Hercules Update from Dr. Tari Kern

HERCULES UPDATE FROM DR. TARI KERN (also of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets): Hercules wanted to say hi to everyone. He has become quite the personality over the last month and is enjoying all the silly puppy things that

 he should have several months back. He pesters the cats at home and stole a treat from the counter (which means he was up on his rear legs to do it!). He is much stronger for his walks and is up to 1 mile daily for the long one! He also did his 1st trip up a complete flight of stairs (we haven’t gone down yet though). His rehab continues to progress and I have to get more creative to challenge him with exercises. The farmer’s market visits this month have been really fun for him because there is food everyone and lots of people. He is really looking forward to the big fundraiser next weekend for 4 Paws 1 Heart because he wants to show everyone how well his is doing!
More next week !Dr. Kern and Hercules

Hector the Cat being treated for URI

Hector has been hospitalized with a very bad upper respiratory infection for three days now. He is slowly making improvement but he isn’t out of the woods yet 🙁 Paws crossed for a full recovery on Hector while we provide everything he needs! Thank you to the staff for caring for him around the clock at Harper Woods and the Urgent Care! ~ Gina

Bubbles Eating on His Own

BUBBLES — Eating on his own! But… Still in need of bottle feeding throughout the day. Good news is Bubbles will be going to an experienced squirrel expert who will rehabilitate him properly into the wild. His last day with me is Tuesday!! Wow! Seems like I’m giving up an arm! lol ~ Gina


One Less Homeless Kitty

ONE LESS HOMELESS KITTY – Cheri Doss Martin, a facebook friend and active advocate of the homeless, contacted us about a stray cat. She had been contacted by a family who had been feeding the stray for two years and now noticed that the cat’s tail appeared to be ‘hanging’. Cheri contacted us and we wanted to help. The bottom line is that Dr. Rita Taylor ended up amputating the tail at minimal cost and took care of neutering Clark as well as removing all of the maggots who had taken over his body. 4 Paws 1 Heart provided medical dollars for vaccines and testing. Here is his new mom’s e-mail to us and his photo. ~ diana