4/3/22 – Before you know it, our Bowling Fundraiser will be here. This has been a sell out event since the beginning so reserve your lane asap. Cost is $20 if you pay early. Payment can be made through paypal (identify bowlers) or by check (provide an e mail for confirmation and bowlers). This is a fun night for adults to finally get out and enjoy after two long years. If you have any questions, please e mail me at: diana.4paws1heart@gmail.com4paws1heart.ort/donations/P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


4/1/22 – Waffles Update: Here’s a little bit on Waffles’ diagnosis. The next step will be to have some x-rays done which can only be done at Michigan State which we will cover. The condition is ‘fixable’ so after that Waffles will be scheduled for surgery which will be costly. Everyone involved with be trying to raise funds so that Waffles can live a good quality of life in a loving home. Also, here are some current photos of the little guy. – Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

TOOTHLESS AND FLOOF – Rescued from the Streets and Now Looking for a Furever Home

3/31/22 – Here we are on the last day of a very windy and cold March and the kittens/cats needing help has not stopped. In the past two years there was no “kitten season”. Unfortunately, the overpopulation of cats continue to be overwhelming but we are doing everything we can to make a difference. But, only with the help of our donors, the rescuers, and our amazing vets. Here is Toothless and Floof. Both were taken off the streets, tested, vaccinated, neutered/spayed, and treated for any fleas and parasites. Their finders are hoping to find furever homes. – Diana

WAFFLES – Surrendered, Very Ill, From a Breeder

3/30/22 – Prayers for Waffles. As our many followers know, we very often work with the great doctors and staff of Orion Animal Hospital. A couple of weeks ago, I received a call about Waffles and whether we could partner in her recovery. Today she is seeing a specialist to determine next steps. Here is her story:”Waffles is a 5 month old Toy Poodle with suspected Megaesophagus*. She weighs in at 2.5lbs. She was surrendered by a breeder to me so that I could care for her. We have tried many treatments on her but she is still struggling to swallow her food and currently has a feeding tube. She loves to play with her foster siblings and enjoys cuddling all the time. Thank you so much for your help with Waffles. She truly is the sweetest little peanut. Waffles already has many potential adopters but she will not go anywhere until she is healthy. – Courtney”*Megaesophagus is not a single disease. Instead it is considered a combination disorder in which the esophagus (the tube that carries food and liquid between the mouth and stomach dilates — gets larger) and loses motility (its ability to move food into the stomach). When esophageal motility is decreased or absent, food and liquid accumulate in the esophagus and have difficulty getting into the stomach. Regurgitation is the most common sign of megaesophagus. Regurgitation is. a passive process. Food and water sloshes around in the esophagus and with the help of gravity, is released back up. There is no heaving, gagging or retching prior to regurgitation. Megaesophagus is the most common cause of regurgitation in dogs and cats.” (Tammy Hunter, DVM; Robin Downing, DVM, CVPP, CCRP, DAAPM)diana.

ROUGE, LICORICE, GALLAGHER, JULIUS, JUNIPER – Rescued in the Bitter Winter Months

3/28/22 – Rouge, Licorice, Gallagher, Julius, Juniper, and Fudge were all rescued from late February through March. In a couple cases the cats were released to a cat community but the majority were given “the works” and will (or have been adopted). Unfortunately, Gallagher was bleeding after surgery and needed a second surgery but he is now doing great. Cute little Julius has been adopted already. We are thankful that we can continue to help rescuers like Heather get these babies medically treated so she can find them furever homes. Please contact Heather at: if you are interested in adopting a precious cat. –


3/25/22 – Remi Update. Remi was seen by the very caring staff at Five Mile Animal Hospital. He had to be sedated to have blood work done. Most of the numbers were good but, unfortunately, he is FIV positive (correction from original post). Remi was also given antibiotics to take care of some minor issues. Here is an after visit update from his foster mom: “I haven’t found placement for Remi yet but I will ABSOLUTELY need placement for this boy 🙏 From being on the streets, he needs a little socializing. I believe, and even Dr John said yesterday, that he will come around. Everyone that has seen him believes that he was a house cat at one time, no way is he feral. He’s been kinda grumpy since he’s been here but he also isn’t feeling very well and has been a little frightened. I’ve been able to pet him but he does need a little work. I don’t think that it will take long. He’s getting use to being here and is settling in. – Gail” Again, anyone interested in giving Remi a furever home, should contact Gail at: – diana

ZACK – Hit by a Car Which Shattered His Knee

3/25/22 – At a time when Streethearts Rescue was being bombarded with rescues requiring significant medical help, Zack, another rescue, was hit by a car and his elbow was shattered. Because of the generosity of our supporters, we were able to pay for Zack’s surgery and Streethearts was able to focus on the other animal needs. Zack is doing great and, once again, we were happy to be there for an animal in need. – diana.


3/24/22 – Remember the post about the house with approximately 10 cats and a dog where all needed some level of vetting and care (all were previously neutered/spayed and received basic vaccines) and a friend of the owner contacted us for help. As we reported, the friend who does a great deal of rescue, has been finding homes for the animals once treated and today provided a happy update. Here it is.”Here’s a few happy updates from my friend’s house: .Zelda and Charlotte were fully vetted by 4P1H, and adopted together. .Zoey (long haired calico) was fully vetted by 4P1H, and is doing great in foster care with PAAW (Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren). .Lilly (brown/white tabby) was fully vetted by 4P1H, and is doing well in foster care with PAAW (Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren)Thank you so much for your support of these cats, and the remaining cats and dog we are working with. – Andra”As we often say — it truly takes a village. – diana

SMOKEY, SPUNKY, WHITE PATCH, AND FOXY – Trapped and Treated as Part of a TNR Project

3/23/22 – Smokey, Spunky, White Patch, and Foxy are four cats so far trapped in a TNR project which we are covering. Most will find their ways into a home but others will be released. Any with upper respiratory infections, wounds, or other needs will be covered along with the usual testing, vaccines, spay/neuter and treatment for flea/parasite treatment. The reality is that the infamous “cat season” never ended over the past two years. Thank you, again, to our many supporters, our veterinarians and their staffs, and the many rescuers who work night and day saving these innocents. – diana.

REMI – Rescued with Pneumonia/Upper Respiratory Infection , Wounded Leg, and and Infected Mouth

3/22/22 – Prayers for Remi. He was trapped from the streets looking very defeated from life on the streets and in very bad shape. He appears to have pneumonia or a severe upper respiratory infection, as well as a wound on his leg, missing fur on his chest, and a very inflamed mouth. He will be seeing one of our caring vets to be totally examined, which may include blood work and an x ray, neutered/spayed if needed, cleaned up and treated for his leg wound as well as all of the usual treatments we cover — fiv/felv test, vaccines, flea/parasite treatment. His rescuer will be trying to find him a furever home and if you are interested in learning more, please contact Gail at: – diana.