A Woman Moved Into a New Home and Found Two Cats Left Behind

11/23/16 – It’s happened again. We were contacted by a person we have helped in the past. She told me that her friend had just moved into a new home and, lo and behold, there were two cats left behind. I don’t know how long they were left unattended but I’m sure they are happy to once again have food and fresh litter and human attention. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be making sure they are neutered, vaccinated, and tested. The new homeowner is willing to keep them; so, a happy ending to a very bad beginning. ~ dianacat-112316cat-2-112316

Axel – Kept on a Chain 24/7 With A Disease That Would Eventually Blind Him

11/22/16 – Happy News for Axel. This beautiful boy is no longer in pain from his Entropion condition and is now safe, warm, and loved. You might remember that Axel was left chained, outside 24/7 with very little human interaction although it become obvious that he craved it. Thankfully two kind women realized that besides just the outer conditions, they could tell something was wrong with Axel’s eyes. They contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart and together we were able to get Axel surrendered and have the Entropion condition (eyelashes growing inward and rubbing on the eye) corrected. Many good wishes go out to Axel and his rescuers. ~ dianaaxel-wjennifermcmican

Two More Kittens Off the Street and Into Loving Homes

11/22/16 –¬†Happy News on a chilly November morning.

“It’s a lot quieter in the kitten room tonight….The boys are Now finally in the most awesomeness home … i’m so excited for their new bro doggie Charlie and the boys… What we saw tonight it will be 27 hours and they will be snuggling together. Thank you4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of all their medical!! ~ Dee”


Pumpkin – RIP Sweet Baby

11/19/16 – We celebrate when we can save one of God’s sweet creatures and mourn when we lose one. We have learned that not everyone can be saved no matter how much we love or care. Our sweet baby, Screamin’ Pumpkin was loved for 8 weeks but just could not thrive. He is now in heaven being God’s very own little siren. RIP Screamin’ Pumpkin. Rest assured that the rest of your family is safe and loved. ~ diana

Kim Wegner found this one of Screamin’ Pumpkin. We gave him the best 8 weeks that we could….(even though I naturally second guess myself personally right now) Thank you Happy Tails Scs and 4 Paws 1 Heart for all your help….it takes village….and this village is sad tonight. – Dee”pumpkin-111816



Ellie – She Was Left Behind Outside by Her Owners

11/19/16 – This beautiful girl was left behind by her owners. This situation happens far too often. People move and throw their pets outside, leaving them to fend for themselves. Very often, these pets haven’t been neutered/spayed and will go on to produce more unwanted babies. This is what happened to Ellie. Our good friend, Jo A., was able to rescue her and find a temporary home. Thankfully, especially when you see how emaciated she is, she was brought in before the temperatures dip into the teens next week. Ellie will be seen by a vet next week and will receive vaccines and be spayed if needed. Anyone interested in Ellie should contact: [email protected]ellie

Ali – At Just Two Days Old, He Was Caught in a Recliner – Today He is Ready for His New Home

11/18/16 – Dear Friends, our little Ali is still looking for his forever home. As so many of the babies, Gina has taken in, we know that there is the perfect home out there. We just need to find it and you can help. Please share our Ali. Miracles can happen when our village comes together,

If you will remember, Ali, was caught in a recliner at just a couple of days old. He has been through a few skin surgeries and surgery on his paw. Today, he is a happy, healthy puppy full of energy. He has been sharing a home with Gina’s babies but he really wants a home and family to call his own. The doctors and staff believe that Ali is a Boxer, Hound mix. Please share Ali with your friends and family and if anyone is interested, please contact Gina at: [email protected] ~Thanks, diana


Harley – Passed Around Several Times – Suffering with Entropion and Heart Worm

11/18/16 UPDATE: I am thrilled to report that we have found a benefactor to take care of Harley’s future medical bills.

11/17/16 – Please help if you can! Harley has been passed around — abused, abandoned, and neglected. We paid a little over $1,000 in June to give Harley a second chance but now I find out that there are still medical issues.

It was the end of June when we were contacted about Harley. A very sweet dog who had been obviously abandoned by her owner and left to fend for herself. Her collar was a wide belt which was imbedded into her skin. She was dirty and flea infested and had some issue with her eye. Harley showed up at a neighbor’s house and the neighbor was going to take her to the Humane Society knowing she would probably be euthanized because of her condition. Another neighbor got involved and took Harley to his place. Unfortunately, that person abandoned Harley also. One minute he told his neighbor about Harley and the fact that he had taken her in, and the next minute he was gone, leaving Harley outside without food, water, and shelter. The ‘last of the neighbors” fed Harley through the fence and when they realized that she had once again been abandoned, they took her in. Harley looked to be in pain and was so scared and sad. The family took her to a vet only to find out that she was heart worm positive and that she could have entropion of the eye. (Our friends will remember that we have helped 3 dogs this year with their entropion surgery).We committed to paying for the heart worm treatment and Harley was given eye drops.

Well, yesterday, I found out that we paid for Harley’s eye surgery for the entropion condition (please don’t ask) but her heart worm treatment was put on hold. AND, the first eye surgery may not have taken (which is not unusual with entropion). So now, sweet Harley, is still in need of heart worm treatment and after paying for Harley’s eye surgery, we don’t have the ability to cover that, and she may need another surgery on her eye. If you would like to help Harley start a new life, please make a donation and identify that it is for Harley. Donations can be made through paypal on this page or at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 Here is Harley today and when she was rescued. ~ dianaharley-62916harley-111616

Pepsi, Cola, and Sprite – Rescued from an Industrial Site

11/16/16 – The “POP” Kitties: Meet Pepsi, Cola, and Sprite. They were recently rescued and are about 6 weeks old. All of their medical will be covered by 4 Paws 1 Heart starting in a couple of weeks. Although they are still being socialized, anyone interested in someday making one or more them your own, should contact Debbie at: [email protected] ~ dianapepsi-111616cola-111616sprite-111616

Ava, Tori, and Grace – Stranded After Their Mom Was Killed by a Car

11/15/16 – Ava, Tori, and Grace were left stranded when their mom was killed by a car. They were flea infested and without food for 2 days. Thankfully, a very caring person rescued them and they are doing well. They are now about 5 weeks old and getting ready for their medical visits. Anyone interested in these sweeties (although they won’t be ready for adoption for a little while, should just private message me and I will put you in touch with the rescuer. ~ dianaava-111516tori-111516grace-111516