Keno – Almost Shredded by Wild Animals in a Chicken Coop

7/15/17 – Keno 7:15:17“I have named him “Keno”. He came running out of a field in Armada darting towards a chicken coop when young children saw him and quickly scooped him up before he was in grave danger. The family couldn’t keep him so they contacted 4 paws 1 heart. We are covering his medical. He was feluk/fiv tested negative, dewormed, vaccinated, flea treated, and he is healthy. The only thing noticed was an injury to the front of his lower jaw, it may be an ulcer. We are monitoring it for now. Please let me know if you can help with placement for this extremely sweet kitten. He is about 12 weeks old and beyond adorable. ~”

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Boo Boo – Finds His Forever Home

7/14/17 – Boo Boo was either lost or abandoned. He showed up at a house and wanted so badly to be taken in. Thankfully our friends were able to rescue him and find a forever home. Good Luck, sweet one. – diana

booboo 7:13:17“Beautiful Boo Boo and so sweet is going to his new home tomorrow, I will post pictures. Thank you 4 paws 1 heart for vetting and taking care of him, and Kim Satterfield Plegge for your help, and for all of those that shared. I appreciate it so much. And congradulations to Kimberly Eddy and her family to their new addition. He is such a gem. I am so happy he found a wonderful home and is off the streets. Makes my heart happy. – Jo”

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Rosie Roo – This Old Girl Needs Your Prayers

7/14/17 – please say a little prayer for our Rosie Roo. Read her story on this website. ~ diana

“Hi everybody, its me Rosie Roo⚘
Sooo, I went to see the vet and sure got poked and prodded. I was dehydrated so I got fluids under my skin. I got a shot for my nausea and two yucky prescriptions. Mom brought a bag of my…ummm….eeewy pooee and the vet is sending it out for testing…the indignity…eeewww!!! He also wrote out for mom a whole new diet of home cooked foods for me which mom made me some tonight and I ate a little bit. We’re really, really hoping all this helps my belly. The vet says if Im not better by Monday he will want to do an ultrasound, so we really hope Im better by then. So thats all the news we have right now about me! Carla’s poo issues are a bit better today, but not as good as mom was hoping for so we had to cancel her appointment with Dr. Kern. We’re all pretty “pooped” out tonight 😉 so we’re going to go for our nitenites now. We love you all sooo much!
Big thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart for my vet visit today & Auntie Debra for taking me & mom
Sweet dreams everybody…Love, licks, purrs, woofs & mews Rosie, Chance & the Gang”rosie roo 7:13:17

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Baby – Found in a Cat Community

7/14/17 -Another life saved. – diana

baby--7:13:17baby 7:13:17“My new mini project….went 2 years without any new kittens at my friends house that we have TNRed at…and bam – ONE, only ONE kitten showed up at my sweet friends door….So the baby was trapped and now decompressing in my garage. It is feral but loves chicken and so young (8 weeks??) …so I don’t think it will take long to socialize her/him. Thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for offering to take care of this little dudes medical. And a huge thank you to Deborah Meteer for not turning her back on the little one…not that you ever have or could…you have the biggest heart. ~ Dee”

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Tux and Ledo – Found Afraid on the Streets

7/13/17 -We are so appreciative for our village of friends. Without their dedication, our medical funds would be meaningless. – diana

“UPDATE: So, I was way off, they are more like 10 -11 weeks, lol, guess I better brush up on my kitty knowledge! both weighed in at 2 lbs 14 oz! Shame on me! Tux and Ledo 7:12:17Well….looks like I have some fosters! Got them all set up, and good news, after de-stressing we are able to take them out, love on them, and no hissing, no backlash, just need lots of love and learn how to be kittens. Thank you Debra Berolatti for rescuing these cuties and good luck getting their sibling. We have one boy, the black and white kitten, and a girl, the Tuxedo. Appear to be around 6-7 weeks old. Will be vetted by 4 Paws 1 Heart and up for adoption when ready. Happy Happy. _ Patricia Brown”

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Loki and Leo – Find Their Forever Homes

7/12/17 New Beginnings. ~ dianaloki 7:12:17luki 7:12:17

“Peter a.k.a Loki with his new family. Including his new brother, our former foster, Bruce a.k.a Leo! We couldn’t be happier for this little boy. Thank you Charlotte Yakima for trapping these babies…. Both Loki (2017) and Leo (2016)! Thank you Diana Rascanoand 4Paws 1Heart for covering vet costs. This cause has helped both Loki and Leo, thank you! ~ Heather”

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Penelope – Found With Her Three Kittens in a Wooded Area

7/12/17 – It takes a village. We are blessed to have so many rescue partners.

“Picture-purrfect Siamese-mix Penelope was found living in a small wooded area in a Macomb neighborhood with her 3 kittens. We believe she once had a family, butbecame abandoned or lost. She is approximately 7 years old with a lot of love left to give. She has been spayed, combo tested negative, and vaccinated. She’ll be available through Tigerlily Cat Rescue in about a month. Special thanks to our vetting sponsor 4 Paws 1 Heart penelope 7:11:17😺


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Spencer – Rescued from the Street; Now in His Forever Home

Spencer is an extremely affectionate 10 week old male Tuxedo kitty. Through help from 4paws1heart, he has been neutered, FELV/FIV tested negative and in up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and will sleep right next to you purring. From his sleek black body to his white furry paws, Spencer will give you fur baby kisses and head butts for many years to come. He is great with kids, other cats and dogs and litter box trained as well. For additional information or to adopt Spencer, please email Karen at Located in Livonia.spencer 7:12:17

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