R.I.P. Kip

6/24/13 – We are thankful for all of the hardworking and caring rescue organizations who continue to respond to calls for help, search the streets, and attempt to educate animal owners on the proper care of dogs and cats. This is Kip who, unfortunately, had to be humanely euthanized because of Parvo. He was rescued with two siblings who are doing better and are in the hospital. We’re sending medical dollars with prayers to help Fetch Dog Rescue. ~ diana

Stella’s Happy Ending Update

HAPPY ENDING UPDATE: Last week we reported on a sweet girl who was rescued by a caring Detroit Police Officer. The Officer contacted Gina and 4 Paws 1 Heart took her in, paid for her vetting and then put out a call for help. Fortunately, Kathryn, a face book friend contacted us and matched the little orphan with her friend, Lizzy. Our little girl, now named Stella, has a fur brother and a beautiful, loving forever home. ~ diana

Big Thank You To Jo!

Once again a big thank you to our friend Jo for the fine linens being enjoyed by the puppies and kitties of our rescues.
Please let the lady who donated a bunch of linens and pillows know that we like them very much!
THANK YOU from Pita, Marshall, Tofu and Caramel.