Moe’s Happy Tail Story

It’s letters like these and the happy stories that keep us going. Thank You, Colleen and Joe. ~ diana

Hello, Gina –

We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for helping us. Back on January 21, we met you at Harper Woods Vet after hours emergency care. We brought in Moe (a kitty that had been abandoned by our neighbor.) We’d been giving him shelter & food on our porch, but as temps were dropping near zero, we felt the need to find Moe some shelter. We’d called around to several places (shelters, rescues, pet stores, etc) looking for somewhere who could take him, so he wouldn’t be out in the cold. Finally, I called the emergency care clinic & spoke to you. You informed me of the work that you do with 4 Paws 1 Heart. As we were unable to find anywhere else to take him, we decided to bring him into our home. Since we already have 2 cats, we wanted to get him checked out & make sure he was okay before bringing him inside. You checked him out, we took him home, and continued to try to find him a furever home. Well, we did…he’s staying with us! Our other 2 kitties are getting used to him, especially now that his trial period is over & he’s no longer sequestered to his “room.” He’s really just the sweetest kitty!

Thank you again, for all that you do!

Colleen & Joe
(& Moe!)

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