Cameron, Charlotte, and Catherine – Found on the Street with Upper Respiratory Infections

9/26/18 – Meet Cameron, Charlotte, and Catherine. They were all rescued from the streets by an independent rescuer who we’ve assisted on several occasions. They have all been neutered/spayed, vaccinated, tested, and treated for any upper respiratory infections. ¬†Anyone interested in any of these cuties should contact Karen at:

cameron 9:26:18 charlotte 9:26:18 catherine 9:26:18
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Skye – Rescued from a Neglectful Home

9/25/18 -A very emaciated and sick Skye was rescued from a neglectful home where there had been criminal activity. When Skye was taken to the vet by the rescue, she was found to have heart worm and we were asked to help. We did pay for Skye’s heart worm treatment which was completed in late August. As you can see, the rescue, Michigan Animal Crew, has done a great job in caring for Skye. Anyone interested in her should contact the rescue. ~ dianaskye 9:25:18 skye--9:24:18 skye++9:24:18 skye==9:24:18

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Putty – Update: New Infected Bite Wounds Continue to be Found

9/24/18 – WHAT A SUNDAY PART III – On September 20 I posted about this very little kitten who was attacked by a dog and couldn’t use her back legs. She was immediately taken to the vet where x rays were taken; no breaks or fractures were seen. She was given antibiotics and steroids. The next day Putty, under the care of our friend, Debbie, was starting to stand on one of her legs but the other leg was still just ‘hanging’. Although the veterinary staff thought Putty was feral, it became obvious by the next day that this little girl was just traumatized and in pain. Foster mom, Debbie, took the opportunity to examine her leg and found what appeared to be a deep bite wound. Putty was then taken to another veterinary hospital where not only that wound was treated but another bite was found and treated. On Saturday, now under the temporary care of our friend, Debra B., the deep wound opened and Putty was taken to the emergency hospital. Putty’s leg was very swollen and the wound was very infected; Putty also had a fever. She was again treated, her wound was bandaged and Putty was kept at the hospital for a few more hours. When Debra picked up Putty she was advised that the bandage would require professional changing every day. On Sunday, Gina was called in to duty. More antibiotics were applied and Putty will be seen where Gina works so that the bandage can be changed. We were told that this may have to be done over the next week or two. Please pray and send positive energy for this little girl. If we can’t get her infection healed, she could lose her leg. I’ll keep everyone updated. ~ diana

putty 9:20:18

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Chancey/Chauncey – UPDATE — His Owners are Found

9/23/18 – WHAT A SUNDAY PART II – As I reported earlier, Chauncey was taken in by Ferndale Cat Shelter. He was scheduled to see a specialist today. But then, at about the same time I was getting a message from someone asking for their cat back and responding that I needed more information, I received a message from Ferndale Cat Shelter advising that Chauncey’s owner was found. It turns out that his name is Twinkie and he is 13 years old. The owner said that her daughter has had him since he was a kitten and that his injury was the result of being electrocuted when he was chewing on an electrical wire. The owner said that he recently started going outside. Chauncey was returned to the owner yesterday. It is amazing that in his deformed condition, he was able to survive. His Guardian Angel was definitely watching over him. – dianachancey:aka chauncey 9:24:18

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Trucker – Escaped While Traveling With His Owner

9/24/28 – WHAT A SUNDAY!! Before I even had time to report on this, an owner was found — but not before 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for a veterinary visit. We were contacted last Friday about a very thin kitty who was found outside of the woods near a vacant motel. His collar was severely imbedded into his neck and arm. The finder was able to cut off the collar and literally pull it out of the skin but the damage had to be treated. The collar did have a phone number on it and the finder called several times leaving messages. In the mean time, the kitty was taken to the vet where the wound from the imbedded collar was treated and he was vaccinated, treated for fleas, tested, and dewormed. Saturday night, the owner returned the finder’s calls. The owner lives in Ohio and travels with two cats in his truck. During one of his stops, the kitty escaped and he has been heartsick because he has been missing for awhile. The owner drove back to Michigan yesterday and picked up his cat and made a donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart. The lesson — don’t travel with unleashed animals because you never know what will happen. And, please, microchip your pets. ~ dianaTrucker 9:24:18 Trucker--9:24:18 trucker==9:24:18

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Chancey (aka Chauncy) – Taken in by Ferndale Cat Shelter

9/22/18 – He is now Chauncey (aka Chancey). Chauncey was picked up from the emergency hospital yesterday afternoon. And, once again, the Village came through. Chauncey is now being cared for by our friends at Ferndale Cat Shelter. Here he is already making himself at home on Deanne’s belly. I did get some photos that I may post a little later. In the mean time, Chauncey has an appointment with a specialist September 24. We will see if he is a candidate for reconstruction surgery. More to follow. Thank YOU for all of your prayers. 4 Paws 1 Heart is committed to helping Chauncey have a great life. ~ diana

chancey:chauncy 9:22:18
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Chancey – Update

9/21/18 – Chancey Update – Last night Chancey arrived at the emergency hospital where it was confirmed that his upper lip and upper nose is, in fact missing. Of course we don’t know how or when it happened but we do know that he had been living like this at least for a few days. The doctor recommended he see a specialist for reconstructive surgery or be humanely euthanized. I sincerely doubt we can afford reconstruction surgery but after everyone told me how sweet he is, I just couldn’t choose the latter. I asked the doctor if reconstruction was not done, could Chancey have a quality life. She said “yes” but he would be Special Needs. I requested that the hospital treat his basic needs and run some tests over night while giving us all an opportunity to find a place for him. Right now, our friend, Debbie N. has offered to temporarily take him in and further assess his needs. We will still need to find a forever home. I will continue to update. ~ --9:20:18

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Putty – Rescued After Being Attacked by a Large Dog

9/20/18 – Please say a little prayer for Putty. We were contacted by our friend, Shelley, regarding a stray kitten who was attacked by a stray dog. She was found hiding inside a wood pile. The finder thought Putty had a broken back or broken legs because she couldn’t walk. One of the veterinarians we work with was able to see Putty as soon as Shelley could transport her. Putty was scared and hissing and had to be anesthetized in order to have x rays taken. The doctor saw no breaks and thinks Putty might just be bruised. Putty spent the night at the vet and was treated with antibiotics. She is currently with our good friend, Debbie, where he will be watched closely and be able to decompress. We will follow up with the vet as needed. ~ dianaputty 9:20:18

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