Princess Hannah

4/29/14 – This is Princess Hannah seen in our earlier posting. FOUND on the street. She is a very sweet girl who was obviously terrorized by other animals. She was chased atop a tree by a dog but once the dog was under control, she came¬†down from the tree only to hide under a car. She actually came out when called and was very mild and sweet until she was placed around other cats by the person who rescued her–. then she was terrorized. She is now being housed in the hospital and has been vetted and vaccinated and will be spayed BUT she is in need of a home without other animals. Being in the hospital setting with other animals is just stressing her even more. There has to be a friend out there looking for a kitty who can give full and total unconditional love. Please contact Gina at gina.4paws1heart@gmail if you can help. We do not know what will happen if we cannot find her a home.

6/167/14 Update:  Princess Hannah is now in a forever home. ~ diana

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