Pebbles – Her Family Lost Everything and So Did She

8/24/14 -Pebbles – Her mom contacted us and Gina could not say no. For reasons outside of her control, this 1 year old sweetie was going to be without a home. She is staying with a friend of 4p1h but she needs a permanent home to call her own. If any of our friends can help, please contact Gina at [email protected]


9/2/14 – Pebbles is still in need of her forever home. ~ dianaPebbles:8:18:14pebbles8:24:14

Gina’s Pigeon – How Do God’s Creatures Know Where To Go For Help?

Saturday about 3:00 in the afternoon this Pigeon slowly walked up to my porch as I was getting ready to leave my house. I actually thought it was a joke, so I looked around and quickly discovered it was for real. 

I wasn’t sure what to do, so of course I consulted Dr. Google and ended up making a buffet of food and water for the Pigeon to choose from, then I went and ran about my business for a few hours.

When I pulled up in my driveway the Pigeon was still there, along with a million ants on the food, and so was a neighborhood cat just glaring at Mr. Pigeon as if he was going to be a snack.

I felt that I should take the pigeon and put him in a safe area of my garage, so I did.
He let me pick him up and didn’t once try to fly away. He ate, drank, and looked good.

In the morning I checked on him and he had passed away:(

This was strange to me because I feel like he showed up on my step to die peacefully.
It sounds crazy, but he looked old and tired..just done with life..and it made me wonder if there was some significant reason. At least he died in peace…
Ginagina's pigeon

Caring About All of the Creatures of this Planet – Gina’s Squirrel

4 paws 1 heart has a brand new addition. A very concerned family contacted the Animal Urgent Care tonight because this approximately 6 week old squirrel fell from its nest, and the family dog went after him. Fortunately, the family stopped the dog from doing severe damage, but there is one puncture wound on the hind end.. He is safe and doing well at the Gina inn, but I am looking for a name. If he continues to do good on antibiotics I will release him in my neighborhood.
The young man that brought him in was surprised that we would try to help this little squirrel, and he said, “wow you would do all that for a squirrel”? I said, “yes if we can help him we will”. Gina.
gina's squirrel8:25:14

Bruno – A Hemingway Cat Left Behind

8/24/14 – Just In from Jo A: An 83 year old woman contacted Jo to report that her neighbors were evicted and they left this handsome boy behind. She has been feeding him but she has a hard time getting around. She said he is very sweet and rubs on her legs and purrs. She knows he is fixed but nothing else. Is there anyone that can take this guy in either as a foster or permanent or a rescue. Contact Jo at [email protected] if you can help. 4 Paws 1 Heart will definitely have him vetted and vaccinated before anyone takes him. Thank You! ~ diana


8/25/14 Update:  8/24/14 – Happy Dance Time!!! Our six-toe guy found his forever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for his vetting, vaccinating, and testing before he goes to his new family.  ~ dianabruno8:24w:joadd