Medical Dollars to Loveabull Paws Rescue

And, last but not least, our very good friends at Loveabull Paws Rescue have been with us since our beginning and have always been there to help us with a dog brought into the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center, sick and emaciated. They are tireless in their efforts and we’re so grateful that we are able to send some medical dollars their way. May God Bless Them and all of their lucky rescues. ~ diana

Emaciated Destiny and her 11 pups were rescued this week. Mama doesn’t have enough milk to feed all 11 babies because she’s so so skinny. We are supplementing them between feedings and so far all seem to be doing well. Please keep this sweet mama and her babies in your thoughts as they continue their journey to recovery! More pics will be posted soon.

Medical Dollars to Dog Aide 2012

I’ve shared the amazing work of Dog Aide 2012 – Community Awareness many, many times. They not only rescue but they work with owners to educate and feed. We are thankful for their willingness to always be there for a stranded/neglected animal and we are pleased to send some medical dollars their way. Thanks, Ladies of Dog Aide. ~ diana

 “Hi, Friends! It’s me, Buddy. I am blurry because my tail has a lot of happy. I am feeling so much better today. At first I didn’t like all the pokes, but now I only get the subQs pokes. They aren’t so bad. Awesome Lady made me a nest of comfy blankets and we snuggle after the poke. So I don’t mind that. But so many pills! Yuck. My tummy stopped hurting, though, so I guess the medicine is working. I even wanted dinner! Awesome Lady gave me little dinners. It’s like having three dinners in one night! Pretty neat. I have my own bowl. It’s blue. Auntie Mel S stopped by to visit and we snuggled in my nest and I showed her my bowl. She said Dog Aide friends are working hard to get me healthy. She said snuggling with Awesome Lady and let the medicine do its job. So I’m going to do that ♥, Buddy”

Medical Dollars to A Scooter’s ResQ

A Scooter’s ResQ is a phenomenal organization who has been our friend from the very beginning. We’re very happy to help with some medical dollars. A Big Thank You to them for everything they do. ~ diana

“Look who came into rescue!  Little Ralphy and his brother Marty… This sweet little guy needs a good forever home. He has a brother that looks almost like him just a little lighter in color. That needs a home too! They are four years old, neutered and front declawed. Very scared of dogs and very nervous around other cats. They are both shy but very sweet. Both have been groomed and shaved down due to the mats but when that hair comes back they will be beautiful.”

Update:  Marty and Ralphy have found their furever home.

Medical Dollars to Misfit Angels Rescue

4P1H is very happy to send some medical dollars to a great rescue group- Misfit Angels Rescue – home of Thor and Diana, Sir Charles, Sophia, and many others who we’ve watched over the past two years. ~ diana

“Yasmin is approximately 7 weeks old and 5 pounds.  She was extremely emaciated, full of worms, and found by a concerned citizen on the porch of an abandoned burned-down house. The vet found that she has a hernia, and, could not get any shots. “

Cat Hero Kali (Part II)

CAT HERO KALI (part II) This baby was brought in on Sunday to the E.R. Again, Sasha was on duty. A man almost ran over the kitten with a lawn mower. Luckily, she’s a loud screamer and the man heard her and brought her in. She is about 1-1/2-2 weeks old. Sasha took her home to once again care for her. Her eyes just opened this morning. As with all kittens lacking a mom, this one needed to be fed and pottied every few hours. The last couple of nights, for some reason, Sasha’s alarm did not go off in the middle of the night so that Sasha could get up and feed the baby. But both nights Kali made sure Sasha woke up by ramming her head into Sasha like a bull and pulling the covers off of her. The little one is doing great and is now named Butternut. Did you ever hear of a therapy cat? ~ diana

Hero Cat Kali


HERO CAT: This is Kali a 2-year-old Balinese female that came into Cats Veterinary as a stray after being attacked by hunting dogs. 4 Paws 1 Heart Board member, Sasha Oza, was there to save her and give her a forever home. About 6 weeks ago a 2 and 1/2 week old kitten (Athena) was brought in by a woman who found her all alone in her garden.


Sasha took over her care but Athena’s health was very touch and go. Sasha didn’t think she was going to make it. Athena ‘crashed’ twice and almost died. One night while Sasha was sleeping, Kali alerted Sasha. Sasha got up to check Athena and found her limp and lifeless. Sasha rushed her to the E.R. where they put in an IV catheter. Athena then required meds and fluids every hour. If Kali hadn’t woken up Sasha when she did, it would have been too late for Athena. Athena is now doing fantastic! She’s a silly kitten that loves to play with my dog, and Kali. Who says that only dogs can be heroes! ~ diana