4/2/14 HAPPY UPDATES – Remember our little Dewey. Back in October, 2013 he was found under a van — terrified and starving. He had a small laceration and later developed a cough which delayed his recovery while Gina fostered him. Well, just like most of the babies 4 Paws 1 Heart helps, Dewey is living the life of a King. Thank You, Cory Lynn, for keeping in touch and taking such good care of our little guy. ~ diana

“I just wanted to give your organization another heart felt thank you for the work you do. This is Dewey. He absolutely loves his first spring. Yesterday he spent a whole day going from screen door to open window, admiring wild life. Today he is cuddly and exhausted from all the excitement. He is here because of you and we are so very grateful.” ~ Cory L

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