Mack – No Longer Has Heart Worm

1/29/16 – An Update on Mack. He was rescued from a very bad situation and while being vetted he was found to be Heart Worm positive. We are so happy we could help and make a difference in this sweet boy’s life. It truly takes a village of caring people. Here is his foster mom’s update: ~ diana

“Drum role please…..Happy to say our foster boy Mack is now officially heartworm free!!! Thank you Gina DeLuca Diana Rascano 4 Paws 1 Heart, Dr. Graves and Anne-Marie Wilk!!!! And the staff at Advanced Veterinary Medical Center, Mykela Orsette Ashley Squire Dr. Rozenbaum you guys are so good to him!!! I cannot even explain how happy I am right now for him!!!- Amber” 🐶🐶🐶🐶Mack1:27:16

Christian Grey is Now with Misfit Angels Rescue

1/29/16 – christiangrey 1:16:16Our good friends at Misfit Angels Dog Rescue have taken Christian under their wing. They will be finding him a forever home where he will be loved and never live in fear again. Before we took him into our organization he was living in a garage, eating out of a foil tray, freezing, never loved or held, and zero confidence. He was dying of pneumonia, his teeth were covered in a metallic material from chewing on foil, and he had a screw in his stomach. We covered his medical care and got him back to health. A wonderful technician, Lianna, is fostering Christian until the rescue places him in a permanent home. She is helping him in every way to build his confidence and show him unconditional love which he never knew existed.. Christian was saved by our doctor, Maria Rivera, and we will all remember him as he takes the next step into his journey. The family that adopts him is going to be blessed with a wonderful puppy. This is his 2nd chance♡ Gin

Tighe and Tango – Rescued from the Cold

1/27/16 – Meet Tighe and Tango — two more beauties taken off of the streets; never to be abused, hungry or cold. Thank you to Drew and Michelle for rescuing them and contacting us. They will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any other conditions they may have. Drew and Michelle will take good care of them and get them ready for adoption. Again, I so much admire the many caring people who open their hearts and homes to the abandoned and stray. ~ dianatighe 1:27:16tango 1:27:16

Sommerset (aka Sophia) – Update

1/25/16 – Good Morning Happy Update – Remember little Sommerset. It was early September when she was found under a bush at 3 weeks old and brought to Gina at the emergency hospital. Shortly after being rescued, her skin started blistering and falling off. She was eventually taken to Michigan State University where she had surgery. Once again, the love and care of the staff at the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center and the skilled staff at MSU saved her life (not to mention the kindness of the rescuer). A big thanks, also, to our great friends, Venus and Jeff, who later took in Sommerset and adopted her. Here she is when she was rescued and the other day on her way for a check-up at MSU. Isn’t she beautiful? ~ diana
P.S. Her name is now Sophiasommerset 1:26:16sommerset aka Sophia 2015

Peanut – From Death’s Door to a Life of Love and Luxury

1/24/16 – Another feel good ‘before and after’ story for this chilly Sunday morning. This is Peanut. Many of you will remember his story but I know that animal lovers never get tired of hearing happy updates. Peanut goes back to 2010 shortly after we started 4 Paws 1 Heart. A man came into the emergency and told Gina that he found this lifeless little body in the corner of a room at a relative’s house. He, at first, thought it was a towel or rag that someone had thrown on the floor; then he realized that the ‘rag’ was a dog. He asked his relatives about the animal and they told him that they no longer wanted the dog. That’s when he took action and brought him to the emergency hospital.

That night, he became one of our first 4p1h babies. He went through a lot in those early days. He couldn’t even lift his head to eat but with Gina’s love and the professional care from the staff, he began to put on weight. After a number of months, he was ready to be adopted. Luckily, a wonderful, caring woman fell in love with Peanut and adopted him. Today he spends his summers on a lake and his winters in Florida. He goes for boat rides and is just loving life. Peanut’s mom just posted this photo of him wearing his new sweater because it’s been a little chilly down there. Once again, your donations make miracles happen! ~ dianapeanut 1:24:16peanut 2010

The Shih Tzu Five – Dolly, Skeeter, Fritz, Tulip, and Bruno

1/23/16 – dolly 1:23:16skeeter 1:23:16fritz 1:23:16Tulip1:23:16bruno1:23:16All 5 puppies are just about ready to be adopted. They get their first vaccine this week and then I’ll finalize some adoptions. This is NOT an easy decision, but everything should work out. We have been getting applications since Dec 19th. I’m going to miss them and I couldn’t have done this without the help of Amanda Morris and Carrie Krausmann. Puppies are a full time job for sure, and as much as I love the fact we could save them, I have no intention of doing this again for a LONG time. ♡ Gina

Tina – Found in the Middle of a Dark, Country Road

1/23/16 – Meet Tina. Here is the message I received just seven days ago:

“I have found a black cat in the middle of the road in the country. She was short of begging to be run over. I have taken her in, fed her, and bathed her. She’s extremely malnourished and emaciated. She seems to have an Infection in her gums where one of her canines were removed. She is declawed in the front. Both eyes have infections. She is sneezing and has raspy breathing. Please help. Please! Thank you. ~ Katie”

Of course, we immediately contacted Katie who quickly acted and got Tina into a vet. Unfortunately, there was no microchip or other identification. Tina was examined and has been given antibiotics for her infections. She is doing very well. Here she is when she was found, just 1 week ago, and now. Thank You to Katie for saving this baby who would have surely been run over. ~ dianatina1:16:16tina 1:23:16

Katniss Everdeen and Her Wonderful Life (Before and After)

1/22/16 – She was stuffed in a carrier half the size of what she needed. She was put out at the curb during a rain storm like garbage. We have no idea how long this sweetheart was there at the curb or kept in that carrier but a kind woman in a u-haul, on her way to another State, noticed her and brought her to the Emergency. She was kept somewhere, long enough, without food, that she felt the need to eat the items in the carrier. After being rescued, emaciated and wet, she had emergency surgery where much fabric and other articles were found. I have literally never seen an animal so broken and despondent. I couldn’t help but cry and pray that we could some how make her whole again. Her eyes were so vacant and her spine was curved because of too many days in a small carrier. With 4 Paws 1 Heart $, the professional staff at the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center, Gina’s love, and the care and training provided by our good friend, Carrie, of Lil’ Dogs Resort, I again present to you, Katniss Everdeen — forever loved. Happy Friday morning! This is how your donations make miracles happen ~ dianakatniss 2015katniss and sibling 1:22:16Katniss 1:22:16 with sibling

Butch (aka Jax) – Finds His Forever Home

1/21/16 – Jax formerly known as Butch, has been adopted into his forever home. Here he is with his new wonderful mom, Kari. ♡
Butch came to us 2 weeks ago with a fractured leg which required bone plates and screws. Dr.Graves paid $700 out of her own pocket to help with surgery and we covered $630. Tell me that isn’t a doctor who cares! We are lucky to have her and this puppy wouldn’t be here today if not for her and the emergency staff that evening. He is in a MUCH better place and he will never fear or be in pain again! ~ Ginabutch (aka jax) 1:21:16