Billy – Found Alone on the Streets

6/7/17 – Meet Billy. Wandering the streets all by himself/herself. The rescuer thinks he/she might be around 8 weeks old. Of course, we are happy to pay for Billy to see the doctor and get vaccinated, tested, and treated for any parasites. He/she will also be spayed/neutered when appropriate. If anyone is interested in adopting this little doll, please contact Jo at: . ~ dianabilly w:jo addington 6:7:17

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Callie, Mittens and Georgi – Dumped by Their Owners

6/2/17 – Yes it is that time of the year when kittens are being rescued around every corner and under every bush. No matter how much we do, the issue of overpopulation continues to be daunting. When 4 Paws 1 Heart agrees to pay for medical care that means we will pay for the spay of the mom, once the babies are weaned, and we commit to taking care of the kittens when they are old enough. We will also help the rescuers with finding a forever, loving home by providing courtesy postings on our Petfinder page which is only available to 501c3 organizations and on our Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart facebook page. At the same time sub humans continue to dump their one-time pets forcing them to fend for themselves. Callie and Mittens were both found together. It is suspected that they were purposely dumped on a dead end street. Fortunately, they were rescued and are now looking for a loving, forever home. Georgi is a 5-6 week old kitten just recently found walking on the streets. She/he will be seen by a veterinarian and neutered/spayed when old enough and will also be looking for his/her forever home. Please contact Krystin at: If you can give them the love they deserve. ~ dianacallie and mittens 6:2:17georgi 6:2:17

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Clark Kent & Logan – Rescued from Under a House

6/1/17 – Happy first day of June as we continue to give a second chance to those most vulnerable in our society. Meet Clark Kent and Logan (grey kitty). A friend of 4p1h heard scratching noises and meows from under her house and they are what she found. Clark Kent and Logan will be vaccinated, neutered, and tested and will be up for adoption. Please contact our friend Heather Sterner, who has taken them into her home, if you are interested in adopting them. ~ diana

clark kent & Logan
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Mama – Found With Newborn Kittens in a Garage

5/31/17 – It was the evening of Memorial Day when I received a call regarding this mom who was found in a garage with 3 newborn kittens. According to the rescuer ” everyone looked healthy yesterday. Mama was eating, drinking, and taking care of the babies; the babies were nursing and gaining weight. Around 6pm today, one of my kids said mama was hot and breathing heavy. I went and checked on her and she was panting tongue, hanging out and rapid breathing. I put a fan in the room in case she was hot. I took the babies for a little while to try and let her rest. But I’m worried.”

Because we were afraid that another baby might have been stuck in the birth canal, Mama and babies were taken to the emergency hospital where x rays and blood work were completed. It was determined that Mama had an inordinate amount of feces in her, and fortunately, there were no other kittens. Mama was treated and released. Later, Mama finally had a bowel movement and was resting comfortably as of yesterday. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be on standby should Mama need more medical care. ~ dianamama and kittens 5:31:17

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Bella and Tiger – Found With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

5/29/17 – As we continue to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen soldiers who fought for the freedoms of world citizens, rescue of the abandoned and abused continues. This is Tiger and Bella recently rescued by our friend Jessica M. They both had severe upper respiratory infections but are now healthy, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated, AND, most importantly, in forever, loving homes. Thank you to all who contribute to our effort and please, on this day, say an extra prayer for all of our military personnel still fighting the fight against evil.bella w:jessica miller 5:5:17tiger w:jessica miller 5:5:17

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Hero – Rescued from Hoarders – Spay/Neuter is Critical

5/25/17 – And this is why spay/neuter is so critical. When there is an overpopulation of animals, rescue can become hoarding and then it becomes animal cruelty. Donate, foster, adopt — it takes a village. ~ diana

“5/24/15 – Never Turn Your Back ~ diana

“On May 1 several TNR volunteers went to a residence in Garden City for TNR and discovered a “Hoarding House of Hell”. These volunteers worked diligently in hazmat conditions to pull 15 cats and kittens alive from the premises. Efforts are still underway regarding the aftermath of that day and to deal with the residents of that house. Hero is one of the lucky ones who made it out alive. Thank you to Tail Wagger’s and PAWS of Michigan for foster homes and to 4 Paws 1 Heart for assistance with medical needs ~ Jeanine D.”

“My name is Hero. I don’t know what that means – actually, I don’t even know what it means to have a name – but the ladies who pulled me from the garage from the Hoarding house of Hell said it was because I never gave up and I am their hero. I guess that is a good thing.

I remember that day. I couldn’t stand up. I wasn’t even hungry anymore, I had been hungry for so long that it finally went away. I heard all of these people voices. They were saying things like, “do we have them all?” and “where else should we look?”. I didn’t really like people voices because they were so mean, but these people voices were different. So I meowed. It was hard, but it made the voices stop and say things like, “did you hear that?” and “ I think I hear something, where is it coming from?”. So I kept meowing, and I kept meowing as loud as I could and suddenly the garage door went up and light came in and someone grabbed me and put me in something they called a live trap. I still don’t know what that was, but I could breathe. I couldn’t stand up, but it didn’t matter. There was food in there and the trap place was covered up and the ladies with the voices carried me away, away from where I could not get out, where there was no food, where it was dirty and hot.

I don’t remember a lot about the next few days. I saw lots of people called doctors and techs. I got lots and lots of something called medicine. And I got food…..and water….and it was warm, but not hot…….and clean……and there was a place called a litter box for you know what.

I started to see again, but I just kept my head down and looked down all of the time. It was too hard to hold my head up and it was still hard to walk. But the ladies had such nice voices and soft touches. My skin and fur was so, so dirty and itchy, but I got a bath and the hard parts called mats got shaved off. All of the bugs that kept biting my skin and my ears were suddenly gone. The ladies said medicine made them go away. And lots of medicine made it easier to breath and see and hear.

I am in a bunch of things called crates that are hooked together and I can walk now, and I walk from one end to the other. I am strong enough now to climb on these things called shelves. I can see – I love looking outside and feel the fresh air blowing on me. And I love looking at the ladies, they have soft voices and soft touches. It doesn’t hurt to go in the litter box anymore. And there is always food and water. Whenever I want. I don’t feel hungry anymore.
I hear the ladies talk sometimes about the Hoarding House of Hell and the garage there where I was. They call it a prison. I just remember that I could not get out, or move around, or have anything to eat or drink. And it smelled so, so bad.

The ladies say that when they pulled me out I was severely malnourished, had multiple infections, ear mites, fleas, impacted anal glands, eye and ear infections, deep respiratory congestion, balding spots, severe matting, and missing teeth. I don’t know what any of those things are. I think my teeth left my mouth when I got kicked or hit or something. That side of my face still hurts sometimes.
Sometimes I still remember the Hoarding House of Hell, but the ladies tell me that where I am now is what it is really like to live, that most people really are nice and take care of their animals. I didn’t believe them at first – it felt safer to just keep my head down and not look at anyone – but now I think maybe they might be right. And I love looking up! ~ Hero”

hero 5:24:15Hero -- 5:24:15hero 5:24:15==Hero 5:24:15===
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Fundraiser – Thank YOU to Blackfinn Ameripub, Fox 2’s Roop Raj, and Tito Vodka

5/24/17 – Because of the Blackfinn Ameripub – Partridge Creek, Tito’s Handmade Vodka,our dear friend and celebrity bartender, Fox2’s Roop Raj, and our loyal supporters, we will be able to spay/neuter and vaccinate 87 community and adoptable cats. Remember that a female cat can have three litters a year, with an average of 5 kittens per litter — that’s 15 kittens a year for the nearly entire life of that female. And, if those kittens are not spayed/neutered, the awful cycle continues. We are committed to reducing the over population of abandoned and stray animals and this is why we are so grateful for our generous business community and faithful donors. Here are some of the cats we have recently helped. ~ dianakitten w:cristen jean w:5:24:17=== kittens w:cristen--jean 5:24:17 kittens w:cristenjean 5:24:17

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