7/27/14 – We are nothing without our rescue friends. Together we can change the world. Little Halo is a shining example. Thank You to A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue for taking her in, we were thankful to play a role in her recovery along with the many individuals who donated for her medical bills.. Here is Halo’s story and her video from our friends at A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue.. ~ diana

“A good Samaritan found Halo sitting in the middle of the road terrified as she was completely blind due to a severe Upper respiratory infection. She is a wee little thing. She weighed in at less than a pound and is believed to only be about 6 weeks old. Halo has a severe upper respiratory infection as well as pneumonia. She is extremely emaciated, very dehydrated and very very weak. She cannot see out of her eyes and she cannot breathe out of her nose to smell. Her only senses right now are her hearing. Her respiratory infection was left un-treated and as a result she could potentially lose sight in both of her eyes. We will do everything we can to try and save her eyes. We need all the help we can get right now! Please send many prayers and positive vibes her way for a quick recovery. She has a long road ahead.”

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