow up until she is fully recovered and will make sure she is spayed and vaccinated. – diana w:2:23:20 ashy 2:24:20 ashy ashy 2:24:20 w:kadee

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Meadow and Brooke – Fur & Eyelashes Were Growing Into Their Eyeballs

2/17/20 – Saving Cats & Kittens Rescue found a mom and her kittens, Brooke and Meadow (1st photo), born without eyelids. Fur and eyelashes were growing into their eyeballs and their eyes looked to have cataracts. Brooke was in the worse shape of the two. Brooke needed two consecutive surgeries and needed significant rounds of medication. Unfortunately, the cost of that was more than we could afford and I made a suggestion where they might find that level of assistance; fortunately, that group came through. The surgeries were done for Brooke and she is healing. The rescue now needed help for Meadow to have her much needed surgery. We were happy to provide that help. Meadow was scheduled for surgery. Anyone interested in these beauties should contact Saving Cats & Kittens who will be finding Brooke and Meadow their furever homes.- diana

meadow 2:17:20 brooke 2:17:20
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Otis – Found With a Swollen Paw, Broken Tail, an Upper Respiratory Infection, and Flea/Mites Infested

2/15/20 – On Thursday I received the following message about this little guy:

“I have found a hurt kitty on my porch. I do not believe he is anybody’s. I live in an area where apparently some people drop their cats off in the field across the road. The lady across the street stated she had seen someone do this I do not know if this is one of those cats. I do not know. We do have coyotes that have been unfortunately taking them out. This cat’s foot is swollen three times the size and his tail looks as if it could be broken; he has ear mites, a runny nose and his tail seems to only be half there. I do not know what happened or when it happened; it looks like it might could have healed. I am just worried the poor guy has an infection and I cannot keep him as my cat will not allow him to enter my house and I do not want to risk them for any sickness. He is in my pool room, as you see in the picture. I do not have much wood ready to burn for him left. Maybe overnight if I’m lucky. He needs medical attention that I am unable to afford is there anyway you could take him and please help him. Amanda”

She named the poor little guy Otis. Our dilemma was that we are not a rescue and she did not live in an area I’m familiar with. I told her if she could find him a rescue, we would pay for the medical. May God Bless this wonderful woman, after searching high and low and making many calls, she found an amazing veterinarian in a small town near Frankenmuth, who also has a rescue and a sanctuary for cats who are not adoptable. I spoke with one of the staff members and Otis was taken there that day and we paid for his medical needs. I am confident that Otis will be well taken care of. Once again, the village comes together and Otis will be safe and free from danger and the frigid temperatures. – diana

Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat

otis w:amanda versailles 2:13:20

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Noel, Mack, Bentley, and Lollipop – Happy Updates

2/14/20 – Noelle--12:11:15 noel 1:2:20 mack 1:10:20 - amber wolf ali:bentley copy bentley:aka ali 12:25:19 pretty girl:lollipop:lolli 5:28:19Here are some happy updates we recently received from their loving families:
NOEL – It was around Christmas, 2015 when Noel was brought into the emergency room where Gina was working. She was dying of parvo virus. It turned out that Noel had a sibling who died of parvo but the backyard breeder still used the mom to breed. In January, 2016 she was adopted by a loving family. Unfortunately, Noel was diagnosed with Lymphoma this past year but she is getting lots of love and medical care by the beautiful people who adopted her.
MACK – It was 2015 when we were contacted about Mack. He was found on the streets and found to be positive for heart worm. Heart worm treatment is very expensive but we were happy to give Mack a second chance. Here he is today.
BENTLEY (AKA ALI) – It was 2016 when, at just 2 days old, Ali was “smashed” in a recliner. He was brought into the emergency where Gina worked and Ali’s owner surrendered him to Gina. Ali had several surgeries and trips to Michigan State Veterinary School/Hospital. Gina cared for him until he was fully recovered and then found a wonderful mom who gave us this photo the other day. Gina still visits her little Ali (aka Bentley). By the way, Gina named him Ali after Mohammed Ali who had recently died at the time.
LOLLIPOP – She was one of a number of cats who was cared for by greenhouse owners. Somehow she broke her leg and no one could afford to help her. We received a call from a rescue group we’ve helped in the past and they were able to get her and take her to one of our favorite vets. Unfortunately, she had to have her leg amputated but today she is doing great. – diana

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Lodge – Found on the Side of the Highway; Has Successful Surgery

2/12/20 UPDATE – Lodge Update. He was picked up yesterday morning and he is doing great. He is resting comfortably in a large dog crate with a low litter box. Lodge’s leg was “wired back together” and he was also neutered during the surgery. Lodge is negative for fiv/felv; he was also vaccinated and dewormed. As his rescuer, Thomas, said “Lodge is a wonderful cat. Very Friendly. His 6-8 week road to recovery starts today.”. Lodge is in very good hands with a very loving man. Please keep in mind that without the financial support of our friends, animals like Lodge would be euthanized. The average rescuer could never afford to pay for some of the medical needs we come across. Maybe for Valentine’s Day, instead of giving your Valentine candy or flowers, you can make a donation to help the many abandoned and abused animals who need your help. Thank You – diana

2/11/20 – Please send a prayer and some positive energy for Lodge. Remember, he is the little guy that was rescued from the side of the Lodge Freeway in Detroit, unable to walk. He is having surgery this morning with one of the best, Dr. Zalac, of Orion Animal Hospital. Lodge has been doing good since seeing Dr. Z last week. He has been eating and drinking and, very importantly, moving his bowels on his own. I am so glad that we didn’t take the first doctor’s recommendation to euthanize and had Lodge seen by Dr. Z who saw something different than the first vet. As in the human world, it always pays to question and thankfully, Thomas, the rescuer did just that. And, thankfully, we were able to pay for not only a second opinion but surgery. Thank you for your donations which make this possible. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
lodge 2:10:20-- lodge 2:11:20

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Mouse – Showed Up on a Porch Very Sick with Eye and Ear Issues

2/6/20 – Meet Mouse. His story started December 30 when I was originally contacted. Mouse showed up on a young man’s porch; the pitiful cat had obvious medical issues with his eyes and ears. It turned out that Mouse was one of 40 cats thrown outside after the resident moved. We approved to have Mouse seen by one of our vets who treated Mouse for an upper respiratory infection and who also saw that Mouse had a polyp deep in his ear. Mouse has had two surgeries since. The doctor was able to get most of the polyp out but because of the depth, wasn’t able to get all of it. (Prayers that it doesn’t grow back.) Mouse had also been drooling and when his mouth was examined during surgery, the doctor determined that 6 teeth needed to be extracted. Mouse is scheduled to be seen again in two weeks. We are hoping more teeth will not need to be removed.

This poor little guy has been through a lot but with the miracle of human touch and love, he is becoming very social and sweet. Although this case was much more than expected, we will see him through to whatever he needs. ~ diana

mouse 1:25:20 mouse--1:25:20
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Lodge – Update

2/5/20 – Lodge Update — A photo of the x-ray and the first doctor’s evaluation was referred to an orthopedic specialist. From the information provided, the doctor said that Lodge should see a neurologist because the damage appears to be in the spinal cord. Because there is some question as to the initial exam, we have decided to get a second opinion from one of our go-to veterinarians. Lodge was sent home with medication and I’m sure Dr. Z will try to see Lodge asap. – dianalodge w:thomas felicia 2:2:20

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Chance – Keeping Him in Our Prayers

chance 2:4:20CHANCE: “Ewwww mom!!! Medicine is yucky!!!
But since Jasper has to take medicine too and I’m trying to set a good example for the kid I will try not to spit it out 😝

Hey Team, soooo since the 2 injections I’ve already recieved for my skin issues have not worked. We’re looking at other things that may be causing the problem. So today Dr. Z sedated me so she could do a skin culture and a skin biopsy. We’re looking for a resistant bacteria, autoimmune or skin cancer. It will be 7-10 days before we know anything and in the meantime Dr. Z has mom giving me a super strong antibiotic and I go back in 2wks to get my sutures removed. So, that’s all we know for now. Oh, and sidenote… Jasper had a huge eeeewy pooey at Dr. Zs 😝 So he also had a fecal test and also got a really yucky medicine to take. You think he did it to be in yucky Medicine solidarity with me?
Nah, me either… 😉
Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of me & Jaspers medical needs today, we know it was a pretty penny We love you!

Ooops!!! One more side note, guess who lost 1 whole lb….that’s right….this guy!!! I’m doing good on my diet, unlike some cats I know…not mentioning any names…..TWYLA THE GRUMP!!! 😂😂😂”

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Lodge – Found on the Side of a Busy Freeway Unable to Walk

2/7/20 Update – Lodge is seeing Dr. Z today at 2:30.  His rescuer also reported that he is eating and drinking and even had a bowel movement all by himself.  Continued prayers. – diana

2/4/20 – Prayers for Lodge. He was rescued from the side of the Lodge freeway this past Friday. It was dark and the rescuer, Thomas, noticed Lodge’s little eyes gleaming in the dark. Thomas was on his way home from work. Thomas pulled back around and fortunately, was able to capture Lodge. The reason — little Lodge couldn’t use his back legs. After trying a couple of vets, we were able to get Lodge in to see a vet today who reported that Lodge’s pelvis and leg is fractured. He is also impacted with feces because of his injuries. The vet recommended euthanasia or a specialist. Lodge is a very sweet 1-year-old cat and we chose to consult with a specialist. This afternoon, one of our ‘go-to’ specialists will review the x rays and let us know what he thinks for next steps. We hope we can give Lodge a good quality of life. Thomas told me he has worked with animals his entire life, including elephants at the zoo, so he is ready for the challenge. I will update everyone as we hear. 100% of your donations are used to give these poor abandoned/abused animals a second chance at life. ~ diana
lodge w:thomas felicia 2:2:20

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Moonbeam – RIP – She May Have Been Poisoned

2/4/20 – RIP Sweet Moonbeam. A caring woman regularly TNR’s cats who find their way to her home. She then feeds them and builds them shelters as needed. Moonbeam showed up about 5 years ago with a mom and brothers and they’ve basically lived on her porch and in their shelters. The other night Moonbeam showed up appearing very sick. We were contacted and Moonbeam was taken to the vet but by then there was nothing that could be done. Moonbeam passed away and the doctor believes she was somehow poisoned. Run free, Sweet girl. ~ diana 2:4:20

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