Shy – She Was Tied to a Tree; Being Fed Scraps; She Had a Large Growth on Her Body

7/29/19 – Shy is a 9-10 year old female who was taken from a family who kept her tied to a tree, feeding her scraps, and never giving her any human interaction. She had a large growth hanging from her body when she was rescued. She is a very friendly, lack lab-boxer mix who would love to be loved and cared for. We were happy to help Erin’s Angels Rescue in paying for the growth to be removed and for her to be spayed. ~ dianashy 7:29:19

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Ginger – Rescued After Being Hit By A Truck – Update

7/23/19 – Last month I posted Ginger’s story. She was seen being hit by a truck but no one was around to claim her. A kind family brought her to the vet where it was determined that her leg was broken. The family could not afford to pay for her surgery so we were contacted. Ginger had the surgery and was doing fine but less than a month later, while out in her new yard, she broke her leg again. Unfortunately, this time, it required amputation. Ginger is again home and doing well. Her new family loves her.

Those of you who have pets know the cost of just the bare minimum of medical care let alone surgeries of this nature. Without our help (made possible by our donors), Ginger would have been humanely euthanized. But now, she will hopefully have a long life with a loving family.

This is why your support is so important. – dianaginger-61919 ginger 8:14:19 ginger 7:20:17

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Dreema – She Was the Last of a Litter Not to be Sold

7/22/19 – This little girl was going to be dumped after the rest of his litter had been sold. Fortunately, a rescuer whom we’ve helped in the past, was there to save her. We had her go to the doctor for a wellness check but last week I got an emergency call because Dreema was lethargic and we were all concerned. We were able to get her into a vet where she was given fluids. She is eating and doing well. My husband met her last week when he delivered some pet food and he says that she is a little doll. I think that’s obvious. ~ diana 7:22:19

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Spot (aka Manny) – Rescued Before Being Taken to a Shelter — Flea Infested and Emaciated

7/16/19 – Spot (aka Manny) spot w:shayla 7:15:19 spot 7:15:19==-1 spot 7:15:19---was ‘dumped’ with some people who could not care for her on a permanent basis. Before they could take her to a shelter, a friend of 4p1h took him in to try and find a forever home for him. Yesterday he was taken to the vet and although very malnourished (20 lbs. under weight), he tested negative for heart worm, but was flea infested and was treated for an ear infection. Anyone interested in this poor boy, who has been so bounced around, should contact Shayla at: – diana

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Toto – RIP SWEET BOY — After His Owner Died He Was Going to be Taken to a Shelter;

7/14/19 – RIP Sweet Toto – I received a frantic call late last Thursday about a 14 year old dog who had a seizure and was bleeding. Nicole, the person who contacted me, had just recently rescued Toto when his owner died. The family was going to take him to a shelter. And, having a senior dog already, Nicole couldn’t stand the thought and took him in. I authorized Toto to be seen by some of our favorite doctors at Advanced Animal Emergency where he was stabilized and given medication. Later that evening Toto was released with plans to have him seen the next day. Toto had a good night but Friday morning he had another seizure. Although they were booked, our great vet partner, Patterson Veterinary, took in Toto where he received x rays and blood work. Unfortunately, it was found that Toto had numerous issues with his organs. Under the doctor’s recommendation and agreement by Nicole, Toto was peacefully humanely euthanized. To lose two seniors in one week was absolutely devastating for Nicole and we sincerely thank her for taking in Toto and giving him much love in his final days. Here is a photo when he was rescued and one just before seeing the doctor on Friday. – Dianatoto 7:13:19 toto 7:11:19 w:nicole allen

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Louie – Wandering the Streets But When the Owner Was Found, He Was No Longer Wanted

7/9/19 – Reminder that we have two huge fundraisers happening now. First — vote every day to help us win $5,000 in the Free Star Financial Charity contest, Second, a $1,000 match for all donations received between now and July 15,2019.

In the mean time we are taking multiples calls a day requesting for animals found on the streets. Louie is one of them. A kind woman who we had helped before with two rescued kittens, found a very matted Louie wandering on the street. She was able to find his owner but the owner no longer wanted him. A signed surrender was officially obtained and the rescuer had Louie groomed and contacted our Board member, Denise, who contacted me. Louie was seen yesterday for a wellness exam and will be vaccinated, tested and neutered today. Louie does have cataracts but he is a bundle of energy. He gets along with cats, dogs, and kids and is house trained and knows some commands. After further discussion with the prior owner, it appears that this poor little guy has been passed around a lot. Louie needs a foster/forever home. Contact Denise at: – thanks, diana

louie 7:8:19 w:dee n
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Cinnamon – Abandoned at a Bus Stop

7/3/19 UPDATE: Cinnamon is having surgery on her tail today. She was seen yesterday. We’ll get an update later.

7/2/19 – Please say a little prayer for this very sweet dog. A very kind man was picking up his daughter at a bus stop and two people drove up and said they were being evicted and let the dog out of the car and drove off. The man took the dog home and contacted Animal Control who referred him to us for help. Cinnamon had a swollen paw and was chewing at her tail. The family, who couldn’t afford a vet visit, put a cone on her in hopes of keeping her away from her tail. The swelling in her paw got better but the tail was a concern. Unfortunately, one day she hid in the rescuer’s garage and it appears she chewed her tail off. She will be seen by our great doctors at Patterson and hopefully we can find out what happened. It is obvious that Cinnamon had been neglected by her previous owners. Here are before and after photos. ` diana
cinnamon before chewing her tail off 5:30:19 cinnamon 6:30:19

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Dexter – Rescued with an Injured Leg

6/28/19 – Dexter was rescued from the streets. His leg was severely swollen, possibly from a bite wound. He is also intact. We were contacted by a friend of 4p1h advising us of the situation and we approved Dexter’s visit to one of our partner vets. Dexter was seen and treated — thankfully in time. He will also be neutered and vaccinated once recovered.

Please consider the fact that the Spring and Summer months can be the worst for animals on the streets. They get hit by cars, they contract heart worm, and get severe upper respiratory infections. I know that many people are quick to donate during those harsh winter months because they can’t imagine being left in the cold suffering. But, unfortunately, cases tend to be worse this time of the year. Please donate today if you can. Thanks, diana

dexter 6:24:19
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Belfor – Found on the Streets with Heart Worm – Now Recovered and Loved

6/25/19 – Happy Update – It was early May when Belfor was rescued by a kind man while he was working on an electric circuit. Belfor was skin and bones and his hip bone kept popping out. Efforts were made to find an owner but none could be found. Belfor was taken to the vet where is hip issue was treated but he was found to be heart worm positive. That’s when we were called in to help. Belfor has completed his treatment and the only thing left is another visit to confirm the hear worm has gone. He has gained weight, has his energy back, is being taken for walks in the park and just made a new friend. The neighbors recently rescued a dog and the couples are positive the dogs must have known each other before because they have become best friends. Look at the difference that medical treatment and love can do in just a little more than 6 weeks.

As anyone knows, who has had the misfortune of a pet being diagnosed with heart worm, heart worm treatment is very expensive but it can be avoided by providing year-round preventative. As they say in the commercials, it only takes one mosquito to infect your dog with the deadly worms.

We have helped with several heart worm dogs, broken legs, and eye removals this past Spring– not to mention all of the neuters/spays. Without the support of our donors and our community businesses, these animals would not have a chance. We are sincerely thankful; but, as always, must ask that if you find yourself with a little extra money, please consider making a donation to save a life. ~ diana 6:24:19 belfor w:lauren 5:16:19

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