Everywhere You Look, There Are Kittens!

8/7/14 – Is it us or are there just more kittens this year??? – 4p1h received a call from someone who had rescued a semi feral mom and 4 kittens. The person needed medical dollars to get everyone fixed (when ready), vaccinated, and tested. Of course, we couldn’t say no and 4p1h paid for everyone to be vetted, tested, vaccinated, and fixed. The adoption fees went to the rescue organization who allowed the rescuer to use their adoption event. Again, thank you to our supporters who attend our fundraisers and who continue to donate to our mission. Here’s hoping these sweethearts spend the next 20+ years loved and cared for. ~ dianamichelle:yakimakittens8:7:14 yakima:michellekittens8-7-14 yakimamichele8:7:14

German Shepherd Puppy Beats Parvo

8/7/14 – We recently treated this (German Shepherd) puppy for Parvo Virus. He is getting better, but still will need meds continued. He is about 8 weeks old, 7#, and quite the handful!!! BUT ADORABLE! If you are serious and can help foster for us please let us know. Please give me time to respond as the emails will come swarming in for a cute little puppy like this. Email at [email protected] (because he had parvo he can not go into a home where there are unvaccinated puppies). Even though treated he can shed the virus for several months or longer in his feces. He also has Roundworm for which he is being treated. He needs work with biting and pottie training. Like I said he is a handful….not just a cute puppy:) He is a big commitment! ~ gina

8/8/14 4 paws 1 heart here wishing everyone a safe weekend.. PS I’m still looking for a name, and taking suggestions☆ Don’t forget to share me and email me if you can foster me;) @ [email protected] —


Helping Our Friends – Mutts (Meows) of Motown

house of horrirscatw:mutts8:5:148/7/14 They may be named the Mutts of Motown but their big hearts apply to all animals. We are happy to be able to help our good friends. ~ diana

“Our baby miracle kitten “Cadman” just can’t cut a break. He came to us starved and dehydrated. He’s having a tumor removed from the top of his head on Monday. It seems to be growing pretty fast. We’re very attached to our miracle kittens. Please keep baby Cadman in your thoughts.” Mutts of Motown