Coal – In His Forever Home

4 paws 1 heart is about 2nd chances. Coal (kitty) was treated by us for a urinary blockage. There were repeated issues causing him to reblock and not be able to urinate. His kidneys were at risk for failure. We paid for Coal to have a surgery which resolved all of the issues. It was expensive…he was a young cat…and without you we couldn’t have saved him. Here is an updated picture from his dad. As you can see Coal has a very good friend here. ♡ Gina

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The Need Has Been Greater Than The Donations – Please Help


10/27/16Did you know that 1 female cat (starting at 4 months old) can have 1 to 8 kittens, 3 To 5 times a year?
Did you know that 1 female cat can have 100 kittens in one year, and can reproduce almost her entire life?
Did you know that one pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens?
AND, did you know that with a $40 donation we can spay/neuter one cat?

As of today, we have requests for 40 cats to be spayed/neutered and every day we get more. For every “NO”, 210,000 cats may be born and eventually die on the streets or in the shelters.

What else could you possibly do to make a bigger difference! Donations can be made on this page by using the donations link, by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. ~ diana

Ali – Has Another Surgery

10/26/16 – Ali Update, This morning he needed another surgery to remove a piece of bone from his back toe. The bone was dislocated and you can see how it’s turned sideways on this x ray. As a result, he has been limping, and there has been a festering wound where the pad would be. Now we have yet another 2 weeks of rest and recovery. I pray to God that this is the end of his medical needs, and that now I can allow him to be a puppy. Next, he needs a forever home, so if you want more information please email me at [email protected], and if you would like to donate towards the extensive medical bills we have invested in Ali it would SO be appreciated. Thank you and please share for he needs a good home… Nov 4th he will be exactly 6 months old.

Donations can be made at

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.

Carlos – Still Unsure. Is His Cancer Returning?

10/17/16 We made a commitment to sweet Carlos and Denice’s family, who took him in at our request. And, although we are running out of money, the Board of 4p1h will not let him down. Carlos has lost 2 lbs. since his last visit which is not good. He is having a full panel of blood work done in hopes of seeing if Carlos is hyper thyroid or if something worse is going on. Prayers for this sweet boy who has been through so much. – Diana

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Ahem, good morning Team. Its me, Carlos. Im still not feeling good…at all. Just looking at food makes me cringe and go hide. My Dr appointment is at 12:00, so as soon as Mom can she will update everybody. We want to thank everybody for all your love & prayers. Mom wants me to tell you she reads and appreciates every comment, shes just awfully upset about me being sick so its hard for her to answer each comment right now…she knows you understand. For those who dont know, I have Spindle Cell Sarcoma which is a very aggressive cancer and impossible to get it all becuse the margins are so unclear. Ive had 3 surgerys, 2 since Ive been here pd for thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. My last visit about 2mo ago the Dr said its possible the cancer may have spread to my brain as I was becoming aggressive, but I had been doing really good with the Feliway diffusers until now. So, we dont know what today will bring but please keep me & my family in your prayers. And if your able please send a donation becuse funds are so low and there are so many like me needing their help. Love, Carlos

Lea – Rescued from Property Where Someone Was Shooting Kittens

10/26/16 – A message from Mama Shelly who rescued Lea from the same property where kittens were being shot. Faith, her fur sister, was paralyzed and still has the bullet in her and another cat, Dexter, did not survive. We are so happy that we could be there for this sweet baby. ~ diana

“Big difference in Lea. Thank you Yale Veterinary and especially Diana and 4Paws 1Heart for giving Lea a chance at life. She was at deaths door. The emergency vet at the vet at Yale were not hopefully optimistic. Her health declined shortly after we lost Dexter. He was the only one who would be with her because the others saw her as weak. I believe he was looking after her from Heaven.~ Shelly”

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