Blackie – Update

2/22/20 – 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to pay for all of Blackie’s medical needs as we have done thus far during his stay at two emergency hospitals. Very often we offer to take care of medical needs in order to find a rescue who can provide the shelter and adoption opportunities. Our plans are to have Dr. Z take over Blackie’s medical care when he’s ready. Here is an update from Jayne of Michigan Animal Crew. We are very thankful for her support.- diana
“Michigan Animal Crew is the rescue that took Blackie in. Blackie has been with me since his release from the hospital. Blackie is the quietest, calmest most gentle dog I have seen in a long time. He is missing an eye and it is clear from reviewing the injury that the eye removal was professionally done. Therefore, Blackie was an owned dog at one time. Blackie is potty and crate trained and gets along with dogs of all sizes but he is being kept separate to allow him to decompress and rest.. At this juncture, he is sleeping, eating, pooping, repeat until his injuries heal more. I caught him snoring yesterday afternoon as he was sprawled out on a huge dog bed covered in fuzzy blankets. Blackie’s injuries are worst than the photos depict (he has been attacked a lot and have many old and new wounds), a string embedded wound around his neck, missing much of his 2 ears (besides the 2 ear infections) and he still limps badly due to the shoulder and leg bites and injury. Blackie is also skinnier than the photos show but he is getting a lot of healthy food and will be fatter in no time. Remember he is heart worm positive and we will work on that once he is healthier. Will send photos when he wakes up”

2/20/20 – Blackie Update – Blackie left the hospital late this morning and is now resting quietly in a home with the president of the rescue. He is resting well but is continuing to limp and his wounds are much worse than you can see in the photos. He is very mild mannered. We will wait a week or two before starting his heart worm treatment so that he can have time to decompress. We also want to make sure that the injection method will not be too hard on his old body and heart. Thank you for your continued prayers. 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to cover his medical until he is fully recovered. – Diana 2:20:20

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Joy – RIP

2/20/20 – joyjoy==joy rip 2:20:20I recently became aware of some very sad news, and it is with a heavy heart that I am letting those who remember her know that Joy passed away.
About 5 years ago, Joy was rescued by 2 Michigan State Troopers who responded to a call where a stray dog had been hit by a car.
It was late at night and the very compassionate troopers took her to the Emergency where I had been working.
I offered to take her into my home while she recovered and 4 paws 1 heart, helped with funding medical for her extensive injuries.
I have fostered countless animals and loved them all, but Joy was incredibly special and close to my heart..
She fit into my home and into my pack, but I knew eventually her long term care required being with someone who had the ability to allow her to thrive.
The accident left her broken. She had multiple pelvic fractures, injured knees, internal bruising, and her pain was extremely hard to control even with even the strongest meds. She couldn’t walk without being in severe pain, and she cried often. At night I layered plastic underneath her and covered her feet with my socks, wrapped her body in a blanket, and held her all until the trembling stopped. I carried her to and from work every day, took her for CT scan, knee surgery, and physical therapy.
A couple months later, the time came to give her up and my chest burned.. Not everyone understands how hard it is to pour your heart into an animal that needs you so desperately, you get them better, and then you watch them leave with the next person… The person that you trust to take over where you left off..
Joy was given a very wonderful life that she deserved, but her health took a sudden turn for the worse.
I will never ever forget her..
Rest peacefully beautiful girl. ♡

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Blackie – Updates

2/19/20 – Blackie Update. Blackie was brought to Advanced Animal Emergency in the early evening (2/18/20). Our friend, Shelley Emerson, transported her and reported the following:
“Body pictures do not show his severe underweight condition; his ribs are visible.
Ears crusty and slit 2-3 inches.
Inner ears infected with puss.
Right front leg and shoulder infected, not sure if that is cause of limp.
Left eye sunken. Status not clear yet.
Summary: no idea how this sweet male has stayed alive. Doubtful he ran away from a home.
More likely dumped and became a street bait dog.
More likely 8 years old”

Dr. Stomack called last night prior to her performing surgery. She advised that, along with everything else going on with poor Blackie, he tested positive for heart worm. She wanted to make sure we wanted to continue with the proposed surgery. This came as no surprise, really, because this poor senior dog has obviously been through hell and back. There was no way I was going to back out and abandon him at this time. So, last night Blackie had surgery by the doctor whose expertise includes pain and wound care.

I spoke with Lindsey, the veterinary technician, this morning for an update. Liindsey said that Blackie ate real well this morning and is doing good. He is a very sweet elderly dog. Both of his ears were severely infected and both had lacerations that had to be surgically treated. Blackie had many old wounds on his body that had scabbed over and those were ‘shaved’. A drain tube was also inserted in his infected shoulder. Blackie’s left eye is gone. He is on steroids and antibiotics and will be able to go to a home with the draining tube today. He will go back for a re-check in 3-5 days to have the drain tube removed. Once he completes the steroids, we will assess next steps for his heart worm treatment. I’m praying that Blackie’s rescuers can find a qualified home/rescue for Blackie to be transferred to today. 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to pay for his medical needs. I sincerely can’t imagine how Blackie has survived on the streets and I pray for every animal out there. Unfortunately, there are thousands of Blackies needing us.- diana

2/18/20 – Blackie is now at Advanced Animal Emergency and will be going into surgery soon. Please say a prayer for him. His wounds are extensive and the cost of surgery tonight doesn’t include anything that might be wrong with his shoulder. Anything you can do to help with his surgery would be greatly appreciated. – diana

2/18/20 – Update on Blackie. Blackie was going to be on standby for major laceration surgery. Because it could take a couple of days, I have chosen to have Blackie moved to an emergency hospital that we typically work with and where he will get more one-on-one care. He will be transported a little later today and we will hear back from the doctor there around dinner time. Thanks for your prayers for his surgery and that he might be able to live in a home. – diana blackie--2:18:20 blackie:2:18:20==

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Piper – Update After Surgery

2/18/20 – UPDATE on Piper. You can check out Piper’s journey on our website – just search ‘piper’. Long story short was that a wonderful young woman tried for weeks to rescue this very sweet injured girl. She required orthopedic surgery which would involve the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur (FHO) once she was well enough. Well, she had her surgery yesterday and everything went well. Her new mom (and rescuer) picked her up this morning and she is recovering in her loving home. As many of our pet parent/followers know this surgery is not inexpensive but we believe Piper was worth it. God bless those who rescue and donate to us so that we can help those who are rescued. ~ diana
P.S. A huge thanks to Emily, Piper’s savior and now mom, for fundraising which helped to pay for this surgery.
piper 2:18:20 piper 2:28:20= piper 2:18:20++

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Blackie – Found at a Vacant Automotive Plant After Being Attacked by a Dog

2/18/20 – Please pray for Blackie. Last night I got a call from Kimberly W. about a ‘feral’ dog who had been attacked and was taken to an emergency hospital who we no longer work with on a regular basis. His story is that he is one of many dogs who run the Mack Avenue corridor (Detroit) near the old Packard Plant, known for it’s abandonment and destruction over decades and for being the ‘home’ for many homeless people and animals. A kind woman from Warren has been feeding the dogs, including Blackie. She has known Blackie for about two years. She contacted our friend, Kimberly W., who truly is an animal angel, and told her that Blackie was attacked by other dogs and was in very bad shape. She was on her way to the emergency hospital. Thankfully, a vet tech, Lisa, who I’ve worked with in the past, contacted me once Blackie got there and was stabilized. The bottom line is that Blackie has severe new bite wounds and many old wounds that have ‘healed’ over. His ear has a gaping hole in eat from what appears to be a bite. He may have been hit by a car because his arm is very swollen. He is about 5-6 years old and the finder felt that Blackie had been a pet at one time who had either escaped or was dumped. I provided enough money last night that would cover medical until we knew more today. I talked with Lisa this morning and Blackie was given pain meds and antibiotics; his new wounds were also treated. This morning he will be assessed and will have x rays taken of his arm and possibly have a drainage tube installed. Although, his finder, said Blackie licked her hand through his muzzle and he has been kind during the years of feeding him, we really don’t know his temperament because he has been on pain meds. Hopefully, we will have more information later this morning and I will give you an update. Anyone who wants to help with Blackie’s care should donate directly to 4 paws 1 heart. Our hearts break for these animals on the streets. I pray that Blackie is one who can find a forever home and be loved for the rest of his life. – diana
blackie2:18:20 blackie+2:28:20

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Noel, Mack, Bentley, and Lollipop – Happy Updates

2/14/20 – Noelle--12:11:15 noel 1:2:20 mack 1:10:20 - amber wolf ali:bentley copy bentley:aka ali 12:25:19 pretty girl:lollipop:lolli 5:28:19Here are some happy updates we recently received from their loving families:
NOEL – It was around Christmas, 2015 when Noel was brought into the emergency room where Gina was working. She was dying of parvo virus. It turned out that Noel had a sibling who died of parvo but the backyard breeder still used the mom to breed. In January, 2016 she was adopted by a loving family. Unfortunately, Noel was diagnosed with Lymphoma this past year but she is getting lots of love and medical care by the beautiful people who adopted her.
MACK – It was 2015 when we were contacted about Mack. He was found on the streets and found to be positive for heart worm. Heart worm treatment is very expensive but we were happy to give Mack a second chance. Here he is today.
BENTLEY (AKA ALI) – It was 2016 when, at just 2 days old, Ali was “smashed” in a recliner. He was brought into the emergency where Gina worked and Ali’s owner surrendered him to Gina. Ali had several surgeries and trips to Michigan State Veterinary School/Hospital. Gina cared for him until he was fully recovered and then found a wonderful mom who gave us this photo the other day. Gina still visits her little Ali (aka Bentley). By the way, Gina named him Ali after Mohammed Ali who had recently died at the time.
LOLLIPOP – She was one of a number of cats who was cared for by greenhouse owners. Somehow she broke her leg and no one could afford to help her. We received a call from a rescue group we’ve helped in the past and they were able to get her and take her to one of our favorite vets. Unfortunately, she had to have her leg amputated but today she is doing great. – diana

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Sara Lee – Hit By a Car

2/13/20 – Our friend, Shelley E., got a phone call about a dog hit by a car. She immediately went and picked up the dog but not before contacting me. Sara Lee was taken to one of our partner vets where she was x-rayed, tested, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms. After spending the night at the vet, Sara Lee went to POET Rescue. Animals are saved when the village works together. ~ diana Lee 2:4:20 w:shelley

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Joy – Attacked by Two Dogs – Found Heart Worm Positive and With Tumors

2/10/20 – Late last month a woman witnessed 2 dogs attacking another dog. Her boyfriend was able to scare the 2 dogs away and the dog being attacked, Joy, ran under a bush on their property, injured. The couple was too scared to handle a stray dog with injuries so they reached out to Make A Difference Rescue.

Joy was used for breeding, she had sagging nipples and her coat was in bad shape. She had bite wounds around her neck and ears and was just exhausted from the attack. The rescue got her to their vet where she was found to have several medical problems. First she’s heart worm positive, second she needs to be spayed, and third she has tumors on her paw that have to be removed and biopsied. And on top of all of that, she is between 8-9 years old. Our friend at the rescue told us that she is “about as sweet as they come”. The first priority is addressing the heart worm so we were contacted to see if we could help with that. We were happy to take care of that for this very sweet and abused animal.- diana
joy w:make a difference 1:21:20

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Dash and The Knotted Needle – Getting Big and Strong; We Think His Leg Will Be Saved But He Will Need Prosthetics as He Grows

2/2/20 – A huge thank you to the Knotted Needle, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI for hosting an amazing fundraiser for 4 Paws 1 Heart.  Dash was with us and he is so good and he’s getting so big.  His foster, soon to be mom, is training him to be a therapy dog. ~ diana
dash 2:2:20

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