6/13/14 – A HUGE thank you to all of our friends who are jumping in to help us build up our funds We truly love your willingness to always come through for us. We truly our blessed in so many ways but we still have a long way to go to do as much as we’ve done in the past 6 months but we’re hoping that we can build up enough for emergencies until our July 19 fundraiser. Here’s hoping that our 5K walk/run and the Captain Jack’s July 29 event will be huge successes. I plan to put together a 6-month financial report of what we’ve done since the beginning of the year so our many friends know where their hard-earned money goes; although I know you all follow our stories on facebook or our website. Again, God’s blessings to all of you. ~Diana p.s. Ryker says he wouldn’t be alive and waiting for his forever home if it wasn’t for the supporters of 4p1h.

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