Freya – Used as a Bait Dog

3/4/19 – Her savior named her Freya. Freya may have been used as a bait dog. She had several bite wounds and scars on her body, very malnourished with a broken tail, injured jaw, and missing teeth. Her rescuer was able to get her away from her abuser and contacted us for help. Freya was seen by Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. Dr. Z determined that Freya’s tail will have to heal on its own. Her jaw was not broken but she is missing multiple teeth. Her existing teeth are healthy so the doctor believes she was probably kicked in the face which caused the teeth to fall out. After some healing occurs, Freya will be spayed. Please pray that this girl can forget what she’s been through and enjoy the love of her rescuer. ~ diana
Your donations save lives. 3:4:19

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Lulu – Rescued as a Stray and Not Yet Adopted. She Has Cataracts and an Abscessed Tooth

3/1/19 – Lulu Belle showed up as a stray one day. Several attempts were made to find her owner but she was never claimed. The kind, elderly man who found her continued to care for her although he could not afford it. A rescue friend has been providing food but now this senior girl needs some serious medical assistance and we were contacted for help. Lulu Belle had been bumping into walls and getting disoriented when she is outside in the bright snow. We made arrangements for her to be seen by one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital.
Lulu Belle was seen the next day and it was determined that she does have a cataract. But, what might have been causing the disorientation and the bumping into walls, is an abscessed tooth which needs to be extracted as well as an overall dental.. Lulu Belle had her vaccines updated was given antibiotics and and she tested negative for heart worm. Dr. Zalac did not believe the cataracts were an issue at this time but if they appear to be a problem in the future, the eye will be treated with medication. Her dental surgery was completed February 27, 2019 and she had to have 9 teeth extracted!! Can you imagine the pain this girl must have been in??? She is still feeling pretty miserable but she is getting lots of love and our rescue friend is making sure she has the proper food to eat. Please say a little prayer that Lulu Belle feels better soon. ~ diana
Your donations save lives!
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
lulu belle 2:18:19 w:megan blass lulu belle w:megan 2:16:19== lulu belle w:megan blass 2:16:19 lulu belle w:megan blass 2:28:19 lulubelle 2:27:19

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Rosie Roo – Provides a Team Chance Update & We Are So Thankful for Dr. Zalac

2/26/19 – Nothing more to say but thank you for all that you do for us Dr.Natalie Zalac.

rosie roo 2:26:19 rosie roo w:dr. z 2:26:19“Hey Team Chance, it’s me….Rosie Roo with tonights nitenite post. Moms & Oliver are super busy tucking everybody in & passing out meds and ummm… checking tushys for eeewy 💩 since we got a bug going around here. Poor Trixie is pretty miserable tonight which we expected after her extensive dental work today.
But….shed going to feel soooo much better after she heals! Honestly, besides 4 Paws 1 Heart we dont know what we would do without Dr. Z (Zalac)!!! Shes our go to for everything vet! We really depend on her expertise and compassion to keep us all healthy and to help mom decisions that are best for us. As you all know Dr. Z opened up her very own state of the art beeeeauuutiful animal hospital. So we would love it if all our friends would show Dr. Z and her amazing staff some love by going to their page at Orion Animal Hospital and hitting that like button!!! And if you live in our area, go check out her hospital…you will love it and you’ll love Dr. Z just as much! Thankyou Team, we sure appreciate it!
Well sweet dreams Team & we’ll see you in the morning! Love Roo & the Gang”

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Roscoe – Adopted

2/25/19 – So happy to share this great news!!! Here was his story when we were contacted:

1/3/19 – Roscoe showed up on a porch in Detroit. He is in rough shape. He has a skin irritation that has caused fur loss, scabbing, and scaling up his whole back side. He has a limp in one of his front paws that seems to be caused from an injury. He has many missing teeth and what is there, are mostly rotten. He is also heart worm positive. And as if that wasn’t enough, he has a large tumor on his back that will have to be biopsied to find out if it’s cancerous. 4 Paws 1 Heart is funding Roscoe’s heart worm treatment and anyone interested in this sweet dog should contact our friends at Rebel Dogs Detroit who rescued him. Please remember him in your prayers. ~ diana
Thank God for good people!! w:juniper 1:2:19 roscoe w:rebel dogs 1:2:19 roscoe 2:24:19Congratulations to Roscoe and his new Papa!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO is this boy LUCKY! It’s not everyday a wonderful human opens their hearts and homes to a senior in need. Thank you so much. Roscoe will give you many moments of joy and laughter for the rest of his life! He is a treat! A treat who loves treats. Rebel Dogs Detroit”

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Charlee – Locked in a Room, Not Fed, and His Owner Beat Him

2/25/19 – Meet Charlee. While I was on vacation I received the following message from Craig who we have helped in the past:
“I saved a dog who was locked in a room, not fed for a month, and 2 weeks ago, his owner shook a newborn to near death. They beat this dog and put a cigarette out on his foot. His owner surrendered him to me. I bought him a huge cage and we took him to a dog wash as he was covered in urine and had bad frost bite on his testicles. His feet had spots on them. Since then I have taken him to all about animals for a rabies shot and deworming. We have him eating small meals to bring him back. He’s getting better day by day. He seems super friendly and enjoys everything . It took me about 45 minutes to gain his trust; he was scared and unsure. But we could use some help in his vaccines and neutering. If you can help us we have also been feeding a group of dogs and are planning to catch the dogs. They are real skittish and I can see the one dog is a mother and it’s been living in a burned- out house in Detroit. We also team up with people in groups that need help catching dogs.”

Charlee will be going to the vet tomorrow and if anything further is needed because of his prior abuse to his body, we will be there for him. Thanks to the kindness of Sam’s Club and their employees, we were also able to drop off some food, treats, and a huge dog bed to Craig over the weekend. We have told Craig that is he needs further help, we will be there as long as we have the funds. Anyone interested in adopting his rescues, should contact Craig at: . – diana w:craig 2:25:19 charlee w:craig lester 2:22:19

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Chase and Rocky – Rescued at 4 Weeks Old After Their Mom Died

2/22/19 – Meet Chase and Rocky. At 4 weeks old, their mom’s breast “exploded” and the owners were unable to save her. They couldn’t keep the puppies and surrendered them to a friend who fed them “squashed up” dog food with supplemental milk from the pet store. When they turned 8 weeks old, he turned to us for medical help. The puppies received their vaccinations and were dewormed. We have committed to paying for their second round of vaccines and neuter when it’s time. These little guys are receiving lots of love with their new dad. ~ dianarocky w:brian 2:13:19 rocky and chase 2:13:19chase w:kiehler 2:13:19

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Autumn – Rescued from an Abusive Situation

2/16/19 – Prayers, please, for Autumn. She was recently rescued from an abusive situation. She is only 4 months old and was allegedly vaccinated but no one has been able to get records. Over the last two days, she has been vomiting and has diarrhea. We were able to get her into a vet last night and a parvo test was done and was negative but the doctor wants to follow up with a lab. In the mean time, she is back with her rescuer after receiving fluids and meds. We will keep everyone updated. ~ diana w:rachel g 2:15:19 autumn w:rachel gerstner 2:15:19

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Bonnie and Clyde – Found on a Detroit Freeway

2/14/19 – A perfect Valentine story for Valentine’s Day. Meet Bonnie and Clyde. Both were seen on the side of a freeway in Detroit.  bonnie 2:14:19 Clyde 2:14:19Upon seeing them, a caring man pulled his car over and was able to catch Bonnie. Then another caring man pulled over and helped with catching Clyde. The rescuer then contacted police and Detroit Animal Control and took them to a vet to scan for a microchip — nothing. The rescuer was allowed to keep the dogs during the stray hold and while attempts were made to find an owner — still no owner came forward. Bonnie and Clyde quickly became attached to the rescuer who is in the process of moving into a new home which will be perfect for them. Love is all around. – diana

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Noel – Needs Our Prayers

I am desperately asking for your prayers and for a miracle. In Jan 2016 I was working at emergency when this beautiful girl that we named Noel, was brought in. She was dying of Parvo virus. The family could not afford to treat medically, they were breeding to sell pups for money, and they decided to bring her home despite my offer to surrender her to 4 paws 1 heart for care. A couple days later they brought her back offering to surrender her because she was on the brink of death. We immediately provided the most aggressive care for parvo treatment which involved a blood transfusion, medications, days of hospitalization and IV fluids. This little 5 month old pup was so dehydrated and had lost so much weight, but she survived. I used a couple sweaters that belonged to my dog so that she could keep warm while she was hospitalized.

She made a full recovery and was adopted into a very loving home. The best home I could ask for. I have just received news that she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am begging for prayers. I have posted a few before and after pictures along with a couple messages from her mom from when she was initially adopted. It is not fair.. My heart is breaking for this family. Ginanoel 2016 noel 2019

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Eva – She Lived in the Woods for 4 Months Before She Could Be Caught

2/11/19 – Last week I received the following message:
“I have finally secured a beautiful girl who had been living in the woods for at least 4 months. Our journey has been one of many long days and a lot of tears. I knew I had to do everything possible to save her. My friend, Shelley E., suggested I contact you. – Angel”
Of course we were there for Eva. Thankfully she was found heart worm negative, she received her vaccines, and flea medications, and will be spayed this week. What would these innocent animals do without the people who don’t turn their backs!!! ~ diana

Eva w:angel sccott 2:5:192/21/19 – UPDATE – Look at Eva now.  After 4 months living in the frigid cold, in the woods, fending for herself, she is now the apple of her rescuer’s eyes and looks pretty comfy on her couch..eva 2:8:19
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