Chance – Speaks Up for Community Cats

7/20/17 – Working together to make a difference. LOVE!! – diana

“Good morning Star & Twinsie!!! Are you enjoying your breakfast? We love you
Good morning Team Chance! Our beautiful ferals Star & Twinsie are having their yummy breakfast, then they’ll get up on the chairs for a morning nap knowing they are safe & loved. Becuse of 4 Paws 1 Heart they were spayed and had their shots 5yrs ago and theyve lived in our yard ever since never having any babies. 5yrs ago there were more then 30 cats & litters upon litters being born on our street. Mom started trapping the kittys and with the help of 4p1h all were spayed & neutered, all of the kittens were placed in loving homes and most of the adults too! But, if that original mama cat had been spayed in the first place all those kittys would not have been born outside. Sooo spay, neuter, tnr and be kind! No kitty chooses to live a life outside, humans made that choice. Have a SuperHero kind of Thursday everybody!” ~ Chancestar and twinsie 7:20:17

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Sweet Boy – We Couldn’t Save You

7/20/17 – RIP Sweet Boy. Our good friend, Charlotte Y., who is actively involved in TNR (trap/neuter/return) had been trying to trap this very sick boy for quite a while. She was finally able to do that last week where it was found that he had a large salivatory abscess on his chin. Not wanting to bother me during the time of my mom’s services, she paid for the vet visit where the abscess was lanced and treated but the vet warned that the abscess could return. Because this boy was very feral, he was returned to the wild after being treated. Within one week, he was again seen with another abscess. There was much concern that he would not fall for the trap again but Tuesday night he went in and was taken to emergency. Unfortunately, it was determined that humane euthanasia was the best option for this poor soul. He is no longer in pain and never has to worry about food or shelter again. ~ diana

sweet boy 7:20:17
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Frankie Peanut – Found With a Broken Femur

7/20/17 – In the world of saving animals it takes many players, all with different roles and skills. I am thankful that over the past (almost) seven years, we have made some great friends in veterinary medicine, in trap/neuter/release, in rescues, in media, and in animal advocacy. This is Frankie Peanut who was rescued by our friends at the Ferndale Cat Shelter. He is 12 weeks old and was found with a broken femur. We are happy to be able to help with his surgery to save his leg. ~ dianafrankie peanut 7:20:17

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Boy Scout Austin Holds a Fundraiser for 4 Paws 1 Heart

7/19/17 – A huge thank you to our friend, Scout Austin Hammer, for conducting a bottle drive that raised $216.00 for the animals helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart. It’s because of the kind hearts of people like Austin that we are able to give so many, like this little one trapped in a garage and recently rescued, a second chance at life. It was a pleasure meeting Austin and his wonderful family at our recent Alex and Ani fundraiser.boy scout austin 7:19:17trapped in garage 7:19:17

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Shania – Found in a Cat Community With an Injured Eye

7/18/17 – Meet Shania. She was found in a cat community be cared for by the mom of someone we’ve helped in the past. For one year Shania has been suffering from an eye injury; the veterinarian had advised that her eye needed to be removed but funds could not be found to do this. We were contacted a couple of weeks ago and, of course, agreed to pay for the eye removal which was done Saturday, July 15, 2017. Shania, is a domesticated cat, who has found her way into a forever loving home with her rescue. Shania is one of the many animals whose lives will be forever changed because of caring people and 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous supporters. ~ diana

shania w:jessica meldrumshania 7:17:17
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Hercules and Family Attend Our Nautical Mile Fun 5k

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Remy – Rescued from the Hightway Suffering from Parvovirus

7/17/17 – Meet Remy. He was found roaming near an interstate highway, just a puppy. After two weeks, he became lethargic and his rescuer brought him to a vet. He tested negative for parvo and was sent home. The symptoms continued and we were contacted. We had Remy see the good doctors at Centerline Veterinary and because they could not watch him overnight, he was transferred to our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency where he continued treatment and this time was found to be positive for Parvo. Over the next few days, Remy was treated at the veterinary and watched by his loving new family. This past Friday, I learned that Remy has turned the corner and it appears that he will be ok. A huge thank you to his rescuers and new family and the wonderful vets who are willing to work with us. We are very thankful we could be there for Remy. Everyone at the vet’s office has told me about what a sweetheart he is. Another life saved!! ~ dianaremy 7:12:17remy 7:17:17

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A Second Chance for Chance and His Team

7/16/17 – And this, our dear friends, is what it is all about! – diana

Rosie RooOliverchancecarla 7:16:17“Hello Team, mom here. For our friends who are new to our page or didnt see the condition of our sweet Rosie Roo⚘the day I picked her up from the shelter, this is her picday 1 on her way home from the shelter. For so many of our angels like Rosie, Oliver, Chance, Carla & Phoenix the road to love has been dotted with issues both physical & emotional. But one look at their beautiful faces and we know theyre worth every minute of work, every sacrifice, every kiss, every tear, every sleepless night, every hug, every prayer said. They are beautiful souls and worth everything it takes to keep them happy & healthy. But I could never do it alone! Im blessed with my awesome sister (Aunt Shelly) who is right there sharing every struggle, triumph, dirty litter box, feedings, hugs, lullabys, fears, and joys with me & the gang, supporting, helping at every turn. Some very special family members who encourage our journey. Some amazing, amazing friends who’ve built special furniture, purchased items needed for their mobility and happiness. Come by the house and help with Carla, do Reiki on Phoenix, drop off donations, transport us to vets, petsit, encourage, so many things! Team Chance who donate not only for KittysHelpingKittys, but for our angels as well. And of course our beloved 4 Paws 1 Heart who without we could never, ever do what we do. So, I just want you all to know how very grateful I am and how much you all mean to me and the Gang, and to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for traveling with us on the this wonderful, crazy, emotional ROAD TO LOVE Sweet dreams everybody! Love, Mom (Denise Najera)”

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Abby – Needs A Home to Live Out Her Final Days

7/16/17 – We took care of two emergency cases yesterday, this sweet 18 year old was one of them. What has her life been like for 18 years?? Did she sneak out of her once loving home or was she dumped. If anyone can provide love for the remainder of her life, please contact Jo. ~ diana

“This is Abby, she has been coming to my house for quite awhile to get food. I finally caught her last night. She has such severe diarrhea is is just dripping out of her. I gave her a bath and cut some mats off of her and got her to the vet through 4 paws 1 heart. She only has 1 or 2 teeth left and is so skinnky and dehydrated, it is so pitiful. They think she is a senior of about 18 years old. That poor baby has been suffering for so long. Thank god for 4 paws 1 heart for providing her the care she desperatley needed. If anyone is willing to give her a home to live out the rest of her life please contact me.”Abby

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$3,175 Raised in Joanna’s Memory – Thank You

This morning I opened my personal page to find a “Happy Birthday” message to my mom. She loved my posts, especially when they were accompanied by a beautiful photo. Her birthday was May 2 so I thought it a little strange that the posting should come up this morning just after I completed going through all of the cards and donations made in her memory. This is mom on her honeymoon and “her” cat, Dolce, adopted from Gina.

I want to extend a very sincere THANK YOU from me, my family, and the animals who will be helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Because of the love of our many friends and family, $3,175 was donated in my mom’s honor. She would have been overwhelmed. Her legacy will live on in the many lives which will be saved in her memory. May God Bless all of you who said a prayer, donated, or came to the services. ~ diana20031802_1581506255215000_4962122345899341768_ndolce

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