Feed, Rescue, Foster, Adopt

As we begin 2013 I would like all of our friends to consider the plight of our felines. For some reason when a puppy mill is raided, everyone comes to the rescue. Every qualified dog gets a home and treatment. BUT when a cat hoarder is discovered, no one seems to care. There are no news stories and hundreds of people looking to help and donate their time and money. Why is that??? For some reason people seem to think it’s ok for cats to be on the streets but not dogs. Because they are small and of little threat to humans, people seem to ignore the problem of homeless cats. Did you know that the kill rate for cats in most shelters is around 90% while the kill rate for dogs is around 60%. Why is that?? Cats are loving and beautiful and require very little. A warm bed, a bowl of food and water, and a litter box. I ask all of you to please make a difference in the life of a cat, they also need you. ~ diana
Some would say she’s a crazy cat lady!… we’d say she is a kind soul…it’s just a matter of love ♥