Fella – His Back Legs are Paralyzed

5/25/16 – This little Maltese was recently surrendered to one of our friends who is often involved in rescuing. His name is Fella and his back legs appear to be paralyzed. His owner said that he returned from a groomer 8 months ago and was no longer able to walk. The little guy was in pretty tough shape when the rescuer got involved. His fur was yellowed by urine, he was extremely matted, and couldn’t use his back legs. We have referred his medical records and x rays to Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation and Therapy for Pets and we will see where we go from there. Please say a little prayer for this guy. ~ dianafella5:25:16

Superhero Chance – Facing Some Medical Issues

5/24/16 – Please say a few prayers for our Superhero, Chance. Thank, diana

“Good morning Team! Sooo, my appointment is set. I will be going tomorrow at 2:00 for my tests. Mom, Auntie Debra & maybe even Auntie Gina will be going with me and we will find out what these pesky lumps and swollen lymphnodes in my back legs are all about. I will be getting bloodwork done, an ultrasound, and a fine needle aspiration. Mom says that’s where they put a small needle into my lumps and draw out fluid and tissue and send it off to see what’s causing the lumps. Moms a bit beside herself, but I’m her brave SuperHero…I got this! And thank goodness..4 Paws 1 Heart has got my back Me and mom know these tests are expensive and we’re so grateful that 4 Paws 1 Heart works with the best vets and are here for me. But they can’t do what they do without your help. If you would like to help with my medical care please go to 4paws1heart.org/donations/
Have a great day everybody! Love & Purrrs Chance”chance5:14:16 chance, 2016

Isaac – Another Paralyzed Kitten

5/24/16 – Our newest paralysis case. If anyone can make miracles happen, it’s Dr. Kern.

“Good morning Team Chance! Does it get any cuter then my little friend Isaac??? His foster mom Cynthia will be bringing him over to our house soon for a playdate, I can’t wait to show him my clubhouse and all my cool stuff I had to play with when I was in his paws and unable to walk. He and his mom are seeing Dr. Kern twice a week Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart and working hard on his exercises and homework just like me and mom used to do!
Little Isaac has been having a few little poo issues though that’s been causing him to need a lot of baths, boy I remember those days myself. When a kitty can’t walk and unable to use the litter box its important to keep him on the right foods so his poo is ….um…well….firm, yes firm! So Issac requires a special dry food called ProPlan Chicken & Rice for kittens which I’ve added to my wishlist. Kittys who can’t walk need so many extra supplies and his foster mom is taking such amazing care of him! Anything purchased for Isaac like Pee Pads, food, toys,ect will be sooo appreciated and we will get it to him and his mom right away!!! Thanks everybody, have a fabulous day and we’ll see you all later! Love Chance & Isaac!”

Kittens with Upper Respiratory Infections – Rescued

5/23/16 – As I’ve said before, kittens are blooming. No matter how much spaying and neutering we all do, it never seems to be enough. Please be an advocate and always remind everyone you know of the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. These four were rescued by another follower of 4 Paws 1 Heart who we’ve assisted before. One of the babies had a serious upper respiratory infection but they’ve all been seen by a veterinarian and are on their way to getting healthy and hopefully adopted. Although, they will not be ready for a little while, contact Kim at [email protected] com if you are interested. ~ diana

kittens with kim miller5:23:16

Half of His Face was Missing; Making the Tough Decisions; RIP Sweet Boy

5/22/16 – RIP Sweet Boy. Our friend, Denise Najera, received a call from someone about this cat who was very injured. He was elusive for awhile but, finally, he was trapped and we made arrangements for him to be taken to our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency. Unfortunately, his injuries were critical and he was in much pain; half of his face was missing. He was also found to be positive for feline leukemia. As difficult as it always is, it was decided that the best for him was humane euthanasia. He is now whole again playing with all of our fur children who have gone before us. ~ diana

rip sweet cat 5:22:16

Precious – Rescued from a Yard, Missing a Leg

5/21/16 – Meet Precious. A very kind person found this 4-week old kitten in her backyard, missing a leg. It appeared she had been attacked. The person contacted our friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue and they immediately took over. Precious had to have surgery and continues to be hospitalized but with a good prognosis. We are thankful that we can help Precious in her recovery. Say a little prayer for Precious as well as all of these sweet babies all alone on the streets fending for themselves. ~ dianaPrecious w:tigerlily 5:21:16

A Squirrel with Squirrel Pox – Caring For All of God’s Creatures

5/20/16 – A good friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart and a passionate animal advocate called me about a squirrel that often visited her backyard. The squirrel seemed to be searching for food and water and appeared totally blind and suffering. She thought her neighbor had put poison out as he tends to often threaten. She was able to catch the little guy and 4 Paws 1 Heart made arrangements for him to go to an emergency hospital. There he was found to have Squirrel Pox. Unfortunately, this is a very contagious disease and very painful. Consequently, he was humanely euthanized. We know he is in a better place, hiding nuts and playing with all of the other animals. ~ dianasquirrel w:squirrel pox 5:20:16

Working With Friends – Ferndale Cat Shelter and Lots of Kitten Love

5/19/16 – Where would we all be without friends?? Once again, because of our friends, we are able to help some great rescue friends who are always there for us. This sweetheart was taken in by our friends at Ferndale Cat Shelter. Unfortunately, her condition is like many of the kittens we’ve all been finding on the streets. After medical treatment provided by 4 Paws 1 Heart ferndalecatshelter--5:19:16 ferndalecatshelter5:19:16and lots of love, a new life is born. Don’t forget to also check out Catfe in Ferndale, the only one of its kind in our area. ~ diana