Please DON’T Let Your Dogs and Cats Reproduce – Spay and Neuter

A woman called the emergency tonight in desperate need of help with 3 two day old Chihuahua/Jack Russell/Mutt puppies. The mom was extremely sick and couldn’t care for them.
Those of us that bottle feed know how hard it is to hand-raise orphan pups, and this woman just couldn’t handle it.
When 2 pups died in her hands she couldn’t stand to watch the rest die and it was a hard lesson learned. PLEASE spay and neuter your pet’s. Expected or unexpected pregnancy is a risk for serious complications and sometimes death.
4paws1heart was certainly not in a position to take on more animals, I am at my limit, and I wouldn’t be able to provide the necessary care for these puppies. BUT…
I authorized her to surrender the pups and immediately started networking my contacts.
Enormous huge thank you goes out to the wonderful “Aaron Fortin” for hooking me up with “Amanda from POET Rescue”. You have no idea what a life saver you guys are for taking these pups!!!!!! 
All of them were so dehydrated and literally wouldn’t have survived the night. I’ve had to tube feed them every few hours and give fluids, but I think they will be fine.
Tomorrow afternoon they’ll go to POET Rescue. 
Another thanks to Ashley Hooper and Lisa Marie for helping me tonight!!! Gina
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