Sadie needs a Rescue Group!!

Sadie was another rescue, but from an unknown situation.  She is about 16 weeks old, very sweet, about 30 pounds, and we think Shepherd Mix.  A friend of mine is fostering her at the moment, but she has horses, dog’s, kid’s, and no time for a puppy.  4 paws 1 heart has provided the vaccines and de-worming so far, but Sadie really needs a rescue group to take her and provide the fostering and placement.  She is probably going to be a large breed dog.  I would estimate 70# when an adult.

R.I.P. Pablo

Pablo was a 6 week old puppy who was very sick probably since birth.  The family who rescued him had him for less than a day when they noticed something was very serious.  They also rescued two other pups from this home to try and save them from being taken to the shelter.  We offered them to sign Pablo over because of his serious condition.  4 paws 1 heart tried to treat, but we chose to humanely euthanize him when he continued to decline throughout the evening.  It’s what was best.  The doctor thinks he may have been born with a liver shunt.