Diddy – He Found the a Safe Place and is Now Adopted

1/17/19 – Meet Diddy. It started in late October when I received a message from the granddaughter, Amber. This very sweet cat showed up on her grandmother’s porch appearing very sick. Fortunately, we were able to work things out to get Diddy to the vet and Amber worked hard to find Diddy’s owner (without any luck) and then find a forever home. Well, on December 22, we received the good news that Diddy had been adopted into a great home. It’s not easy to take on these responsibilities for an animal in need and we are very thankful for people like Amber and her family who went beyond the call of duty for this very cuddly kitty. (the third photo is from when he was rescued, the others were after rescue)~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/diddy 12:3:18= Diddy 12:3:18== diddy w:amber lee 10:30:18 diddy12:3:18

The Wedding Shoppe – A Portion of the Sale of Wedding Gowns Will Be Donated

1/15/19 – The Wedding Shoppe in Berkley, MI has once again chosen 4 Paws 1 Heart to be their Charity Partner for January. A portion of the sales from wedding gowns will be donated to funding the medical treatment for abandoned and stray animals. If you are getting married or know someone who is, please check out this beautiful shop. theweddingshoppe.net
We are so thankful for all of the many local businesses who host fundraisers for us. ~ dianashoppe

Mia – She Was Stuck for 3 Days in a Hole in a Tree

1/14/19 – Meet beautiful Mia! We received a message about this very sweet cat who had been stuck in a hole in a tree for about 2 to 3 days. The homeowner contacted the local fire department and they were able to rescue her. Unfortunately, though, the poor little girl was limping and seemed to be in pain. We were asked to help with a medical visit in that the homeowner is a single mom on a limited income but would love to give Mia a furever home. Mia was taken to a vet last Thursday and it was found that she has a broken pelvis. She will be on crate rest and will have a follow up visit this week. When appropriate, we will also make sure that Mia is spayed and vaccinated so she will be all set for her new family. God bless Mia’s new mom for caring and God bless the firefighters who saved her from a horrible death. ~ diana
mia 1:9:19

Rosie Roo – Update

1/13/19 – rosie roo 1:13:19“Hi Team, it’s me…your girl Roo! Soooo, Dr. Z got my test results back and almost everything looks great for a girl of my maturity 😊
I dont have a uti, my kidney values are the best they’ve ever been!!! The one thing that was off was my T4, which is my thyroid. If my thyroid is off that can throw everything off just like with humans. So when I go back to see Dr. Z this Friday she will do a Thyroid Panel and send it out to MSU, it takes 7-14 days to come back. Dr. Z says if it’s my thyroid causing my issues that’s a super easy fix with meds!!! Course, still I’m no youngster so I’m going to have things come up due to my age and we just have to deal with that. But we prefer thyroid meds to doggy dementia, although..Dr. Z has supplements for that too! Mom thinks my eye bulge is coming down so my eye pressure is probably getting better with the drops & I’m pacing less with the pain meds for my eye. I had 2 accidents Friday night, but guess what??? Last night I didnt have any!!! So here’s hoping for great sleep & peaceful nights ahead, seems like Dr. Z,4 Paws 1 Heart & mom have got everything under control & heading in the right direction for me! And on that note, it’s time to for some of that great sleep right now! Sweet dreams everybody, we’ll see you all tomorrow! Love & Licks Rosie Roo – Team Chance”

Soup – Update

1/13/19 – Remember Soup? His mom shared this memory with us. You can follow his journey on our website–4 paws1heart.org

” 1/14/15 – Remember Soup? He was found as a stray 1year ago with his head stuck in a soup can? The shaved area on his hind end was because another animal crushed his pelvis. Unable to defend himself, he cried and crawled until someone heard him and contacted us for help. I took him home to recover from his shattered pelvis (12 weeks to officially heal), and this December made one year fostering him. Longest foster ever in my home. I’m very happy to report that Soup will be going to his forever home this Friday. I will miss him dearly, but this family is wonderful for him! They are perfect, he is perfect, and he will get the love and attention he deserves. We are so blessed to have given him a 2nd chance especially after being found on the street unable to walk.. Gina”Soup 1:13:15-- soup 1:13:19

Rosie Roo – Has High Pressure in Her Eye

1/11/19 – We absolutely love this senior girl. Rosie was found on the streets, you can read about her journey on our website – 4paws1heart.org.Nonetheless, what you need to know is that we are committed to Rosie as long as she needs us. She is such a little love bug. ~ diana

“Hey everybody, it’s me Roo! I’m home from Dr. Z’s, had my food & ready for a nap! Soooo, Dr. Z did bloodwork & urine test and we have to wait till tomorrow for the results of those tests. She also tested my eye pressure becuse my left eye (which I really cant see out of anyway) is a bit bulging this morning and very red. My pressure was a bit high so Dr. Z gave me eye drops & pain meds. Shes very concerned that Glaucoma could be the cause of a lot of my problems. It could be causing me pain and that would keep me up at night, cause my to drink more water, which causes me to have to pee more. Part could also be a bit of dementia as well. But we dont know anything for sure till my bloodwork & urine come back tomorrow. I have to also go back in a week to get my eye pressure rechecked. Hopefully the drops will control the pressure, if not..we have to talk about how to relieve the pressure pain. What we do know is my heart & lungs sound pawesome and moms super happy about that!
One thing is always a constant… my happiness, well being and quality of life is and will always be the #1 priority to both mom and 4 Paws 1 Heart. Sooo, stay tuned and we’ll keep you all posted when my test results come back Love yous, Love Roo – Mom”rosie roo 1:11:19

Samantha – Adopted and Out of the Shelter

1/10/19 – My Christmas Wish came true and it happened only 3 days after Christmas!! I have hesitated to make this post because I wanted to give it time, but I think it is safe to say things are going GREAT in her “foster to possibly adopt” home.
Six months ago Samantha was surrendered to “4 paws 1heart” to save her life and then she went to our friends at “I heart dog rescue and shelter” until permanent placement could be found. Her first 2 yrs of life with her previous owner was unhealthy, but I wont get into that.
I’ve gone to visit her every few weeks bringing her toys and chicken. I was the one she immediately bonded with, and I couldn’t just drop her off in an unfamiliar place and never look back. I promised her I’d visit until she left the shelter.
I left EVERY shelter visit either crying, feeling sad, helpless, or questioning if I’d done the right thing. She’d always try to get in my car or frantically pull towards me when being taken back to her area. Most days she just looked sad, scared, and lost. Only certain people could handle her and they were truly AMAZING. The shelter volunteers helped her on so many levels that I couldn’t. They built her shattered spirit. They gave her confidence. They taught her trust. She was broken down on every level…
OK, so very quick about her potential HOME. A family came to the shelter to offer fostering a dog. They sounded like a good fit for Sam, so they were then introduced. She immediately felt comfortable and greeted them with kisses (it took several weeks to show a sliver of that trust with most new people). Then she tried to go home with them!!! A home check was set up and after that a pick up day was scheduled which was on Dec.28th.
I was contacted about the AMAZING news and of course went to visit her 2 hours before the big moment!! I was given more kisses that visit than any other and I could feel her vibe was DIFFERENT! Almost like she knew that her time for a forever chance at LOVE had now come. The family has sent 3 updated pics and all is going GREAT! Samantha has a furry friend that has a history of anxiety and she is adjusting to her new life very well. I’m happy for not giving up and mostly for the shelter staff who worked with her and gave me hope. Samantha could not just be placed in any home. She was special needs do to her history of abuse. There is a loving home out there for every animal. Just because they are broken doesn’t mean they should be destroyed. Thank you all for the shares and for hearing my story♡. This is a video of my visit several weeks ago where I felt she was so sad…Ginasamantha

Lion King, Pumpkin, and Catt – Found on the Streets

1/11/19 – Cortney has been a God send for many caring animal lovers and cats/kittens. She has been working with other friends to trap/neuter/release cats who will have their medical paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart and she has been doing individual rescuing and trying to find foster families to care for the abandoned and lost so that permanent homes can be found. Here are three of the many who have been rescued who will be looking for their forever homes. Again, all medical was taken care of by 4p1h. Here is Lion King, Pumpkin, and Catt. Anyone interested should check out Meeko’s Mission Animal Rescue. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/lion king 1:11:19 pumpkin 1:11:19 catt 1:11:19