Selena – Found on the Streets

4/20/20 – Selena is another baby found on the street last Fall before the frigid weather set in. She needed the typical medical attention and we were happy to provide it. The finder, who has a pet service, wanted to keep her as long as she was healthy enough to be integrated with her others. We were happy to do that and thankful that the couple wanted to give her a furever home. – diana

selena 4:21:20
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Mama Patches and Babies, Fire and Ice – Found With Babies Only Two Weeks Old

4/20/20 – I know this is crazy but the days go by too fast and the number of cats and dogs we help outnumber the number of days in the week. This is Mama Patches and her kittens, Fire and Ice. It was last Fall when I wonderful couple found the mom and her two-week old kittens on the streets. the babies both had upper respiratory infections. We paid for everyone to see tand be treated by one of our vets immediately. Mama tested positive for FIV but that was OK with the couple because they were going to keep her. In February, I got an update that homes couldn’t be found for the babies so now they are all living happily ever after with 4 other siblings. Thank God for the rescuers and thank God for our donors who keep us in business. – diana

mama patches 4:21:20 fire-- 4:20:20 ice 4:20:20 fire and ice 4:20:20
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Bella – Given Up By Her Family

4/19/20 – Meet Bella. Her family was giving her up because the the woman was pregnant and they didn’t want to have two cats. Also, the other cat in the house, who was NOT neutered, kept attacking her. Fortunately, a person we’ve helped in the past took her in before she was given to a shelter and contacted us. Bella is very sweet and is about one year old. 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of having her spayed, vaccinated, and tested for a urinary track infection. Thankfully, this was all before the ban on spay/neuter. – diana

bella w:tina woodin 3:16:20 bella 3:14:20
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Simon – Near Death as a Result of a Backyard Breeder

4/17/20 – Simon is the other amazing rescue that Shelley contacted me about. Simon was the result of a ‘backyard breeder’ who bred Siamese cats to sell them. The breeder contacted Shelley E. for help and Shelley contacted me. Simon was already cold, nearly stiff, and curled in a fetal position inside a bowl. When Shelley picked him up, she was confident that she didn’t have enough time to even get Simon to an emergency vet. So, after consulting with one of our many experts, Simon was taken to the founder of Purrfect Paws Kittens, Tracy Stiff, and Tracy took over from there. Tracy got up every hour over the next couple days while poor little Simon went through severe diarrhea and then constipation. But with fluids and lots of care, Simon turned the corner. Yesterday, Simon, although now seeming to be out of the woods, was taken to a vet where he was put on additional fluids, treated for malnourishment, given an enema and antibiotics. The little guy is estimated to be 8 weeks old but only weighs 1 lb. I spoke with Tracy today and Simon is doing much, much better. Little Simon will possibly be a special needs kitty for the rest of his life.simon--4:12:20 w:tracy stiff simon w:tracy stiff 4:17:20 – diana

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Chesterfield 7 – RIP – His Injuries Were Just Too Severe

4/17/20 – RIP Chesterfield 7. He showed up during a TNR project. His flesh was rotting and he had a large gaping wound. Our friend Shelley E. had been trying to trap him and was finally successful when she contacted me yesterday. We were able to get him into a vet where he was humanely euthanized because his condition was too severe. There are so many of these poor animals on the street needing the help of all of us. There are so many heroes in our Country and those who don’t turn their backs on animals in need should be included. I should mention that this is the second rescue of Shelley’s in just a few days. See the next post for that case. – diana 7 w:shelley emerson 4:17:20

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Raven and Her Babies – Grant, Duke, Frankie — Day 10

Raven w:babies Grant, Duke, Frankie 4:15:204/16/20 – Following Raven and her babies. It’s definitely kitten season. While we pray for all of the victims of this virus, we are also praying that we can get back to neutering/spaying. Remember, a female cat can start having babies at 4 months old and she can have 3 litters a year. We can easily lose all the gains we’ve made over the past 9+ years. – diana

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Alex – Found in an Area Where a Number of Kittens Have Been Shot With Pellets

4/15/20 – Last year we helped a very kind woman who kept coming across injured cats who she believes were being shot with pellets. Unfortunately, the cat we helped had a pellet in the spine and had to be euthanized. She is also the rescuer of Ziggy who we assisted with significant medical treatment. In February, she came across another cat from the same area who appeared to be shot but this time it was in the eye. We had this beauty, Alex, go to Dr. Z who reported that there was definitely trauma to the eye which caused the swelling. Alex was treated and we had our fingers crossed that surgery would not be needed. Alex is now in her furever home. – diana

alex 2:28:20 w:bonnie cushing
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Bunny – Update – Before and After Photos

4/14/20 – Bunny. Look at how good she is doing? All with the love and care of our friend Jo A. When the time is right, all of these babies will be available for adoption. Although it may be a little while, if you’re interested, contact Jo at: 4 Paws 1 Heart continue to cover their medical until they are ready to find their forever home. – diana 4:14:20 bunny 4:11:20

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Jordy – RIP

4/13/20 – RIP Jordy. Jordy was one of the first of the 11 kittens who didn’t make it. These poor babies, weighing as little as 6 oz. were/are severely malnourished and have severe upper respiratory infections. Jordy was at an emergency hospital who is not a partner of 4p1h and we were not asked for assistance until our friend Jo A. got involved. The finder is a wonderful person who just moved into the area and started finding all of these cats that she has been trying to take care of out of her own pocket. We couldn’t help but pay for Jordy’s invoice even though he didn’t make it. I truly believe that having the loving and expert care of Gina and Jo A. (who works in the medical field) has made a difference in saving the lives, thus far, of 3 of the 11 kittens. We are thankful that we can support what Amanda, Gina, and Jo are doing to save all of the remaining babies. -diana

jordy rip w:amanda rumb;e 4:06:20 jordy 4:6:20
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Bunny and Little One – Updates

4/13/20 – The photo on the left is the kitten, Bunny, who I posted the other day whose eyes were totally shut. Jo A. took in another of the very sick 11 kittens and named her Vivian. Jo works in the medical field not considered, for the most part, non-essential at this time so she has been home most of the time and not working. I told Jo today that sometimes there is a reason. Had it not been for her stay at home status, she would never had been able to give these kittens the care they needed. Another kitten is supposed to be going in to Jo for further care. We will continue to cover any medical costs necessary including all drugs. There are so many of these animals out there needing our help and it’s such a difficult time to do what is needed. Thank you to all for your prayers and your support. – diana

bunny 4:13:20 little one 4:13:20
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