Ralph – Abandoned by His Owners

7/26/18 – While looking for a home to rent, Gabrielle came across a dog who had been chained and left outside 24/7. She was told that he had been abandoned three months prior; the owner of the rental was planning to take him to the shelter. Instead, Gabrielle decided to rescue him, only to find out that Ralph was heart worm positive. Ralph is an amazing dog who, in just this short time, has become Gabrielle’s service dog. He senses when she will have a seizure and has actually helped her when she’s had a seizure by getting on top of her and licking her face. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be paying for Ralph’s heart worm treatment which will begin this week. ~ diana

ralph 7:26:18
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Riot – Continues Fight to Live

7/23/18 – Riot Update – This is as of last night. Riot’s white blood cell count has gone up which is a good thing. Unfortunately, she may need plasma in that her protein levels dropped. Her temperature was still normal but she is still having issues with vomiting and diarrhea. Please understand that because we are no longer financially responsible for Riot, we are leaving all contacts with the veterinary hospital with Riot’s medical sponsor. ~ diana

7/25/18 – Riot Update. As of yesterday, Riot is stable. She has eaten some baby food but unfortunately still has diarrhea. A huge thank you to our friends who were able to take on Riot’s medical care so that we could continue helping the many others who come to us for help. ~ diana

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Riot – Continues to Fight the Fight

7/22/18 – Riot Update: Riot’s feeding tube has been removed and she is feeding from a syringe. Her white blood cell count has gone up although still below normal. She is taking her oral meds and if she continues on this trend, she may be able to go home in 48 hours. She needs to eat on her own and be able to hold the food down. Thank God for the ‘Village’. ~ diana

riot 7:19:18

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Rosie Roo – Found Wandering the Streets at Over 15 Years Old

7/22/18 – It was December, 2016 when Rosie Roo, at 15 (?) years old was found wandering the streets with no one claiming her. Shortly after, she had 20 teeth removed. She is a senior girl who was so lucky to find her way into the heart of the Chance Team as well as mine. She is the very sweetest and we are so very thankful that she is able to live out the rest of her life with much love and care. ~ diana

“ROSIE ROO: Hi everybody…its me…Rosie Roo⚘
Can we say YAY to finally having solid poo today!!!! YAY!!!!
But…Dr. Z says the results of my bloodwork shows a lot of my numbers being all out of whack soooo, to be safe we are going ahead with the ultrasound of my tummy on Wednesday and then see from there. I’m super lucky to have an awesome Dr. Like Dr. Z thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart! Mom says for me not to worry one bit cus 4 Paws, Dr. Z, Auntie Di & mom are working together to find out what’s going on. Sooo, I’m not going to worry! I’m going to have my nitenite treat and off to bed I go! And dont you worry either, cus Dr. Z is the best and we got this…right mom?
MOM: Right Roo!
ROO: See, there you go! Sweet dreams Team and we’ll see you all tomorrow 🌞
Love & Licks Roo, Chance & the Gang”rosie roo 7:21:18

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Riot – Continues His Fight Against the Parvo Virus

7/20/18 2:10 pm UPDATE: Thank you to all who have donated to Riot’s care. I’m relieved to report that another member of our ‘Village’ has agreed to take on future medical bills for Riot which may require days of hospitalization. Unfortunately, our organization was just not capable of that kind of potential commitment. But, rest assured, that all of the dollars donated for her care will be used for what has thus far been incurred. I have been assured that everything is being done to help Riot get through this horrendous virus. -diana

7/20/18 – Continue Prayers for Riot. Just spoke with the doctor and Riot’s condition is not promising. Her diarrhea is worse and the doctors expect her to need hospitalization for days. We will continue to be in close touch with the hospital. To be very honest, I don’t know what to do because as a non-profit with limited funds, I have to consider the many other animals who continue to need our help. Although very difficult to accept, you can understand why municipal shelters like Detroit Animal Control and others have to make that very difficult decision to euthanize a parvo positive puppy. I will keep everyone updated. ~ dianariot 7:19:18==7/21/18 – Riot Update: She is holding her own and fighting hard. The good news is that her temperature is holding and her white blood cell count, although dangerously low, has held the same over 24 hours. Over the first couple days, it was dropping steadily. Please continue your prayers and positive energy for this baby. She is getting the best care possible. ~ diana

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Riot – Fighting the Parvo Virus

Update: just found out Riot is a girl.
7/19/18 – Dear Friends, It’s been one stressful day for not only me, but our rescuers, and our poor little boy, Riot. We need your prayers and anything you can afford to donate. In fact, a supporter has offered to MATCH up to $1,000 in donations between now and next week, Friday, July 27, 2018 to help us with the two parvovirus dogs we took on over the past week. Please help by donating at: http://4paws1heart.com/

RIOT Update: After 24 hours in emergency, Riot was moved to a day practice in hopes of getting him appropriate medical treatment at less of a cost. As you know, it’s imperative that we not only think about the animal but we have to watch our expenses. Unfortunately, it was not too long when I realized that I made a mistake and should have kept this sweet boy at the emergency. So, off he went again to the Emergency hospital. Riot’s white cell levels have been consistently dropping but we still have hope. Little did I know that puppies have less of a chance of beating parvo because they are already starting out with a very limited immune system. He is now having a feeding tube installed while getting fluids and other drugs. Please say a prayer, send some positive energy, and, if you can donate what you can by using the donate link on the left side of this page. Thank YOU, dianariot 7:19:18 riot 7:19:18==

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Riot – While in the Municipal Shelter, She Tested Positive for Parvo and Was Going to be Euthanized

7/18/18 – We have now committed to helping a second parvo virus positive puppy in just a little over a week and any donations would be greatly appreciated.
Riot is just a puppy who was going to be euthanized at the Detroit Animal Control after being tested positive for the parvo virus. Please understand that municipal shelters just don’t have the means to provide medical in these situations. Although he was not showing symptoms at the time, the fact that he tested positive was enough for the death sentence. I was contacted last night and over night, he started to show signs of the virus. He is on his way to the emergency now. We hope we have been able to catch this deadly virus soon enough for full recovery.
If you can help, donations can be made by using the ‘donation’ link on the left side of this page. Or by mail, at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thank you and please send a prayer and some positive energy. ~ diana

P.S. Update on Thor – After 3 hospital visits, we believe he has turned the corner. He is now finally eating solid food.riot 7:18:18

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