Connor Jackson – Wandering the Streets with No Owner in Sight

10/18/18 – Connor Jackson was found wandering the streets. Information has been posted on lost and found sites, but no owner could be found. This very sweet boy will be neutered, vaccinated, and tested complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous supporters. Connor Jackson will need a rescue organization and/or forever home. ~ diana jackson w:shelley emerson connorjackson w:shelley e connorjackson--w:shelley

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Cannoli – Now in His Forever Home in New York

10/17/18 – cannoli 10:17:18 cannoli--10:17:18 cannoli w:gina 9:27:18Cannoli update! This happy little energetic princess went from being found on the streets in terrible condition to now living in Brooklyn, New York. She traveled there on Monday and did great on her flight. Her new mommy is getting her settled in and we will have an updated pic soon. 4 paws 1 heart covered medical and we wish nothing but the best for Cannoli as she enters the next chapter of her journey. Gina

P.S. The last photo is when Gina first took Cannoli in. ~ diana

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Fluffy – Found on the Street Badly Matted, an Infected Bite Wound, and Infested with Fleas

10/10/18 – Fluffy was found on the street. The poor little guy was matted and loaded with fleas so bad that when he was shaved, he was red from blood from the fleas biting. He had a growth on the side of his face, along with a bite wound that had gotten infected. His system was full of bacteria which kept him hospitlized for over 2 weeks. His little system had formed little pimples filled with matter all around his penis area. He was treated aggressively with antibiotics and it eventually cleared. 4 paws 1 heart was happy to assist our friends at Make A Difference pay for Fluffy’s medical needs. If you are interested in giving Fluffy a forever home, please contact them directly. ~ dianafluffy 10:10:18

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Snoopy – Update

10/5/18 – Popeye was surrendered to one of the veterinary hospitals with whom we work. Popeye’s mom could no longer care for him because she has dementia. Unfortunately, Popeye was in very, very bad shape and needed an eye removed. The veterinary contacted Devoted Friends Animal Sanctuary and 4 Paws 1 Heart to see if we could help. We agreed to pay for the medical and Devoted Friends agreed to take Popeye and try to find him a forever home. Popeye had his surgery, and once again, it was a considerable expenditure but we are confident Devoted Friends will find him a purrfect home. Anyone interested in this very sweet boy should contacted Devoted Friends. Here are two before photos and two after surgery photos. ~ diana 9:26:18 snoopy 10:4:18 snoopy after 10:4:18

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Fatgirl – Almost Died Because She Was Never Spayed

10/4/18 – Fatgirl is a 13 year old rescue who had not been spayed. We were asked to pay for her to be spayed and, of course, I said, “at 13 — is it necessary”. Well, the doctor said yes to avoid her getting pyrometra. Pyrometra is a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female reproductive tract. It is a serious and life-threatening condition that must be treated quickly and aggressively.

So, I approved the spay and wouldn’t you know –– pyrometra was found along with mummified puppies in the womb. So what we thought would be a preventative spay turned out to be a life saving surgery. Who knows how much this girl suffered. Fatgirl is doing well after the surgery. Please, please spay/neuter your pets. If you have a little extra money, your donations would be very much appreciated.

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Snoopy – Left Outside for Months; Matted, Emaciated, with Many Teeth Needing Extractions

10/3/18 UPDATE: Snoopy needs a little more medical treatment than anticipated. He will need some tooth extractions, dental cleaning, treatment for mites and an ear infection.

10/2/18 – Meet Snoopy. Last week I received the following request for help: “A neighbor of my friend has had this dog outside for 6 to 8 months in all of the hot/ cold/wet weather. I have called animal control many times and they have done nothing. So I was over there and saw the lady outside; I walked up and asked if it was her dog. She said “yes do you want it?” I said yes and after her telling me the breed, name, and age and that she wont let him in the house because he peed on the floor, I took the dog home. He is matted badly. His feet look to be sore and bleeding and I’m unsure if he’s had shots or is fixed. He’s very scared but I have gotten him to eat and he’s doing ok. I just need help with his first vet checkup shots and fixed if need be and he needs a go hair cut and bath and i would love to keep him. I am aware i would pay for anything afterwards. Thank you for your time!”

Of course we said ‘yes’ and Snoopy saw the vet yesterday. I spoke to the doctor who discussed Snoopy’s medical exam with me and what would be done to take care of Snoopy’s horrible mats. Snoopy was given a heart worm test, had some blood drawn, and treated for possible infection. He was also treated for a serious infestation of fleas and the wonderful staff made arrangements for a groomer to take care of Snoopy’s mats while he was under and being neutered tomorrow . We are very thankful for the person who rescued this very scared and abused dog and for the many veterinarians who choose to work with us. ~ diana

snoopy 9:26:18 snoopy after 10:4:18
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Jim – Found Emaciated and Covered With Wounds – Now in His Forever Home

9/27/18 – Jim was found wandering the streets. He was very emaciated, covered in wounds, and had severe diarrhea. He was taken to one of our favorite vets where he received medical treatment which included neuter, vaccines, and a heart worm test. Jim is now safe and loved. ~ dianajim w:christiedenoyer 9:3:18 jim--w:christie denoyer 9:3:18 jimw:christiedenoyer 9:4:189/27/18 UPDATE:  Jim is literally a hand full, but we still love him no matter what obstacle he throws at us. (Like finding every which way out of he yard, including scaling the fence between our house and the neighbors. Still slowly introducing him to our dog, but everything is working out pretty well! I can’t believe he’s been with us for over a month now! 💖jim 9:27:18 jim--9:27:18 jim::9:27:18

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Skye – Rescued from a Neglectful Home

9/25/18 -A very emaciated and sick Skye was rescued from a neglectful home where there had been criminal activity. When Skye was taken to the vet by the rescue, she was found to have heart worm and we were asked to help. We did pay for Skye’s heart worm treatment which was completed in late August. As you can see, the rescue, Michigan Animal Crew, has done a great job in caring for Skye. Anyone interested in her should contact the rescue. ~ dianaskye 9:25:18 skye--9:24:18 skye++9:24:18 skye==9:24:18

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Logan, Stuart, Gus, Jacques, Valentina, and Loki – Found With a Severe Case of Ringworm

9/19/18 – These puppies were rescued with their mom by A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. For the past 6 weeks they have been going through treatment for ringworm and we were happy to help them get healthy. They are coming close to being ready for adoption and anyone interested in Logan, Stuart, Gus, Jacques, Valentina, and Loki should contact A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. ~ dianastuart 9:19:18 logan 9:16:18 gus 9:18:18 jacques 9:18:18 valentina 9:19:18 loki 9:19:18

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