CAPTAIN (aka Gordo) – Rescued From A Summer Storm

9/19/14 Thought our friends would enjoy a couple of happy photos. As Denise says, this is Captain, formerly Gordo. He was one of five kittens rescued during one of our early storms. Denise fostered everyone until they were placed in forever homes. ~ dianastromkitten-gordo:captain9:19:14
“Love when I get updates on former fosters! Got a beautiful card in the mail today from Captain, formerly Gordo one of the storm kittens. Thankyou Captain for the beautiful card and this spectacular pic of yourself! Your such a handsome boy and Im so glad your so happy in your new home! Tell your parents I said thankyou for helping you with the beautiful card! Love & miss you, be a good boy  Love, your foster Mom, Dee”
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