Thumper, Peeps, and Cadbury – The Easter Kittens Now in Their Forever Home

6/13/17Update on the 3 easter babies that I was fostering. Thumper, Cadbury, and Peeps were all adopted into the same home. They are doing great. ♡ They are spoiled and loved… Thank you all for your support. They went from an abandoned home to this. I love happy endings. ♡ Oh and they all have new names :) Paws, Jack, and Taz… GinaEaster Babies, Thumper, cadbury and peeps 6:13:17,

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Hunter – Rescued at 7 Weeks Old Dying of Parvovirus

6/13/17 – Although the majority of animals we help our felines, the canines we are asked to help often require much more money — such as our recent gunshot victim Hope, our other Hope who is a victim of heart worm, King and Luna who both had FHO surgeries, and a few others with heart worm. And now, puppies are being born with the parvo virus. Gina recently took in a puppy and a couple of weeks ago we were contacted about this sweet boy, Hunter. He was rescued at seven weeks old and tested positive for the parvo virus. The veterinarian came in after hours to start treatment and saved his life. He is now out of the hospital and will be looking for a forever home. If interested, contact ~ dianahunter w:Terissa 6:13:17

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Trap/Neuter/Return – The Kittens Keep Coming

6/12/17 – Since August, 2010, we have paid medical bills for over 4,000 cats and dogs. 75% of those animals have been cats/kittens. It’s not because we seek out felines. Felines are capable of producing more offspring for nearly their entire life. Cats are most prone to be ‘dumped’ by owners when they are no longer wanted because people believe all cats can live in the wild. And, many owners allow their cats to roam freely, often when they are not spayed/neutered, thus resulting in the overpopulation of stray and unwanted kittens. Every time we assist an animal, it will always include spay/neuter. And, even with all of those cats assisted over almost 7 years, we are still inundated with requests to help stray and abandoned felines. Here are nine kittens, all with varying stages of upper respirator infection, recently rescued by our friend Charlotte Y. who not only does TNR (trap, neuter, return) by she also conducts classes. Although these babies are too young to be spayed/neutered, once 4 Paws 1 Heart commits, we follow through until everyone is healthy, fixed and appropriately vaccinated. ~ diana

kittens w:charlotte y 6:12:17
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Smurf – His Owner Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and Surrendered Him as He Was Dying of Parvovirus

Meet “Smurf”♡
Last week he was diagnosed with parvo virus which is a nasty virus that puppies get when they are unvaccinated and unprotected. They will likely die without treatment, and they can die with treatment. It all depends on how their immune system fights off the virus, and it is generally very expensive. Supportive care is the treatment..
The owner made the very unselfish decision to surrender the puppy to 4 paws 1 heart, and give him a fighting chance. We took over financial care and he will be going to a rescue this week. He is now happy and healthy and over the virus. If you have not heard of Parvo Virus please read about it because it is extremely common. Please consider the cost involved in owning a puppy before adopting one. Not only do you need to consider the cost when they get sick, but they need 4 sets of vaccines, neutering/ spaying, flea/tick preventative, and heartworm preventative. Ginasmurf 6:11:17 w:gina

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Hope – Left in a Field, Shot in the Head – Update

6/11/17 – A beautiful morning in southeast Michigan and a happy Hope update. Hope was released yesterday from the hospital. She has not had any seizures since Tuesday when she started treatment. She is now in a quiet, loving foster home where she will be able to decompress from the trauma of this past week and take time to recover. It is not known whether Hope’s eye was damaged by the gun shot. If necessary we will have her see a specialist. Please pray that her eye will not need to be removed. Although there were no signs of a jaw fracture, Hope’s jaw is slackened so the doctor has ordered that she wear a muzzle when not eating. She is on pain and seizure meds and will be monitored closely. She is scheduled to see the doctor in three weeks. ~ dianaHope 6:11:17

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Hope – Found in a Field, Shot in the Head – Update

6/9/17 (9:13 a.m.) UPDATE: Hope has not had any more seizures. She should be ready to be released this afternoon. Nothing more regarding her jaw. The doctor is recommending that a muzzle be kept on as much as possible to allow healing. A quiet foster home is still needed. If you are interested, please contact Jayne (Michigan Animal Crew) at: or 586-615-3526/586-596-4449 . ~ diana

6/9/17 – Hope Update: I spoke with the veterinary late yesterday and was told that Hope had no seizures yesterday or the day before — great news. But, the doctor was concerned because Hope’s jaw was was slack. The doctor was going to conduct further examination last night. More to follow. Please continue your prayers and keep in mind that Hope may still need a foster for the rescue who will be taking her in. She will need a quiet home where she can recover. More to follow. ~ dianahope 6:9:17Hope--6:9:17

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Hammy (Lil’ Ham) – Found Living on the Streets

6//9/17 – Last week I received a call from one of the great veterinaries who work with us. A woman brought in a dog that her friend had found on the street. They attempted to find an owner but were unsuccessful. The dog, now known as Lil’ Ham, had nails 2-3 inches long which prevented him from walking flat on his paws. The rescuers had taken Lil’ Ham to the vet for a wellness check but two weeks later, he had 4 seizures without warning. Of course we agreed to help this very sweet emaciated boy. Lil’ Ham was again seen by the doctor and was given medication. He has not had a seizure since. Lil’ Ham (Hammy) will be monitored for 3 weeks and if he continues to be without seizures, he will be neutered and vaccinated. His rescuer, Katie, says that Hammy is sweet and affectionate and loves to snuggle. He is also cat safe. Anyone interested in Hammy should contact Katie at: ~ dianaHammy 6:9:17

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