The Story of Pete Bonz

The Story of Petey Bonz: We received a call from a special agent in Wayne County. Petey was shot in his own yard by a drive-by shooter. Petey’s dad, a man who lost everything he had–family, house, job— because of drugs, was devastated; Petey and his fur buddy were all he had left. The very kind agent who has been watching out for Petey’s dad contacted us for help. The dad has been sober for 10 years and he’s tried very hard but recovering from all that he’s lost has obviously been an overwhelming effort. Through our Animal Angel we found help for Petey. The kind agent took him to the hospital where he had surgery to remove a bullet from his upper arm. He remained in the hospital for about 4 days and is now back home with his family. Petey’s dad has promised to never leave his pets unattended in the yard and he knows that the agent will be following up on the promise. This video is of Petey on his way to the hospital the day after he was shot.This incident again reminded me of how blessed I am. But for the grace of God, anyone of us could be in the same place as Petey’s dad. I am so thankful we have the friends and supporters and amazing contacts which enable us to make a difference in the lives of animals like Petey and humans like Petey’s dad. Another huge thanks to the caring Wayne County agent and to our Animal Angel ~ diana