Mocha Latte – Picked Out Her Own Family

8/5/16 – This smart sweetie (Mocha Latte) showed up on a porch and just wouldn’t leave so the homeowner started feeding her. The other day when the mom was taking out the trash, Moche Latte just snuck into the house and continued to follow the mom around all day. Everyone in the household fell in love with her and decided if they could get help getting her spayed and vaccinated, they would make her their own. We were asked for help and we thought it was a small price to pay to find a forever, loving home for a sweet abandoned/lost kitty. ~ diana

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Butterscotch and Snickers – Survivors

8/4/16 – What a difference some love makes. These two calicoes, Butterscotch and Snickers, were caught during the New Baltimore Mobile Home Project. They are now safe in a foster home along with ten others who have been taken in by other caring advocates. All of these babies will find their way, once healthy, to our Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart facebook page. They are some beauties. ~ diana

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.

Kittens – Near Death in a Mobile Home Park

8/3/16 – More of the kittens trapped at the New Baltimore Mobile Home project. There were two adults caught yesterday — a male and a female who were taken to the vet for neuter/spay. You can see how sickly these babies are. Thank God for all of the good people who have been out there trapping and those who have provided temporary homes while permanent placement can be found. Anyone who can help should contact Rachel at [email protected]

I am truly thankful that 4 Paws 1 Heart has been able to take care of their emergency conditions. ~ diana

“Heres the update on these poor kittens i honstly believe if they weren’t trapped sad to say they would of died. They are nothing but skin and bones so iv been adding kitten formula to there wet food ,i also found some clovmox in my fridge its older but better than nothing i also retreated there poor eyes. And now there resting so i want everyone to say a prayer they pull through .plus im able to pet them please view the pictures ♡♡ – Roberta:cambridge kittens 8:4:16 cambridge kittens-8:4:16 cambridge kittens''8:4:16 cambridge kittens`8:4:16 cambridgekittens----8:4:16 cambridgekittens--8:4:16 cambridgekittens```8:4:16 cambridgekittens===8:4:16 cambridgekittens=8:4:16 cambridgekittens==8:4:16


Kittens – In Jeopardy of Being Killed at a Mobile Home Park; Now Safe

8/3/16 – More kittens from the New Baltimore Mobile Home Project.  An update from foster mom, Roberta~ diana

“Update on the 4 kittens that was trapped yesterday, all of there eyes are open they are eating vary well and im able to pet them plus not only that this part touches my heart they are purring when i pet them. These poor little babies are so fragile im afraid to hold them i gave them some more clovmox this morning and treated there eyes as always they still need everyone’s prayers.”

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Kittens/Cats in Jeopardy of Being Killed at a Mobile Home Park

Another one of the kittens rom the New Baltimore Mobile Home Park Project. Here is Chance’s most recent report:

“Good news on this boy we told you about this morning. He’s been named Winston and his paw is going to be ok! He had one missing nail and one damaged nail. And he has an upper respiratory like all of these kitty’s. But the vet treated his paw and he has meds for his uri and he’s going to be just fine! Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart!!!! Thankyou Rachel Gerstner for taking him to the vet and Jubilee for fostering Winston Like we always say, takes a village!”

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Cats & Kittens in Desperate Need in Mobile Home Park

8/3/16 – Although I have a good 40 more cats/kittens to share with you who we’ve helped over the past two months, I wanted to make all of our friends aware of a current project being conducted right now by some of our friends.

Nearly 100 cats and kittens are in jeopardy of being killed in two mobile home parks in New Baltimore. Even, if they are not poisoned or shot (as has been threatened), without our intervention, they will continue to reproduce to even more overwhelming levels.

A few community advocates got together to begin trapping these animals to not only get them spayed and neutered but because many of them will either die or lose their eyes due to severe upper respiratory infections. They contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart to see if we could back them. Although our donations continue to be slow, we agreed to provide as much medical treatment as possible.

Many of these cats are just kittens and worthy of forever homes. Others, just need to be stopped from reproducing. Many have serious upper respiratory infections. In fact, one kitten was found with an eye missing and our great friends at A Hopeful Heart took in this sweet baby.

So far only 12 cats/kittens have been trapped but more could be done with your help. Please consider making a donation to 4 paws 1 heart (the donate link is on this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St.Clair Shores, MI 48080) or opening your home to one of these sweet babies. Please contact Rachel Gerstner at [email protected] if you think you can help with trapping or placement.

4 Paws 1 Heart will be going into its 7th year of helping the abandoned, stray, and abused and I’ve never seen the need so great. Thanks for your consideration and we will keep you informed. Please help us save these innocents who never asked to be born.
~ diana

'Meet  Bella  - Girl'
'Meet  Casper - Boy'
'Meet  Darcy  -  Girl'
'Meet  Butter nut  -  Girl'

Ali – Looking for His Forever Home

8/1/16 – Ali Update, Remember this little miracle who came to us at only 2 days old and severely injured from a recliner? Well, here he is about 9 weeks old, healed, and ready for a good home. If you are very serious about Ali, as a possible new addition to your family, please email me for an application. This guy is very special to me and we’re looking for the perfect match♡ [email protected] Please Share! Thank you!

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.