Hercules Central

“Things continue to be a little crazy here at Hercules Central. As I work to respond to e-mails, write thank you notes, and issue receipts for donations, and do updates, I’m failing to keep as current on our Rescue Partners’ needs. I hope to complete all of the “paperwork” by the end of this week and be back to normal. I can tell you this, though, we are absolutely looking forward to helping more furbabies, so stay tuned and in touch. Here’s our photo board of some of the many who have been helped by 4P1H~ diana

Hercules Updates

HERCULES UPDATE: Hercules had a play date yesterday (Friday). Two admirers and their boxers visited and he had a great time impressing everyone with his cuteness. He had lots of fun playing with his new boxer friends but we think he may have over did it. Today when he got up he didn’t even want to harass Gina’s cat. He may have been in a little pain. Gina gave him some medicine and he’s resting in the love of his foster home and family.

HERCULES UPDATE: Hercules is becoming quite the star. He’ll be visiting friends at the Paul Mitchell School in Sterling Heights next week. They’ve been having a fundraiser for him. He’s already been doing some neighborhood garage sales. And, sometime in the next two weeks, he should be going for his first hydrotherapy session in hopes that he can build muscle and flexibility.  We still haven’t heard back from Michigan State but our doctors will be following up and we’ll be updating everyone. We want to continue to thank everyone praying and donating money and services. We’re hoping that Hercules can be the poster boy for all of the tortured, abused, and neglected cats and dogs who are saved each day by the dedicated rescue groups that we strive to help. ~ diana