Fatboi Turns the Corner

Great news from Fatboi. 4 Paws 1 Heart was so happy help this handsome guy. ~ diana

fatboi8:19:15“Fatboi here…. BOY DO I FEEL BETTER!!! Thank you everyone who supported me when I was sick. I was feeling really bad…. who knew you could have a kidney infection, ear infection, an upset stomach and get the start of arthritis all at the same time!!!! My mom put my normal hard food down today, and i scarfed that right up!!! That smooshy prescription food was easy on my stomach, but I missed my big bowls of my normal food. Mom says it looks like I feel so much better, she might throw the ball for me a few times WHOOHOO I LOVE MY BALL!!! Or maybe I can smooch up to her and she will take me for a small walk…hehe. I have been so bored getting better. Im going to bug her now cause I wanna GO PLAY! !! Over and out Facebook Familly…. xoxo Fatboi”

Princess (aka Luna) – Could No Longer Produce So She Was Dumped

8/19/15 – Meet Princess. This beautiful 3 year old Sable Shepherd was dumped by her owner when she could no longer produce puppies for him to sell. She had already bore four litters. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for her medical bills which included having her spayed and a mammary gland removed. Anyone interested in adopting Princess should contact Megan of Friends of Scooby at [email protected] ~ dianaprincess(akaLuna)withMeganblass8:19:15

Ruby Slippers – Celebrating The Lives We Saved

11891158_1002225189809779_7793292957780860899_n8/19/15 – Anniversary Week – Celebrating the lives of those we saved. ~~ This is Ruby Slippers. It was July, 2011 when Gina received a call from a concerned building owner who had been feeding a dog next door to him whose owner had died. The owner had died weeks before and the man’s children left the dog behind, locked in a ‘kennel’ with no food or water, in the heat of summer. With a little ingenuity, the dog was rescued and medically treated at the emergency. Many of her teeth were ground to nubs from trying to get out of her ‘cage’. She was emaciated and her spirit was broken. After posting her story, a wonderful couple offered to adopt her and take her home to be loved for the rest of her life. The couple kept us updated and Ruby Slippers was much loved and almost seemed to smile when she was with her big fur buddy. Unfortunately, Ruby passed away this past year. But she passed over the rainbow bridge knowing love and protection. RIP Sweet Ruby. ~ diana

Somerset – Gained One Half Pound (Update)

8/19/15 – Update on “Somsomerset8:19:15erset”. She is 1.5 pounds today! She is a fighter and your prayers are helping. Please don’t stop because we have a long road ahead. There are now these raised blisters on the inside and outside of her leg where we think it was pinched. She isn’t as uncomfortable today, but she has her moments. I’m handling her extremely delicately. Her elbow is still very swollen, but she was putting some weight on it earlier . We cannot attempt to put the elbow back in the socket because of the blisters surrounding her leg, so all we can do is take one day at a time. I don’t know what to expect moving forward, and we’ll rely on the advice from the veterinarians. I’ll keep updates going on this precious baby. Again, if your interested in helping with her recovery you can donate at this link and specify her name.. or just keep the prayers coming. Thank you. Gina

Somerset – Only 1 Pound and 2 and 1/2 Weeks Old – Rescued from the Street

8/18/15 An appropriate way for 4 Paw 1 Heart to begin it’s 6th year of funding medical treatment for the abandoned and abused.

BIG Prayers needed.. This 4paws 1 heart baby only 1#, and about 2 1/2 weeks old was found the other night… We have since discovered she is injured and has a dislocated elbow with possible injury to her shoulder as well. I’m taking care of her around the clock with pain meds, antibiotics, and feedings. PLEASE pray hard that she pulls through. Her leg is shaved in this photo of her sleeping. You can definitely notice the huge amount of swelling and there are areas where her skin looks pinched. Her pain is under control, but such a young baby…..I’m so scared frown emoticon frown emoticon Ginasomerset8:18:15somerset8:18:15**

4 Paws 1 Heart Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary – Peanut

8/18/15 Please help us celebrate our 5th Anniversary by donating $5 to save the many abandoned, stray, and abused animals who have no one else to turn to but us. If you haven’t done so already, please check out our ‘Notes” section which is under the ‘More’ tab. I think you will appreciate reading about many of our early cases. For some of you who may not have been following us since the beginning, I thought I would celebrate our anniversary by spending the week sharing some of our more critical cases (although every life matters). This is Peanut from 2010. A very kind man who was visiting his relatives saw this mass of ‘something’ in a corner and asked the homeowner what it was. The relative/homeowner blew him off and did nothing. Well, what ‘it’ was, was a dying dog so dehydrated and malnourished, he couldn’t even stand or hold his head up. This was my initiation into the world of animal advocacy. This caring man went against his relatives and brought the animal into the emergency where Gina works and the rest is history. Because of 4 Paws 1 Heart this little sweetheart recovered and went on to be the very spoiled fur son of a wonderful woman who shares her time between Michigan and Florida and Peanut always joins her. Here is Peanuts journey. ~ diana


Somerset, Gino, and a New Baby Kitten

8/16/15  4 Paws 1 Heart has taken in 3 more animals recently. This baby (Somerset) that is oh soooo tiny is one of them. Here is our good friend Alicia giving the baby love and snuggle time. This puppy is about 2-3 weeks old.

We also took in this baby kitten about 6 weeks old. She was found last night, and then the Maltese puppy (Gino)somerset8:16:15Gina'skitten8:15:16gino:16:15 from a few days back is doing GREAT.

4paws1heart couldn’t do this without your help. Medical care is expensive and we are always swamped with requests for help. If you can find it in your heart to donate we would truly appreciate it. To make a donation please visit our website www.4paws1heart.org and click on the donate tab. Thank you so very much! Gina

2nd Annual 5K Fun Walk/Run

8/14/15 – Please send in your entry form today!! Our September 12, 2014 Fun 5k at Lake St. Clair Metro Park (formerly known as Metropolitan Beach) in Harrison Twp, MI is right around the corner. We will be located in the pavilion near the golf course and have a fun day planned. We will have a photo booth (don’t forget about the best dressed dog contest), music, a raffle for an Apple IPad and a few other items and just all around fun in a magnificent setting. Please bring the family and friends and help us continue our mission to fund medical treatment for the abandoned and abused. Last year 200 friends joined us for our first event on the Nautical Mile. This year we would love to see 300. Please share. Thanks, diana5kentryform

Odin – Still Looking For His Forever Home

8/14/15 – Odin8:14:15Hello Friends! Odin here!!!! I need a huge favor from ya’ll. If you can share my pic it might help me find a home sooner! You see I was found a few months back injured and laying in the street. Some really nice lady scooped me up into her arms and 4 paws 1 heart gave me a 2nd chance. I would have died..if the doctors didn’t fix me. Now I’m searching for my new forever home. I’m about 2-3yrs old, up to date on veterinary care, and I LOVE to snuggle! I enjoy being with people, going for walks, and I give lot’s of kisses. PLEASE share my story with everyone because I deserve a good home. EMAIL [email protected] for more information. Thanks!!!!! Gina