Capone – In a Shelter and Required ACL Surgery

9/27/17 – capone 9:26:17Capone was adopted out to a family, even though the shelter knew he had ACL issues. Once the family had him home, they discovered the extent of his injuries. Our friend, Megan Blass of Friends of Scooby, contacted us to see if we could assist her with Capone. If Capone was returned to the shelter, he would have been euthanized. We were happy to be a part of this rescue effort. ~ diana

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Jubilee – At Three Weeks Old Looked to Be Rescued

9/25/17 -Jubilee, at just 3 weeks old, showed up at someone’s door with a severe upper respiratory infection (URI). 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted and we approved to have her seen by a veterinarian. She was treated for the URI but after a few weeks it became obvious that the eye was not healing and an ulcer had formed. Then one day, it appeared she had blood in her eye. At that point we had Jubilee see our very special veterinarian, Dr. Blasses at Patterson Veterinary, who has been our ‘go to’ doctor for eye conditions. On Saturday, she called to tell me that Jubilee has a very rare eye condition normally seen in older dogs. She had never seen a cat with this condition. She did provide treatment but recommended that Jubilee might have greater success if she receives a different type of treatment from an eye specialist. We will be following up next week. Please say a little prayer for this kitten and the many cats and dogs on the streets with no one to care for them. ~ dianajubilee 9:25:17jubilee -- 9:25:17jubilee 8:24:17

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Baby – Found on the Pavement; Curled Into a Ball

9/24/17 – This little one was found laying on the pavement curled up in a ball. He had a serious eye infection in both eyes. We were contacted by the rescuer and was thankful to be able to pay for this baby to see the vet. In just a couple of weeks after treatment, he is looking handsome and is going to his forever home. Again, a huge thanks to all those who refuse to turn their backs on those most vulnerable. ~ diana

Baby 9:24:17baby 9:24:17---baby 9:24:17++
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Jackson Kittens – Found on the Side of a River – Most Will Have Eyes Removed

9/22/17 Just a reminder that your donation will be matched by our generous supporter who will match all donations up to $500 until September 26, 2017. If you don’t know already, your donations help save the lives of so many animals — over 4,000 over the last seven years. I apologize for the graphics of this post, but, this is what has been happening this summer. A very generous veterinarian paid for both of the eyes to be removed from the mama cat and we are paying for two of the babies who will need at least one eye removed if not both. The family, mama and four kittens, were found by the side of a river in Jackson, Michigan. They are all very friendly. They were saved by a group who focuses on TNR – Saved By Zade — but they couldn’t turn their back. We pray that they all find forever homes when they have recovered. Thank You for your support. ~ dianajackson kittens 1 9:22:17jackson kitten 2 9:22:17jackson kittens 3:9:22:17jackson kittens 4 9:22:17Jackson kittens 9:22:17

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Emma – At 10 Years Old Was Still Having Puppies – Found on the Streets Alone

9/20/17 Emma was found eating trash; she appears to be about 10 years old and looked like she had puppies in the last 8 weeks because she was still producing milk. Unfortunately, no puppies could be found. She had pus coming out of her vagina and her eye teeth were broken in the front and loose. She had some senior moles, fleas, and a sore on her back leg. Her rescuer was willing to keep Emma and let her live the rest of her life with love and comfort. Emma was seen by one of our great veterinarians and is doing well. ~ dianaemma:esther 9:20:17emma:esther 9:20:17 ---

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Josie and Baby Hope – RIP Sweet Babies

9/19/17 – RIP Sweet Mama Josie and Baby Hope. At 5:00 this morning I was called by a caring doctor who was contacting me to report that we had lost Mama Hope. She had panleukopenia, stomatitis, and an upper respiratory infection. Now she is in heaven with all of her kittens who went before her. I’m so sorry we couldn’t save you. ~

josie and baby 9:9:17
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Amelia – She was Found on the Side of the Road with a Broken Arm

9/19/17 – Another generous donor has offered a MATCHING CHALLENGE. Over the next week, our supporter will match all donations up to $500. As I’ve often said this summer, we have helped with some very serious cases where the animals would have otherwise been euthanized.
This is Amelia. She was found on the side of the road. The rescuer had her a few days before contacting us. Amelia was very weak and couldn’t move, walk, or stand. She was very flea infested and could not put weight on her right front paw.
I authorized Amelia to be seen by one of our favorite doctors and it was determined that Amelia’s arm was broken and required amputation. She was also anemic from the flea infestation. It was also determined that Amelia had some issues with her other arm but the doctor believes she will be able to adjust. Amelia had her surgery and she quickly adapted. She will be looking for her forever family. If you are that family, please contact Chelsea at:
amelia 9:19:17amelia --9:19:17amelia ** 9:19:17

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Kitten With Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

9/18/17 – These are the types of cases we have been working with all year. We were contacted about a 4-5 week old kitten who had “a large bulge coming out of his left eye with pus”. We immediately authorized the rescuer to take the kitten to a vet and one month later, the kitten is doing well and her eye is recovering. We are so very thankful in that we have had so many eye removals this year. I just wish that all of the abandoned animals who are suffering on the street could somehow find their way to a loving family. ~ dianakitten w:uri 9:1717kitten 9:17:17 wuri

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Fritz, Turk, Juno, and Funky – Rescued During a Trap/Neuter/Return Effort

9/17/17 – The many lives saved through 4 paws 1 heart and our wonderful Village. – diana

“Meet the bush babies….or the 3 musketeers! Fritz, Turk, and Juno. All 3 of them are lovey dovey- they run to you when you come in the door…..hard to believe they were feral 4 weeks ago. They are 10 weeks old, first series of shots and in about a week will be fixed (thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for backing their medical)…and will be ready to go to their forever home! Please contact me if you are interested in all or one, or two! or contact me through Facebook.

Please note, there is an adoption application to fill out. An adoption donation (tax deductible) and a home visit….it’s not as complicated as it sounds…its rather easy peasy. Fritz, Turk, Juno, and Funky.  Turk 8:27:17 juno 9:17:17funky”Fritz, Juno, Turk w:dee g8:13:17.fritz 8:26:17

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Thank YOU to our Supporters

/17/17 – A huge thank you to all of our supporters who donated during the $1,000 Match Challenge. I’m happy to report that we met our goal and that our generous donor will be donating $1,000!! Without your support we could not make the difference in the lives of so many animals like Luna who not only had to have her leg amputated but was found to be heart worm positive. Luna had to see a cardiologist who approved the surgery and once she recovers, she will start heart worm treatment with the funds from 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~ dianaluna 3 9:11:17

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