Courtney – Looking Back at the Dog Who Was Dumped After She Chewed Off Her Paw

1/22/18 – Check Out Courtney’s story on our website is doing great today and is the best friend of a young man with learning disabilities. ~ diana

An animal rescue group is caring for a dog that apparently chewed its own leg off and was found chained to the back of a Walmart store in Roseville this past Sunday. – Mitch Hotts…/dog-that-chewed-leg-to-escape-…courtney 1:22:15

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Buddy – Rescued in 2017 is now Mr. February, 2018

1/22/18 – Buddy is Mr. February in the 4 Paws 1 Heart 2018 Calendar. ~ diana

1/20/17 – This handsome guy was found wandering the streets. We were contacted by a rescue friend who asked if we could help the nice couple who found him. Ofcourse, we did and Buddy was taken to the veterinary to be scanned for a microchip, vaccinated and scheduled for neutering. Although very sweet and obviously welcoming human contact and love, no microchip could be found. Buddy has found his forever home with this loving couple known by our rescue friend and we are so happy we could help in their endeavor to give Buddy a second chance at life. ~ dianabuddy 1:20:17buddy 2017buddy 1:20:17==

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Bob – Found on the Street With a Serious Leg Wound

1/22/18 – Bob was found on the street with a very serious leg wound which was infected. He was in the hospital for a few days but is now on the road to recovery with a wonderful foster. He has been treated, neutered, tested, and vaccinated with the funding by 4 Paws 1 Heart. If you are interested in this sweet boy, please contact Kelsey at: . ~ dianabob w:kelsey 1:10:18

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Simon – Unable to Walk; Found on the Side of the Road

1/21/18 – Simon was rescued from the side of the road. The person who rescued him decided to throw him back outside because he couldn’t get to the litter box fast enough and urinated on the floor. You see, he couldn’t use his legs!! When we were first called, I thought it was his back legs but the reality is that all 4 of his legs have weak muscles. Simon saw Dr. Kern ofPawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets this past week and she advised that it was ok to have Simon neutered and she also said she would like to work with him in hopes of helping him walk again. He is a very loving kitty and I just can’t imagine how he survived being thrown out twice by his rescuer and, only God knows, how he wound up on the side of the road and how long he was out there. Simon is scheduled to see Dr. Kern again and we will continue to report on his progress as we have with all of our long-term cases. I am just thankful that we have such loyal financial supporters and a phenomenal network of people always willing to step up to help the homeless and abused. ~ dianasimon 1:21:18

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Jack – Prayers Needed

1/20/18 – Prayers for Jack . It was just last week-end that we posted an update of our little one-eyed guy, Jack, with his ‘brother’, Toby. Shortly after I heard from the family. Jack has a virus call calicivirus, ulcers on his tongue and severe respiratory symptoms. His ‘good’ eye is swollen and he’s been licking his nose — making it raw to the point of profuse bleeding. Jack is one of those few animals that 4 Paws 1 Heart has committed to helping. He holds a special place in my heart because of what he must have gone through before he found Kelly and Dave. Jack has been treated with fluids and antibiotics and, although still ill, is being babied and much loved at home. – Diana . (p.s. Jack is on the left)jack and toby w:kelly parchett 1:12:18

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Damian – A Skin Allergy and Ear Infection Almost Resulted in Him Going to a High-Kill Shelter

1/19/18 – Meet Damian. He was taken to the veterinary clinic to be euthanized because his ears kept getting infected. He is only two years old. The caring veterinarian refused to do that and asked the owners to surrender Damian to the hospital; which they did. The doctor determined that Damian has a food allergy and can only eat kangaroo based food, which is quite expensive. The doctor placed tubes in Damian’s ears with medication and he has not had an ear ache since. Damian is now in foster and if you are interested, please check out the Make A Difference Animal Rescue website. Prayers that this sweet boy finds his forever loving home. ~ diana

damian 1:19:18
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Annie – Update on the Baby Who Came to Us at 4 Days Old

1/18/18 – annie -----1:18:18annie 1:18:18annie--1:18:18Update on my little orphan baby.. She is doing well and getting stronger every day. Feedings are every 3 hours around the clock and although I’m tired I look at her and it’s so worth it. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers while she is on this journey..
If you have name ideas please feel free to post them. She is a female, Chihuahua, one week old today, and less than 1/2 pound. Tiny precious baby..
♡ Gina

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Cream Soda (aka Simba) and Benjamin (aka Chandler) – Find their Forever Home

1/17/18 – Happy Beginnings!! Two kitties found at the same time find their forever home — together. ~ diana

“It’s official, Mouna Chehab-Sweidan and her wonderful sister have adopted Simba (aka Cream Soda) and Chandler (aka Benjamin)! We couldn’t be happier for these two boys! Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering their medical costs. Thank you Kailee Lorayne for giving Benjamin a chance. Thank you Charlotte Yakima for giving Cream Soda a chance. Most importantly thank you to everyone who takes the time to share these posts. If not for you, these babies would be homeless….. Thank you! ~ Heather”chandler 1:14:18cream soda:simba 1:14:18

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Melly – Almost Dumped at a Shelter

1/17/18 – Melly’s owner, an 18 year old who left for Florida, was going to dump him on the streets or in a shelter; instead he surrendered this sweetheart to Paws With a Mission who then contacted us for some medical assistance. We were happy to assist with Melly’s neuter, vaccines, and heart worm test. Anyone interested should contact Paws With a Mission. ~ dianamelly 1:12:18melly w:paws with a mission 1:3:18melly w:paws with a mission

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