Hilary – Found on the Streets; Very Emaciated and Frightened

8/7/18 – Hilary was found wandering the streets, very emaciated. She has been reported to Warren Animal Control and posted on For The Love of Louie but no one has claimed her. Her finder says that she is very scared of every movement. She has scarring and seems to have been abused. Carolyn, her rescuer, says that she is very sweet and listens well. Carolyn is seeking placement for Hilary and asked us if we could pay for her vetting so as to improve her chances. If you can help, please contact Carolyn at: carolynrc2013@gmail.com ~ dianahilary 8:7:18 hilary i:7:18++

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Kitty Andra – Found Dying in a Barn

8/3/18 – RIP Sweet Baby – I am calling her Kitty Andra because Andra rescued her and helped her cross the rainbow bridge. I received a call from an independent rescuer who will be doing TNR at a barn in Armada and we offered to do what we could to help. Andra received a call from the elderly barn owner this morning who said that this 7-week old ‘runt’ of a litter, was ‘struggling’ and could not use a back leg (he thinks a ‘kid’ dropped her). Andra went to the barn and with our medical help brought the kitten to the vet. Kitty Andra was struggling with her mouth open trying to breathe. After a short ride to the vet, it became obvious to Andra that the vet may only be able to save her from suffering any further; which, unfortunately, was the case. I’m so very sorry we couldn’t be there for this sweet girl. Our hearts break every time we have to say good-bye but we are thankful that we can at least prevent these abandoned and abused animals from dying a horrible death alone and on the streets (or in a barn)kitty andra 8:3:18

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Pippa, Westin, Wilken, Wally, and Sunny – Trapped and Medically Treated

8/3/18 – We often help Cristen in her TNR efforts (which are amazing). Very often the ‘feral’ cats will turn out to be kittens or cats who either escaped or we dumped by a former owner. All of these cats were trapped, received medical treatment, which included in Pippa’s case, an injured front paw and a back wound. They will no longer be responsible for the over population of unwanted. When Cristen traps a domesticated cat, he/she will often go to Tigerlily; Cristen is a foster for them. Here is Pippa, Westin, Wilken, and Wally, and Sunny. ~ dianaPippa 8:3:18 Westin, Wilken Wally 8:3:18 Sunny 8:3:18

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Hanson – Dumped on the Streets

hanson 8:2:188/2/18 – The other day (after I just wrote over $10,000 in checks to veterinaries) I received the following message:
“My girlfriend and I sometimes go down to Detroit and look for homeless dogs. Sometimes we just offer food and water, and other times we take them in and adopt them out to good families. Hanson is our 7th Detroit rescue. We went down to Detroit to look at the area we got our 6th rescue from (who we ended up keeping) and within 5 minutes, saw Hanson looking for food. He was a super friendly, but nervous boy. He took to my girlfriend right away as she fed him chicken nuggets and gave him water. I knocked on a few doors on the block and asked if Hanson belonged to anyone. All the neighbors said no, and then a man came out of the house on the corner and said “Do you want that dog?” to my girlfriend. She asked if it was his dog, and he said no, he saw him get dumped on the corner about 8 or 9 days ago, and he’d be hanging out ever since, obviously not knowing where to go, and hoping someone would come for him. When the man told us that he had been dumped, we knew we had to take him. We have 4 dogs at home, so we knew we couldn’t keep him, but there was no way we were going to leave this 8 month old puppy on Springwells, knowing no one was coming back for him. He is so amazing, loving, all around fantastic dog and we have no idea why he was dumped, other than people are just cruel. “

We, of course, agreed to pay for Hanson’s basic medical needs but we can’t continue without your help. Anyone interested in Hanson should contact Vincent at: vincentpopovski@gmail.comThanks ~ diana

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Bingo – Deaf, Almost Blind, Arthritic, With Wounds – Found Roaming the Streets

7/30/18 – This very kind senior was found roaming the streets. He has a very aged body, with warts on his genitals, arthritis, and wounds on all his paws. He has poor balance, and is fully deaf. His vision is bad. Bingo has been seen by one of our favorite vets and is being treated for an infection. He will eventually be neutered and vaccinated. Anyone interested should contact Juniper of Rebels Dogs Detroit at: juniperfleming@gmail.com . – dianabingo 7:30:18bingo--7:30:18

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Sammy, Sunny, Summit, and Sasha – Rescued From a Cat Colony

7/29/18 – Working together to make a difference. ~ diana

“These adorable babies were rescued from a colony in Rochester Hills two weeks ago. When I told the caregiver that I didn’t have a foster for them and they would have to be fixed and put back outside, the caregiver’s daughter stepped up and took them in. They’re coming along so nicely and are starting to play and enjoy pets with humans. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for helping me get this whole colony vetted including these kittens 😻 They will be ready for adoption in just a couple more weeks throughTigerlily Cat Rescue 🐾🐾
From front to back, we have Sammy (m), Sunny (m), Summit (f), and Sasha (f)”Sammy, Sunny, Summit, Sasha 7:29:18

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