Buster – Surrendered by His Owner Diagnosed with Cancer; Fights for His Life

7/3/17 – Please say a prayer for Buster. Buster was surrendered by his family when his owner was diagnosed with cancer and they could no longer care for him. After a recent visit with his former family, he became very lethargic and had a decreased appetite. We authorized Buster to be seen by a veterinarian and it was determined that he may have been exposed to leptospirosis. Buster received treatment and we are awaiting the blood work results. He also appears to have contracted kennel cough. We will keep you updated. ~ dianabuster 7:3:177/5/17 – RIP Sweet Buster.  I’m sorry we couldn’t do more. ~ diana

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Fiery – Hit By Car and Didn’t Survive

6/30/17 – It was the night of the Detroit Fireworks when I received a call from one of the independent rescuers we often assist. A dog had been hit by a car earlier in the day and it appeared the legs were broken. I authorized the dog to be taken to the emergency and, finally, at about midnight, this very injured dog was seen by the doctor where it was determined that the pelvis was broken, there was severe trauma to the head, and other injuries. The doctor decided humane euthanasia was the best for this poor soul. Rest In Peace sweet one. We wish we could have done more. ~ dianaFirey - 6:30:17

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Lulu – Her Owner Died and the Family Members Didn’t Care

6/26/17 – This little one was found running in the middle of the road and while good samaritans were trying to rescue her, she got hit by a car. We were contacted because she was bleeding and there was concern about her injuries. She was immediately taken to a vet with our authorization and a microchip was found. Unfortunately, it was found that her owner had died and that she was left to family members who were contacted. Because of property/hold laws nothing could be done other than of an emergency nature so we made sure she was not in pain and was treated with antibiotics. As of today, the family has not returned the call and the person who rescued her has found a rescue who will take her in. Lulu is fine at this time but we will do whatever is necessary when needed. ~ dianalulu 6:26:17

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Daisy – Found Tied to a Tree Without Food or Water

6/23/17 – Meet Daisy. She was found tied to a tree with no food or water. Two very kind men working in the area, untied her, bought her food, and brought her in. It appeared she had a broken leg so we were called. Daisy was seen by one of the vets we work with and it was determined that Daisy did, in fact, had breaks that had healed over. It was recommended that Daisy’s leg be amputated. The doctor wanted to wait until Daisy, who was also emaciated, was healthier. So, we decided to take the opportunity to have Dr. Kern assess Daisy’s break before the leg is amputated just in case a prosthesis or therapy would be in order. One of the rescuers will be keeping Daisy for his own and we are very thankful that they contacted us. I will keep everyone updated. ~ dianadaisy 6:23:17

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Hammy – Rescued From the Street, Having Seizures, Finds His New Home

6/20/17 – We could not make these miracles happen without the support of our donors and the caring people who never turn their backs on the abandoned and abused. Little Hamilton was found running the streets, emaciated and later found to be having seizures. We were contacted for help and it was our pleasure. Here is the update from the rescuer:

“Very good people who are completely aware of Hammy’s medical needs with regards to his seizures and little quirks have adopted him. Meg mentioned that she had a cat that had diabetes and she had to give an injection to daily for years, so I think she’s good with loving a pet until the end. Her twin boys seemed enthralled with Hammy which made me super happy. They know they need to get him fixed and are planning to do that as soon as they can when his blood work comes back.

I think it’s a super great fit! They also know that if something doesn’t work out he needs to be returned to me but Meg kind of scoffed and said “he’s part of the family now. We don’t return family members.” (Their last name is Berger….so he’s Ham Berger.)

Thank you SO much for making this possible. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had to turn this little guy over to a shelter not knowing what was going to happen. And I couldn’t afford to take care of the vet expenses to make sure he was healthy. So THANK YOU.

Yay for happy endings! <3 Thanks again! You rock! ~ Katie”

Hammy 6:20:17Hammy 6:20:17 in new yard
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Nala – Left Behind by Her Owners When They Moved

6/18/17 – nala in new home 6:17:17Nala was left behind because her family moved into a home where she wasn’t allowed. Our very dear friend had been helping with Nala (with the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart) for quite awhile to make sure she received preventative treatments. When her family couldn’t take her with them, our friend jumped into action. And, here is the result. A brand new loving family who will give Nala all of the attention and love she deserves. Do you detect that smile on her face?? This is what it’s all about. Congratulations to all and may Nala have a long and loved life. ~ diana

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Louie – Bounced Around Between Shelters and a Home

6/16/17 – As I post these stories every day (sometimes more than one a day), I’m saddened to think of what would happen to these beautiful, loving animals if it weren’t for caring rescuers and 4 Paws 1 Heart. We are a very small organization — Gina and I supported, by a 7-member Board of Directors, and a village of animal lovers who will donate, foster, and support our fundraisers. This is Louie. He was pulled from a shelter by another shelter who then adopted him out. Not long after, Louie was returned to the shelter by his adopter because he had “stiff legs”. Fortunately, there was a person at the shelter who decided to take Louie in and because Louie seemed to be having trouble with his leg and was vomiting, she contacted us. Of course we took Louie under our wing. The doctor found that Louie has stomach ulcers, is very emaciated, and the problem with his legs is probably the result of being in shelters for so long. Louie is being treated and will have a follow up visit with the doctor. He is doing better already. ~ dianaLouie w:Jennessee -- 6:12:17

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Hope – Shot in the Head and Left in the Field to Die, Diagnosed With Heart Worm

6/13/17 – HOPE Update: Late yesterday I received a call from the vet advising me that Hope tested slightly positive for heart worm. She is scheduled to see the doctor on June 18 and she will be retested at that time. Please continue to pray for this very sweet girl. Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for any additional treatment needed because once we make a commitment, there is no going back. We appreciate all donations and you might want to consider giving that special dad, who has everything and loves animals (like my dad), a Father’s Day donation in his honor. I will gladly create a Father’s Day Card for you to present. Donations can be made by clicking the donation link on this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080 . ~ dianahope 6:9:17

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Smurf – Update

6/13/17 – smurf w:gina 6:13:17Little Smurf is going from my home to his new foster home soon. He will be going to one of our favorite rescues, Misfit Angels. He already has a potential home lined up with a friend and supporter of 4 paws 1 heart. Smurf survived Pavo Virus. Huge thanks to his Veterinarian, Dr Wright, and all of you who donated and kept him in your prayers. Here he has his new puppy stuffed animal that he loves so much. Gina

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Hunter – Rescued at 7 Weeks Old Dying of Parvovirus

6/13/17 – Although the majority of animals we help our felines, the canines we are asked to help often require much more money — such as our recent gunshot victim Hope, our other Hope who is a victim of heart worm, King and Luna who both had FHO surgeries, and a few others with heart worm. And now, puppies are being born with the parvo virus. Gina recently took in a puppy and a couple of weeks ago we were contacted about this sweet boy, Hunter. He was rescued at seven weeks old and tested positive for the parvo virus. The veterinarian came in after hours to start treatment and saved his life. He is now out of the hospital and will be looking for a forever home. If interested, contact Terissa4293@gmail.com ~ dianahunter w:Terissa 6:13:17

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