Dori and Danny – Their Mom Was Killed and Two of the Siblings Died

12/27/16 – Don’t forget that 4 Paws 1 Heart is a 501c3 organization which means that all cash donations are tax deductible. 99 cents of every dollar go directly to the medical treatment of abandoned and stray animals. As of today (with charges still being made), we have paid $137,096 in medical bills in 2016. Donations can be made on the ‘donations’ link on this page as well as by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. ~ diana

These are the miracles that happen because of our caring supporters — Here is the story of two more babies found on the street. Their mother was killed and her four babies were left alone without anyone to care or feed them. Our friend, Karen C. brought them into her home, bottle fed them, and took them to the vet several times because they were all sick and with upper respiratory infections. We were glad we could be there for them. But, heartbreakingly, two of the boys had to eventually be euthanized for failure to thrive and a brain tumor. Thankfully, Dori and Danny did thrive under Karen’s care and they are doing very well and will soon be ready for adoption. 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we have been able to help Karen with all of these sweet babies and that they were not left to die on the street. Dori and Danny will be getting spayed, neutered and tested next week. Anyone interested in these beauties, should contact Karen at:[email protected].dora-122716danny-122716

Maisy – RIP Sweet Girl – Found in a Home with 17 Dogs

12/27/16 – RIP Sweet Maisy. An 8-month-old Jack Russell Terrier, Maisy was confiscated from a home 4 weeks after her owner had died. Maisy, along with her mother, Daisy, were two of the 17 animals that were also confiscated from the same home. According to the Rescue, Maisy was “acting like a typical puppy, playing, being bossy, cuddling, being goofy…till one day she just became ill”. Maisy had lost her appetite, and became very lethargic. The Rescue took Maisy to the veterinary and they found that she had a slightly enlarged heart, and had stage 4 out of 6 heart murmurs on both sides of her heart and her temperature was 104 degrees. But her blood work came back normal, except for her white blood cell count which was only slightly high. So, the doctor thought Maisy was fighting off some type of infection. At that point, the Rescue contacted us to see if we could help with Maisy’s increasing medical bills. Although we couldn’t commit to paying all of the bills, we agreed to make a sizable payment in hopes of giving Maisy a second chance at life and love. Over the next five days, Maisy seemed to be doing better and started eating again. But then, it wasn’t long before it started up again — vomiting, not eating, high temperature. She continued to be taken back and forth to the vet and, sadly, just 8 days after we were initially contacted, Maisy died. We know she is no longer suffering but it is always heartbreaking when no matter what is done, God just seems to have a different plan. We were glad we could offer some assistance to Care Rescue and we thank them for everything they did to give Maisy a good life and giving her love in her final days. ~ diana


Kris Kringle – Wandering Alone in a Parking Lot in Detroit, MI

12/26/16 – Meet Kris Kringle. On December 20, I received a call for help. This little kitten had been wandering in a parking lot on Jefferson in Detroit. All of the property authorities were contacted but no one could help. And all of the food and shelter the caller put out, kept being taken. She was desperate to help this very sweet, helpless kitty. I contacted a few people in our Village and our great friend, Jo. A., answered our call for help and was able to rescue him two days later. Of course, 4p1h will be taking care of his medical. Little Kris is now safe and warm and looking for his forever home. If you are interested, contact [email protected]. It’s an honor to play a role in this phenomenal Village.kris-kringle-122216

Cookie – Christmas Story

12/25/16 Christmas Story #2 – It was December 3, 2012 when we received a call about a dog standing on a rock in Lake St. Clair, the cold waves lapping over her. Because no authority could help, Tony climbed down the sea wall and rescued this wet and frozen little girl. My neighbor and I immediately took her to a nearby veterinary where 4 Paws 1 Heart covered her medical. Her body temperature was very low but fortunately, she had a microchip, and no other injuries. The owner was eventually contacted and we learned that Cookie had been missing for 5 days. We have no idea how this little dog got into the water in that the sea walls are quite high where she was found. Cookie was back with her mom by late that night.
Now — There was a Christmas twist to this tale. It turned out that Cookie’s owner actually lives next door to the house my grandparents lived before they died and she had been a tremendous help to my family in offering rides to the doctor and the grocery store. She always kept an eye on them. When I found out who Cookie’s owner was, I was convinced that my grandfather played a role in Cookie’s rescue. The next day we were having lunch at the Butter Run, St. Clair Shores. When my drink was brought to the table, it was in a vintage glass just like the ones my grandfather had given to me before he died. I think Grandpa was saying “Thank You” for saving Cookie for her mom, Alberta. Merry Christmas. ~ diana

Dino (aka Sonic) – Attacked By a Dog and Brought into the Emergency

12/25/16 – For those of our friends who celebrate the birth of Christ, we wish you a Blessed Christmas. On this morning I would like to share two happy beginnings. The first is Sonic (now known as Dino). It was in October, 2014 that Sonic was brought into the emergency after being attacked by a dog. Due to his many injuries, Sonic spent several weeks in the hospital, being fed through a tube, almost losing an eye, and later, experiencing, more surgery for his torn mouth. There were times we thought he wouldn’t make it but with Gina’s love and care and the professional staff at the emergency, Little Sonic came through and was adopted by a family who has been close to me for over 50 years. Here he was when he was first brought into the emergency and today, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Because of our supporters, we can make miracles like this happen. ~ dianadinosonicsonicdino10214

Gina’s Kittens – Rescued from a Barn in Yale, MI

12/24/16 – Gina got a call about two 6 week old kittens living in a barn in Yale, MI. As you can see, they have severe upper respiratory infections and they are very thin. On Tuesday afternoon, the rescue for these 2 kittens was down to the wire. Gina just so happened to be off of work early, the owners of the home, Doug and Lori, reached out for help. Gina’s mom transported her to Yale on a last-minute notice, and there was about 1 hour of time to search for these babies before it was too dark. They were super fast and terrified running all throughout the barn, but Gina’s mom and Doug got them captured just in time. They are doing alright, but the black and white one is really sick. Please say prayers that he pulls through.
There are so many innocents like these needing our love and medical help. We thank God every day for all of the caring people who either open their homes or their wallets to make a difference. At this time, the kittens are with Gina but she will be looking for a more permanent placement for them. ~ diana


Sadie’s Pride – Saving Lives

12/23/16 – For all that we lose, I am grateful for all we have been able to save. It truly takes a Village — financial support, the phenomenal rescuers and those who open their hearts and homes, and especially the caring veterinarians who are always there for us. ~ diana

🎅 At this time of year I like to count all my Blessings. For the Sadie’s Pride family 4 Paws 1 Heart has been our biggest Blessing. Diana Rascano has helped so many kittens and cats that we foster. We couldn’t do what we do without 4 Paws 1 Heart.Here are a few of the sweet faces Diana has saved. Thank you 4p1h. We are forever grateful.💖”debra-kropp-1 debra-kropp-2 debra-kropp-3 debra-kropp-4 debra-kropp-5 debra-kropp-6 debra-kropp-7 debra-kropp-8 debra-kropp-9 debra-kropp-10 debra-kropp-12 debra-kropp-13

Rudy – RIP – Travel Safely Over the Rainbow Bridge

12/23/16 – It is once again with a heavy heart that we had to send another sweet baby across the rainbow bridge. His rescuer named him Rudy and brought him in from the single digit temperatures. He had what was thought a severe abscess on his face which turned out to be a cancerous tumor. We give a tremendous amount of thanks and respect to the rescuer who gave Rudy love in his last days even while taking care of a sight impaired, elderly father. Rudy, please give my Knucklehead, Conner, Cocoa, Cappucina, and Chi Chi a Merry Christmas nose kiss from me. ~ dianarudy-122316

Holiday Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

12/24/16 – As we continue to celebrate the upcoming holidays of Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, here are some helpful tips to keep your pets safe. A huge thank you to the St. Clair Shores Communications Department for giving the Animal Care and Welfare Committee the opportunity to make a difference for our pet residents.~ diana