Chloe – Feral Cats Need Attention, Care, and Always Spay/Neuter

1/19/19 – No truer words — it takes a village. A huge thanks to our friend, Patricia, who has saved so many. -diana

Update on Chloe.” She went in for a recheck after her surgery due to finding a good deal of blood on her pee pad and a URI. She is healing fine and is safe and warm in a kennel and thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart is on antibiotics. She will be staying here for 7-10 days til she is better. She is very feral but getting lots of love and care.- Patricia”chloe 1:191:19

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The Wedding Shoppe – A Portion of the Sale of Wedding Gowns Will Be Donated

1/15/19 – The Wedding Shoppe in Berkley, MI has once again chosen 4 Paws 1 Heart to be their Charity Partner for January. A portion of the sales from wedding gowns will be donated to funding the medical treatment for abandoned and stray animals. If you are getting married or know someone who is, please check out this beautiful shop.
We are so thankful for all of the many local businesses who host fundraisers for us. ~ dianashoppe

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Mia – She Was Stuck for 3 Days in a Hole in a Tree

1/14/19 – Meet beautiful Mia! We received a message about this very sweet cat who had been stuck in a hole in a tree for about 2 to 3 days. The homeowner contacted the local fire department and they were able to rescue her. Unfortunately, though, the poor little girl was limping and seemed to be in pain. We were asked to help with a medical visit in that the homeowner is a single mom on a limited income but would love to give Mia a furever home. Mia was taken to a vet last Thursday and it was found that she has a broken pelvis. She will be on crate rest and will have a follow up visit this week. When appropriate, we will also make sure that Mia is spayed and vaccinated so she will be all set for her new family. God bless Mia’s new mom for caring and God bless the firefighters who saved her from a horrible death. ~ diana
mia 1:9:19

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Soup – Update

1/13/19 – Remember Soup? His mom shared this memory with us. You can follow his journey on our website–4

” 1/14/15 – Remember Soup? He was found as a stray 1year ago with his head stuck in a soup can? The shaved area on his hind end was because another animal crushed his pelvis. Unable to defend himself, he cried and crawled until someone heard him and contacted us for help. I took him home to recover from his shattered pelvis (12 weeks to officially heal), and this December made one year fostering him. Longest foster ever in my home. I’m very happy to report that Soup will be going to his forever home this Friday. I will miss him dearly, but this family is wonderful for him! They are perfect, he is perfect, and he will get the love and attention he deserves. We are so blessed to have given him a 2nd chance especially after being found on the street unable to walk.. Gina”Soup 1:13:15-- soup 1:13:19
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Lion King, Pumpkin, and Catt – Found on the Streets

1/11/19 – Cortney has been a God send for many caring animal lovers and cats/kittens. She has been working with other friends to trap/neuter/release cats who will have their medical paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart and she has been doing individual rescuing and trying to find foster families to care for the abandoned and lost so that permanent homes can be found. Here are three of the many who have been rescued who will be looking for their forever homes. Again, all medical was taken care of by 4p1h. Here is Lion King, Pumpkin, and Catt. Anyone interested should check out Meeko’s Mission Animal Rescue. ~ diana king 1:11:19 pumpkin 1:11:19 catt 1:11:19

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Orion – RIP Sweet Boy – Found in a Field Unable to Move

1/9/19 – RIP Sweet Orion – The rescue community came alive when it was reported that this poor cat was laying out in the harsh weather of yesterday, seemingly unable to move. Our good friend, Shelley Emerson, contacted me and I approved for Orion to be taken to one of our favorite veterinarians, Dr. Zalac. Shelley made it to the office before closing and Orion was found to be nearly paralyzed in all four legs. X-Rays were done — all negative of breaks; basic blood work was done — all negative of any obvious issues. Dr. Z put Orion on general antibiotics and planned to test for toxoplasmosis in the morning. Just a little while ago, Dr. Z called me to say that Orion passed away during the night. The staff did everything to make her comfortable and warm. We are beyond thankful to our many vets who work with us and most importantly, people like Shelley who drove all of the way from the far east side of Macomb County to Fenton to Lake Orion. May God Bless her and all of the caring rescuers in our community. We can only be comforted by the fact that Orion did not die alone in that field. ~ diana
orion 1:10:19

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Snickers – Happy 5th Rescue Year

1/9/19 – I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Snickers was saved on that freezing, miserable night. I had the pleasure of seeing Snickers New Year’s Day and he is as handsome as ever. Although, I did miss him climbing on our shoulders. It seemed to be a lazy day for him and he was busy watching the Penn State game. ~ Diana

 “1508198_10153710503150253_678783666_n snickers 1:9:191/9/14 – Dear Snickers.
Today is the day, one year ago you were found by a boy with a big heart… you were in an alley, freezing, sick and hungry. His Mom put out a plea on Craigslist for help for someone to come get you to get you to medical treatment…this is where Joey got his big heart. The plea was answered by Joanne who braved the horrible weather to get you and take you to the vet Gina DeLuca (from 4 Paws 1 Heart) was working at. Tears come to my eyes when I think about how Gina didn’t know if you would even survive, but they did everything they could and you fought so hard. Every baby step you made there was a whole Facebook community cheering you on and praying for you, including me, your Mom.

Huge thank yous go out to Joey, his Mom and Joanne for their life saving actions . Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart who paid for his medical expenses to save him and his eyesight. Thank you Gina for saving him and fostering him. Thank you David Jeniofor giving Snickers someone to climb up and attack. Thank you Diana Rascano for all your time and effort for updating all of us on Snickers during his medical treatment. Thank you all for the love, prayer and support you gave Snickers.

Please consider donating to 4 Paw 1 Heart so they can continue to save lives of injured and sick helpless animals….they deserve a chance.
In honor of Snickers, his Dad & I will be making a donation in his name.
We love you so much buddy! – Dee (MOM)”

You can read the beginning of the story here….…/snickers-you-have-a-community-pra…/

Donations easily given here:

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