Cat Massacre by Critter Control

5/6/14 UPDATE ON THE RECENT CAT MASSACRE – From our research and contact with knowledgeable sources, we are quite confident that the trapping of cats by pest control companies is illegal in the State of Michigan. The killing of cats is also illegal and it was confirmed by the admission of the Critter Control vice president l that all of the cats trapped were gassed. Unfortunately, there are too many incidents of this nature happening and if you ‘google’ pest control companies you will actually see some companies advertise the removal of cats as one of their services. Cats are not RATS, they are not rodents, they can be people’s pets. They play an integral role in our eco-system. I find it frustrating and sad that although the pet industry is valued at over $3 billion a year, we continue to allow animals to go un-spayed and neutered, we turn a blind eye to animal cruelty performed by companies like this or some shelters who are not as regulated as they should be and our law enforcement agencies don’t always recognize the seriousness of animal cruelty. We turn a blind eye to puppy mills and as long as foolish people continue to support these hell-holes, things will never change. We are still operating with Dog laws almost 100 years old which allow dogs to be eradicated by sheriffs and our laws don’t even address cats other than under cruelty laws (thankfully). It’s time for people to get involved with their legislators. This isn’t someone else’s job, if you care, YOU must do something. As we’ve said so many times before, there are so many ways everyone can make a difference — ADOPT, FOSTER, DONATE, WRITE AND MEET YOUR LEGISLATORS, LEARN WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY. It truly is up to us! ~ Diana

Update:  6/17/14  – We learned that the gas chamber used to illegally kill cats was found and confiscated.  Critter Control’s licenses are being reviewed.

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