More Kittens Without a Mom – Needing Foster Moms

9//4/14 – We Are Not a Rescue — Let me Repeat — We Are Not a Rescue BUT — 4 Paws 1 Heart was once again contacted by someone who was bottle feeding these five kittens and could no longer handle it. I knew that our great friend Denise was ready and able so I contacted her and she agreed to take on this important, life saving effort. We really don’t have a clear understanding of what happened to the mom. We will be looking for a rescue or permanent homes when they are ready. ~ diana
“Sorry for the poor quality pics but heres my 5 new fosters! They are 8 days old, all either black or grey. Unfortunately their mama passed away leaving them orphans. Hard to say girls or boys at this age. They have long hair and they all purr already! They are now under the safety of 4 Paws 1 Heart and they will be taking care of their needs….food, ect. And I will be fostering them. They are beautiful & safe” ~ Dee N.deen****kittens9:4:14 kittensw:dee**9:3:14 kittensw:deen***9:4:14 kittensw:deen9:3:14 kittensw:deen*9:4:14
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