Saddened News….Angel Lost the Battle Today

This is from Missi Bellottie of Detroit Bully Corps just in case our 4P1H friends are not following the Angel and Shiner facebook page. ~ diana
Update 11/22/12 9:30pm 
It was with a deeply saddened and angry heart that we informed the world that Angel lost the battle today. As I kissed her head and told her how much everyone loved her, with a steady stream of tears, I promised her that with my anger filled heart I would fight for justice. With that being said…..We ordered a Necropsy so that we could document everything. Right now we

 are compiling all the evidence and will be taking it to the DA . I made a promise that sweet innocent soul that her death would not be in vain. I will make this a personal mission to see that the “person” that did this to her will pay. I will seek tougher laws for people like her.During her Necropsy it was found that our little Angel passed from a perforated esophagus. This lining of the esophagus was so thin that you could see through it. There was about 6” of damage but only one perforation. You ask why was there damage and perforation? It was due to her not having food for a long period of time and the stomach acid eating away at it. 
Please continue to follow their page as we, will be updating about Shiner and the future court case.

Rest In Pease my sweet Angel. Run Free and Never go hungry again.

Love you