Macho – He Was Shot in the Leg and Required a Leg Amputation

3/30/18 – Macho was found wandering the streets, limping. He was taken to the clinic and x-rays showed bullet fragments that broke Macho’s elbow. The doctor advised that it is an old injury which had already begun healing wrong. The doctor advised that removing the bullet pieces and putting a plate at his elbow has a less than 40% chance of being successful. Consequently the doctor recommended that Macho have his right front leg amputated because the injury is probably causing tremendous pain and has been for quite some time. Macho is barely 2 years old and could have a long life ahead of him. We were told that that he is very sweet and deserving of a second life. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to help with Macho’s surgery which has been completed. Macho is doing well and will be looking for his forever home. Anyone interested in Macho should contact 313 k-9 and kitty rescue Detroit. ~ dianamacho w:313 3:21:18macho w:313 3:27:18

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Mattie and Owen – Beaten Up and Used for Breeding

3/27/18 – Those who dedicate their lives to rescue and veterinary care are heroes in my world. On March 15 I was contacted by an independent rescuer who was able to get animal control to pick up two animals who had been hanging around a discarded mattress on a city street. Mattie and Owen appeared to be ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ because they wouldn’t leave each others’ side; both dogs were pretty beaten up. Mattie appeared to have recently given birth to puppies but they could not be found and Owen had cropped ears. It is suspected that both dogs were dumped after they had been used and abused. Unfortunately, once examined both dogs tested positive for heart worm and we were contacted to see if we could help. We agreed and arrangements were made to have them see a vet once the stray hold was complete. That day came but when Mattie was temperament tested, it was sadly determined that she could not go to a rescue because she could be a danger in her current state. The positive news though was that Owen was good to go. Owen was taken to one of our partner vets and on Saturday, March 30, Owen will start his heart worm treatment. Prayers for Mattie that she will no longer suffer and many prayers for Owen that he gets through his heart worm treatment with flying colors and finds a forever home where he will be forever loved. Anyone interested in Owen, should contact 313 K9 & Kitty Rescue Detroit.

We could not do this without your help. Donations can be made by using the link on this page or by sending a check to 4 Paws 1 Heart, P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080mattie w:dacc 3:15:18owen 3:25:18owen w:313 3:25:18

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Ellie – Still Looking for a Rescue or a Forever Home

Ellie is in a foster home but she is in need of an approved rescue organization or a forever home. Please say a prayer and send positive energy as this sweetheart starts her medical journey. ~ diana

“On our way to Patterson Vet for a pre-surgery exam..
Ellie is having her right rear leg amputated on April 2nd. She has multiple fractures in her leg, and 4 paws 1 heart is paying for all of her medical. She will also need to be fixed, vaccinated, and started on heartworm and flea prevention.
All of which adds up quickly for our nonprofit. So, please consider making a donation towards Ellie. Our PayPal is on our website,
Ellie is also I need of a good home. She is about 7 months old and super smart and lovable. ~ gina”ellie 3:25:18

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Ellie – Possibly Hit by a Car; Will Require a Leg Amputation

3/21/18 – Meet Eileen — Ellie for short.
She is a very sweet and smart girl. Ellie is about 6 months old and 40 lbs, She may have been hit by a car because she has a broken knee cap plus a fracture on her Tibia.Her leg will need to be amputated. She was found on the streets and turned over to 4 Paws 1 Heart after her stray hold was up. Efforts were made by the shelter to locate her owner; she seems to have been well trained. Because of her medical condition. she would have been euthanized in the shelter.
Ellie went to a foster home last week; but, we are looking for a rescue to help with permanent placement. Our friend will continue to foster for the rescue if needed. Contact me at if you can help with placement once she recovers from her surgery. ~ ginaellie 3:19:18--ellie 3:19:18ellie 3:21:18

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Pablo – His Owner Was Doing Nothing as He Laid Dying from Parvo Virus

3/20/18 – Meet Pablo. He was rescued from a horrible situation, and we were able to provide the care he needed to give him a second chance. Pablo was dying from Parvo Virus, but his previous owner did not take him into the hospital for treatment. Instead Pablo was forced to fade away slowly, while lying in his own bloody diarrhea. Fortunately, a visitor to the home saw this horrific situation and took action but he couldn’t afford what was going to be needed.

It took almost one week of 24 hour aggressive supportive care in the hospital on IV fluids with several medications in order for Pablo to pull through. Pablo is now thriving in his new environment with a loving dad, but he would have died without treatment and he is not even one year old.

Unfortunately, the previous owner will probably continue to allow puppies to be born into that environment, and they will certainly be exposed to the virus and be left to die as Pablo was.

Parvovirus is deadly. The treatment for Pablo cost our organization over $1000. If your pet acquires the Parvovirus, the average treatment starts at about $500 and can easily go up to $3000. To prevent this deadly virus, all it costs for a vaccine is approximately $25 a month for 4 months.
During the Spring and Summer veterinary professionals will see tons of these cases and countless innocent puppies will die. 4 paws 1 heart will need your help in order to give some of these animals a second chance and we also need your help to please educate as much as you can! If you have any questions about Parvovirus please don’t hesitate to ask. Education is key! ~ Gina

P.S. What Gina didn’t say is that she provided extra care and love during the time Pablo was in the hospital. At about the same time of Pablo’s case, we were involved in another parvo case which was being handled elsewhere at another hospital; that puppy died. There was nothing wrong with the care that puppy was given but I absolutely believe that love and personal care can make a huge difference. Gina’s very own Angel is the perfect example. ~ diana

pablo 3:20:18pablo w:gina 3:20:18
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Annie – Sends Flowers to Gina – Her Savior

3/17/18 – 29343063_1841761719189451_8118768667912406224_nannie 3:17:18_annie 3:17:18annie 3:17:18+Thank you “Annie” for the beautiful flower arrangement I received today. I am so blessed to have been able to give you a chance at life. Alicia made our initial connection and all the more reason why I stand behind the fact that it takes a village. She stood up for you when you were only 3 days old, and she pushed for your family to give you a Fighting Chance by giving you up to me. If it were not for her you would not be here. I just so happened to know how to keep you alive once you were in my possession, and now you will live a happy life surrounded by love.
I think it is safe to say that you are officially in your new home. Your new mommy and daddy love you so much :-) Thank you Julie, I know Annie is in the best hands.
This is why my ♡ goes on… Gina

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Painting With A Twist – May 3, 2018

3/17/18 – Bring out your inner artist and sign up today for our Painting With A Twist fundraiser — Thursday, May 3, 2018; doors open at 6:30 p.m. A night of laughter, raffles, wine, and hors d’oeuvres. Who knows — your painting might be nice enough to give to mom for mother’s day. diana…/1401368/painting with a twist 2018

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SaMour – She Was Going to be Used as Bait

3/16/18 – It is suspected that SaMour was being groomed as bait for dog fighting. Just a small girl, she was found locked up with a much larger dog. She is now safe; tested, vaccinated and spayed. Unlike our experience with so many dogs this year, SaMour tested negative for heart worm. We wish her a lifetime of fun and good health. ~ dianaSaMour w:sue 3:15:18samour 3:15:18

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