NINA – Lived In A Pack; 6 Litters Later She Is Rescued

9/14/14 – This past week, 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to help our good friends at Bullys Angels. How could we turn our back once we heard Nina’s story. And as a bonus, Jen and her family and the foster mom and dad, Casey and Jim, brought Nina to visit us yesterday. Nina is everything Jen said she was. She was such a joy to have visit us. We will also help Nina with hydro-therapy when the time comes. We so want to see this sweet girl, for once, enjoy life. ~ diana

“Nina (Lil Bit) was one of our pack dogs from the Packard Plant. I received a call from security three weeks ago to let me know she was hanging around and not doing well so I went to pick her up. She has had a limp for a while and has had as many litters as she is years old (6). We took her into my vet and she had an FHO (leg surgery) but she needs at least one more surgery to be spayed and to remove the tumor in her mammary glands as well as one on her head. I looked her straight in the eyes when I was able to finally get close and I promised her I would take care of her…if I have to sell everything I own I WILL take care of her.

She is now doing well after her FHO but is not using her back leg at all yet, she just drags it. The vet says this is normal for just 10 days post surgery. We had the option to amputate but decided to try the surgery first. She is a very sweet girl, and gets along very well with most dogs and cats too (surprising!) and we shouldn’t have an issue finding a perfect forever home for her once she is recovered. She deserves a chance at a better life.” Jen, President and Founder of Bullys Angels

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