Sweet Pea – Happy 9th Anniversary Update

8/20/19 – Since Gina posted her Happy Anniversary to 4 Paws 1 Heart, many of our friends have been posting updates of the animals we were able to give a second chance at life. You can read most of their stories on our website: 4paws1heart.org or check out the ‘Notes’ on this fb page.

Here is Sweet Pea’s story from 2012:

7/6/12 The Eastpointe Animal Control Officer (ACO) was contacted by a groomer in Eastpointe reporting a case of serious neglect/abuse. He had a Pomeranian mix, male, neutered, 10 lbs. and about 7 years old. The dog was matted with feces with flies stuck to it and totally consumed with hundreds of maggots who had actually at holes in his poor little body; his nails were 1 and 1/2 inches overgrown. The ACO immediately took the animal to the East Detroit Animal Hospital who kindly stepped up to the plate without an advanced payment. There the maggots were removed and the dog was shaved but the dog still required additional veterinary care. The ACO contacted the owner to advise of the dire condition of the dog and to tell her that the dog needed additional medical treatment. She claimed that she had been in the hospital with a heart condition and her dog, Sweetpea, had been in the care of a friend. She also said that she didn’t have the money to take him to a vet or to pay the vet the ACO had taken him to for initial treatment. The ACO contacted Gina and asked if 4P1H could help. Gina told him that if the woman could produce proof that she was, in fact, in the hospital and proof of who had been caring for the dog, that 4P1H would help with the medical bills (although that is not typically what 4P1H does). The woman could not provide proof and obviously had been lying; it further appeared that the dog had just been neglected and kept in a crate. The woman wanted the dog back but the ACO miraculously talked the woman into surrendering the dog and brought the dog, after hours on his own time, to the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center. At the Center, Sweetpea was further treated for his infestations, stabilized, and put on IV fluids. He is totally traumatized by what he has been forced to go through. Charges cannot be pressed in Eastpointe because it turns out that the woman is a Detroit resident. If the City of Eastpointe does not pay the vet bill at the East Detroit Animal Hospital, 4P1H will pay that bill as well as the costs for the medical treatment and Sweetpea’s stay at the Critical Care Center. He should be ready for adoption in about a week.

Our dear friends at NBS Animal Rescue took in Peanut, who went through so much more afterward. But, look at him today! Please remember that none of use could do what we do without the support of our community. Also, this week you can have your donation doubled by donating at:
4paws1heart.org/donatins/ – diana

  • sweetpea7:8:12 sweet pea sweetpea 8:18:19
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Petey – Found Roaming the Streets with a Cherry Eye, an Eye Infection, Ear Infections, and a Hip Wound

8/20/19 – Petey was found roaming the streets. This very sweet boy has a cherry eye and an eye infection, severe ear infections, and a wound on his hip. The rescuer attempted to find an owner without success. Petey was taken to one of our partner vets last week and he is scheduled to have his cherry eye removed and will also be neutered and vaccinated. He also had his infections and wounds treated. Every individual rescuer and rescue group we’ve helped, has regularly said “We don’t know where we could be without your organization. Thank YOU” – Diana
Please don’t forget about our $1,000 match campaign through 8/25/19.
4paws1heart.org/donations/petey w:robin through sharon 8:6:19 petey w:robin 8:6:19

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Azela, Vortex, Izzy & Sox, Cannoli, Samantha, Brutus, Skippy, Onyx, Orphan Kittens, Annie, Bubba, Ellie, Hercules, Stray Kitten, and Katniss – Happy Update Photos

stray kitten 8:2019 Katniss (left)8:19:198/19/19 – 9 years ago Diana Rascano and I began an organization to help stray cats and dog’s by paying for medical care. The idea was we would help that injured or sick stray on the side of the road so that he/she would not suffer. We would help alleviate their pain. Once stabilized that stray animal would be networked for placement if no owner was found.
Our 9th Anniversary was yesterday. Since then we have branched out and we have been able to help thousands of animals.
I have learned so much along the way..
Without the support of our board members, our significant others, the veterinarians, the hospital staff, the individual rescuers, the rescue groups, the shelters, the animal control officers, the law enforcement, and all of the hard work of Diana, we would not be where we are today.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
This organization means so much to me…words can not describe.
I am just going to add a few pictures of the animals that 4 paws 1 heart has given a 2nd chance to. Each one of these animals has a back story.. It could be abuse, starvation, sick, orphaned, dumped, etc.. The important thing is they would not be where they are today without the support of “4 paws 1 heart” and that’s why we need to keep going. They need us.♡  Read the stories of Azela, Vortex, Izzy and Sox, Cannoli, Samantha, Brutus, Skippy, Onyx, Orphan Kittens, Annie, Bubba, Ellie, Hercules, Stray Kitten, Katniss.stray kitten 8:2019Katniss (left)8:19:19hercules 2019ellie 8:19:19Bubba 8:19:19annie 2019 Orphan Kittens gina bottle fed 8:2019onyx 2019 skippy 2019brutus 2019samantha 2019finnandmini me 2019cannoli 2019izzy and sox 2019vortex 2019azela 2019– Gina

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Ginger – Update

8/14/19 – Another Happy Beginning as the Charity contest winds down and we get ready for our Fun 5k on August 17.

You might remember Ginger. We were contacted in early June about a dog who had been seen getting hit by a truck and no one claimed her. A kind couple rescued her, brought her to a vet and it was determined that her leg was broken. We were then contacted for help. Ginger had surgery and we hoped that would be the end of her suffering. But, unfortunately, not long after the surgery, Ginger broke her leg again and it required amputation. Yesterday I got word from her rescuer (new forever family) that Ginger is doing great and behaving as any puppy would — playful. She is still at that awkward stage when her legs are growing faster than she can handle. The family loves her and says they are forever grateful we were there for all of them. Here’s her now and before photos. ginger 8:14:19 ginger-61919

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Noelle – Rescued in 2015, Now Needs Your Prayers

8/11/19 noelle12:12:15 Noelle12:11:15 Noelle 8:7:19I wanted all of our friends to say a prayer for our Noelle. She was brought into the emergency where Gina worked in December, 2015. She was dying of the parvo virus, but of course, with Gina’s love and care along with the staff, Noelle survived and was adopted to a loving family. Unfortunately, I just learned that Noelle has lymphoma. She has had cancer treatments and is in remission but the doctors have said the cancer can’t be cured. We are so thankful to her loving family who has fought to take care of our girl. ~ diana

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Bug – Rescued From a Very Dangerous Area

8/8/19 – Bug was rescued by a good friend of 4p1h. He was running the streets in a very dangerous area. Bug is now with our friends at Rebel Dogs Detroit and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be paying for his final medical needs — neuter, vaccines, heart worm test. Anyone interested in this handsome guy should contact Rebel Dogs Detroit, a great rescue who we’ve worked with from their beginning. – dianabug 8;:7:19 bug 8:8:19

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Rosey – Rescued with Heart Worm

8/4/19 – Dear Friends, We have had a lot going on this past Summer and Spring. We’ve had more serious cases than I’ve seen in the 8 years we’ve been in existence. But for every animal we are too late to help, there are hundreds more living in their furever homes, happy and healthy because of your generosity and support. And, even more importantly, no longer reproducing. Today I just got word about Rosey. Rosey had been in foster care for awhile and was receiving year-round preventative. But, somehow, she contracted heart worm. In early June we were able to get her into treatment, and today I was notified that Rosie is heart worm free!!!! Rosey is up for adoption but will need a home without other animals. She is 7 years old and 70 lbs. She loves children and is best suited to be the only pet in the home. She loves to play fetch & swim! If you are interested in meeting Rosey, please contact Streethearts Animal Rescue.

And don’t forget to vote for 4 Paws 1 Heart and get chance to win $500 while helping us meet the critical needs of abandoned/stray/abused animals. Thanks, Dianarosey june 2019 rosey August 2019

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Coco – Roaming the Streets; Mite Infested; Emaciated; With a Wound on Her Body

7/30/19 – Coco was found roaming the streets. Her ears were mite infested, she was very emaciated, and had a wound on her body. She was in desperate need for a bath, some love, and medical attention. After trying all avenues, no owner could be found. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to cover Coco’s medical and she is doing well with her rescuer. Please keep in mind that there is no other organization in our region which will assist good Samaritans who don’t want to turn their back on an animal in need. Far too many times, people will just dump their pet for a variety of reasons. These “independent” rescuers have the love but they most often don’t have the finances for the unexpected cost. Please continue to make a difference by donating to 4paws1heart.org/donations/coco 7:30:19 coco =7:30:19 coco 7:30:19--

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Shy – She Was Tied to a Tree; Being Fed Scraps; She Had a Large Growth on Her Body

7/29/19 – Shy is a 9-10 year old female who was taken from a family who kept her tied to a tree, feeding her scraps, and never giving her any human interaction. She had a large growth hanging from her body when she was rescued. She is a very friendly, lack lab-boxer mix who would love to be loved and cared for. We were happy to help Erin’s Angels Rescue in paying for the growth to be removed and for her to be spayed. ~ dianashy 7:29:19

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