Fundraiser – The Haunted Garage

10/9/21 – Have you been looking for a great family-oriented Haunted Attraction? Starting tonight and every weekend through October 30, the Haunted Garage in Grosse Pointe Farms is the place to go. A percentage of each sale made under the 4 Paws 1 Heart name will be donated The Haunted Garage has been rated 19520 Mack, Grosse Pointe Farms. The Haunted Garage has been voted #1 Seasonal Attraction by Vote 4 the Best, Best Value Haunted Attraction and all proceeds are donated to participating schools and, for the first time, 4 Paws 1 Heart. Check out their website at
Please share and hope to see you there! – diana

Gypsy – After Giving Birth, She Nearly Died

10/8/21 – Meet Gypsy. The sister of a local VFW Post Commander and 4p1h supporter, contacted us about this very sweet ‘feral’. Her story broke my heart:
“Thanks Diana for answering my message. 3 days ago (September 20) she birthed a huge kitten that was clean but dead…and a very small gray one… I protected the area she picked under my bedroom window with some covering and yesterday I made 3 different bedding options for her protection from all the rain. She had brought out the little one and it looked dead…. Last night she stayed in one of the bedding and later brought her dead kitty into the the extra box. I left both sides open but put out an extra box to protect from the north wind …. She sat all night in my chair protecting the box…. She was laying on the bed inside the box before that…. I am allergic but she is wanting to be petted so much… poor little young mama….. I am searching out cat rescues today… Diana”
gypsy w:diana
I contacted Diana who thought she had found a rescue but that later fell through. So, I authorized Gypsy’s medical treatment and thank God we were able to get her in quickly. While being spayed the doctor discovered pus in Gypsy’s uterus. The doctor said that Gypsy would have died from this condition within two weeks. Here whole little body would have been septic. As soon as Gypsy heard Diana’s voice she ate and purred. The hospital said that Gypsy was the sweetest ‘feral’ cat they had seen. This baby has been through so much and she now needs a loving home. If you are interested, please contact Diana at: –
It takes a village. Rescuers, Donors, Veterinarians, and Adopters

LaLa and Layla – Rescued and Tested Heart Worm Positive

10/7/21 – LaLa and Layla finished their heart worm injections, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our amazing supporters. The rescue, Midland County Pit Stop, reports they are doing great. Here are their stories:
“Layla is a girl that has lived outside probably her entire life. We are guessing that she has had numerous litters in her 8 years. We were contacted by owners and were asked for help rehoming both her and her sister. Owners were homeless and living with relatives all the while both Layla and Hope were not allowed inside and were on chains in the backyard. The day a board member picked her up and took her to her vet appt was the day we found out she was heart worm positive. It was devastating knowing she had to go back to the chain until a foster was found. Thankfully an employee of our founder was able to take her right away and she will never see the chain again.
LaLa is a sweet 5-6 year old terri poo who was adopted by previous owner in December of 2017. Due to divorce and her moving, a board member was contacted, she surrendered to us and immediately went into foster care. She was immediately vetted and unfortunately came back heart worm positive. She was to weigh 10-12lb and weighed in at 24lb. She is in an amazing foster home where she is living her best life, losing weight and getting ready for her forever home. – Calleen”
Here is Layla and LaLa (before and after rescue). – diana

Opie – Finds His Furever Home

OPIE: Soooo, I know everybody’s been waiting for my big news and foster mommy says I can tell you tonight.
I have decided to adopt a very special family who needs me. I know you all remember my sweet foster brother who came before me..Scout/Jinx. Well, you might remember Jinx was FeLv+ but that didn’t detour his family from adopting him! Mom’s friend Kim and her hubby and their sweet kitty loving dog Gemma gave Jinx an amazing love filled, adventure filled, joy filled life. Although Jinx life was short, his family filled it with a lifetime of love.
Now…in just 6 more sleeps I’m going to officially adopt this wonderful mom, dad and fur sister and help heal their hearts and we’re gonna make wonderful new memories and have awesome adventures together!
Now of course no one could take the place of my angel brother Jinx, but lucky for me my family has decided to expand their hearts to make room in there for me. Yep, they need me and although I’ll miss foster mom, Aunt Shelly and the Gang..I can’t wait to romp and play with my sister Gemma, and get lots of love and kisses from mom and dad! I’m super excited for our first family vacation together! ❤opie 10:6:21

Baby – Was Being Cared For as an Outside Stray – Now Inside for Good

10/6/21 – This is Baby. She is a friendly stray our Board member’s mom has been feeding for quite some time. Baby, is thought to be about ten years old and has been in the neighborhood for years. Denise, our Board member, and her sister have convinced their mom to bring her inside and let her become a ‘house’ cat so they are in the process of making that happen. Unfortunately, the other day she snuck past mom and got out. While she was out she did something to her right front leg and is limping pretty badly on it. Baby will be seeing one of our partner vets to have her leg examined and to get her vaccines. We are assuming she has been spayed because her ear is tipped. The family thinks Baby is getting too old to spend another winter outside and the mom has gained her trust and is willing to give her a forever home. We will do everything we can to make that happen. – diana

Tux – No One Claimed Him; Emaciated and Soaked

10/5/21 – A kind woman was feeding Tux for about a month while trying to find his family; unfortunately, nobody claimed him. He initially showed up very thin after a torrential downpour. He loves to be petted and sits next to her when she is feeding him. But, because she already has a number of cats, she can’t take him in. 4 Paws 1 Heart covered his medical needs but the finder would love to find him a furever home before winter sets in. Anyone interested should contact Diane at:

BlackJack – Cared For as an Outdoor Stray; Showed Up With a Neck Wound

1blackjack before and after 9:27:21 blackjack after vet visit0/4/21 – BlackJack was either dumped or is an escapee but he knew the right house to go to. He showed up very scraggly (as you can see) but the family cared for him and eventually allowed him to go inside at night. He recently showed up with a lump under his jaw and we were asked for help. We authorized BlackJack to see a vet and it was determined that the lump was a puncture wound. BlackJack was already neutered and when the infection is cleared, he will be vaccinated and the family who has fallen in love with him will try to keep him inside full time. – diana

Aurora – Found Near a Railroad Track, Emaciated and Dehydrated

9/30/21 – Meet beautiful Aurora. She was found by the railroad tracks at E. Warren and St. Jean in Detroit. She is about 8 weeks old and was all alone. She appeared to be very emaciated and dehydrated and was very scared in an area where there were no houses, just open barren land. Thankfully, she is now with a foster and has a foster sister who likes very much like her. She is scheduled for her check up, puppy vaccines, heart worm test, flea/tick prevention/treatment, and will be spayed after her first heat which is recommended by our doctors. Then, she will be put up for adoption. – diana

Gus Gus – Rescued With Severe Eye Infections Caused by Entropion

9/29/21 – Meet Gus Gus – We were contacted in late August by the Cat Ambassador Rescue requesting assistance to pay for entropion surgery for a very sweet, special needs, 8-month old kitty. He was originally rescued in February, 2021 (along with three siblings and his mother who had already had 10 or 11 litters) from a “filthy” house full of human and animal feces. Gus Gus had horrible eye infections and was on several courses of oral and topical antibiotics but he continued to squint, keeping his eyes totally closed most of the time. The rescue’s vet advised that Gus Gus see a specialist, in that he had a heart murmur, to determine what might be wrong with his eyes. It was there that Gus Gus was diagnosed with entropion of both eyes. I’ve written about this condition several times for both dogs and cats. It is a very painful condition where the eyelashes are growing inward and touching the eye. The surgery was very expensive because Gus Gus was considered a high-risk patient. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and is on several meds to control his seizures. Because of his heart murmur, only specific anesthesia was safe for the vets to use. And, his blood work revealed an extremely high platelet count.
Well, the good news is that Gus Gus had his surgery, he’s been without a seizure for five months and is in his furever home with one of his siblings. His eyes are doing great and although some might say that this little guy was ‘a mess’, he was a very sweet ‘mess’ worth saving and deserving of a second chance at life. – diana