9/13/14 – Good Morning! Joy Update:

September 13, 3:15 a.m. 

“Just got home, We did emergency surgery on Joy. She was regurgitating because her intestines were not moving. Her stomach was full of food and fluid. We had to remove all of the contents and put her on IV motility drugs, fluids, antibiotics, pain meds, etc. She is in recovery at the hospital and she was waking up when I left at 3 a.m. Dr. Matt and Dr. Maria did awesome; we were all so happy that we made the right call. We found pieces of sponge material and the top of a small light bulb in her stomach. I will check on her when I get up”. ~ Gina

I will keep all of you informed. Thank YOU. ~ Diana

9/13/14 Joy Update: (3:44 p.m.) Joy is doing well at the hospital and is under great care. Gina has been checking on her regularly and will be checking up on her even though she is not working tonight. ~ diana
From Gina: “This is a picture of Joy on her back as we were preparing her for follow up x-rays. As you can see she has major bruising in her pelvis and rear leg. The rear leg is swollen from the top all the way down to the toes.
The other picture is of the midnight tech, Dawn, giving Joy some TLC as she was waking up from her surgery. At this time her medical needs for her pelvis and leg are secondary as we get her through last night’s operation. Thanks to all who have sent in donations for her care.” ~ Gina

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