Muffin – Sick and Abandoned, Brought to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – Very Sick

8/9/19 Update – Muffin is a he and he is doing great in his forever home.
8/8/19 – Meet Muffin, a sick and abandoned stray kitten, who was brought into a wildlife rehabilitation center after being found in a garage. The employee at the Rehab Center contacted us because the little one needed medical treatment and the manager at the rehab center wasn’t able to help. The kitten was “scared to death”. The people who brought him to the rehab center said he was too scared and weak to eat. Eventually the staff got him to eat, however he barely acted like a kitten should because he was so sick and thin. Muffin had an upper respiratory infection as well as being emaciated. We were very thankful to hisrescuers and glad we could help. Thank you to Sasha, rehab employee, who took responsibility for this very sick kitty. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I will say it many times more, it truly takes a village of caring people. Without all of us, these innocent animals would not survive. ~ dianamuffin 7:14:19 muffin w:sasha 7:14:19 muffin 7:14:19 w:sasha muffin 7:13:19

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Miracle – A Newborn Needing to be Cut from a Fence

8/6/19 – Meet Miracle. Here is the message I received July 28.

“I had to cut a newborn kitten free after it had gotten stuck and lost circulation to its arm for a long period of time. It’s arm is now swollen 3+ times it’s normal size and completely red and bloody looking as if it is about to burst. I have no money for emergency care and need advice about doing what I can for this little girl or considering euthanasia and who to go through.”

We immediately responded and had Miracle see a vet. At this time she is holding her own and is scheduled to see the vet again in about a week. There are so many innocent animals needing our help. Thank God for the rescuers, our wonderful vets, and our supporters. Say a little prayer that Miracle won’t need an amputation. Please help us raise money so that we can continue to help those in need. miracle w:lindsey humel 7:31:19 miracle w:lindsey 7:30:19

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Jax – Rescued With Siblings; His Eye Appeared to Need Removal

8/5/19 – Jax was one of three kittens found in early July. All three had upper respiratory infections but Jax had the worst. He was taken to the emergency where he was treated with strong dosages of antibiotics and spent the day there because he was also a little emaciated. Well, the other two kittens’ eyes improved but Jax’s eye steadily got worse. He was seen and treated a couple of more times but it was eventually determined that his eye would need to be removed. Today he will be at the vet for his pre-surgery exam and he is scheduled for eye removal this Thursday. Please say a prayer for this very sweet boy. This has been our Spring and Summer. So many innocent animals losing limbs and eyes do to infections and injuries, PLEASE, PLEASE, support us by donating today. 6:29:19--- Jax, Opie, and Clay 7:16:19Update:  The doctor Jax saw on Thursday didn’t think the eye should be removed.  Jax was taken to another who agreed.  The rescuer will continue to watch over Jax and we will cover any medical needed. ~ diana

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Kansas – RIP – Found With a Severe Wound, Badly Infected

8/2/19 – Last weekend I got an emergency call about a cat who was taken to an emergency hospital and the hospital would not do anything without a $400 deposit. The cat, Kansas, had a severe wound which was infected. I immediately approved but unfortunately, after a couple of days in the hospital, Kansas died. The infection had just gone too far without treatment. Although, I rarely meet the animals we help, my heart breaks for everyone of these innocent beings who rely on us for life. There are so many animals and individual rescuers who need our help and without your support we couldn’t do it. Please consider donating, attending our fundraisers, and just sharing our stories. Please sharekansas 7:28:19 w:tina springer kansas 7:28:19 w:tina springer in memory of Kansas and the many others who need our help every day. Thank you, diana

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Everett – His Mom and Siblings Were Going to be Attacked by a Dog

8/1/19 – Meet a new member of the 4 Paws 1 Heart Village. Here is Uncle Chance making the announcement:

“Team Chance, please meet and welcome to Casa Chance….BABY EVELYN!!!!
Baby Evelyn was rescued from a wood pile in an unsafe environment when her mama moved the rest of the litter and left Baby Evelyn behind. Our sweet friend, Brennen Thompson, rescued her, bathed her and tried to feed her but she’s too young yet and will need the bottle. Baby Evelyn weighs in at 11.4oz and is approximately 3 wks old. Tonight is all about getting some formula into her and making her feel safe & loved. 4 Paws 1 Heart will have her back for her medical needs when the time comes. Another innocent angel safe tonight thanks to huge hearted Brennen. One of the many faces of 4 Paws 1 Heart…Welcome Baby Evelyn!
Sweet Dreams Team Chance 🐾🐱🐾
Everett 8:1:19 Everett 8:1:19--

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Fetti (and baby) – A Very Sick, Pregnant Cat; Emaciated and Needing Eye Removal

7/31/19 – A little over one month ago we were contacted by a volunteer with Friends of Companion Animals in Monroe, MI. The volunteer had rescued a young cat who needed an eye removal. Fetti was underweight so surgery was put off until she could gain some weight. She was scheduled for surgery today but over the week end the rescuer discovered Fetti had milk and then, guess what, she had a baby. Fetti still needs to have her eye removed and be spayed which we will take care of but it will be a little while now. We will take care of mama and baby’s medical needs.

Please, please, please vote for us in the Free Star Financial Charity Contest. We are gaining ground but not enought. Please consider the fact that we are the only organization that not only helps shelters and rescues but we will have the every day person who finds a sick/injured animal on the street and commits to finding a furever, loving home. But we can’t do it without you. Please say a little prayer for Fetti and her baby and vote every day for us. Thanks, dianaFetti 7:30:19 Fetti 7:30:19- fetti 7:30:19 -- fetti 7:30:19---

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Tiger – Was Found Running Loose With a Gash On His Neck

7/26/19 – Tiger was running loose with a gash on his neck for a few days. The rescuer thought for sure that he would die if not treated. He was finally caught and we were able to get him in to a vet where he was treated, vaccinated, snap tested, vaccinated, treated for fleas, dewormed, and will be neutered. He is now a foster cat looking for a furever home. ~ dianaTiger w.shelley emerson 7:21:19

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