Here are two happy updates.

Thor was rescued about one week ago. He was very emaciated, drooling and urinating on himself. 4 Paws 1 Heart funded his exam with Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. Blood work was done because the doctor was concerned with the possibility of FIP but we all prayed that the numbers were just the result of him being so sick. He was also treated for infection and a mouth ulcer which may have been affecting his eating. Thor is home and is doing well although he will be going for a followup visit and he may require dental work. Although he is only 2 years old, he had several dental issues. We will continue to be there for Thor.

Noel had surgery yesterday for a prolapsed rectum like I’ve never seen. Her surgery was also done by Dr. Zalac and today she is with her rescue recovering from the surgery which also included her being spayed. Noel is doing great. Understandably a little frightened and nervous but her rescuer will be working with her so she can find a furever family and will never have to fight the streets ever again.

NOEL – On the Street with a Prolapsed Rectum

11/29/21 – Prayers for this little one who will be having surgery for a prolapsed rectum. A friend of 4p1h had been trying for over two months to trap her as Noel wandered the streets with several inches of her rectum hanging from her body (notice in the two photos). Finally, on Friday, she was successful. In the 11 years of 4 paws 1 heart and funding treatment for prolapsed rectums, I’ve never seen anything so bad. Thank God for Kim Thompson and a friend who had been trying night and day to get Noel help and Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital who agreed to do the surgery today. Noel will also be spayed and vaccinated during the surgery. Without 4 paws 1 heart and our generous donors, animals like Noel would either end up dying on the streets or being humanely euthanized for lack of funding. –

STUART, OSCAR AND ABLERT – Rescued from a Cat Community

11/27/21 – These beauties were discovered in a cat community under the care of a friend of 4p1h. At first they were going to be TNR’d but after being trapped, the finder found them all to be friendly so they were probably dropped off by someone. Stuart, Sophie, Oscar, and Albert will be tested, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered compliments of our generous donors. If you are interested in any of them, please contact: [email protected] –

FRANNY – Found in Abandoned Building

“This little girl Franny was found 2 weeks ago hanging out in an abandoned building on the east side. I couldn’t get Rescue help right away so I took her on myself. I had her shots done and she was spayed. Now she’s getting this episode where she literally almost dies then comes right back to life. Today is my third vet visit. I have spent $1600 of my own trying to save her. (I do not have $ like this to spend.) She will faint, her gums go white, she becomes incoherent, blood pressure and temp drop…it’s so scary. I was at the ER last night and we didn’t think she was going to make it. She pulled through but had another episode today. She is now admitted at wilsons and has been diagnosed with Vasovagal. This is where something triggers a nerve and it shuts off all oxygen to her brain. I feel traumatized from watching this dog almost die twice now. I’m hoping to save her! I am getting a little bit of donations but the vet bill is up to $1865. I put $680 of my own money down but now I’m officially poor. Can you help?”

Tasha was also tagged in a posting Tasha did on fb. When I read this, I knew for sure this could be a costly undertaking, which quite frankly we could not afford for one animal, and I was also unsure whether Franny had any hope. Consequently, I sent the information to one of our most knowledgable doctors for her opinion. She agreed that a consultation with a cardiologist where a monitor could be placed on Franny for a couple of days would be the best next step. Depending on the results, Franny could actually be helped with medication. In that Tasha was able to get donations to assist with the Wilson’s bill, I offered to help with the cardiologist. Franny saw the cardiologist on Wednesday and was put on a monitor and her rescuer was advised to keep her calm over the next two days. Today she returns to the cardiologist for results. Please say a little prayer for this very sweet 2 year old. I will update when I hear from Tasha. –


11/25/21 – The Board of 4 Paws 1 Heart wishes all of our friends a Thanksgiving filled with much love and thanks. Without our generous donors over 9,000 stray animals would not have been given a second chance at life over the past 11 years. It’s innocent souls like Snickers, Cheeto, Cobbler, and Colby Jack who were led to safety by their mom and taken in by someone who never turns her back. Everyone will be tested, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated and will never have to search for food and shelter on the dangerous streets. God’s Blessing to you and yours. –

PIRITA – She was Going to be Used in Dog Fighting

11/24/21 – Meet Pirita (pirate in Spanish). A very kind man saved this beautiful young kitten who was going to be used in dog fighting. My heart truly breaks to think of the many stray kittens who are used as dog bait or as food for ‘pet’ snakes. The finder believes this baby was taken from her mother too early. The kitten is very sweet and the family has already fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, though, as you can see from the photo, there is something wrong with her eye and the family was concerned they couldn’t afford to help her. That is where your donations come in. Because of our amazing friends, Pirita will, first and foremost, have her eye examined and treated (hopefully it will not result in removal). She will also be tested, vaccinated, and spayed when appropriate. I will provide an update after the vet visit. – diana


11/23/21 – Handsome Onyx. A few months ago he started hanging around his ‘angel’s ‘ house. Finally, his rescuer, was able to get him inside and he noticed that Onyx’s tail had been injured. As days went by, the injury worsened and started bleeding and Michael, his angel, noticed that part of the bone was exposed. That is when we were called. We authorized Onyx to be seen by one of our partner vets but before he got in (which was just a few days), Onyx’s cheek started swelling. Upon seeing the vet, it was determined that Onyx’s tail would have to be amputated and that the cheek swelling was the result of a cyst. The surgery was completed and Onyx spent the night in the hospital. After having a tube in his neck for 14 days and a cone protecting the stitches, Onyx is doing great and is very much loved and pampered by his rescuer. In fact he took a week’s vacation to care for Onyx during his recovery–now that’s a commitment. Michael wrote back in his update “Thank you, again, Diane, he is really alive because of you and the vet.”

KALI – Soaking Wet with a Severe Ear Infection

11/22/21 – Meet Kali, an emaciated and soaking wet Rottweiler that was rescued from Westland last night by Shayla, a good friend of 4p1h. She is ta very sweet girl but has an absolutely horrific ear infection. Shayla also noticed a few spots on her body that look like old injuries that may be infected. Kali will go to one of our partner vets this afternoon and have her infected ears examined and treated as well as the wounds on her body. She will also be tested for heart worm. When she is healthy and it is appropriate, she will be vaccinated and spayed. Thank God for the many independent rescuers in our community who drop everything when they get a call out for help. Kali would have surely frozen last night because of the frigid temperatures and her soaked fur.

NIKKO AND MR. JINGLES – Rescued from the Streets

11/21/21 – Nikko (aka Sweet Boy) and Mr. Jingles were both rescued from the streets. Nikko had an upper respiratory infection and was treated for that but because he was afraid and nervious at the vet’s office filled with barking dogs, the doctor didn’t do anything more. Before Nikko could be brought back to the vet, his rescuer ressued Mr. Jingles, another handsome kitty who was either dumped or was an escapee. Consequently, we made arrangements for both to be tested, vaccinated, and neutered at one of our clinics, Comfort’s Place in Redford. Their rescuer, Gail, has tried to find owners without success and will be trying to find a furever home for both of them.


11/19/21- Two weeks ago we were contacted in regards to this very deserving kitty who a couple wanted to help before another icy winter came in. Fletcher meowed his way into the hearts of this kind couple and here is what they wrote:”On a cold, blustery March morning in 2021, we noticed a gray tiger cat eating the bird bread and seed left for our neighborhood birds and squirrels. We named him Fletcher. He came to eat twice a day living in our bushes. Fletcher was a war torn, bloody and battle scared Tomcat often from fights. He was a scrappy, skinny tomcat whose ribs and back bone showed through his rough coat. He would hiss at us and only wanted food and not to come close to him when his food was put down on the ground. The first time he had catnip he rolled over belly up and bleary eyed for hours in the sun. My husband decided to build Fletcher a cat house to keep him warm, filled with old toweling. It took about six months to even get close to him while he ate. In September we spotted him sleeping on our porch chair cushion. He greets us with a soft bell-like meow and purrs. He started to give us full body rubs after that and allowed us to pet him. Fletcher has been sick with eye drainage and sneezing for a very longtime. He especially does the sneezing (Mucus +blood tinged) after eating. Now he is a a bit of a friendly pest on the porch wanting constant petting, brushing and attention. He loves treats and will take them from our fingers. He has come inside 3 times for a tour but wanted out again right away. Fletcher has put on weight and now has rounded out physique. We tried to get him veterinarian care at nearby offices, but they refuse to see feral animals. Our goal is to get him in for the winter and medical care. We are very grateful for 4 Paws-One Heart and Moore Vet Hospital’s willingness to care for him. We think he still may be younger as he doesn’t seem to know how to use the litter pan provided. Neighbors are amazed at the progress he has made adopting us….choosing to bless our house above all the other neighbors. Thanks so much for heartfelt concern for “our little guy.” -Shirley

Little Fletcher is doing well and there may is hope that some day he will choose to stay inside 24/7. My sincere thanks to all who have donated thus far. –