Izzy/Bernice Update

It’s official!!!! Izzy’s adoption has been finalized by the Kroll family. She settled right in and acted as if she had been home forever. In no time she was navigating the house, going up and down the stairs, and following her new brother around. Her brother Murphy had been a bit depressed from the recent loss of his former playmate, and it looks like Izzy is just what the entire family needed to be complete again. Happy tails Izzy and Congratulations to the Kroll’s. – Rebecca Akins of NBS Animal Rescue

Ruby(puppy with the broken front legs)

Update on Ruby: This very sweet little girl with broken legs had surgery yesterday by Dr. Venet and Dr. Pillsbury. 4 paws 1 heart, is very thankful to have wonderful doctors taking their time to provide surgery for our animals who need it..among the many others they care for on a daily basis. We are also very lucky to be fortunate enough to help some of these animals thanks to your donations. ~ Gina

4 paws 1 heart took in a Puppy with two broken legs and she needs your prayers. Last night Ruby fell down a flight of stairs and both of her front leg’s are broken. We are not sure if the damage is beyond our means of repair, but we will know more later on this morning.. ~ Gina