Sweet Mr Jim….funds needed for all abandoned animals…please??

In the past 2 weeks, 4 Paws 1 Heart has received several call outs for medical help. Mr. Jim is one of them. Here is his story and of course, we said yes (until our money runs out) ~ diana

“My husband, Jeremy, and I were contacted on May 28 by a friend about a dog that had been chained to the fence of an abandoned house near her in Detroit. He was barking non stop and way too nice for his own good. We have now had Mr Jim safe for over a week with no bites or even nibbles from our searches for an owner. Robin Nix of Solo Rescue agreed to take him (as well as another stray we found three days after Mr. Jim) as long as we could foster temporarily. Mr Jim is maybe 5 years old, unaltered male, all white pit/bulldog mix. After working with him for a week, I think he is deaf. We are cleaning and putting goop in the ears as well as working on attention training to be sure these are not the issues. He is the most LOVEABLE dog He gives kisses and cuddles and did like to play fetch. Unfortunately, we just learned that Mr. Jim is heart worm positive and is now on bed rest. Solo does not have immediate funds available for the initial blood work and x-ray to determine severity and treatment. The vet thinks it is a mild to medium case. Can you help?”

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