Samson – Bought from a Guy on the Street

6/14/19 – A good friend of 4p1h, who is always there to help an animal in need, came across a man trying sell a 4-week old puppy. He kept yelling at the puppy to “shut up” while the puppy laid on the early April, cold cement. Shelley could think of nothing other than to buy the puppy to save him from an unknown, potentially dangerous fate. Before she did that, though, she contacted us to see if we would cover the medical and of course we said yes. Samson was taken to the vet and he was given a wellness exam and dewormed; he was too young for any vaccines. After contacting some animal rescues, Rebel Dogs Detroit agreed to take in Samson where he will be well taken care of. It truly takes a village. – diana
#Samson the Puppysamson w:shelley 6:1:19

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Rosey – Found on the Streets, Heart Worm Positive

6/13/19 – Rosey was found on the streets and found to be heart worm positive. Her initial treatment while being fostered was not successful and she had to begin the more aggressive heart worm treatment. Our friends at Streethearts Animal Rescue asked for help and we were happy to be there for Rosey. Let’s pray that this time treatment is successful. She is a beauty. ~ dianaRosey w:streetherts 6:3:19

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Patches – Dumped in a Park and Rescued by the Police; She is Heart Worm Positive

6/10/19 – A woman who is on the ‘Animal 911 Contact List’ in Genesee County contacted us about a dog found in a park. The police contacted her about two dogs they felt were dumped in the park. Unfortunately, only Patches could be caught. Patches was taken to a vet to be spayed, vaccinated, and tested. Unfortunately, she was found positive for heart worm and we were contacted for help. Patches is only about 1 year old and we are thankful that we can help this beautiful, abused dog get a second chance at life. ~ diana 6:10:19

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Bailey – Neglected and Abused and then Dumped

6/6//19 – Meet Bailey. He has a very sad story of neglect and inappropriate treatment for heart worm. Although he had been ‘rescued’ from the streets and put into a foster, those who had promised to care for him let him down and eventually ‘dumped’ him on another person who is an individual rescuer. His new rescuer contacted us because after many months, Bailey still has heart worm and we were asked to help. Bailey will start treatment this week. And, although we know that he has already suffered damage to his heart and will require more crate rest, we pray that Bailey will be able to live a happy dog life after the treatment is complete.
As an additional note, this is the second request for heart worm help in the past week, all while we continue to get requests for help with kittens needing to be spayed/neutered, and cats being found with severe eye conditions and upper respiratory infections. We can’t say ‘yes’ without the support of our friends and donations have been very slow. Please, if you can, consider making a donation today so that we can continue to help those who have no one else. Thanks, diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

bailey---6:6:19 bailey -- 6:3:19 bailey 6:6:19HAPPY UPDATE:  Another blood test was taken prior to heart worm treatment starting and, by some miracle, Bailey tested heart worm NEGATIVE
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Ellie – Found on the Streets – An Owner Could Not Be Found

6/5/19 – Ellie was found on the streets. She had no identification and an owner could not be found. A good friend of 4p1h found her and contacted us for help in getting her medical needs addressed. We were happy to approve heart worm test (thankfully negative), basic vaccines, and spay. As you can see, she is now loved and resting comfortably with her new family. ~ diana 6:5:19

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Daisy – Kept in a Kennel 24/7

6/3/19 – Meet Daisy. She is just 1 and 1/2 years old. Her owner kept her in an outdoor kennel 24/7 and she was never socialized. She was never vaccinated or spayed. When she started showing some behavioral issues, the owner threatened to release her to let her either die or be tortured on the streets or to be ‘rescued’. Our 4p1h friend, Cortney, has taken in Daisy and she will be providing training and finding her a forever home. We were happy to cover Daisy’s medical treatment which includes vaccinations, heart worm test, and, most importantly, spaying. ~ diana daisy 6:3:19

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Oscar – Found on a Busy Highway With a Tow Chain Around His Neck

5/27/19 – I hope all of our supporters had a Memorial Day filled with family, friends, memories and love. Although we were busy in the St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade, remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice – both human and canine. Calls for help still come in. This is Oscar.

Oscar was standing at the side of a busy highway with a tow chain around his neck. Several times he was almost hit by a car before a kind man stepped up and rescued him . Oscar was very emaciated and lethargic and very frightened. Thankfully we were able to get him into one of our vets who took care of immediate needs and scheduled him to be neutered this week. Thankfully, he is heart worm negative. He is a very sweet and frightened soul who may be going to a permanent home this week. We couldn’t continue to help those in need without the support of our friends. ~ diana
oscar 5:28:19 oscar -- 5:28:19

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Teddy – One of 35 Dogs Being Used for Testing Who Was Scheduled to be Euthanized

This is my personal hair and nail salon. I only use Paul Mitchell products. And, I’m so thankful for the love that my friend Dave Rubello and his wife, Gretchen, have for abused animals. I met Teddy last week and my heart broke thinking what he and so many animals used for product testing go through. The little guy doesn’t bark or anything but you can tell how appreciative he is for being saved. This may be inappropriate but I feel product testing should be done on murderers on death row where there is no doubt about their conviction.

“Paul Mitchell Products has pet friendly dog free testing policies..Teddy pictured with me, was experimented on with chemicals over the past years, with over 30 other of his beagle friends and was due to be destroyed in July by Dow is living proof that they were about to make the wrong decision in killing them. Teddy appreciates you not using domestic pet dog testing products. – Dave Rubello”Teddy w:dave rubello 5:25:19

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Blu – Happy Update – Finds His Permanent Family

5/24/19 – Blu was left homeless when his owner committed suicide.The friends who took him in were then evicted and they could no longer care for him. Fortunately, our friend, Cortney, brought him into her rescue and one month later, he’s been adopted. He looks pretty happy. ~ diana

blu 5:23:19 blu 5:23:19 w:cortney“Sweet Blu has been adopted and is enjoying his new family! Every picture I’ve seen was all smiles from Blu. I want to say a huge thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for backing his medical, Sara Holtzman for doing everything in her power to get this babe to safety and last but not least Stephanie Scully and her patient husband for fostering him. Also to his new family with Nicole Szabla for giving him the best shot at a bright future with lots of love! Blu would have ended up in a shelter if it weren’t for all of you, but he made it safely to his forever home and very quickly at that! This is why i do what I do, look at that face! No I’m not crying, you’re crying! ❤️ #rescueon – Cortney”

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Belfor – Found Emaciated and Heart Worm Positive

5/22/19 – While working as a contractor for the electric utility, a caring man came across a starving dog. The dog’s hip bone seemed to be coming “out of his skin” and he had many scars and scabs. He and his girlfriend took Belfor to a vet and although the hip issue was corrected, Belfor was found to be heart worm positive. They were told to contact us and we said ‘yes’. Belfor started his 30-day regiment yesterday and will receive his final treatments in about one month. The couple were unable to find his owners but they have fallen in love with him. So very often, owners dump their pets on the street once they find out there is an expensive medical issue. That’s my assumption because this seems to happen far too often. Prayers for this 3-4 year old boy. ~ diana

belfor w:lauren 5:16:19 belfor --w:lauren 5:16:19
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