Australian Shepherd – Left Behind

8/31/14 – HELP NEEDED: Another animal left behind. I received a call from a 4p1h friend late yesterday about this dog who is said to be an Australian Sheepdog, left behind 2 weeks ago when the owners moved. It is unsure what gender the dog is and it is assumed he is about 10 years old because he is wearing a rabies tag from 2004.The neighbors have been feeding him but cannot take him in. The dog will be taken to the Humane Society or the Oakland County Shelter on Tuesday if someone does not take him in. If you can foster for a rescue, I will try to find a rescue to sponsor him or if you can provide a permanent home, we will assist the neighbor to ensure there is a good fit. The dog is in Ferndale. Send me an e-mail at if you can help.


9/7/14 UPDATE:  This very sweet and loving dog is now safe with an Australian Shepherd Rescue.  The owner had died and no one bothered to take care of the dog as he stayed unattended and unsheltered for several weeks in the yard.  We are so thankful that someone took an interest and contacted us and that we were able to get help because of our many friends who shared his story.  There were others interested in adopting him and I sent all of that information to the Rescue.  I did hear back after his vet visit and he is in relatively good health considering what he has been through and tested negative for heart worms.  Much appreciation to all who shared and cared. ~ diana

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