3/24/22 – Remember the post about the house with approximately 10 cats and a dog where all needed some level of vetting and care (all were previously neutered/spayed and received basic vaccines) and a friend of the owner contacted us for help. As we reported, the friend who does a great deal of rescue, has been finding homes for the animals once treated and today provided a happy update. Here it is.”Here’s a few happy updates from my friend’s house: .Zelda and Charlotte were fully vetted by 4P1H, and adopted together. .Zoey (long haired calico) was fully vetted by 4P1H, and is doing great in foster care with PAAW (Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren). .Lilly (brown/white tabby) was fully vetted by 4P1H, and is doing well in foster care with PAAW (Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren)Thank you so much for your support of these cats, and the remaining cats and dog we are working with. – Andra”As we often say — it truly takes a village. – diana

SMOKEY, SPUNKY, WHITE PATCH, AND FOXY – Trapped and Treated as Part of a TNR Project

3/23/22 – Smokey, Spunky, White Patch, and Foxy are four cats so far trapped in a TNR project which we are covering. Most will find their ways into a home but others will be released. Any with upper respiratory infections, wounds, or other needs will be covered along with the usual testing, vaccines, spay/neuter and treatment for flea/parasite treatment. The reality is that the infamous “cat season” never ended over the past two years. Thank you, again, to our many supporters, our veterinarians and their staffs, and the many rescuers who work night and day saving these innocents. – diana.

REMI – Rescued with Pneumonia/Upper Respiratory Infection , Wounded Leg, and and Infected Mouth

3/22/22 – Prayers for Remi. He was trapped from the streets looking very defeated from life on the streets and in very bad shape. He appears to have pneumonia or a severe upper respiratory infection, as well as a wound on his leg, missing fur on his chest, and a very inflamed mouth. He will be seeing one of our caring vets to be totally examined, which may include blood work and an x ray, neutered/spayed if needed, cleaned up and treated for his leg wound as well as all of the usual treatments we cover — fiv/felv test, vaccines, flea/parasite treatment. His rescuer will be trying to find him a furever home and if you are interested in learning more, please contact Gail at: gailmccomas33@hotmail.com – diana.

SWEETHEART – RIP – She Fell Off of a Roof

3/14/22 – She fell off of a roof and it appeared she may have broken her back. Our Board member, Denise (and mom to Team Chance) called me as soon as she got the cry out for help. I immediately contacted our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency, and because of the shortages of emergency hospitals and vets open on Sunday, those of us who deal with emergencies know it can take hours to get in. The rescuer was able to get her to the hospital where she was seen by the doctor who determined that Sweetheart’s organs were already shutting down. We will never know but maybe it was the shutting down of her organs which resulted in her falling off of the roof. Because her condition was very severe, the doctor recommended humane euthanasia and we all agreed. May she rest in peace. – diana.

P.S. These photos are of Sweetheart when she was rescued and before being transported to the hospital.

ANGEL – RIP Sweet Girl Who Gave Everything to Her Mom, Fosters, and the Sick

Please remember Gina, our co-founder, and her Angel today and say a prayer. Angel was rescued by Gina shortly before we started 4 paws 1 Heart. She was brought to the emergency that Gina worked at, dying from parvo. Gina took her home and 12 years later the rest is history. We’ve shared many photos of Angel over the years cleaning little puppies and kittens, keeping them warm and safe. And, many times Angel was called in to give blood for animals needing a transfusion. Angel was by Gina’s side when she married the love of her life (next to Angel, of course). We wish they could live forever. Many tears are being shed today for an amazing human and an amazing dog. xox – diana.

ELLIE AND HER KITTENS – Rescued Pregnant

3/19/22 – On March 11, Ellie, very pregnant, was rescued from the streets and taken in by a kind woman whom we’ve assisted in the past and who is very successful in finding furever homes. We authorized Ellie to be examined and treated for any issues appropriate for a pregnant mom. Well, on March 16, Ellie had 5 babies. You can see where mama is taking good care of her children and we will continue to help the family as they grow and until everyone is adopted. – diana


SAM – Rescued With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

3/16/22 – Sam had been showing up for a couple of years and just recently the kind homeowner (who also volunteers for one of our favorite rescues – Misfit Angels) noticed eye discharge, coughing and sneezing. We authorized Sam to be treated for an upper respiratory infection as well as everything else needed to make him ready for adoption which includes neuter, vaccinations, a snap test, and flea and parasite treatment. Best wishes for this sweet boy. – diana.


ZOE, ZIGGY, ZIPPY, LINUS, LILLY – Rescued From the Difficult Situation (Post April 5)

3/14/22 – Rescued from the home previously discussed. Zoe, Ziggy, Zippy, Linus, Lilly. We will be getting photos of Charlotte, Zelda, and Coal a little later as well as any updates. Many prayers for the person who had these beautiful animals and made sure they were all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tested until it all became too much. – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/

Cats and Dog in Need – 10 Cats and 1 Dog Found in a Very Difficult Situation

3/15/22 – No Judgement Please. The cats you will see in the next post were taken from this home. A very difficult and dangerous situation for which most of us can’t understand. But, the reality is that life can get away from us and although our hearts are big, our mental/physical abilities may be limited. I just want to say that I’m grateful every day for the amazing people who will step up to not only help the human involved but the many animals they thought they were helping. 10 cats and 1 dog were rescued in this situation and 4 paws 1 heart will be there for whatever is needed. So far, 8 cats have been brought to fosters and it is important to note that all but one had been spayed/neutered and vaccinated at one time. For the most part they just needed vaccine boosters, exams, and treatment for some skin issues. If anything unexpected is needed, we will be there. – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/