Ferndale DIY Street Fair

9/15/13 –¬†On Friday night, 9/13/13, we had a great time manning a beer tent at the Ferndale DIY Street Fair and all tips went to 4 Paws 1 Heart. I want to thank a few people who helped make it happen:

Lori from Raw Radio X, Staci from Woodward Avenue Brewers and her husband, Matthew, my volunteer team — Melissa Wills-Jeffrey, Donna, Denny, Tony G, Dar Chip, Mike Pennefather, and my husband, the ever popular — Tony. I also want to thank a few of our friends and family who stopped by to drop some money in the tip jar –Anthony Canestrelli, Angela Rogensues, Eric (EZ Myers), and Kristin Lyn. We made $380 which will go a long way to make a difference for abandoned and abused animals. I also want to thank the representative from Pabst Blue Ribbon who provided a dog house for our tent and allowed us to keep it for future events. We brought the dog house home this afternoon and as you can see, it’s not just for dogs. ~ diana