Five Beauties Showed Up in a Colony

7/24/24 – These 5 beauties showed up in a colony where the caregiver believed everyone had been spayed/neutered. They will start their vetting with vaccinations and deworming at All About Animals in Auburn Hills and we are happy to help. Understanding the state of our economy, donations have been slow and fundraisers have been few — although look to Fall for a couple of fundraisers that are being planned at this time — but in the mean time, anything you can afford will help make a difference. Anyone interested in adopting these babies, please contact Bonnie at: [email protected] – diana

Two Black Beauties Dropped off at a Fire Station

7/24/24 – These two beauties, Ebony, and sibling were ‘dropped off’ at a fire station in St. Joseph, MI. There was a call out for help and a good Samaritan stepped up to take the kitties in — not knowing the one, Ebony, had a degloved tail. The organization SNIP contacted us to see if we could cover the tail amputation surgery and, fortunately, the cost of the surgery was very reasonable and we were able to cover it. The surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 29, so keep Ebony in your prayers. SNIP has provided vouchers to cover the spay/neuter and vaccines. Once again a Village of Caring Individuals come together to make a difference! – diana

Duke Was Surrendered

7/23/24 – Duke was surrendered when the wife and baby had to leave their home due to domestic abuse. As often is the case, there is fear that a pet left behind will be further abused in retaliation. Unfortunately, shelters for domestic abuse cases can rarely take in the family pets. Duke is about 7 months old and we will be taking care of his vaccines, testing, and neuter. Our friends who took him in will be sure to find him a furever home. – diana

Abe Was Brought To Our Attention

7/23/24 – Abe was brought to our attention around the Memorial Day holiday. He showed up at a home very much beaten up with open wounds and suffering from infections. Because we didn’t have any partner veterinary clinics in this area of Michigan, we did pay for Abe to be seen and receive some treatment. I’ve attempted to find out what happened with Abe, but, unfortunately without success. Although, the family did say they would be giving him a furever home. Still, we want to make sure our supporters have some idea as to the many animals we assist. – diana

Patches Had Her Babies

7/22/24 – In June. 27 we posted about a very sweet cat who showed up at an apartment complex. Fortunately, a very kind man was worried about her and took her in to try and get her help. We approved Patches’ visit to Five Mile Animal Hospital where it was confirmed that she was pregnant. Dr. Mina examined her and sent her home with instructions for her care. This weekend her rescuer, Brian, sent me an update. Patches had her babies — 3 beauties — all healthy. Momma Patches is nursing and this family couldn’t be cuter and when old enough will be looking for their furever families. Patches will have a permanent home with Brian, her rescuer. If needed, 4 paws 1 heart will be there for the babies when the time comes. – diana

Sweet Lincoln .. Stuck in a Fence … Sadly Passed Away

7/20/24 – On July 17 we asked for prayer for sweet Lincoln. He had been stuck in a fence which eventually had to be cut in order to free him. His tail was totally covered with maggots and it was already dying; his leg was broken. But the veterinary technician who had been contacted had hope and although we continue to be tight on funds, we wanted to give this kitten a chance. Lincoln was taken to one of our partner vets and saw a wonderful doctor who has helped us on many occasions. She worked for quite some time on little Lincoln and amputated his leg and tail. Everyone thought Lincoln would recover but, sadly, the following day he passed away. I spoke with the doctor yesterday who was extremely saddened when she heard the news from the veterinary technician whom the doctor knew very well. And, because of our long-term relationship with the hospital. the doctor generously covered the cost of the surgeries. Rest in Heaven, Sweet Lincoln. – diana

Sweet Baby Bubba

7/18/24 – This sweet baby, less than 1.6 lbs showed up at ‘grandpa’s house’. He was so sweet that grandpa’s daughter and grandson wanted to take him in and give him a permanent home. Unfortunately, his eyes were closed and the family was unable to cover any medical treatment for him. Grandpa names him Bubba. We were contacted and Bubba was seen at Orion Animal Hospital where he was found to have an upper respiratory infection. He received treatment for that and will have a follow up appointment for, hopefully, his vaccines. If he weighs enough he will be neutered; if not, that will be scheduled. – diana

Rest in Heaven Sweet Quincy

7/18/24 – Rest in Heaven Sweet Quincy. He was dumped by his family when they got tired of him. He showed up in a cat community cared for by a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart who brought him in when he appeared to have problems with breathing. He was taken to one of our partner vets yesterday in hopes he had a simple upper respiratory infection but x rays showed that he had fluid in his lungs and was having right side heart failure. Quincy’s pain ended when all agreed to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. We were thankful to be there for Quincy. – diana

Lincoln Needs Our Help

7/17/24 – Lincoln needs our help and although we have continued to be on a temporary hold from assisting with severe cases, we couldn’t turn our heads. Lincoln was dropped off at a veterinary clinic and a vet tech there contacted one of our friends who is an independent rescuer. Lincoln had been stuck half way through a chain-link fence; long enough that his broken/dead tail was filled with more maggots than the veterinary technician had ever seen. The homeowner who eventually saw him had to literally cut through the fence to get him out before she dropped him off but unable to help him. Lincoln also appeared to have a broken leg. Thankfully, our partner veterinary clinic, Patterson Veterinary Hospital was able to get him in tomorrow and we will know if the leg needs to be amputated; I’m sure the tail will have to be amputated. The veterinary technician who will be fostering Lincoln wasn’t sure he would make it through the night but he did and he is actually trying to walk on a broken leg. Please keep baby Lincoln in your prayers and if you have any extra funds, we would appreciate your donation so that we can do everything needed for this brave baby. Please note there is another photo of the tail that I won’t post because of the horrific condition of his tail. Thank YOU, diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Nymeria, Just a Baby

7/17/24 – Nymeria, just a baby, was found on a busy road; thankfully, she wasn’t hit by a car. Her savior was Jessica who brought her in, bathed her, combed her for fleas and gave her a safe room in her home. We were contacted to help with medical. She will get a wellness exam, vaccine, and deworming in a few days and then when she is old enough she will have the rest of her vaccines, a test for FIV/FeLv, and spay completed with another partner veterinary. – diana