Mama Cat has 5 Kittens of Her Own and Takes In Two Orphans

Happy June 1, 2016 – Here are more babies saved by friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart. The mom had 5 kittens and took in 2 orphans. That’s a lot of babies!! 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there to take care of their medical needs including spaying/neutering when everyone is ready and old enough. Anyone interested in these babies should contact [email protected] Of course it will be a little while before they are ready for adoption. ~ diana

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Our Superhero, Chance, Once Again Needs Your Prayers

5/31/16 – Continued prayers for our superhero, Chance. Thankfully, Gina DeLuca will be coordinating his medical treatment. ~ diana

chance5:31:16“Hello Team, so mom talked to Dr. Nurse and this is what he says about my tests:
There was nothing in my bloodwork that looks like cancer. No cancerous cells were found in my Needle Aspiration sample that was sent out. BUT Dr. Nurse wanted to emphasize that these things do not always show up in the Needle Aspiration and there is still the possibility of Mast Cell Tumor or Lymphoma. However its a good sign that nothing showed up in either test. However we need to know why my lymphnodes are swollen. It’s possible I have Lymphoid Hyperplasia. That is an increase in normal cells in the lymphnodes when there is infection, bacteria or germs present and the body is reacting to it. Sooo, here is the present plan.
I will be started on antibiotics for any infection that may be present and steroids to try and shrink the lymphnodes. If this does not work, then Dr. Nurse says the next step would be a biopsy of the lymphnode. But we are going to try treating the symptoms for infection first and see if that works. Also all my test results will be sent to Dr. Kern to look at as well for her opinion and suggestions. So that’s what we know right now, I will start my meds first of next week and see if they help. Thankyou for all your prayers, please keep em coming! Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart, Auntie Gina & Auntie Debra for always having my back Sooo mom, lets have some chicken and a nap now! 😉 Meow for now! Love Chance ❤”

4 Paws 1 Heart Joins the St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade

5/30/16 – A huge thanks to our board member, Dee Gudenau, and her husband and Vice Chairperson of the St. Clair Shores Animal Care and Welfare committee, Rick Gudenau, for building the float and coordinating the participation in the St. Clair Shores Memorial Parade. I was inspired by the amount of applause we got and the number of people who knew of us and we’re thankful because they knew someone we helped. There’s nothing like getting involved with a great community like St, Clair Shores. Also a big shout out to the Macomb County Animal Control for being there and supporting such a great event! memorial parade 13331166_1722782498009476_6919736085934127223_n

Don Gato – Found With an Infected Mouth and a Tumor

5/3016 – While we all remember the the many men, women, and dogs who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom, I would like to ask our friends for a little prayer for this guy. He was found with a large tumor/cyst on his face and a horrendous mouth infection. We were contacted by his rescuer and had him taken to the great staff of Rescue Veterinary Services. Don Gato, a very sweet feline, required the removal of 6 teeth and a sample was taken of the large tumor/cyst on his face. The results from the sample will not be available for about 5 days. We are praying that the tumor is non-malignant and can be removed; although, it may disfigure his face. This little guy is no longer in pain and we are committed to doing what is best for him. His rescuer, Beth, will be keeping him much loved and cared for. Without your donations, we could not make miracles happen. ~ dianadon gatow:beth and kelly5:30:16

Aura – Happy and Healing After Her Eye Surgery

5/29/16 – We’ve told you about Aura in the past (see our and search ‘aura’). She was rescued by Bully’s Angels and required eye surgery. We learned of Aura’s need and offered to take Aura under our wing and pay for the surgery. The other day Aura had her two-week post surgery visit to the great doctors of Veterinary Vision and everything is looking great. Here she is happy and playful now that the ‘cone of shame’ has been removed. Anyone interested in this beauty, should contact Bully’s Angels. ~ dianaaura 5:29:16=== aura5:29:16 auraw:bullysangels5:28:16

Hope – Finds Her Forever Home

5/27/16 – Our sweet Hope who was found with a very severe upper respiratory infections has been adopted. YEAH!!! A huge thank you to Debbie Nelson who rescued her, Andrea H. who got her healthy so she could eventually have her eye removed, and to our friends at Tigerlily who took on her adoption needs. I worried about this baby for so long and now she is loved and in a forever home.~ diana

Hope w:tigerlily4:28:16

Low Cost Vaccine and Microchip Clinic – June 18, 2016, St. Clair Shores

For all of our friends living in the St. Clair Shores, MI area, the Macomb County Animal Control and All About Animals Rescue are sponsoring a low-cost vaccine and microchip clinic. Most cat parents do not consider microchipping their cats because “they are not allowed outside”. But, you never know when someone might leave a door open and your baby will sneak out — you know, the curiosity of a cat. Please consider protecting your pets. ~ dianavaccine clinic