Aria – Rescued From a Colony; Partially Blind Due to a Cataract

4/24/18 – Beautiful Aria — Our friend Roberta K. was contacted recently about a cat in a feral colony who needed medical attention. Roberta was able to trap her and saw that there appeared to be something wrong with Aria’s eye. We were contacted and we had Aria seen by one of our favorite doctors at Patterson Veterinary. Aria was seen Saturday and it was confirmed that she has a cataract resulting in almost total blindness. Roberta will work with Aria in hopes that she can be domesticated so that a forever home can be found for her. Aria was already spayed so there is a good chance that she was a pet at one time. ~ dianaaria w:roberta kretz 4:23:18

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Denny – RIP; We’re Sorry We Couldn’t Save You

4/10/18 – RIP Sweet Denny. I’m so sorry that your owners did you wrong. Thank you, Dee and Shelley for loving him in the end and making his passage easier. Love you both. – diana

“Our hearts are once again in pieces 💔 Poor Denny had so much going on. He had kidney disease, he was full of infection that would require one side of his face to be sloughed off. He required hospitalization with a feeding tube, even so we, along with 4 Paws 1 Heart wanted to give him a chance to fight. If he wanted to fight, we would fight with him. But, Denny was extremely Feline Leukemia positive which is why things went bad so quickly. Even the Emergency hospital couldn’t save Denny. Thankyou to all who donated, thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart. Aunt Shelly and I held and loved Denny as he was helped over the Bridge. We will be dark on our page the rest of today as we try to process and grieve the loss of Baby Bunny and Denny today. It’s been a rough 2 weeks 💔
Mom~”denny 4:10:18

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Feline Leukemia and Feline FIV – Don’t Hesitate to Test Again

Please take notice. Our rescue family has experienced similar results. Always re-test some time later. Especially if there were any infections when the test was taken. We’ve been told that tests can be wrong 30% of the time. – diana

“Found out today that one of my foster kitties is no longer testing positive for feline leukemia! (Yay!) She had a rough start in life, and you may notice she has a damaged eye, but she’s feeling great in spite of everything! She is a dilute calico, approx 1 y/o, spayed and utd on shots. Super sweet, too! As her brother is still not well, I’d like to find her a different foster home (or maybe even a forever home?) We are located in Macomb. I will transport and handle future vet $. PLEASE SHARE! – Carole Nadolski”28279859_2086553144690742_7251551569892806567_n

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Ali (aka Bentley) – Stuck in a Recliner at Just Days Old – Survived Many Surgeries

2/11/18 –

Ali aka Bentley.
I recently got an update from Bentley’s mom and this is what she said.
“I’ve never had a dog that hugged me so tight and loved me as much as Bent.. Skyy has always been my #1 but even she needs her space but not my boy. Honestly if he could live under my skin he would 💜🐶🖤🐶

I love these updates..and this is the rewarding part of what I do. Words cannot describe how happy this makes my heart..
Bentley had a very rough start for the first 6 months of his life. He was itty bitty when I got him and he needed leg bandages for several months. His accident happened at 3 days old and nearly severed off his rear leg…but with critical care, bottle feeding, and dedication he survived. ♡ Gina ♡

ali:bentleyali:bentley--2:11:18ali:bentley 2:11:18
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Coyotes Kill Dog

1/5/18 – We did confirm that the dog was in this man’s yard and he was just 6 feet away when two coyotes entered the yard and took his dog. Heartbreaking!!! Please be careful with your pets. Not only do you now have to worry about the frigid weather but you have to worry about animals who prey on small animals. We are so very sorry for this family and the trauma they have gone through. ~ diana

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Sunny and Luna – Found Outside of an Office Building

10/12/17 – Sunny and Luna – These little 8-9 week old kittens were found outside of an office building. The rescuer was willing to keep them but needed help getting them neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and tested. Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless animals by providing medical treatment. To this end, we paid the medical and now these babies have a permanent loving home. ~ diana

sunny&luna 10:12:17sunny&&Luna 10:12:17
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$3,175 Raised in Joanna’s Memory – Thank You

This morning I opened my personal page to find a “Happy Birthday” message to my mom. She loved my posts, especially when they were accompanied by a beautiful photo. Her birthday was May 2 so I thought it a little strange that the posting should come up this morning just after I completed going through all of the cards and donations made in her memory. This is mom on her honeymoon and “her” cat, Dolce, adopted from Gina.

I want to extend a very sincere THANK YOU from me, my family, and the animals who will be helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Because of the love of our many friends and family, $3,175 was donated in my mom’s honor. She would have been overwhelmed. Her legacy will live on in the many lives which will be saved in her memory. May God Bless all of you who said a prayer, donated, or came to the services. ~ diana20031802_1581506255215000_4962122345899341768_ndolce

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